Salvation Ch. 17 Cruel Games

Salvation Ch. 17 Cruel Games

At the end of the first floor corridor at St Saviour's, a staircase leads
to a second, but narrower corridor. Facing south, it has the benefit of
sunlight illuminating the walls.

Here, several paintings hang, each seemingly low for the adults, but
perfectly placed for the children to gaze at them as they pass. The
paintings are German in origin and depict scenes of the time when Zealots
commonly tortured peasants to learn of witches and any other ungodly

Dressed as priests and monks they sought out mainly the young girls of
the villages to torture and degrade. The paintings showed young girls
shackled to stout wooden frames, pincers roughly pulling at their
breasts, un-greased dildos being forced into their anuses, and their
bottoms and thighs being sadistically whipped.

If the children at St Saviour's thought that the routines were strict and
harsh they would think it were sheer heaven after gazing at these
carefully placed paintings as they passed. A single wooden door stood at
the far end of the corridor, a door that looked just like all the others.

Having been allowed to gaze at the paintings, the children would have
prepared themselves for the worst, only to squeal with delight when they
finally saw what awaited them. The two little minxes that David Smith had
chosen were no different.

Rosemary and Beatrice were a little nervous when Alice Marble, one of the
teenage assistants, and Mr David Smith a governor arrived to take them to
the playroom. David teased them as they passed the paintings, his eyes
excitedly sliding over Alice's adolescent form and that of the two
adorable little girls, slowly opening the door to usher them inside.

The walls were painted as if they were in a glade in the middle of some
magical woods, with trees towering up the walls to have leaves painted on
the ceiling, and a ground of mushrooms and fallen leaves.

But if you looked carefully, you'd find elves, pixies and fairies. It was
fun just looking for them, but there were too many toys for them to just
search for pictures.

There was a dolls house much taller than they were, and a marvellous
rocking horse, so big and grand, that could rock so far that it was
jumping over fences all the time.

Skittles, skipping ropes, balls, dolls, soldiers, boats, farm animals and
a Noah's Arc full of creatures lay on the floor. There was also a little
cart to pull the dolls in, and all sorts of clothes to dress them up.
There were also clothes for them too, to dress like a nurse or a teacher,
to become a fine lady with pearls, brooches and rings.

Beatrice and Rosemary grabbed at things in wonder, and then discarded
them as a new wonder appeared. They were in a treasure house and all
their fears evaporated as the big man sat down on the window seat and
laughed at them.

"Well? What will you play with first my little darlings?" Alice asked
them excitedly.

They looked around them, their little faces glowing with happiness and
excitement. Then Beatrice pointed to the dolls house and Rosemary grabbed
one of the larger dolls with every intent to mother it.

David chuckled and watched for a while. He had always loved watching his
own little girls at play, especially when they made to wear their short
dresses. The girls soon forgot the ladylike manners when a new toy took
their fancy and sat with their thighs widely parted, their pretty little
cunts and bottoms in perfect view.

He'd missed seeing that almost as much as turning them over his lap
whenever they were naughty to spank their bottoms, something that had
been happening with increasing frequency, until his wife stopped him.

A dark cloud threatened to spoil his pleasures as his wife's steel like
expression sprang to mind, but then he saw Beatrice on her knees in front
of the massive doll's house, leaning over to pick something up, unaware
of how her dress had flared and exposed the underside of her little eight
year old bottom.

David admired her little bottom cheeks and imagined what they hid, and
how smoothly they'd part for him, when the time was right. With his good
humour restored, David slid down slightly in his seat and admired the

"Rosemary, what are you doing?" Alice asked, distracting David from
looking at Beatrice's bottom as she continued to lean into the dolls
house. He looked across and saw the child had most of the doll in one
hand, and a limb of the doll in the other.

"It just came off," she mumbled nervously, looking beseechingly at the
young woman in the hope she'd understand and forgive her.

Alice took the doll and flicked its skirts up to see if it was easily
repairable. A glance showed it wasn't and she sighed theatrically.

"Oh dear. Broken," she proclaimed.

"I didn't mean to," Rosemary mumbled. She was beginning to cry and
Beatrice was looking on, chewing her lower lip nervously. There was an
air of impending tension in the room that communicated directly with
David's cock and made it immediately swell.

"What should we do with her Mister Smith?" Alice asked, a twinkle in her
eye. "We could punish her, or we could make her pay a penance," she

Rosemary stopped her crying as she sensed a way out of being spanked and
looked eagerly from one adult to the other.

