Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl

Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl

Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl

NOTE: To aid in the visualization, check out the "Mia Matsumiya: How To Be A Good Girl" thread in the Sex Stories section of the forum. Trust me, it'll be worth it!

Mia Matsumiya, a 24 year-old beautiful Japanese violinist, is on the last leg of her tour in France with one of the avant-garde bands she plays with. This is a rare night off from playing though for the petite, 4'9" beauty, who by chance ran into a couple of friends--Lisann and her husband Rob--at an outdoor cafe earlier in the day. Although Lisann and Rob are both in their late thirties, they are still an attractive couple. Lisann stands about 5'6", blonde hair, dark blue eyes, 36-C tits, a beautiful smile and an attractive figure for her age. Rob is a huge bear of a man, 6'3", barrel chest with a gut on the verge of being called "ample", fire red hair and deep brown eyes. They greeted Mia with hugs and pecks on the cheek, and after some small talk, invited her to a private party later on in the evening. Since she did have the night off and didn't have to meet the rest of her band at the airport until late in the afternoon the next day, the Japanese cutie eagerly accepted.

The party turns out to be at a ballroom in the hotel Lisann and Rob are staying in, and Lisann and Rob meet Mia just outside. Mia is dressed in a short-sleeved black-and-white checkered dress which alternates the two colors on either side. It fastens with only a couple of simple buttons on the front and has a white sash that ties on the side. The tiny beauty also has on black mini go-go boots. Lisann wears a black plunging top which boldly shows off her ample tits, a simple brown wraparound coverall, and a black sweater with black mini-pumps. Rob is a total guy, refusing to dress up fully; the best he manages is jeans, a white button shirt and a black jacket. The three head inside and manage to have a great time, mingling with hotel guests and natives, chatting it up and having several drinks throughout the evening.

The hours while away, and before anyone knows it, it's nearly 2am. Mia begins to excuse herself, needing to head back to her own hotel to get some much-needed sleep before tomorrow, but Lisann and Rob beg her to stay on. "This isn't the private party we were talking about," Rob says with a laugh. "We meant the three of us could catch up and chat away up in our room." Mia begins to beg off, but Lisann takes Mia's hand in her own and gently squeezes it. "Come on, honey...it's been so long since we've seen you! If we had known your band was playing here, we would've come to the show, but who knows when we'll see each other again? Come on, just have a nightcap with us!"

Mia's tired, but Lisann is right; it has been too long since they've seen each other. Besides, she doesn't have to meet the band at the airport until the afternoon anyway. With a tired smile, Mia agrees to head upstairs wtih them for a quick drink and some conversation.

The trio heads upstairs, and Mia is pleasantly surprised to find the couple have a large suite on the top floor, far down the hall from the other guest rooms. Lisann and Rob's suite is very spacious, with a four-post bed, nightstand, two dressers, a bathroom off to the side, and a balcony with a beautiful view of the Riviera. The city is lit up like a thousand stars at night. As Rob announces he has to go to the bathroom, Lisann invites Mia to try out the bed. Mia plops down and closes her eyes, immediately taken with how comfortable it is compared to the hard one in her own hotel. Lisann sits down on the other side of the bed and reaches over, gently stroking the younger woman's hair across her forehead. Mia smiles, mentioning half-jokingly how she might like to stay in their room overnight if they don't mind sharing the bed.

"I'm sure we could make some arrangement," Rob says as the bathroom door opens.

Mia chuckles and opens her eyes, turning her head in the direction of Rob's voice--then lets out a brief, startled shriek at the sight of Rob standing in the bathroom door frame, completely naked! Mia sits bolt upright, her mouth agape at the sight of Rob, wearing nothing but a broad smile as his huge red-haired cock--which must easily be 9 inches--juts out in her direction, semi-erect. Lisann moves closer to Mia on the bed, startling the younger woman as she lays a hand on her shoulder. "Relax, honey, it's okay. We told you, the private party's here." She reaches over, running her fingers through the back of Mia's long hair, which flows down to just past the base of her neck, and the Japanese beauty is too shocked to even move. "You know, Rob and I have wanted to make love to you for a long time. We like to swing with young women, and always wanted to have an Asian girl. But we never found any that were just right...until the first time we met you." She nods at Rob, who's looking Mia up and down like a wolf stares down a fresh piece of meat. "You have no idea how often Rob's called me by your name while he fucks me. And I love it," Lisann tells her.

