Daddys girl Casey

Daddys girl Casey

My girl name is Casey as is my boy name, I’m five foot, 6 inches tall, 125 soaking wet, brown hair, sixteen year old boy and this is a story of pure fantasy for a special friend of mine, whom I would love to one day met and well you know and be his girl!
“What wrong Casey?” Dad ask me, when he walked in the living room and saw me crying. “It’s the other boys at school; they are always picking on me, calling me names, pushing me around, calling me girlie boy, makes wish at times if I was a girl, they would leave me alone then wouldn’t they?”. Dad smiled and sat beside, “look Casey you will always run across people like that, things will get better as time goes by, one more thing, be careful what you wish, you just might get it”, Dad laughed. I smiled not really knowing what he meant by that statement until about three weeks into summer vacation. I went to my room and sat on the bed, not saying much. About fifteen minutes later, Dad stuck his head in. “Hey gonna go get some burgers and fries, be back in ten.” “Thanks dad” I replied.
I sat there and began to think what life had been like since mom had left, she was such a bitch, Dad was glad she ran off with one of her co-workers, that was five years ago, Dad had never dated after that I had ask him why, and he told me that he didn’t need to get tied up with another woman, besides he said that he needed to raise me first. I started to wonder about what Dad had said, “Be careful what you wish for you just might get it”, I just shrugged it off, got up and went into the den. Dad had been at the computer, he had forgotten to shut it down, a rule in the house that he made. I went over to it, and clicked the mouse, going to shut it down. I was startled at what came up a web site that apparently he had been looking at, it was about transvestites, and she males. I would have shut it off, but if I did then he would know that I had seen it, so I left it and after five minutes the screen went blank. Dad had always been good to me, doing his best, when he sold the property up north of us, he made enough to retire, but was always hammering away at his computer, we never lacked for anything. He made sure of that
I went to the couch, and sat down, about ten minutes later Dad showed up with the food. I went into the dining room, and we both began to eat. “Here Casey drink the shake I got you”, I took a sip. “Dad thanks this is good”, I replied with a smile. He smiled at me not saying a word. When we finished Dad took everything and dumped it in the trash, and went into the den. “Casey would you come here please”, I heard him call. “Sure Dad be right there” I replied.
I went into the den dad was sitting on couch. “Yes Dad” I ask. He looked at me,” Casey were you on my computer?” I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that I was busted so I just shook my head yes. “So what do you think of my website?”. I was shocked. “Well”, I stammered out. “Well what?”
“Okay dad, I saw it, but I never knew you did things like that”, I said. He just smiled. “Well I got bored one day, and decided to try something different, and after your Mom screwing us over, I swore off women, and started looking at these websites, and found them very erotic”, he said, he continued “so I built one, what do you think?”
“Um well I never saw things like that, and I really didn’t have a chance to look closer at it”. Dad laughed got up and went over to his desk, pulled his chair out, and sat down, and clicked the mouse. “Come over here pull a chair up” he said. I did what he ask. The screen was had a bunch of little pictures of different girls that dressed as men, and she males. “This is how I make money see that little counter in the upper left hand corner”, I nodded my head, “well every time it clicks over, I make a dollar per click, so far this past month I have made over three hundred grand.
“Wow”, I said. “Yeah wow ain’t the word for it Casey”, Dad said with a smile, “so you want to check it out?” I thought for a minute, “Sure dad why not”. He showed me pictures of guys dressed like women, and some of them you couldn’t tell the different, and some you could. He had videos that were posted there. “Um let’s see, let’s watch this one” he said as he clicked on the icon, the video came up, it showed a young transvestite, giving a blow job to an older man. Dad smile “I like this one Casey, the young girl is eighteen, and the guy is about fifty, they submitted this video, another way it makes money for us”. I stared transfixed, watching this young girl or guy, sucking on a cock, she was running her tongue up and down his shaft, you could hear him moaning, she keep her eyes on him, she took the head of his cock between her lips and started going down on him, it didn’t take long, he moaned aloud, stiffened his hips, she keep her mouth on his cock, you knew he came, you could see it running out around her mouth, she keep going up and down on him sucking and cleaning his cock, until it went limp. When she finished, the girl turned and looked in the camera smiled and said “your next”.