"What's a penance?" she asked.

"A task that you have to do to show you're sorry for breaking the doll,"
David said.

As much as he'd like to see both young girls turned over and their
bottoms made to glow hotly from a spanking, the idea of having the child
do something to herself loomed large and exciting right in front of him.

"What did you have in mind Alice?" he asked, certain that she would be
just as sadistic as she was inventive, admiring the uniform she wore, her
short hem hiding her young cunt and bottom, but not the lovely thighs
she'd developed.

There was a stool nearby. Alice grinned as she picked up the stool and
placed it before him. It looked like any other stool, made of beech so
the seat would be more comfortable than that of oak. But then she reached
under the seat and spun a handle, raising from the centre of the seat a
column of wood that was carved to resemble the cock of a man; the shaft
heavily veined, the head domed.

David watched little Rosemary stare at it and knew he wanted to see her
sit on it, her cunt or anus, he didn't really care which, just as long as
he could see her stretched apart by the unforgiving wooden cock.

"Remove your uniform Rosemary," Alice urged, her hand reaching for the
wooden cock to fondle it as if it were real, long fingers sliding over
the bulb while she gave David a knowing smile.

He was erect and aching, his breath short and hot as he watched the
softly crying girl slip from her clothes. Beneath them, she was as pretty
as he'd hoped, clearly young, with many years to come before puberty, she
had a slightly rounded little belly and a puffy pink little cunt.

There was nothing to her breasts, just tiny nipples no bigger that a
farthing and the colour of burnished copper. Well trained, the crying
child let him look, her hands trembling at her sides while her thighs
struggled not to clamp together.

"Now then," Alice said, smiling brightly from where she knelt beside the
stool. "Remember, you wouldn't have had to do this, if you hadn't been so
clumsy and broken the doll," she told her, drawing Rosemary reluctantly
towards the waiting pole.

"Please," Rosemary whimpered, and David felt his cock throb with new

"Soon be over," Alice said, concentrating on pulling the reluctant child
astride the waiting stool, then forcing the girl to open her little
thighs and lower her bottom towards the upstanding wooden cock.

"You'll look so lovely, sitting on this," Alice breathed, her own face
flushed with excitement as she used her fingers to help part the folds of
Rosemary's cunt and probe for her little clitoris.

"Here we go," Alice breathed, half aware of David close in front of her,
watching every detail as the sobbing girl was forced down onto the
unforgiving wooden cock, her ten year old vulva forced wide by the head
to expose the bright pink interior. Alice rose to push down on her
shoulders and the girl screamed as her cunt was impaled.

David held her quivering thighs apart the better to watch, almost
breathless with desire as the child sank on the cock, sobbing and crying
all the way down, until almost three inches on the wood had slid into her
little body.

"That's so good," David, murmured, looking at the incredible sight of the
child half seated with her thighs akimbo, her little pink cunt bulging
out around the wooden shaft. Tears ran down her face as she sobbed, and
every sob moved her down further onto the peg forced it deep into her

"She can go deeper yet," Alice claimed.

Striding across to where two leather bands lay she returned to put them
over the child's knees so that they pulled her lower legs up against the
underside of her thighs, forcing her heels up against her bottom and
making it impossible for her to support herself.

Crying with new urgency, her unsupported body slid still further down the
broad wooden cock, its head beginning to push her belly out.

"Jesus. I've got to do something!" David panted as he watched the
squealing girl slowly descend onto the cock, pushed on by her own weight.

"Beatrice, come here!" Alice ordered.

Staring at the sight of her friend slowly sinking on the awful wooden
spike, Beatrice none the less obeyed her mistress, even more fearful of
what would happen if she didn't obey, than what might happen if she did.

"Let's see it then Sir," Alice prompted David.

He needed no further prompting. Standing, he pulled his trousers down and
swept his shirttail aside, pushing his pelvis forward to proudly present
them with his swollen member, the foreskin drawn away from a glowing and
tender tip, gleaming wantonly.

Beatrice stared at it. Even little Rosemary, sitting erect on the wooden
cock, looked at it while she wept. Alice knelt and held it up as she drew
Beatrice to it, crooning to the little girl as she softly urged the child
to open her mouth and lick the burning dome.

"Good girl," she crooned, drawing her aside so she could take her own
turn; licking the shaft of its flavour, then returning it so Beatrice
could do the same.

