My Itch - Part 2

My Itch - Part 2

When I made it back to the condo unit, I grabbed my purse and ran into the door, crying out in triumph when the lights came back on a few seconds later. Knowing I wouldn’t have a lot of time, I quickly grabbed up several thick towels from the bathroom and shoved them in the dryer along with Itch’s soaked t-shirt and cranked it on high. I ran back into the bedroom, retrieving a laundry basket we kept in the units for the guests and walked back into the living room. I turned the electric fireplace on low, just enough to warm the small area around it up, threw open the sliding glass door to let the stifling air escape and swap it with fresh air and then made a bee-line back to my car. As I pulled the cooler out of my trunk, Itch pulled up and quickly got out of the truck, his bag in his hand and I raced over to him and climbed into the truck, retrieving mama cat and a couple of the kittens. I handed them off to him, grabbed up the remaining four and hurried into the condo.

“Over by the fireplace,” I said quietly as we made our way through and he carefully placed the family down on the floor. “There’s just my cooler, bag of clothes and my laptop in the trunk, can you go get, please?”
He nodded as we both got up and as he slipped out the door, I grabbed the laundry basket and the warm towels from the dryer and headed over to the family. Making quick work of it, I set several of the towels into the basket then taking one of the warmed towels, I started drying off mama cat. The kittens meowed and moved around me as I worked as fast as I could, and when she was nothing more than damp, I set her in the basket and grabbed the nearest kitten.

By the time Itch returned to me, four of the kittens had snuggled deep into the warm blankets and mama cat relaxed and stretched out, watching me intently with big green doll eyes. The kittens immediately went after her, taking in a late lunch and as I set the last kitten into the basket, Itch was behind me. He worked quickly and quietly as he pulled the various pins from my hair, releasing my soaking wet mop from the top of my head and with the last remaining warm towels, began to dry it as best as he could.

“Well aren’t we a wet bunch of characters,” I said to mama and she meowed at me as she watched us. “We would have lost these guys if I hadn’t seen her.”

“Like I said, beautiful, I wouldn’t have chanced going out there. But I’m glad you did, looks like a happy family reunited.” I took hold of his hands and he stood up behind me as I got up myself and when I turned to face him, I gave him a long hug. “Big balls, lady, you got some big balls.”

“Thanks for helping.” I said into his ear and then as we broke the hug, our soaking wet clothes clung together and snapped back on us. We laughed as I stepped away from him, moving to get my clothes bag. “I’m sick of being wet, but I need to get warm in a hurry. Going in to take a shower, you jumping in, too?”

Under normal circumstances, that would have opened the floodgates of extreme vulgarity from the man, but considering what we had just done, he simply nodded and moved to his bag.

“Yeah, I’ll run into the next unit. No telling how long we’ve got before the power goes out again, we’ll lose what hot water we do have.” He slipped out of the door and let himself in the next in the blink of an eye as I made my way into the bathroom with my clothes. I turned on the water, getting it nice and warm before I slipped back out into the living room. I checked on the family one more time, most of the kittens were done eating and they were curled up sleeping with mama. I stroked her a few times as she softly meowed at me and when I heard her purring, I stood straight and walked into my hot shower with a smile.

The shower was mind-blowing good, the shower head one that had different settings on it. I opted for the massaging setting and groaned as it began to beat on my already tender muscles. I was going to feel every inch of the rescue in the morning and as the last of the adrenaline was used up, I found myself sitting on the shower floor for a few moments, letting the water beat on my head. I stayed there for as long as I could and when I detected the slightest change in temperature, I stood up, shaved my legs, under arms and cunt, washed and conditioned my hair and made it out of the shower just as the water went cold.

I dried off quickly and as I slipped into my comfy clothes, another pair of yoga pants and an oversized shirt with thick, warm socks, I headed out into the living room and my gut wrenched as I stepped in. I caught the scent of his cologne in the air and as I fought to keep my composure, I concentrated on each step as I walked up behind him as he stood the glass doors. I gazed on the tattoo again, the intricacy and detail was amazing and when I stepped up behind him to close the distance, he turned to face me.