"Yeah, but now it's time to sample the real thing," Rob says, blowing a light kiss in Mia's direction.

Mia swipes Lisann's hand away from her hair and jumps off the bed. "I'm sorry, but I'm really, really not into anything like this," she tells them both in her unintentionally seductive, thick Japanese accent. "Please, I--I have to go..." She starts to walk around the bed to the front door, but the bathroom and Rob are along the path, and Rob steps in front of her, his huge thick prick bobbing up and down as he blocks her. "Baby, we have waited way too long to get with you. Now, I mean, it would be nice if you just went along with us. But if you're determined to do this the hard way--"

"Stop," Mia says forcefully, backing away from Rob and toward the bed again, unaware that Lisann has removed her sweater and brown wraparound, dropping them off of her and to the floor. "Rob, Lisann--we're supposed to be friends!"

Rob shakes his head as he advances toward Mia. "Friendship time was earlier. Now, it's time for daddy and mommy to tuck in their little girl for the night."

As Mia retreats toward the bed she turns around and sees that Lisann is almost fully undressed now; her slacks on the floor with the majority of her clothes, revealing only a black thong covering her blonde pussy, as she begins to pull up her top, about to expose her milky white jugs. Mia looks at Rob, who's prick is beginning to stiffen...it's almost hypnotic for the Japanese girl, as she's never seen anything so large on a man. But fearful of having something so big trying to squeeze inside her tiny tight twat, and with a choice of escape routes quickly being cut off, she chooses to try to get around Lisann on the bed. Mia jumps on the bed and swiftly begins to crawl over it, but Lisann stops pulling her top off and reaches over quickly, grabbing onto Mia's arm and waist, dragging the young woman over to her with a laugh as she plants a playful kiss on her cheek.

"LET ME GO!" Mia screams, flailing and kicking out as Rob joins them on the bed, careful to keep his 9 inch monster out of reach of her hard-tipped go-go boots. Lisann, by far the bigger and stronger of the two women, pulls Mia to her more forcefully, wrapping one long arm around her waist, pinning Mia's arms to her side as she leans more of her weight on top of her, while also clamping her free hand around Mia's mouth, muffling her screams. Rob manages to grab Mia's ankles, forcing her legs apart as he climbs more fully onto the bed. Mia groans pitiably under Lisann's hand as the older, stronger woman sits upright a bit, bringing Mia into a semi-sitting position with her as Rob keeps Mia's legs unmoving in an iron grip. His now rock-hard cock points like a divining rod toward Mia's pussy, still covered by her skirt.

Rob looks into Mia's watering eyes, but he has no anger in his own; only an intense, heated longing. He presses one of his legs down on Mia's, the sudden weight causing the young woman to yelp painfully beneath Lisann's hand. He reaches up with one hand, wiping Mia's tears away with his thumb. Rob leans forward, kissing Mia on her nose. "Just relax, little one," he says patiently. "It's gonna hurt a bit because you're so tiny, but I'm sure you'll get used to your daddy's cock real quick."

Lisann kisses Mia's ear and whispers into it, "And then you'll get used to the taste of your mommy's wet pussy."

Mia groans under Lisann's hand, trying to shake her head in protest...but Lisann's grip is so firm, she can barely move her head at all. She tries harder to struggle and shake free, but it's no use; Lisann's just too strong. Rob reaches down, grasping the bottom of Mia's skirt and lifting it up, revealing white panties with a stain at the front. Still holding down one of Mia's legs with his hand while pressing down the other with his own leg, Rob bends down, sticking his nose straight up to Mia's panty-covered pussy, taking a deep whiff. Mia utters a mumbled cry under Lisann's hand as Rob sits back up, chuckling in amusement. "Poor baby...she's wet herself."

Lisann snickers and kisses the side of Mia's head. "Ohh...! She didn't wet the bed, did she?"

"No, it's just a little nervous dribble," Rob says.

"Well, there's plenty of time to change her later," Lisann replies, and nods to Mia's white sash. Rob carefully places another leg on top of Mia's other one, forcing her to cry out once more as he bears down on it. With both hands free, he undoes Mia's sash and rips the two or three small threads holding it off the side. He doubles the sash and nods to his wife. It's a quick, smooth action as Lisann removes her hand from Mia's mouth, their tiny captive starts to scream, and Rob quickly stuffs part of the sash in her mouth and pulls it all the way around her cheeks and ties it tightly in the back, gagging her.

