How I made my daughter my submissive Sex Slave (re-wrte

How I made my daughter my submissive Sex Slave (re-wrte

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How I made my daughter my submissive sex slave

On my daughter’s 19th birthday, she became my slave. She will obey my orders and do whatever I want her to do, no matter what.

It all started the day before my daughter her birthday. I sent my slave (wife) to the store in the next town. We had one in our town, but my slave was getting punished for something she did. I was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and going through some articles about how to turn your own daughter into your slave. Once my slave got home and put all the items away, we went to my room. I stopped my slave before she entered the room. I heard the shower running, so I told my slave to strip and then enter. She did as she was told. I closed the door behind her. I told her it was time for the rest of her task for today. She knew what her task was.

After all her tasks were done, I allowed her to put on a robe to go get me a beer. Once she got back, she removed the robe, handed me the beer and went to a submissive position on the floor. That was when I asked her what she thought of me making our daughter my slave. My wife waited a few minutes to answer. Then was she said: “That is a good idea, sir.” As it was getting late, I told my slave it was time for bed. She went to the foot of the bed to sleep on the ground. I could not sleep. All I could think of was how to make it happen.

The next morning, I woke up my slave. She said: “Good morning, Sir.” After my slave was up, I told her it was time to be tied to the bed. She nodded: “yes sir” and got in position. I tied her legs to the end and her hands to the head of the bed. Once she was tied up in the x position, I put a blindfold and noise cancelling headphone on her. I took a shower, got dressed and went to cook breakfast. This was all part of my plan to make my daughter my slave.

After I was done cooking breakfast for my daughter, I brought the breakfast to her room. I knocked on her door and waited for her to say, “come in”, which I did. I wished her a Happy Birthday and put the breakfast on her bed. I asked her if we could talk. She said: “yes, but where is mom?”. I told her: “she went out with a friend to get some stuff for your party”. I then told her that her mother wanted me to talk to her about what she heard in our room. She said: “It’s ok, I don’t want to know.” I told her anyway that her mom and I are in a Dom /sub role.

That is when my daughter told me that she is a sub too and needed a master. I got a big smile on my face. I told her she had a Master now. “There is only one condition”, I said. “You have to be the mistress of your mother as well.” She agreed. Before I left, I told her I would be right back. “I'm going to print your contact and let you sign it.” I left and went to my room to see how other slave was doing tied up. I then grab a red lipstick from the bathroom and started to write stuff all over my slave.

Once I was done writing, there was lipstick all over her body. It read: “Use my holes (with an arrow to all her holes), I’m a cum slut, I love to eat pussy and I’m a cocksucker”. I went to my office in the house to print the slave contact for my new slave. Once I printed the contract, I went back to my daughter’s room, so she could sign it. I just walked in this time. She was eating her breakfast. I told her to read over the contract once she was done eating. if you like what it says, sign it and bring it back to my room. I laid it on the foot of her bed and left. I went to my room to get ready for my new slave’s first task.

it was only a after few minutes that my new slave came to my room with the contact. Once she got to the door, she saw that her mother was tied up. Her mouth dropped. I asked her if she signed the contract. she said: “Yes Sir.” I then said: “Good, now get naked and crawl over here.” I told her to get on the bed on all fours face-to-face with her mother. She said: “yes, sir” and got in the position I told her. I then got up, took my robe off and started to take pictures of my two slaves. I told my new slave to stick her tongue out. As she did it, I took a picture and then told her to start eating her other breakfast. She looked at me like she did not want to. I said: “Do it now or you will be punished if you don’t obey me.” She said: “yes, sir” and started to eat her first pussy. She started to moan. I told my new slave that she needed to do a good job for her first time. I told her to stop, which she did. Once she stopped, my slave said: “why did you stop, sir? Please keep going.” I told my new slave to get on her knees and open her mouth for her second task. she did as she was told, and I stuck my cock in her mouth. I told her to start sucking. “Make sure you deep throat.” I told her she was my new cocksucker. “You are better than you mother”, I said. After a while, I told her she needed to take me cum in her mouth. She tried to say: “Yes, Sir”, but couldn't because my hard dick was in the way. I shot my load down her throat and she swallowed every drop of cum.