David panted and groaned. He was so near to spending, watching the girl
being spit by the wooden shaft, listening to her cry while another girl,
so young, was taught to lick and suck him.

He sobbed with the overwhelming surge of his ejaculation and cried out as
it left him, shooting it forcibly in an arc across Beatrice's, face
splattering her while Alice crooned and squeezed his balls.


David smiled. Start a girl early enough, he often thought, and you could
teach her to accept almost anything. His thoughts turned to finding many
more pretty, flaxen haired little girls, just to test out his ideas.

Lifted from the wooden cock, Rosemary was laid back across the carved
back of the large rocking horse, her bruised and tender crotch lifted by
its hindquarters, her head raised up by its neck so she could look down
and see what the big man was doing to her.

While Alice held her girlish thighs apart, he was pushing a stubby finger
into her little cleft and watching as the flesh parted, now willingly
enough since riding the wooden shaft for fifteen minutes.

She was moist and red, her flesh now beautifully parted. Pulling it away
again, he inhaled her young fragrance, and then licked the slick essence
from his fingertip.

"Mm, pretty and nice," he grinned.

Little Beatrice giggled and slipped her hand down to her little cunt and
rubbed herself as she waited impatiently for her turn to lie on the horse
and be touched.

"What about you?" David asked Beatrice who stared at what Rosemary was
having done to her. "I bet your petty cunt is nice and tingly too!" he
chuckled. Little Beatrice grinned and blushed, then coyly let herself be
steered to where the man could look more clearly at her little slit.

"Well, well!" David murmured, eyeing the pink hood that protruded from
her slender lipped cunt.

Blushing, she swivelling her slender young hips as she felt herself begin
to grow and warm. It could swell alarmingly when touched, as she'd learnt
since coming to St Saviour's where, every morning, she was encouraged to
let a different person masturbate her.

"I bet there's many who would love to touch you down there," Alice
teased, spreading the young child's thighs further apart and watching as
David's cock rose at the sight of such an extremely well developed little

"It makes me feel funny," Beatrice confided, her blushes growing still
brighter as the man gave up touching Rosemary and came to urge her to
part her thighs even further.

Her clitoris was growing now, edging out from under its fleshy hood and
sending warm pleasure deep into her belly as it did so. David's breath
quickened, watching it slowly extend downwards from her cunt.

"You make it worse, staring at it like that," she blushed.

David grinned and looked away, there would be plenty of time and
opportunity later, something he had always lacked with his own daughters.

"What shall we do next?" he asked Alice.

"Let's give the girls a riding lesson!" she grinned.

David picked Rosemary up around her waist and spun her, squealing, around
the room before sitting her astride the rocking horse. With her bottom
firmly on the saddle, he set the horse in motion making the young girl
squeal with excitement and hug the broad neck to stop herself from
falling off.

"I want to play too!" Beatrice cried, jumping up and down excitedly.

There was a large furry dog that stood on four wheels to one side of the
room with a handle at the back so an adult could push and control it.
David lifted Beatrice in the way he'd lifted Rosemary, twirling her
through the air so she screamed with excitement, and then placed her
astride the dog.

In moments he was pushing her along, stopping occasionally to give the
horse another push to keep it rocking. Both girls grinned and squealed,
their faces flushed by the feeling caused by the cleverly moulded ridges
in the saddles.

"Is that nice?" David asked.

The girls grinned and nodded, their faces looking particularly pretty as
they each swivelled themselves back and forth, Rosemary in time to the
rocking of her horse which David excitedly operated and Beatrice to the
motion of being roughly pushed around the room by Alice.

"Well, I think its time to play another game now," Alice told them.

"Who wants to be first?" she asked.

"Me, me!" they cried together.

David laughed and looked towards Alice as she drew little Beatrice from
astride the dog, choosing her purely because she was the nearer of the
two, and already perfectly positioned for her game.

"I have a toy here, which you should learn how to use," she explained her
eyes twinkling as she looked towards David and saw he was ready for some
closer handling of the young girls.

"We need to take our clothes off to play," Alice told them, her hands
already at her uniform.

"Are they dirty games then?" David asked.

"Oh no. I used to play this when I was a little girl," Alice told them,
stepping from her uniform to reveal perfectly formed little breasts and a
smooth vulva, tinged with excitement and completely smooth.