As Mia mutters into the sash in vain, Rob now reaches around her and grasps his wife's shirt, pulling it up further, just over her bountiful breasts, exposing them fully. Lisann leans back, pulling Mia with her, positioning herself under her so that the little Japanese girl's head is resting against her breasts. "See that? You've got some nice pillows to rest on," Rob says, and he and his wife laugh together. "We're doing everything to make you comfortable honey, so just relax." He says this as he gently slaps Mia's thigh. He then pulls her skirt up fully, grabs the waistband of her white pee-stained panties and starts yanking them down...bouncing her up a little on the bed to get them around her tight little ass, then pulling them down fully to her ankles.

Mia thrashes her head from side to side, but she can't wriggle free as Lisann grabs her by the arms, holding them tightly while Rob raises Mia's legs high, shimmying his upper torso in between them. He grasps Mia's inner thighs, spreading her legs wider as he lowers them now around his torso and positions her small but well-rounded little ass onto his knees as his 9 inch monster presses hungrily against the moistened entrance to her tight little love cavern. Mia starts to cry, pleading with Rob to stop, to not do this, but her words are unintelligible beneath her makeshift gag. The open window and balcony are just visible over Rob's shoulder, and the city beyond. Mia can't help but think of how ironically beautiful a night it is outside, with this terrible thing about to happen to her.

Rob bends down, kissing Mia on the forehead. "Love you, baby," he says, then begins slowly inserting his thick, massive cock inside her tight little snatch. Mia throws her head back, unintentionally leaning onto Lisann's jugs as she screams beneath her sash-gag. Rob's cock is thicker than anything she could ever have imagined, and the pain of entry, of having her pussy stretched so wide, is so intense and amazing that Mia sees bright little explosions of stars behind her eyes, as she feels as if she's on the verge of passing out. All the while as Rob presses his monster meat inside her abruptly moistening canal, Lisann is kissing Mia's forehead and shushing her gently, saying over and over, "It's okay, honey, it's okay...you'll get used to having daddy inside you soon."

"MMMMMPPPGGGHHH!!!" Mia cries beneath the gag, as Rob finally finishes sliding his iron-hard pole inside her. Mia's breath is coming in rapid little pants, her vision swimming...although as she looks up, she can see straight enough that she can tell Rob's face is almost beet red. "H...holy shit, this baby's tight!" he gasps pleasantly, happy to find his cock so snugly wrapped up inside their little girl. Mia is barely aware of anything, her whole body suddenly gone somewhat numb with shock. She can feel Lisann gently running her fingers through the sweat-soaked hair on her forehead while Rob leans over and shares a tender kiss with his wife...but all her focus is actually on the unbelievable sensation of Rob's cock filling her tight pussy. He hasn't fucked her yet or shot a load inside her, but Mia's pussy is so stuffed to the hilt, it feels to her as if she's in her third trimester carrying a 10 pound overdue baby inside her!

Mia's senses slowly come back to her as she looks down and sees Rob undoing the buttons on her dress, opening it to reveal her white cotton bra and her small, B-cup breasts. Lisann finally lets go of Mia's arms, which flop at her side on the bed, she's still so much in shock at having this monster thing inside of her. She's helpless now, unable to fight or do anything as Lisann grabs her wrists and pulls her arms up, resting them on her own as she tugs at Mia's dress, pulling it up and over the young Japanese girl's head while Rob reaches around her back to undo the cotton bra--the two of them undressing Mia as if she were their little girl, getting her ready for bed before school the next day.

Lisann takes the dress and bra and tosses them off the bed and onto the floor. She then pulls her own black top over her head, finally revealing her glorious C-cups in full. Lisann and Rob are fully naked now, with the exception of her black thong. All Mia has on now are her black go-go boots with her stained white panties draped around them.

Lisann leans over Mia, planting a tender kiss on her nose. She looks down at the young woman's watering eyes and smiles, gently wiping the tears away with her thumbs. She keeps Mia's arms raised over her head, holding her by the shoulders so she can't really move them, as Rob finally begins moving his cock inside their tiny captive, who cries out in shock beneath her gag at the stretching of her pussy! Rob holds on tightly to Mia's thighs, keeping them resting in place on his own legs as he slides his 9 inch monster almost all the way out, then slowly back inside in an attempt to get her tight, wet pussy used to his length and thickness.

