The Long Con - Magnificent Mandy part 2

The Long Con - Magnificent Mandy part 2

That night laying in bed with Jolene we ended up talking more than usual and I could tell she was a little frustrated. She had rarely had to even hint at sex before I would be all over her, desperately fucking the image of her amazing daughter out of my head. Her daughter Mandy was stunning in every way, and after a normal day of seeing her thighs, thick and wonderful, her breasts, massive for her age and her angelic face would have me hard as steel.

Rarely did it take more than the simplest touch to have me all over Jolene, fucking her like a man possessed. I always made sure the lights were off. Granted Jolene felt nothing like Mandy, she was heavy, not pretty and flabby. But she was the means to an end. Dating her got me in the house to stare at and fantasize about her daughter. Of course it was more complicated after the two encounters I had with Mandy in her bed "watching" movies.

The first time it was an inebriated mess, with me unsure how much Mandy had enjoyed it or just been too fucked up to remember. But the second time left little doubt. The gorgeous 15 year old tart had instigated our separation from the others and initiated our contact. Did it make me any less of a soul sucking prick? Probably not, but you know, she made me feel alive. There is nothing in life as inspiring as an amazing woman. Except for a smoking fucking hot woman, especially if she is young.

Anyway, it was kind of uncomfortable that I had to basically tell Jolene I wasn't in the mood. After rubbing my cock between her daughter and myself, I had given up all the cum I had. I wasn't a kid anymore, I really had trouble going more than one shot in a night. It's not that I didn't want to, I wanted to cum 12 times a day thinking of Mandy, but besides being a bit older, I think she just made me cum too hard.

So I could see I was going to have to either get used to cumming more or maybe try to get Jolene used to a bit less sex. That is, assuming things continued with Mandy. So far, it had gone more according to my plan than I could have fantasized, and there was no doubt Mandy had been intentional in her actions. A young girl with confused ideals about what men represent and the draw of pleasure from sexual stimulation was a perfect combo, and I was incredibly anxious to figure out how to move our interactions along.

Turns out, Mandy did it for me, taking the lead again, and further convincing me that the obsessive fantasy I developed that day when I saw her intoxicating form in Chipotle was going to come to fruition. Just the momentary mind's eye image of sliding between those thick thighs, pressing on that tight tummy, squeezing and sucking those oversized teen melons on her chest, and blowing my cum on that gorgeous face was enough to get me hard, and I was thrilled with her cleverness.

Two days later she came home from work just raving about this show called American Horror Story. Now Jolene is relatively straight laced, she doesn't have her daughter's looks, sexiness, nor her devious appetite. I was amazed she even floated wanting to watch it, but Jolene, to her credit, was willing to give it a go. Predictably she wasn't the biggest fan but she gave it a two episode try.

The next evening, Mandy got home a little late due to volleyball practice and she almost made me black out when she decided to come to the living room with a towel around her hair and a towel around her body. The towel really wasn't big enough, her breasts were about to pop out the top and the bottom of the towel barely went to her mid thigh. I wanted to go to her, pull the towel away and fuck the shit out of her in front of her mother. But I thankfully have some semblance of self control.

"Hey can we watch the next episode of American Horror Story?" She squealed.

"No, honey I just don't like that evil and creepy stuff. I want to watch something else. Besides it isn't appropriate for Jamie." Jolene replied.

"Cccchhkhk!" Mandy chortled. "You liked it didn't you Greg?"

"Um yeah, it was pretty good, I don't mind that stuff." I said.

"Let's go watch the next episode, I can't wait to see what happens!" She said to me, her wet hair dangling in front of her eyes. Water droplets from the shower were on her shoulder and for the first time I saw she had a few freckles.

"Um, ok, you go get in your jammies and I will grab use some deserts. Is that okay honey?" I asked Jolene.

"Hmmm? Oh sure, if you want to watch that be my guest." She replied.

I waited a minute to get up and grab some brownies and milk, since Mandy looked so ravishing in that towel, I couldn't keep soft. In fact, pouring the milk I fantasized about her walking into my room and dropping the towel showing me all of her beauty and then pushing me back on the bed and straddling my waist, taking me inside of her . . . . I got hard all over again.

I made my way to her room, noticing the light was off. I walked in through the cracked door, closing it most of the way. Mandy wasn't using her tv on the dresser to the side of her bed but instead, had her 21" apple laptop I bought her on her vanity chest and mirror. It wasn't as good a view, but she had a reason.

I put the milk and the brownies on her dresser and she scooted over and patted the bed. She had the covers pulled up to her tummy and was clutching them. She was wearing a wife beater tank top, at least one size too small for her ample bossom. Her nipples were poking through, easily visible even just by the light of the computer screen.

She clicked on her apple remote and the show started. She snuggled up next to me, her right legs swinging all the way over and across my right leg, her knee nudging my sack. I was only wearing some athletic shorts so there wasn't much to stop the sensations.