David, in contrast, revealed himself to be covered in a fine down of dark

"You've got hair all over you!" Rosemary giggled.

David grinned and ran his hands through his chest hair, then knelt so the
girls could do the same, letting them play while he tickled and pinched
them, making them jerk and squeal, leaving little red marks on their
thighs, their little nipples and pert little bottoms.

The contrast in their bodies could not have been any more extreme.

He was a large man, his belly rounded by good eating and his limbs thick
with a life of heavy labour. The hair that covered him was fine and
straight but for his groin where it thickened and coarsened into a thick
crop of pubic hair surrounding the dark skinned monster that stuck out
from his loins.

The girls, in contrast, were slender little things, each no taller than
his navel when they were all standing. Slender of arm and flat of chest,
their thighs and bellies held the fat of young children giving their
bottoms that cherubic look seen on early Italian paintings.

From between their legs curved the puffy lips of children's vulva, in
Beatrice's case, parted by the finger thick shaft and protective hood of
her clitoris.

"What we going to play then?" Beatrice asked, her excitement making her
quickly rub her tingling flesh, then blush because he smiled at her.

"A special game with soldiers!" Alice told her, stooping down to line the
little wooden figures up in a row.

"You have to sit in front of me," she told them. "Not like that," she
said as Beatrice went to sit on her ankles, her knees coyly pressed
together. "Cross legged," she told them, nodding when Rosemary did it

Beatrice obeyed and blushed hotly as she let the others look at her cunt,
at how her thing had grown again, sticking up like a little baby's
finger. Just thinking of the big man touching it made her breathless.

"How do we play then?" she asked.

"We each get a soldier," Alice told them, making it up as she went along
but clear as to where the game would lead. She held one up and stroked
it, grinning as she noticed how David's breath had quickened as he
watched her stroke the wood to feel how smooth the carpenter had made it.

Were it not for the figure painted on it, it would have looked like a
four-inch long cylinder of smooth maple just over half an inch in
diameter, rounded and slightly tapered at one end.

Beatrice picked one up and looked at its painted face.

"I'm going to call mine John," she told them. "Then what?" Rosemary
asked, choosing her own.

"We have to hide it in our bodies so we can smuggle them out of the
room," Alice told them, whispering it quietly and looking about her as if
someone might overhear them, making them giggle for a few moments.

Beatrice tried hiding hers under her arm. David laughed and shook his
head. Rosemary looked at hers and compared its size with the thing still
sticking up from the stool. She was sure it would fit without a problem,
except she was too sore to want to do it.

She then considered the nozzles in the bathroom, the ones that Matron
pushed into their bottoms each morning to ensure they were clean and
Godly. The soldier may have been slightly larger, but it wasn't so long,
so perhaps that made a difference?

"Shall we do Mister David first?" Alice asked with a teasing grin.

The girls squealed with excitement, Beatrice once again rubbing her open
cleft as she bounced up and down in eagerness. So David rose onto his
knees and half turned so they would be able to see. Then reached behind
him with the soldier, blindly searching for his anus in the depth of his
bottom crease.

"He can't find his bum hole!" Beatrice confided to Rosemary in a stage

"We should help him!" Rosemary giggled, glancing at the big man and their
mistress to watch their reaction.

"Oh yes! Would you?" he asked them eagerly.

With a fit of excited giggles, the two girls rushed round to kneel on
either side of his hairy bottom and soon he felt warm little fingers
begin to tug his cheeks apart.

Looking back over his shoulders he could see their excited faces as they
stared at his bottom. Alice took the toy soldier from him and pried his
bottom further apart, his anus stretched in front of them.

David's breath quickened in anticipation, his anus relaxing as he willed
himself to accept the wooden plug into his bottom. He felt the cold press
of the plug and groaned, his mind full of the children who whispered
between each other and conspired to assault him.

The pressure against his anus built with an agonising slowness as the
children pushed the toy. Alice whispered instructions to them, whilst
scraping her nails behind his scrotum, making his cock jerk.

Then, suddenly, it was in, sliding into him and making him pant as he
felt the cold plug drive deeper into his colon.

His cock ached, standing painfully erect as he straightened, the whole
toy inside his bottom, a heavy hardness within him that made his cock
swell still further. He turned to face them and grinned, watching them
lick their pretty little lips and stare at his cock, their blushes
telling him they knew their turn would come.

"Your turn Rosemary," Alice told her.

"You'll stop if it hurts too much, won't you?" she asked, timidly giving
up the little soldier she held.