"Sssh, it's okay...it's okay..." Lisann says calmly, countering each of Mia's anguished cries as Rob's meat fills her hot Jap pussy, then gives it a moment's reprieve as it pulls out almost all the way. Lisann reaches around, gently fondling Mia's small breasts, rubbing the nipples between her thumb and forefinger, getting them harder while her husband grunts pleasurefully as Mia's pussy can't help but do its best to clamp around his cock, which is getting slick with her juices.

"What do you think, baby?" Rob asks Mia, looking into her eyes, half-closed from the mixture of pain and unanticipated pleasure she's experiencing. "Lisann and I aren't that old, but do you think you can make us grandparents?" He laughs as he says this, thrusting his cock deeper and harder into Mia than before. The little girl yelps under the gag, and Rob smiles at his wife. "I think that's a 'yes'!"

"Actually, I think you'd be a daddy and a grandfather," Lisann says as she continues to fondle Mia's tiny tits, and now spitting on the nipples. Rob leans down, pressing his cock further into Mia, punishing her pussy while he licks his wife's spit off of her Nip nipples, slurping on them to ensure he gets every drop, then pulling on them lightly with his teeth, Mia's pained moans enticing him further, making his cock throb more fully within her...

Lisann's own breath is beginning to quicken, as she leans over to kiss her husband, then announces, "I just can't do it! I can't wait anymore!" She steps back off the bed, dropping Mia's head away from her chest to rest on the comfortable down cover and mattress, then steps out of her black thong, tossing it aside. Mia's now flat on her back, her hips resting on Rob's as he sits on the bed and her ass cheeks firmly in his hands as he continues sliding his thick snake in and out of her. Mia reaches down weakly, trying to use her hands to push against his forearms, but it's no use. Lisann reaches under Mia's head, undoing the gag as she places one knee next to Mia's head, positioning her moistened blonde pussy over her face. Mia's eyes widen at the sight and the gag is pulled from out her mouth--

"HELLLLPPP-ggg-GHHGGH!!" Mia gurgles, the word choking in her mouth as Lisann brings her pussy down to cover her open mouth. Mia's arms now fly up, trying to push at the older woman's leg to move her away. But Lisann grabs both of her tiny wrists, her own hands easily wrapping around them, and places the Japanese girl's hands on her large jugs, her own hands intertwining with Mia's, forcing her tiny fingers to squeeze her breasts as Lisann moves her blonde pussy in a rhythmic circle against Mia's mouth, her juices slowly dripping into it.

Mia begins coughing, unable to get enough air as she fights not to swallow Lisann's surprisingly sweet juice. All the while, she can feel her Asian pussy loosening slightly to allow Rob's cock to more fully enter her, and her inner walls beginning to tingle happily at the fullness and friction of his white cock massaging it. Lisann's thighs are partially covering Mia's ears, but she can just make out Lisann telling her, "...be a good girl, and start licking mommy's pussy, then you'll get to breathe."

Mia can't believe she's being so humiliated and used by two people she thought of as friends! But she can feel herself on the verge of passing out again, so she has no choice--! Slowly, Mia stretches her tongue out, hesitantly resting it against the opening of Lisann's golden gate. She starts moving her tongue back and forth, Lisann's muffled cries of pleasure slowly getting through to her. Anxious to be allowed to breathe, Mia begins rubbing her tongue against Lisann's pussy faster and faster, her tongue becoming slick with Lisann's juices, which to her surprise, make her taste buds come alive! With a harsh gasp, air rushes into Mia's lungs as Lisann dismounts from her face. Breathing heavily--partly from new air in her lungs, but also from her pussy finally accepting and now welcoming Rob's massive cock inside--Mia looks up at Lisann, who spreads her blonde pussy lips wide and positions herself over Mia's face again. "I'll let you breathe, but you gotta be a good girl and keep that tongue sticking straight out, you understand?"

Weak as she is, Mia can't help but nod in acceptance of her terms. She starts to stick her tongue out, but is surprised to find herself crying out in orgasm as her body abruptly shudders at Rob's release of a sudden wave of hot sperm inside her tiny Asian pussy! Rob cries out himself, digging his nails into Mia's thighs, his own body shaking as he releases another torrent of sticky cum inside Mia, heading straight for her womb. Mia is about to try again to stick her tongue out, but Rob suddenly lays on top of her, trying to fuck her missionary style, but his weight is too much--!