"I sure like watching stuff with you. . . " She said softly.

"I sure do too." I said and put my arm around her, to hug her a bit. My hand naturally slid down her back and when I got to her waist I came to realize the wife beater was the only clothing she had on. Needless to say for the 3rd time in 5 minutes, blood flowed into my cock, making my 7 inches rock hard.

Mandy rolled to her back so we were side by side. I pulled my hand from under her and she grabbed it. She pulled it to her honey pot, the warmth coming off of her genitals was incredible, enough to fry an egg. I slowly started by rubbing the sides of her lips, trying to warm her up, well, she was already warm, but I still like to tease.

So does she. Soon her hand slid over my thigh and her fingers tickled along my manhood. I figured I shouldn't let her do that but I didn't care, I loved that my fantasy was actually engaging me for sexual play. But when her hand went to my waistband I stopped.

"No sweetie. Not inside, we can't do that." I whispered in her ear. I wanted to be naked with her, but thought that was just too risky.

She turned to me. "If you get to touch mine I get to touch yours. If not, then you have to leave."

Want to guess my reaction? Exactly, I decided to help. I pushed my short down just enough to free Willy and Willy was standing at attention making a tent in the comforter. That was when Mandy began to stroke it, and I was in heaven. I watched the tent go up and down with her strokes, her arm lifting the goose down blanket. I had worked my fingers inside of Mandy and we hit a great rhythm, finger fucking each other. I tell you it was all I could do not to roll on top of her and start pounding that 15 year old pussy for all it was worth.

Mandy began to moan a bit and had the wherewithal to turn up the volume on the computer. She began gripping my dick a bit too hard for comfort as she was beginning to feel the intensity of sexual satisfaction. Her fall over the edge was somewhat sudden, she gasped too loud for comfort, but I didn't stop. The orgasm hit her and she let go of my manhood, gripping my arm with both hands and her teeth clamped down on my triceps. Her feet went flat on the mattress and she pushed her hips off the air, pushing harder into my fingers. After the initial orgasm, I could see the waves getting her by the fluid leaking out of her vagina and her hips fell back to the bed, but her legs were moving back and forth.

She finally calmed down and stopped eating and clenching my arm. "Mmm-ooah. Horrrry shhhtt." She said softly as she tried to make her way back into reality.

She finally got her eyes open, "Thank you . . . "

"You're most welcome." I whispered back.

"I sure like this show. Do you?"

"Umm, ha, ha, yes I do."

She started stroking me again under the comforter. "If your favorite part coming soon?"

"Cumming very soon." I replied, knowing she wouldn't catch the joke.

" I want to watch this time." She pushed the comforter down.

"No! no! Don't do that, someone could see." I tried to pull it back up but she kicked the comforter down to the point I would have to take her hand off my cock to get it. That wasn't about to happen.

"I want to see this. . . " She said determinedly and twisted onto her side so her face was very close to my cock.

I don't know why I did it, her mother was just down the hall, but I put my hand on the back of her head, and pushed gently. She didn't fight at all. Not one bit, just naturally let me guide her to my cock and she willingly opened her lips. Her mouth enveloped me in her warmth and wetness and sucked. I thought I would loose my mind. The hottest female I had ever laid eyes on had her lips on my dick.

"Oh god Mandy, oh that is amazing." I said in a louder whisper. In a perfect unison the show hit a point where a charachter screamed, muffling my moan of orgasm as my hips bucked and I exploded in her mouth.

One hand clenched her hair, the other clenched her pillow as I drained my balls into her virgin mouth. I don't think I have ever come quite that fast before. 5 seconds tops. And she took it all the little trooper, she only made an initial surprised noise. I myself, somehow made no noise at all.

That was when we both heard, "sweetie are you ok?"

Mandy again proved herself to be a devious little minx and she in one motion, pulled off my cock, yanked the comforter up and pulled it over her head. I noticed the slightest smell of cum waif up from the comforter but it was minor. Jolene pushed open the door and looked in.

"I thought I heard you shreik." Jolene said.

"Mmm-mmm-hmmm-mmmm!" Mandy was waving her hand and finger at the computer, and the show (thank god) was still on a scary scene. The little whore was a genius. She played if perfect, her mother never thinking there was anything going on other than a scared little girl.

"Ok, well I am going to bed Greg."

"I will be in as soon as the show is over." I said with a smile.

She left and I pulled the comforter off of Mandy's head. She motioned like crazy to the dresser and I understood, grabbing one of the milk glasses. Mandy spit all of my cum into the milk, hiding our gooey deed. I took the glass from her and put it back on the dresser.

I pulled up my shorts, and gave her our first kiss, with just the hint of a tongue, and not too long. I whispered to her, "Should we watch another episode tomorrow?"

She just smiled as I headed out the doorway.

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