My mother the famous author - part 2

My mother the famous author - part 2

Two weeks after I had almost been caught by the housekeeper, while I was peeping at my naked mother in the bathroom, nothing had changed about the situation.
My mother had made two more foreign trips, one for three days and one for five days. She had also been gone a day to appear on a television show and the days she was home, she’d been writing in her study. During the few nights she had spent at home, I had been peeping at her again while she was being solidly fucked by all kinds of her motorcycle friends or while she was going at it alone with her toys. Peeping at her during the day was something that I wanted, but the scare I’d had when I was almost caught, kept me from doing that again.
It was a Friday and my mother wasn’t home. The housekeeper told me, when I came home from school, that a meeting with her published had taken longer than expected and she would spend the night at a hotel, but she would at least be home for dinner the next day. The next day would be my seventeenth birthday and mother always took care to at least be home on my birthdays, because she saw so little of me as it was. I wondered what kind of extravagant gift she had in store for me this year. Last year, when I turned sixteen, a brand new, really expensive moped with all the works had been waiting for me. That had been a great present en I couldn’t imagine, that my mother would find a way to surpass that gift this year. A costly new PC or game console – I was expecting something in that direction – would not be a match for the last year’s moped.
To my surprise there wasn’t any gift waiting for me, when on Saturday morning I came downstairs at about eleven ‘o clock for breakfast. I was used to that if my mother wasn’t home herself on the morning of my birthday, she would arrange for my present to be there nevertheless. Anna, the housekeeper, made me some food and told me, that this year my mother would be bringing my birthday present with her.
I shrugged at that message, because my present really didn’t concern me that much – my thoughts were with entirely different things . . .
I didn’t really do anything all day, watched a bit of television, listened to some music and played a couple of games on the PC. At half past six my mother came home and the housekeeper had dinner ready right on time.
While dinner was served, my mother congratulated me with a kiss on my cheek, after which we sat down at the table in the mansion’s huge living room. As soon as dinner was served, my mother told the housekeeper that she could take the rest of the evening off, since we would not be in need of her services anymore. While we were eating, I did start to wonder what kind of gift mother had brought me, since she had not yet given me anything and hadn’t spoken of it either.
During dinner I gave my mother a sneaky look every now and then. She looked like she always did, like the successful, popular, sweet children’s author. Her long blond hairs were tied in a knot on the back of her head and she wore a white blouse under a grey business suit. She was wearing her glasses – recently she had started to need a pair – en wore round golden earrings that were quite large for her standards. Looking better I also noticed she was wearing a little more make up than usual. What especially caught my eye was her purple lipstick that made her full lips even more attractive than they already were.
“Well,” my mother said as soon as we were finished eating, “then now the time has come for your birthday present. Are you a little curious?”
“A little,’ I answered defensively.

“You probably think,” she smiled with a look in her eyes I couldn’t quite place, “that I haven’t been able to think of something to surpass that moped I gave you last year.”
I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded a little.
“Then you’re mistaken,” she said. She got up. “Come, your present is upstairs.”
My mother walked from the living room to the staircase and started after her, slightly confused. Normally she never made a fuss about birthday presents, but just gave them to me, without any surprises. She walked up the stairs and I followed her. The view I now had of her round bottom in that nice sharp grey skirt of the business suit was already making me horny again and pushed my curiosity over my gift to the back of my mind.
My mother walked to her bedroom and opened the door. I just kept walking behind her, not knowing what to expect. As soon as we were both in her room, she closed the door behind me and stood in front of me. Without saying a word she brought her hands to the buttons of her white blouse. While she gave me a fixed look, she started to unbutton the blouse. I felt my cock get hard in my pants. I didn’t dare believe that this was really happening.
“This is what you want, isn’t it?” she asked in a horny tone of voice. She had completely unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt, giving me a good view of her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I swallowed and didn’t know what to say.
My mother threw her blouse on the floor, now showing me her beautiful breasts in all their glory. “Come on,” she said sighing, “touch them. Lick them.”