Dad laughed, “ I’ve always like that one, “going to shower, watch this one Casey”, he said as he got up, he stood at the desk for a minute I was just about eye level to his crotch, when I noticed that he had big bulge. He looked down and smiled. “Finish your shake”, he clicked on the icon, and another video came on, I really don’t remember what it was about, I must have fallen asleep, dad had rousted me, and sent me to bed. I had a rough night sleeping; my dreams were about that girl sucking cock, but I was that girl doing it.
I came stumbling out of my room and walked into kitchen. Dad was there leaning against the counter, he smiled at me; he had on his black robe. “Here Casey have a cup of java, looks like you had a rough night”, He said with a laugh as he handed me a cup of warm coffee. “I’ll be in the den”. He said as he walked out, I took as an invitation, I followed him into the den.
Dad was sitting at his desk he had pulled up a chair, for me. He turned and smiled at me. “Come on sit down let’s make some money today”. Dad pushed a lot of keys, by the time he was done had deposited about 4 grand in his bank account, “and that’s how it’s done”. “Let’s watch the video again” he said as he clicked back on the one from the night before, and we watched it over. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. “I like this one the best Casey, how about you?” I thought for a bit. “Yeah Dad me to”, I said. I looked down, and that’s when I saw it, Dad had no under wear on, and his cock was hard and big, a lot bigger than mine little cock, that was for sure. He didn’t say anything, he got up and stood next to me. His big cock sticking out almost slapping my face. He looked down and smiled, “I want you to watch this Casey”, he said as he clicked on another video. The title was “I love cock”, it was a hypnotic video, showing a bunch of she males and transvestites sucking different cocks, with soft hints and suggestions, about you wanting to be a girl, that you craved cock, that you needed cock, that you needed to please men, that you needed to dress as a girl at all times, I was caught up in the video, it lasted about twenty minutes. Dad had sat on the sofa waiting on me. When I was done, he called me over. I went and sat next to him. “I think I need to go shopping today Casey, I want you to do something for me while I’m gone, okay”.
“Sure dad, what is it?” I ask him, “O nothing much, I just want you gather all your clothes up everything even your underwear, and put them in trash bags, I have a robe for you to wear, you will do this for won’t now?” he said with smile. Something inside me made me say “okay”.
“Good, now, when you’re done there are few more video’s I want you to watch. I have already sent them to your E-mail, but first the robe”, Dad got up from the couch. He got up his cock had gone down
Some, but I couldn’t help but notice how big it still was, I got up and followed him to his room. He opened his closet, and pulled out a black satin thigh high robe. “Here Casey put this one”, he said as he tossed it to me. I caught it. Take off your shirt first he said. Again something in his voice seemed assuring so I took off my shirt. And slipped the robe on. He smiled, “now the shorts”, I hesitated “Come on now Casey, do as I say”, Again something inside me made me comply, I removed my shorts, and closed the robe. Dad laughed, “good, now remember what you I said about being careful what you wish for, well I’m going to make it happen for you Casey, this whole summer you will live as a girl, in every aspect of your daily life, and this is the start”, he handed me two pills, “take these”. I took them and dry swallowed them, “good girl, now go to your room and do as I told you while I get dressed, and one more thing you will start sleeping in here with me”. My heart jumped when he said that. Dad slipped off his robe, he looked good for a fifty year old man, he stood there, and then said, “You may as well get use to daughter” He said. I stood there looking at him, his cock in all’s its glory. “Come here Casey, lesson number one, touch my cock”. I reached out and touched it, he twitched it, and I jumped. Dad laughed again, “Good girl, now get about and get rid of all those boy things I’ll be back in two hours.
It took an hour but I had gathered up everything Dad had told me to and put them in the basement. I went to the den and opened up my E-mail. I was feeling a bit light headed. He had sent me three videos. I opened the first one up. Called “dress sexy at all times”, it was ten minutes long, again the same type as the first one, telling me to dress sexy for my man, to make my makeup look good, my hair, for my man. I watched again, I liked it. The next one was “Ass up”, this one was twenty minutes long, again the same thing all hints, how I was to use my ass to service my man, to please him, by the middle of that one I was feeling really groggy, but I couldn’t stop watching it, it’s as if I became part of it. The next one was, “Servicing your man”, again it was like the others, showing pictures of girls sucking cock, having sex, taking cocks, it was to the point that all’s I saw in the video was me doing it all, to those men.