"Of course," David grinned.

And yet it would be so much nicer if she wept. Then he could cuddle her
and touch her genitals, perhaps feel the toy inside her bottom and move
it about in her.

"Want to help?" Alice asked Beatrice.

Beatrice grinned, the flush to her face giving her an added beauty while
the quick darts her fingers made to the bulbous apex of her little cunt
only served to heighten his excitement.

Rosemary reluctantly bent over for them, twisting her head round to
watch, pale faced, as Beatrice, Alice and the governor shuffled up behind

There was hardly any need to pull her cheeks apart; her bottom had
already parted for them. Yet there was an added level of excitement in
doing so, in pulling until the little pink star was drawn apart and the
smooth inner flange of her sphincter was exposed, quivering with

"We could always use the other hole," David suggested, his thumbs having
drawn the pink and moist opening to her cunt apart. Despite her age and
smallness, her recent bout on the stool had opened her little treasure
and made it possible for them to peer into her pink love shaft.

The delicacy and youth of it caused his excitement to blossom all over
again and his cock wept with eagerness as he thought of settling the her
on his cock, stretching her cunt with his hardness, swelling up into her
belly and pumping her full of seed.

"Are you going to put it in her pussy, Daddy?" Beatrice asked, blushing
as she used the familiar term of address.

David licked his lips and shook his head, his attention returning to
Rosemary's bottom and her pink and innocent looking anus. His mind made
up, he nodded to Alice who had the toy and pulled more firmly with his

With a giggle, Alice lifted the head of the toy for David to moisten with
his tongue, and then pressed it against her.

"Help her push it in," he urged Beatrice.

She grinned and put the base of her palm to it, then pushed.

Rosemary gasped, staring back wide eyed and tense. The look on her face
excited him, building as he watched her clear excitement as she and Alice
pressed the object harder into her bottom. It broached her and she
squealed then panted, a look of disbelief on her face as it slid smoothly
past her flatly stretched anal eye.

"Perfect," David breathed, watching her little anal ring close over the
soldier's feet. His finger pressed it deeper, and then let it be hidden.

"Good girl," he told her, drawing her to him for a cuddle and helping her
dry her eyes before asking gently if she wanted to help him with
Beatrice. She nodded, glancing slyly at the girl, clearly wanting her
revenge. He grinned and nodded.

Easing Rosemary from him, delighting in the feel of her skin against his
raging hard-on, his attentions turned to the other sweet child.

"Come on Beatrice," he urged, reaching out to draw her nearer.

Alice scuffled forward to help, an infectious grin on her face as she
pushed the child down onto her back, then lifted her little thighs over
her chest and parted them until her cunt and anus were on open display.

David had seldom seen anything so erotic as a pert teenager holding an
eight year old so she was fully exposed to him. The large clitoris
standing from between Beatrice's pink vulva only accentuated it.

"Do you want to drive it in dry, or would you prefer to moisten her
first?" Alice asked her skin flushed with excitement.

There was a thrill to bending down to press his open mouth to the moist
star revealed by her spread bottom. His cock ached longingly as he licked
and probed, making her pant as his tongue breeched her sphincter and
probed within.

"Can I push it in," Rosemary asked as he lifted his head.

"Go on," he urged, his thumbs pulling at the pink sphincter, holding the
child apart.

Rosemary giggled, her good nature returned with the excitement of being
able to do to her friend what she had done to her. Bright eyed, she
placed the head of the soldier against her bottom, then pushed, her
expression set as she forced Beatrice's anus to stretch inward and part.
Beatrice whimpered, then struggled to escape as her bottom refused to
stretch enough.

Alice gripped more tightly and David did the same, panting loudly as
Beatrice began to squeal and struggle, her expression begging them to let
her loose.

Still Rosemary pushed, a sadistic gleam in her eye as she revelled in
forcing the toy into the other's girl's anus.

David added a hand and together, the soldier sunk into Beatrice's bottom
while the girl cried hysterically, ebbing as her torn anal ring was
allowed to close over the end of it, sealing it within her, imprisoning
it within her bowels.

Alice helped her stand, then urged both children to parade in front of
them, walking about naked, the toy soldiers in their bottoms like a heavy
turd yet to be expelled. She laughed at the way they walked while David
just stared, his mind conjuring up all the things he'd love to do to
these two little girls, all the filthy, harsh things that would give him
so much pleasure.