“Oh now that’s a sexy outfit,” He wolf-whistled and I swatted him with the towel I was using to dry my hair. “I think I like you without makeup.”

“Don’t lie to me, asshole.” He laughed loud as I looked out the doors, noticing that the rain had stopped and the sun was actually threatening to break through the clouds. Living in the area that we do, we both had that sinking feeling that our rain problems were far from over. In normal times, the sun signaled the storms were over but for us, it just let us know it was going to heat things up, churn it good before the next round of storms moved through.

For the next couple hours, we all settled in and got comfortable. As he cooked up the steaks, my stomach lurched from being empty and when we ate, we were afforded a long reprieve from the storms and we ate out on the deck, looking out over the lake. His radio went off and he answered as he put the last bite of steak in his mouth. A couple of trees fell close to the maintenance shed during the last round of storms and the office wanted him to check on it. As he gathered our plates, I followed him into the kitchen, asking if he wanted company. He looked out the window and growled, shaking his head at me as he grabbed his rain slicker.

“No way, gorgeous, this next round is going to be bad and if I don’t hurry, I’ll get caught in it. No sense in both of us drowning.”

“Your chivalry is boundless.” I giggled as he swatted my ass again. “Just be careful.”

He nodded and slipped out of the condo and I made quick work of the dishes, getting the kitchen cleaned back up and I called the office to ask which office worker was in which unit, I would have to go clean them when we were allowed to leave. They read off the list to me and I shuddered violently when I realized that Itch and I were the only ones in the building they put us in. Either they knew we were going to fuck eventually or had already been fucking our brains out, it was odd to me that they put us in a building away from everyone else. Logic kicked in though, we were in that location when the lake broke its banks, and it would only stand to reason to keep their crew where they knew they were. Or was it?

I fed mama cat a can of warmed tuna and made her a makeshift litter box from the cat litter I carry in my car for the winter before I slipped onto the couch, suddenly exhausted from my day. I stretched out long as I turned the TV back on, actually falling to sleep as it was reported that the worst of the storms would be later that night, after the sun went down.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, I just know that when I first woke up, my exhausted body and brain wasn’t functioning right. There was a single light on in the condo in the kitchen, the TV turned off and the condo lit up by momentary brilliance as the quiet lightning in the distance fired off. I realized then that I was a little chilly and when I finally willed my arm to move, I noticed that my shirt was lifted high, exposing my tits.

Upon further inspection, I realized that my pants had been slipped down my legs passed my knees and my legs were spread. I gasped when I saw a figure standing at my feet, looking down on me and when I caught a glimpse of Itch in the flashing light, part of me relaxed while another part went stone cold. Somehow in my deep sleep, he had managed to undress me enough to expose my body to him and when the lightning lit up the room again, my eyes dropped to his hardened cock, the imposing rod captured in his fisted hand which was slowly and easily stroking it.

“Don’t move, whore,” his voice was thick was excitement as his other fisted hand rose. He threw what was in it on the coffee table, a bunch of twenties, a couple of fifties and to my shock, a couple of hundreds – well over what it would take to pay me off and my eyes shifted back to his as I relaxed back on the couch. “I’ve paid for tonight and well into the weekend, don’t think we are going anywhere. Your ass and cunt is mine.”

I let a deep shudder erupt through my body as I moaned, the combination of watching him stroke his fuck meat and throwing cash at me was enough that I was instantly standing on the cliff of orgasmic bliss. Just one puff of a breeze would send me over the edge and I settled my eyes down on his cock to watch him, his hand still stroking it as if he were teasing himself.

He gently reached down to stroke a bared thigh as he continued stroking himself, getting into it a bit more as his fist clamped down on it a little harder. He groaned as he let his hand slip up my thigh, across my hip and suddenly plunged between my legs, easily slipping three fingers back inside my cunt. I couldn’t help myself as I groaned long and threw my hips in the air, holding them high as he began fucking me with his fingers. It didn’t take long, the wet sounds of my cunt filled the room and he groaned himself as his fist worked faster and harder.