“Casey I’m back” Dad walked in the den, he smiled at me. I turned and smiled back. “Look here Casey I have a lot of things for you. He laid out panties, high cut, all black satin, bras, nylons, camisoles, garter belts, heels, nighties, all the things a teenage girl should have and then some. I stood in awe of it all. Dad was actually going through with it, he even had a makeup kit, “I will help you with this Casey” he said as he tossed it down, but first you need to shower and get any unwanted hair off you”, He took me by the hand, and lead me off to the bathroom, before I got in he handed me two more pills, and I took them. He ran the water for me took my robe off, slowly turned me around, “Um you’re going to make the perfect daughter, now get in the shower, and rub this cream all over your body, except your head”, he ordered me to do. The order was that of lavender which I would come love later that summer, I watched the hair wash down around the drain, Dad came back into the bathroom, “are you done Daughter?” he said “Yes Daddy I am”, ‘Good now get out we have a lot to do, before we eat tonight”. I stepped out, he smile “nice baby”.
He led me to the our bedroom, he handed me a black panty griddle,, black panty hose, “put the panty hose on first girl” he said I did my best to remember from the video that I had to do it easy. The coolness against my bare legs felt good, a new sensation to me, my little cock was starting to get hard.
Now the griddle, I slipped it on. It suppressed my little hard on. “Um now I want you in this bra, it was a training bra, I did my best to get it, Dad helped me, it did press my breast together a bit, gave a me funny but cute look. He handed me a green silk shirt, I put it on, and the jeans he gave, they were tight but fit good. He took me to the den, and proceeded to apply the make, brush my hair which took another forty five minutes. Dad stepped back, “don’t move my little Casey”. He said as he turned went to his desk and got his camera. “Smile now” click, “get up hands on hips, butt out lean forward and smile”. Dad had me pose for all kinds of pictures. I was liking it. “Alright Casey come on lets down load them”. Dad hooked the camera up, and started to down load them into his personal files.
“Casey I’m hungry, let’s go get some burger fires”, Dad said. I froze, “Now Casey rule number two do as Daddy say’s, it will be okay besides it’s getting dark outside, no one will notice, now get those black pumps I got and put them on lets go. I went to our room and picked the pumps he told me to get, they fit perfect.
It was twenty minute drive, to the burger house, we went through the drive thru, and Dad ordered the usual for us. When we pulled up to the window, to pay I knew the face of the boy there, he was one of the bullies, “that will be sixteen fifty sir” the boy said, Dad paid, the boy had to reach down to hand us or food, he smiled and winked at me, I just turned my head, and smiled, in the back of my mind I was thinking “if the asshole only knew”.
On the way home dad gave me another two pills, “what are these daddy?” I ask, Dad giggle and said, “your special hormones Casey, you will start out with six a day, tonight I will give you an injection, don’t worry sweetie it won’t hurt I promise you”. I swallowed the pills, “what the hell” I thought.
We had gotten home, ate our food, daddy had me watch few more videos, which I enjoyed. “Casey it’s getting late you need to change sweetie, I want you in your black nightie, garter belt and nylons, come on I will help you”. I followed daddy into our room, and he proceed to help me change. I felt so sexy wear the things that daddy had bought me. Just before I changed my panties, daddy gave me my first shot, of girlie juice he called. “Now Casey when you go to the bathroom you must always sit down, never ever stand up okay daughter” A warm feeling was coming over me, it felt good, I began to flush up, daddy smiled at me, ‘Um good it’s taking affect”. Daddy got naked, I looked close at him, he looked so good, his cock so big. He smiled and slipped his robe on, we stayed up for another hour watching videos.
Daddy got up, took me by the hand and led me to bed. I laid down, he took off his robe, and laid next to me. I rolled over on my side, he grabbed me, and pulled me close I could feel his hard cock pressing against my little ass, omg is all I could think. This whole thing went on for the next week, Daddy made sure that I always looked good, he took pictures, took me to get food, and gave me my pills and shots. And took me to bed.
Near the end of the second week, Daddy had me in bed, I felt his cock pressing against my panty cladded ass. I couldn’t take it any longer. I rolled over, and grabbed his cock, he smiled “go ahead Casey, make me cum”. I began to stroke his cock, “Stop Casey get between my legs”. I did as daddy said. As I sat between his legs, I again started stroking his cock. “Um that’s good baby” he said. “Yes baby go slow, daddy likes that”, he moaned softly.
Daddy’s cock looked so big in the room only lit by a small light, it must have been at least nine inches, and my fingers barely touch as I gripped his cock. I remembered things from the videos that Daddy had me watch. I stroked his cock slowly, the though came to me “please your man, make him feel good”.