Alice saw his state and put her hand around him, pulling him up until he
stood again, his raging erection standing out in front of him.

"Come here Rosemary," she said, choosing the girl more likely to obey
having already been punished by her.

"Come play with daddy's cock," she grinned, holding him out to her whilst
he pictured her with his seed dribbling down that cute little face. The
child stared at it with a hanging mouth, her body frozen and unresponsive
as Alice wagged his cock up and down in front of her young face.

For moments more, both children were immobile, shock, surprise and
startlement all flowing over their features. Then, timidly, Rosemary did
as she was told and reached out for the angry looking column of flesh
sticking out in front of him.

His hand reached out to hers and guided it about his shaft, curling the
fingers and thumb so that she half held it. Then her other hand, wrapping
around the other side to complete the ring and encase just a little bit
in the moist warmth of her palms.

"Good girl. Now, gently pull on it," Alice urged excitedly.

Gulping, the little girl obeyed, pulling back on what loose flesh their
was and mewing softly when the eye on the end winked open at her,
exposing the bright pink skin within.

"Oh yes, that's the way," he urged, his breath quickening with every
additional second the child at his knees kept timidly tugging at his

"Like it, don't you," he breathed, watching her expression as she worked
his skin back and forth. He looked across to Beatrice and saw her
watching too, possibly unaware of the little hand she'd brought to the
apex of her cunt to gently finger the tender flesh and make excitement
race up her little belly.

"Yes, two hot little tarts," he grinned.

"Kiss the tip child. Let daddy see you kiss the tip," he urged, a drop of
pre-come having appeared at the eye.

Rosemary licked her dry lips, then looked up at the man as she brought
her lips to his thing, kissing it and smearing her lips with his stuff
and not minding because it didn't taste that bad and he patted her head

She concentrated on stroking and pulling on the large cock until a drop
of fluid appeared at the tip, then dipped her head to lick it off,
savouring it for a moment before dipping her head for a longer lick of
the hot ruby head, even sucking it as she'd seen the older girls do to
the boys each morning.

David groaned and lovingly patted her head again, and she smiled with a
feeling of achievement and pride.

"Come down here Beatrice. Don't you want to do what Rosemary is doing?"
Alice urged. The young child looked, and shook her head, her face showing
her nervousness as she dared disagree with one of her mistresses.

"Beatrice?" Alice said again, her voice hardening with the threat of
punishment if she didn't agree. She still aching from the insertion of
the toy still in her bottom, Beatrice looked at what Rosemary was doing
and sobbed.

She shook her head, knowing she could never do the same; to put the thing
he peed from into her mouth. Weeping in fright, she turned and ran to the
door, crying out in stark horror as she found it locked, her one route of
escape blocked off.

"Right then," Alice said.

Alice marched over to the child and started to spank her bottom hard,
delighting David as the little mouth around his cock, brought him off for
the second time that day.

Pulling the squealing, terrified girl from the door, Alice vowed to give
him one more spurting, and elected to use the Rocking Chair as the means
to do it.

Alice drew the innocuous looking rocking chair from beside the window and
placed it in the centre of the room. She glowed as she worked, her naked
body shining with the fine film of sweat that had formed upon her.

To the basic chair, formed by flat sheets of wood nailed together, she
added a back plate that would bow the body forward and place the child's
bottom towards the front edge of the seat.

Beatrice cowed in one corner and shook as she watched Alice draw curved
iron spikes from under the seat and arrange them on the arms and legs of
the chair.

David watched with interest, Rosemary on his lap softly panting as he
idly ran his finger up and down her young cunt, gently pressing on her
urethra, her vagina, anus and clitoris, each location bringing a
different reaction from the confused young girl.

Her scent, her little gasps and startled groans had brought him half
erect again and now, watching Alice drag the squealing and reluctant
Beatrice over to the chair, his erection was once again complete.

He discarded Rosemary to walk over to the Rocking chair and watched with
a mixture of excitement and interest as Alice pushed Beatrice into the
chair, then quickly turned the curved iron spikes so that, having put an
arm on the rest, to move it would cause Beatrice to impale it upon the
terrible looking point.