I couldn’t control myself any longer and threw myself onto my mother’s tits. I kneaded them with my hands and sucked on the nipples, which soon were fully erect. “You did this too when you were a baby,” my mother moaned, “and thankfully you haven’t forgotten how to do it.”
After I’d been playing with her tits for a while, my mother gently pushed me away. I let go of her rack and gave her a questioning look.
“Did you think that I didn’t know?” she asked with a randy smile on her slips.
“Did you think I didn’t know that you have been peeping at me for months? I heard you, Anna saw you . . . and then all those dirty pyjama trousers . . .”
I didn’t know what to say. I felt so enormously caught.
“It’s all right, son,” my mother said reassuringly, “it’s completely normal for you to be so horny, certainly at your age.” She untied her skirt and let it drop on the floor, so that she was standing in front of me wearing only a pair of white panties. She stuck a hand into her panties and started to touch her pussy. “I know you have the hoots for me, son,” she said, “and I am your birthday present!”
She took off her panties so that she was now completely naked. “Get undressed,” she said, “or do I have to do it?”
I didn’t know how fast I had to rid myself of my clothes and within instants I was standing naked in front of my mother, with a prick that was harder than ever before.
“Not bad,” my mother smiled approvingly while looking at my cock, “so you have inherited something from your father after all.”
She took my hand and led me to her bed. “Lie down,” she said and I lay down on my back on the bed. My mother also crawled onto the bed and sat in front of me on her knees. With her hand she grabbed hold of my dick and started to slowly jack me off. “Feels good?” she asked. I could only moan in response. The feeling of her hand around my stiff pole was so incredibly good. My mother chuckled and bent over my crotch. She put her lips around my dick-head and started licking it carefully. I had no idea what was happening to me, I had never felt anything like this! With her tongue she licked some pre-cum from my prick, before throwing herself at my genitals. She took almost my entire rock-hard cock in her mouth and started to suck on it exuberantly, while massaging my balls with her hands. The feeling this gave me was so awesome that it didn’t take me long to come. My mother felt I was on the verge of an orgasm, but kept forcefully sucking my dick without showing any intention of letting go of it. I couldn’t take anymore and experienced a powerful orgasm. I unloaded a vast amount of sperm in my mother’s mouth and she tried to swallow it all. The sheer quantity of semen that was gushing from my balls was so large, however, that she couldn’t gulp it all down and excess sperm was dripping from her mouth, which I thought was an unbelievably horny view.
After a short while my mother let my recoiling dick slide out of her mouth and rolled her marvellous body on top of mine. The feeling of her tits against my chest and her tummy against my cock was unspeakably horny. She gave me a smile, while my young semen was still dripping from her lips and chin.
“So what do you think of your birthday present?” she asked in a horny voice.
“Wonderful,” was the only thing I could say, “much better than last year’s moped.”
She laughed and got up. “Stay there and get a bit of rest, because we won’t be done for a whole while. I’m going to get some champagne to celebrate this special occasion.”
In the nude my mother left the bedroom, leaving me in a condition of pure bliss. I hardly realised, what had just occurred. Things were going to get much crazier, though. After a few minutes my mother returned. She was still naked, she hadn’t even taken the trouble to wipe my sperm from her mouth and . . . she wasn’t alone. Together with my mother the housekeeper entered the bedroom! In one hand Anna carried a large bottle of champagne, in the other three glasses. More surprising, however, was the way she was dressed. The mature housekeeper, who I had always seen in nothing but boring, wide dresses with flowers, was wearing nothing but a black lace bra with matching panties and black stockings. She was also heavily made up, while she usually went without any make up at all. The way I saw her now I didn’t even find her unattractive, I realized. Of course she was rather advanced in age, she had her share of wrinkles and her skin wasn’t that tight in all places anymore, but an incredible glow of horniness was emanating from her and if her breasts weren’t that firm anymore, they were truly gigantic.