Daddy began to move his hips, “Yes Casey, that feels good” I smiled at him it made me happy to make him feel good. “Yes Casey, don’t stop, I have something for you” he gasp in pleasure. I continued to stroke his big cock not too fast and not to slow, I reached over with my other hand and began to gently massage his big cum filled balls. His movements began to pick up, “yes daughter yes, I’m going to cum baby” he moaned I felt his cock pulsate in my hand, He shot his load I didn’t pick up my speed, I keep stroking his cock with each pulse he shot cum. I keep stroking him, until he went soft, his cum covered my hand, and his stomach. “um good girl, but now you must clean daddy up”.
Without thinking about I took off my nightie, and began to wipe his stomach. He grabbed my hand, smiled and said “no baby you know what I want, now put your nightie back on”. I did as he told me do, I lowered my head to his stomach, and began to eat his cum, “good girl, finish it all”.
I had never tasted cum before, it tasted slight bit salty, and the aroma was stroke, but not bad quite taste. I licked him clean, not wanting to miss a spot. I licked my fingers clean. “Now Casey that was good, did you like it?” he ask me, “yes daddy I did, I never knew being a girl would be like this”. Daddy smiled at me, “That’s good, now let’s get some sleep, and tomorrow you can do it again”. I curled next to him I reached down, and felt myself, my panties we a bit wet with my own juices. Sleep came easy.
That next morning I got up took my shower, dressed in a black mini skirt, pumps, panty hose, panties, bra and a white blouse. Daddy helped me with my hair and makeup I went into the kitchen to get some coffee. Daddy called from the den “Casey come here girl”, “Yes Daddy “I replied.
When I got to the den, Daddy had me sit next to him. “I think today, that you will need to learn how a girl feels when she is having sex” Daddy got up from the desk, took my hand and led over to couch, “Casey lay across the arm” he said. I did as he told me. I felt him pull up my mini skirt, and pull my panty hose down around my thighs, “um yes” he said as I felt his finger probe my virgin ass, “relax girl, this won’t hurt” he snickered. I felt an oily finger enter my ass, I tighten up some, “I said relax Casey”, Dad said a little louder. I relaxed a bit more, I felt another finger enter me, it sort a felt good, but why was he doing this to me I wondered, which I would realize before the summer was over it was to help loosen me up. It didn’t take daddy too long to have three fingers, and was fingering my ass, I felt a tingle in my stomach, it was feeling good, I moaned a bit, “good, I knew you would this Casey”, Daddy said.
I felt his fingers pull out, his cock slipped right in, “Oh Daddy it hurts”, I moaned, ‘now Casey just relax”, he said as he slipped his cock deeper in me. It didn’t take day long to fill my virgin ass with his big cock, it was hurting, I squirmed under the pressure of his body. “Daddy it hurts” I moaned again. “Now Casey I said relax girl and I mean relax”, Daddy began to slowly pump me pulling as far back as he could without pulling out, it did take long to figure out that if I stayed relax, it wouldn’t hurt as much, the pain began to fade away, as daddy fucked me.
“Yes a sweet tight ass, my sweet virgin ass”, daddy breathed the words heavy as he fucked. It started feeling good, my moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. My insides were tingling as daddy began to pump me faster. My ass ached, but it felt good at the same time. Daddy slowed down a bit, his pumping became long deep and easy, “Oh daddy, it feels good” I moaned, “I know daughter” he grunted out.
“Casey I’m cummming “Daddy moaned as I felt him squirt in my virgin ass, feeling his first squirt hit me on the inside sent me over the edge, my little cock quivered, it felt so good. With each shot of cum my own cock would quiver, as if I had cum. “Um good, I liked that” dad said as he pulled his now semi hard cock out of his daughter once virgin ass. “Don’t move Casey, stay there, relax” he said. I laid there for about five minutes, I pulled myself up, I reached down to put my panties and nylons, and that’s when I realized that I had cum and cum a lot. I pulled them up. Daddy came back into the den. He smiled at me, “you know Casey I recorded the whole thing, it will go on the website, just like your hand job did” “Why did you do that daddy?” Dad grinned, “Look Casey people pay good money for this, and I plan on making quite a bit of it don’t you?” I thought for a minute, “Well then what’s my pay daddy?”
Daddy keep quiet for moment, then said “You will get half of what I make okay”. I smiled “agreed” I replied.” Now go clean yourself up you lady”, he barked. I went to the bathroom striped and started the shower, the water felt good against my soft skin, I washed with the lavender soap that daddy told me to use.

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