While the girl was still staring in horror at the threat hanging over her
arms, Alice knelt and pulled the girls legs out, drawing them beyond the
chair's leg, to then turn another of the iron spikes so, had she tried
closing her legs, it would have driven into the soft flesh of her inner

With both thighs being drawn beyond the fringes of the chairs front legs,
Beatrice found herself widely stretched apart, the tendons standing out
from her inner thighs and her flesh having pulled her cunt apart. From
the pink and open valley stood her clitoris, a tender bulb of flesh
standing above her clenched urethra while, lower, her little vagina lay
nervously sealed.

Grinning at the look on David's face, Alice went off and returned with a
stand used in one of the toys. Unscrewing the wooden ball at the top, she
replaced it with one of the wooden soldiers, fitting it perfectly into
the waiting grove so the thing wouldn't move.

She set the chair to rocking and stopped it when she knew where best to
place the stand. David groaned his eyes widening as he understood that,
with every rock forward, the girl would be forced onto the wooden toy and
if she held herself correctly, it would enter her delicious little cunt.

If it missed because she'd moved, it would hit another part of her sex,
no doubt hurting her, but hurting her much more than if it had entered
her. Absolutely the worst pain would come if it struck her oversized

The little eight year old knew this too and wept, sobbing how sorry she
was and begging for another chance. David was almost tempted to forgive
her; just to have that tear soaked face forced down onto his bloated
cock. David groaned, looking at the little girl so perfectly presented to

And yet Alice hadn't finished.

A leather strap appeared from over the back of the chair and Alice
fastened it to Beatrice's neck, pulling the girl's face and upper body
back so her torso was stretched and bowed by the back-plate she was
pressed to.

Beatrice began to weep more fiercely as she realised that, with her head
held back, she wouldn't be able to see the wooden phallus coming up to
meet her, nor judge whether she needed to move or not to evade the pain
of it hitting her.

"Do you want her gagged?" Alice asked.

"They can get very noisy," she confessed with a grin.

Beatrice begged loudly for another chance, anything but what they
intended for her. The idea of putting spikes around her limbs to keep her
in place was far more exciting than bindings. It allowed her to squirm,
but also brought swift jerks when she moved too far, and left lovely
little red marks as a lesson.

Rosemary crouched in a corner sucking her thumb; glad it wasn't her on
the chair. Moist and warm, her fingers invaded herself, and then rubbed
the slippery wetness from around her cunt. Squatting, she could feel the
toy still in her bottom and let her finger feel how her anus bulged
outward, half wanting to expel it.

For the first time in her short life she pushed her own finger past her
anal sphincter and used it to push the toy deeper into her bowls,
analysing the feeling of its movement and squeezing her legs together as
she found that she liked it.

In the middle of the room, Alice smiled down to the pleading, begging
girl and began pushing on the chair to let it rock back and forth.

David watched the young child's crotch swing forward, hover above the
toy, and then slide away. The backward rock lowered Beatrice's head and
lifted her crotch, then she swung forward again, pushed on by Alice, and
she squealed in terror, her eyes wide as she expected the toy to strike

It didn't, her rocking just stopping short of her open cunt.

"Jesus!" David gasped. She had come so close.

Alice laughed. "Here," she told him, passing him a rope that would let
him govern how much the rocking chair would rock.

He pulled as the chair reached its furthest backward motion and the chair
responded, racing back, its momentum once more placing her just above the
toy soldier where she quivered in anticipation, fresh red marks on her
inner thighs as she struggled against the urge to clamp her thighs

No longer needed to push the chair, Alice went to a cupboard and
recovered a soft strap. It was a long handle of slender wood into which a
flat piece of soft leather had been attached, about three inches broad by
five or six inches long.

Standing behind the chair, where Beatrice would see her as the chair
rocked backwards, Alice could wield it to have the leather strike her
full on her tender cunt bringing further agony to the poor child.

David pulled and waited with bated breath as the Rocking chair sped
forward, the girl held open in its embrace. She looked a darling, held
with her legs wide apart, her raw little cunt agape, her whole young body
held expectant while her face mirrored her terror, gleaming with her

Her body met the upstanding toy and, just missing her little cunt, slid
along her slit to thrust up under her clitoris, impacting it and pushing
it upwards.

She screamed, her scream prolonged by the bite of the spikes into her
thighs. And as the Chair rocked backwards, Alice was there to bring her
strap down, her eyes gleaming as she aimed for the curved apex of the
child's vulva where the dark pink hood stood.

Hardly recovering her breath, Beatrice screamed and convulsed, blood
appearing on her thighs as the spikes tore into her moving thighs.