My mother saw my look of utter amazement on my face and smiled naughtily.
“Anna is joining us,” she grinned mischievously, “aren’t we sort of a family, after all, the three of us?”
Maybe, but an intensely dysfunctional family, I thought, though I decided against saying anything. Anna put the glasses on the nightstand, opened the bottle and poured the glasses. All three of us took a glass and my mother toasted. “To your seventeenth birthday, Peter!” We all took several swigs and put the glasses back down again, after which my mother sat down in a chair next to the day. “Well,” she said to me, “let Anna warm you up again a bit.”
That wouldn’t take a lot of effort – my cock was beginning to get fairly hard again as it was – but the housekeeper went about the job enthusiastically. She took the bottle of champagne and poured a decent amount of the precious liquid over my dick, after which she bent over my crotch and took my prick in her mouth. She blew me differently than my mother had done, a lot less subtle, but harder and rougher, which I also really enjoyed, even though it felt completely different. Within a short time my dick was back to its full size and Anna stopped sucking. She got up and untied her bra, showing me her enormous milk-white tits in all their glory. I glanced sideways and saw that my mother was playing with herself while she watched us.
“You want to put that big boner of yours between my tits?” Anna asked.
I nodded and she lay on her back on the bed. I climbed on top of her and put my cock between those enormous breasts. Slowly I started to move back and forth while Anna pushed her tits together against my dick, which completely disappeared between these gigantic mountains of flesh. That Anna’s tits weren’t so firm anymore didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the experience one bit. Her huge nipples were sticking out rock-hard, which I found a very randy sight. I started moving faster and faster and it didn’t take that long before I was close to coming again. I glimpsed sideways again and saw that my mother was now sitting in the chair with her legs pulled up, while she was rubbing her cunt with both her hands. Apparently the sight of her son titfucking the housekeeper really excited her, which in turn made me even hornier than I already was too. I felt the semen coming en apparently Anna did too, since she let go of her breasts and grabbed hold of my prick just in time to aim the load of sperm I was releasing at her knockers. Thick squirts of semen landed on her enormous tits, while at the same time I heard my mother groaning while she was coming. I let myself fall on the bed on my back, exhausted, next to Anna. She turned her head towards mine and gave me wet kiss on my mouth, which I quite enjoyed. “That was good, right?” she said. I nodded confirmingly.
Anna got up and my mother took her place on the bed. She looked at me. “Well, is this a nice birthday party or what? But the highlight still has to come. You’ve already gotten blow jobs from two women, but you still haven’t fucked.” She took hold of my shrinking dick and started to stroke it, while Anna grabbed the bottle of champagne and poured the expensive liquid all over my mother’s body. The presence of the magnificent, wet body of my mother combined with her stroking of my cock made sure, that very soon my prick was rock-hard again. “Come,” mother said, “fuck me.”
I put myself on top of her and with her hand she guided my cock into her warm cunt. My prick slid in effortlessly and I instinctively started thrusting. The champagne had made her body incredibly sticky, which caused a really horny sensation with every touch. I managed to last much longer this time since I obviously had come twice already. I thrust harder and harder, causing my mother’s tits to shake wildly. While I kept thrusting fiercely, I licked her hard nipples. Ultimately it became too much for me and I felt another orgasm was on the way. “Yes,” my mother moaned, “put it in me! Put it in the cunt you came from!”
I felt my body tremble and came, releasing my third load of sperm of the evening, this time deep inside my own mother’s cunt. Totally exhausted I let myself fall on her body. Because of the champagne our bodies were sticking to each other. After a while my recoiling dick glided out of her cunt and I let myself roll off her. She put her body against mine, bent over me and kissed me tenderly on my forehead. “That was good, wasn’t it?” she asked. “Yes,” I was able to say with difficulty, “incredibly good.”
By now Anna had climbed onto the bed as well again and lay down next to me on the other side. “As far as I’m concerned,” she said, “we should do this more often.”

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