"Stop! Stop! You're too heavy, you're going to fucking crush me!" Mia cries. Lisann reaches over, slapping Rob hard on the shoulder. "All right, all right," he says angrily, then reaches under Mia's back, lifting her entire little body up effortlessly with one hand as he sits upright on the bed once more, now impaling her on his cock as he sits her on his lap. Mia grunts heavily at the semi-unpleasant sensation of this movement, but then simply leans her head against his chest, no longer fighting as he holds onto her tight little ass with both hands and begins lifting her up and down on his cock like a playtoy. Mia moans weakly, her pussy getting used to the feeling of having his cock fill her once more, then she smiles slightly to herself as her heated breathing begins matching his own as he lifts her up and down rhythmically, her startlingly wet pussy fully lubing his cock, allowing it easier access to her now-stretched pussy. Before long, Mia's holding onto his shoulders for support as they cum together, Rob blasting another hot payload of egg fertilizer into her!

Spent, Rob finally lays Mia on the bed and slowly pulls his cock out--Mia's pussy almost seeming to sigh in disappointment as the dragon exits its cum-soaked cave. He lifts Mia's legs up and over his head, then gently lets her legs drape over the side of the bed, panties still dangling around her go-go boots. Lisann sits down on the bed beside Mia, looking down at her lovingly as she tenderly wipes some sweat-soaked hair away from the Asian girl's eyes. "Who's your daddy?" she asks her. Mia frowns, still somewhat humiliated at being turned into nothing more than a fucktoy for these two. "Rob," she answers quietly. "And who's your mommy?" Lisann asks. Mia sighs lightly. "You are." Lisann bends down, pressing her lips to Mia's and inserting her tongue into her mouth. Mia finds she can't fight anymore, nor does she want to fully, as she rubs her tongue playfully against Lisann's. Lisann pulls back and caresses Mia's cheek. "Good girl."

Lisann moves further onto the bed, keeping an eye on Mia to make sure she's watching as Rob climbs over next to her. Lisann lays down, forming a semi-69 with Mia, and rolls onto her back. Rob positions himself over his wife and begins jerking off...slowly at first, then with a harder pumping action. He finally shoots several wet shots of cum all over her big tits, the jism slowly trickling down them, some of it pooling between her cleavage. Lisann quickly sits up, repositions herself, then lies next to Mia...taking hold of the young girl's legs and arm, pulling her toward her. "Come on, baby..."

Mia realizes what she wants and shakes her head in protest. "Please, no..." But a quick, hard slap on the ass from Lisann, accompanied by a harsh glare, sets her straight. Reluctantly, Mia opens her legs, allowing Lisann to slip one of her own between them, and rolls over onto Lisann as desired. Lisann grabs the back of Mia's head, guiding her mouth to her tit. With a sob, Mia begins sucking on Lisann's breast, the sperm covering it slowly slurping into her mouth as she feeds. Rob, his cock still hard, lays down on the bed beside Mia's back, making for a family sized sandwich as he and his wife reach between Mia's legs, both inserting a finger into her sopping wet Asian pussy and masturbating the young woman while she gently slurps up Rob's sperm from Lisann's tit.

Rob places his cock at the entrance to Mia's anus, making her squeal fearfully. But Lisann kisses her reassuringly on the temple, whispering into her ear that daddy knows what he's doing, and to just relax. Mia moans again, worried, and Lisann wraps an arm around her back, holding the young girl closer as Rob presses the tip of his cock and only about an inch or so into her tight little ass. He slowly moves the inch in and out of Mia's ass, his well-lubed cock moistening her anus. Meanwhile, Mia stops sucking on Lisann's tit and moves to her cleavage, lapping at the sperm between her tits like a kitten. She has to hold onto both of Lisann's breasts and move them apart slightly to truly get to her prize, which makes Lisann laugh aloud joyfully as she runs her fingers through her daughter's long hair and continues to kiss her on her forehead while Rob gently shoots some sperm into her Japass. Pulling his cock head out and moving further up on the bed, Rob gently turns Mia's head away from her mom's breast and offers his cock to her. The little Japanese girl's eyes widen at the daunting task of taking his shaft into her mouth, but she manages to get a good four inches in, alternating between sucking on her daddy's shaft and going back to licking his sperm from between her mother's glorious tits.

Yes it took some time, but Mia Matsumiya finally learned how to be Rob and Lisann's good little girl. She did get to sleep in the comfortable bed after all, sandwiched in between her mommy and daddy, and since there was a break of about two days between when her band was due to arrive at the next city they were going to perform in and actually work the gig, Mia opted for a later flight to catch up with them.

After all, she still had other lessons for her new parents to teach her...

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