The Rocking Chair moved forward again, dropping her cunt onto the toy so
it pressed into her, taking her breath before presenting her to the strap

Overwhelmed by the sight, David had forgotten to use the rope to keep the
chair rocking. He'd been staring at the weeping child, aroused by her
anguish, by the shaking of her slight and young form held open by the

Her crotch was bright from having been assaulted by the toy and strap and
her clitoris seemed to have swollen, standing out from her like a bright
pink beacon.

His adoration had left her to settle and recover.

She half thought it was over half hoped he'd take her on his knee as he
had done to Rosemary after her bout with the stool. She'd gladly take him
into her mouth, gladly sucking and licking, even if he'd freshly peed.

She looked at him with new hope, and felt all the more terrified and lost
when, his face glowing with such love, he jerked on the rope to set it
once more into motion.

Beatrice wailed in anguish and the Rocking Chair gained momentum, rocking
back and forth with ever-greater arcs, bringing her closer and closer to

But before it did, it rocked back enough for Alice to slap her with the
strap. Alice aimed it to flick between her far flung thighs, and that it
did, the sharp pain bringing a new scream from the child and a new wave
of tears pouring from her eyes.

With the pain of it still making her squirm, she came upon the up-thrust
soldier, her tender sex pushing down onto it causing her another painful

David didn't stop this time, but watched Alice bring her clever strap
down between Beatrice's open labia before then pulling on the rope to
bring her swinging quickly forward, rushing to the inevitable.

She looked a picture, wide eyed and crying, the knowledge of what was
about to occur written in her expression. Her defenceless crotch swung
down onto the toy and the stand seemed to bow as she took the impact full
on her slit, above her cunt and practically on her tiny urethra.

Once again her scream rent the air, shrill and short to be followed by
her loud attempts to suck much needed air into her little lungs for
further screaming. Her otherwise pale thighs were now dotted with
puncture wounds and angry scrapes as she continually forgot about the
spikes and tried closing her legs against the impending impact of the toy

Swinging upwards, Alice was ready with her strap and used it so the wood
would land soundly on her pubis and the leather would whip around to slap
her cunt mouth.

David watched it's landing, his cock jumping with the jerk of the child
as the strap further reddened her already tenderised sex. The skin
glowed; giving her little cunt a completely new beauty and that, together
with her sobbing cries, aroused him more than anything had ever done

He pulled on the rope and panted, watching her rock forward, watching her
expression as she steeled herself for further impact. On this occasion
though, the toy cleanly entered her little cunt, bringing a cry of
surprise as much as pain as her eight year old accepted two inches of
little wooden soldier.

Again and again, David tugged the rope and the child, still tense from
having had her sex slapped, rocked forward to further abuse, most times
suffering the hard strike of the wooden soldier's head somewhere on her

Each time only served to heighten his excitement and so when, after a
particularly hard strike aimed directly on the swollen head of her
clitoris, little Beatrice lost control of herself and let her pee spurt
out of her, David was ready.

Splattered with her hot urine, he rushed forward to grab the chair and
turn it so her little raw cunt was presented to him. He jabbed to enter
her and, missing, caused another spurt of pee to jump out and strike his

Sobbing with excitement he jabbed again, once more making her cry out
with his missed thrust. Then Alice was there, holding his staff down,
leaning close to watch him thrust yet once again, this time to have his
cock head swallowed by her little cunt.

"Oh God!" He gasped, his eyes widening as he felt himself clenched in her
tight hot cunt. With her squealing accompanying him, David thrust again,
pushing his way into a little cunt that, at most, had only had the little
soldier defile it.

"That's it. Get it in there!" Alice panted, standing so she could deliver
a fierce hand slap to the man's hairy buttocks. He jerked inwards and she
delivered another, her chest gleaming with her perspiration.

"Christ in Heaven!" David roared. The tight little vice about him was
causing him an agony of pain and delight. The sharp slaps to his rump
invaded him with heat and, one more jerk inwards and the vault of his
orgasm opened and he was lost in his almost painful ejaculation, the
intensity making him weep as his cock erupted and his balls tensed in an
effort to drain themselves.

From her corner, Rosemary pushed her legs together, the sight in front of
her thrilling her, but not as much as the wonderful pain sweeping up her
loins, flooding her with pleasure as she pinched and pulled on her

Tomorrow, she vowed, she'd go to Doctor Stevens and ask him to make her
little pleasure button as large as her friend's.

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