“The things I’m going to do to you, whore. Four years of constant torture that you have done to me has been insane. Normally, I don’t pursue women this long, if they don’t show interest I let them go about their lives, but you,” he quickly increased the pressure on his hand that he was using on me, his fingers flying harder and deeper in me than before. I quickly came as he worked me over and as my back arched and I moaned loud, he picked up speed with his fingers, sending me deeper into my orgasm. “You fucking little whore, you’ve been the only one I’ve really wanted, I even stopped fucking my wife for a while.”

His admission to holding out on his wife made my brain snap as he laughed when my orgasm sky rocketed me into the lower atmosphere. As I moaned and thrashed on the couch, I kept my eyes on his other hand, which had begun to pound on his meat with an intensity that I had never seen before. When my orgasm subsided, I crashed to the couch with a grunt and I laid still as he eased his hand away from me. My body was still throbbing heavily when I suddenly gasped loud, feeling myself getting picked up and thrown over a shoulder. As we made our way through the condo, I whimpered softly as I knew that he would do exactly as he said, Itch was never one to mince words. I quickly found myself flying in the air away from him, grunting loudly as my back in the mattress and I let out a hard gasp as his body fell on mine.

With lightning speed, he lifted my shirt from me and grabbed my wrists before he hoisted them above me. Before I could defend myself, I found my wrists wrapped tightly in the bed sheets and when I tried to move my hands down, I wasn’t able to. In the pitch black darkness, I looked over my head, noticing quickly in the flashing light that he had managed to create my restraints from the flat sheet, which was stretched to its maximum and the other ends tied to the bed posts. As I studied the knot and began trying to work my hands free, I found his hands roughly yanking my pants completely off of me and again, with lightning speed, he tied one leg up and out away from me, the knot at my knee. I stopped concentrating on my hands and looked down as he grabbed my other leg and as he began moving it into position, I locked my knee and held still.

I should have known that he would win as he forced my leg to bend and he secured it quickly with the other end of the sheet. Effectively tied down and spread out wide, he stood up and looked down at his handy work. He was good, I have to give him that, a little too good since he had tied me down from the side of the king sized bed and not long ways – there was nowhere I could go and surely, not a goddamn thing I could do to get out of it. He put his hands on his hips as he caught his breath, I had at least put up a good fight and his dark skin glistened when the lightning flashed.

He said nothing to me for a while, gazing down at me like a hungry, rabid wolf and when he finally moved into position between my legs, I held my breath, waiting for whatever it was he had in store for me. I gasped and trembled hard enough to shake the bed as I watched his head lower between my legs and when his thick, soft tongue took a swipe of my cunt, I lost it and screamed.

As he roughly grabbed my spread thighs with his hands, he settled into my cunt, eating it like he would never again have one in his mouth. As his lips closed around it, his tongue slipped up and down the entire length of my cunt, from the bottom of my slit to the top of my clit before he zoned into the bundle of hot nerves and began flicking it with his tongue at an amazing speed. I grunted and moaned, cried out hard as he bore down on it, hitting the sensitive spot with such determination and force that my body jerked with each lick. It was quickly becoming unbearable as I tried in vain to move my hips away from him, to which he answered by holding my thighs even harder on the bed. I begged him to stop, pleading with him that it was going to start hurting and still, he ignored me as he worked faster and harder.

The sounds of his tongue working me over filled the room quickly as I tried in vain to thrash away from him, but when the floodgates opened and my orgasm threatened to break every bone in my body, I managed to shift my hips enough to push my clit further into his mouth, screaming out my bliss and his name as it took over my body. I gasped and heaved loudly as my hips rose off the bed and I blushed violently when I heard him chuckle, his mouth still locked on my clit, his tongue still thrashing at the exploding nerves. The vibrations of his chuckling did incredible things to me and I moaned as I pushed my hips further down, forcing his head deeper into my open thighs.

He never broke contact as he continued thrashing at my clit and open cunt and when I felt his fingers first caress my ass and then slowly begin to push in, I froze and whimpered. He chuckled again as he pushed deeper, his tongue working faster and harder and I thought I would lose my mind from the sensations he was giving me. No doubt about it, the man knew how to eat pussy, mastered it and as his fingers began driving into my ass slow and easy, my hips lifted from the bed again and I wailed through my orgasm.