I told my daughter to get on the bed and to spread her arms and legs out. She said: “Yes, sir” and went to that position. I tied her up like that. I then went between her legs and started to lick her pussy. Once she started to moan, I stopped, and I asked her if she was on the pill. “No, Sir”, she told me. I then said: “You will have to take the morning-after pill and then make an appointment to see a doctor, so you can be on the pill.” I start to fuck her pussy and she moaned. I told her she couldn’t cum unless she asked for permission. After a while she said: “May I please cum, Sir?” I told her no, not until I came. I move in and out faster I was getting close to my second load. As I shot my second load in her pussy, she came. “Did you just cum without permission?”, I ask my daughter. My daughter said: “Yes, Sir. Sorry.” I Told her not to say a word. I then took the noise-cancelling headphones off my wife and put it on my daughter. I whispered into my wife’s ear: “Are you ready for your treat for being a good slave?” She said: “Yes, Sir.” I grabbed another blindfold and placed it on my daughter. I then untied my wife, guided her to the bed and told her to lay just like that and to stick her tongue out. I grabbed a hand full of her hair and force her into my daughter’s cunt. My wife, without being told, started to lick the cunt. After a while, my daughter started to moan, and my wife stopped. She tried to say something, but before she could I yelled: “Did I tell you to stop?” She said: “No, Sir.” Then you better get back doing what you were doing, and you are going to get punished for stopping. As she was licking, she said: “Yes, Sir.”

I removed the headphones from one ear, and I whispered into my daughter’s ear, giving her permission to cum when she wanted to. Once I told her that, she came. Hard. I told my wife to stop and to get up. She did and I could see my daughter’s pussy juice all over her face. I then asked my wife: “Are you ready to see whose cunt you licked?”, She knotted exited.
 I took the blindfold off her. Once her eyes got adjusted to the light, she realized that she just had eaten her daughter’s pussy out. I ask her how she felt about that. She smiled and said hi to our daughter, but in her head, she was telling herself that she did wrong to eat her own daughter out. I told my wife to get into the submissive position and she better not washed her face. She said: “Yes, Sir.”

I untied my daughter but kept the noise-cancelling headphones and the blindfold on. I pulled her arm so she would get up and off the bed. I pushed on her shoulders, so she would go to her knees. I then went to my wife and whispered into her ear: “It wasn’t me who was licking you earlier, it was your daughter.” I told my wife to lay on her back and spread her legs, which she did as she was told. I took the noise-cancelling headphones off my daughter and told her: “I will guide you to your treat for being a good slave.” Once we got to my wife, I told her to lay down on her stomach. Which she did. I said she should find her treat with her tongue. She found it and started to lick it, without being told to. I then asked my wife: “Honey, how do you like to be licked by your own daughter?” She said: “What makes you happy, makes me happy.” “Good answer”, I told her. I then went to my daughter clothes and grabbed her panties, shoved them into my wife’s mouth and told her that they better stayed in her mouth until I told her to take them out.

I left to go get me some water. Once I got back, I saw that my wife had cum already. She became so horny by the thought of her own daughter licking her, that she squirted all over the young girl’s face. Our daughter did not stop licking though. She even licked harder after the shower she received. I then told my daughter to stop and to go into our bathroom. “Grab your mother’s dirty panties and put them in your month, then get back on the bed on all fours.” When she left, I whispered into my wife’s ear: “You are going to watch me fuck our daughter.”

When she returned, she did as she was told. I went to sit behind her and lined up my cock with her pussy. I slid inside her with one hard push. I started to bang her tight pussy while her mother was watching. Her mother still sat on the ground, watching with mixed feelings, but had trouble to resist touching herself when her pussy started to drip. I continued pounding my daughter and filled her up with my warm, white juice when I came. I did not give her the pleasure to cum as well.

It was getting late, so I told my slave nr.2 that this was all for today. “Tomorrow will bring a new day. Now go to your room but leave your clothes on the ground.” “Yes, Sir.” she said and left to go to her room.

The next day, I told my wife to wake her daughter up with her tongue. “Then once she wakes up, you tell her what her morning tasks are.” A few minutes later, my daughter crawled into my room, like she was told. I stopped her at the door and asked her if her mother told her what her task was. She told me yes and then I told her to get to her task. She crawled onto the bed got and started to ride me.

After a while, my daughter asked me: “When are we going to let mom know that I am your slave too?” I told her: “We have to see how this works out over time.” After a while, we heard that breakfast was ready. I told her to stop. She got off me she started to get dressed. I told her to go naked. We all sat at the table, ate our breakfast and talked what the plan was for today.

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