His chuckling was driving me insane as he continued sucking and eating on me for so long, I couldn’t tell you when he finally stopped – just that I was already exhausted, covered in sweat and had so many orgasms, I lost count. When he finally released his mouth from my cunt and stood up, I laid there still and weak, unable to do much of anything when I felt him release my legs if only for a moment. I had just enough time to catch my breath before I suddenly felt his hands grab my hips roughly and turn me over. I gasped as I felt him grab my ankles and again tie them down as I tried to ease the tension in my shoulders and upper arms since they were crossed above me. With my legs secured, he lifted my hips off of the bed and without saying a word – he plunged his cock as far as he could into my cunt.

He grunted loud as he was momentarily stopped, a good part of that being how many orgasms he had given me with his mouth. My eyes widened when I felt the thickness of his fuck meat, if he was only half-way in and already I was stretched, how thick was it towards the base?? I whimpered as I felt him pull out and grunted as he pushed back in – this time only gaining a couple more inches.

“Fucking tight whore,” I screamed as I felt his hand suddenly connect on my ass and he pulled out and pushed in again. “I knew you would be, but wasn’t expecting this.”

He spent several minutes working his cock into me and when I finally felt him push the rest of the way in, I felt my cunt let go and I gushed all over him as I came again. He growled as he spanked me again, listening to him grunt softer as my cunt muscles contracted repeatedly around him. He stayed motionless as I continued to cum and when my orgasm subsided, he grabbed an even tighter hold of my hips and began pounding into me like a jackhammer.

His cock always impressed me when I saw it, long and amazingly thick and I knew if it ever slipped into my cunt, I’d be in trouble. He grunted and growled loud as he pushed repeatedly into me with the force that jerked the headboard against the wall, causing it to crack loudly. I came again in a hard gush, his hands grabbing an even tighter hold and he slowed down his thrusts, making sure that I could feel every exquisite inch as my cunt gripped him tighter and tighter.

He fucked me on all fours until I was again exhausted, my body now frapped to the limit and I was weakly begging him to stop. I heard him gasp as I came on him again, my cunt now so sloppy wet that I could hear my juices churning. I blushed, even in the darkness at that revelation, I had never gotten that wet before. He seemed to sense it as he chuckled and bore down on me harder and faster, his hand again connecting with my ass.

“C’mon, you fucking whore,” He spanked me again and I cried out. “C’mon and cum all over me. You love my cock, I can feel it.”

I moaned deep as my cunt tightened and he grunted as he fucked faster.

“That’s it, you cock loving whore, cum. . .” he grunted loud as my cunt tightened further. I shook my head and whimpered, there was no way I had one more orgasm in me, even as I felt it building in my guts. I shuddered hard and as my cunt contracted, he growled deep and pounded me into another body breaking orgasm.

I whimpered weakly as my entire body contracted with my cunt, his laughing now filling the room as I gave up the fight and collapsed heavily on the bed. With my body now lax, it seemed to fuel him on even more and I whimpered as he continued driving into me, with even more force than before. I realized then that he had not blown his load yet and I weakly whimpered again, remembering that he warned me that once he sunk into tight, wet cunt, he was like a dog knotted.

I never prayed for a good hard fucking to end before, but it was then that I caught myself begging quietly in my mind for it to end, even though I truly did love his cock and how each inch was pure heaven and hell. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my body and him, feeling his strong hips connect loudly against my ass. I noticed how his cock felt buried deep, just out of reach of my pain point and knowing that if he just took a step forward, he would hit it repeatedly. A passing thought had entered my mind just as my body reacted to yet another powerful orgasm – my Itch could easily fuck the very life out of me and while I had always harbored the fantasy that D would be the one to do that, I was quickly beginning to accept that my Itch would beat him to it. It was then that I felt him jerk heavily and blow his white hot load into me, grunting loudly each time his cock jumped in my now well used cunt. I thanked the Gods for the small favor that he was done as I felt each explosion fill me and by the time he had finished, I was done in.

When he pulled from me several minutes later and released my hips, my weak body hit the bed heavily. I stayed there quietly as he released me from the bed sheets and as I slipped to sleep, I realized there were still many more hours left in the evening and that he had been right – this was only the beginning.

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