Frat Party Slut

Frat Party Slut

Amy had never expected to be in the situation she was in now, at 17, Amy looked more like a 21 year old, her figure was slim though she was only 5’7 inches tall, long brown hair reached to a small pert bottom, while deep brown eyes gave her a thoughtful expression, to complete the image her large 40D breasts seemed to lead the way everywhere she went. Steve her boyfriend had told her about the fancy dress party at his frat house on the Friday and as her parents were out of town she had agreed to go. He had told her all the girls going had to come dressed in something sexy, unfortunately when she got to the costume store the only one they had left that she felt comfortable wearing was the ‘cliché’ maids outfit. Stuck with this Amy decided to take it.

The Friday night Amy got dressed, knowing that her parents would go made if they ever saw her dressed like this she felt wicked. Amy decided she’d go all the way with the costume as she knew she might not get a chance again, going to her parent’s bedroom Amy raided the drawer in their closet, her parent’s didn’t know she knew about the secret underwear drawer her mother kept there, selecting a match bra and panty set Amy also stole some stockings and suspenders.

Back in her room she stripped naked and looked at herself, she realised her hairy pussy would spoil the effect so for the 1st time she carefully shaved her pussy, the feel of the razor sent tingles through her pussy lips and she couldn’t help giving herself a little stroke afterwards. Putting the underwear on she realised she’d picked a half cup bra. Amy’s large breasts almost flowing over the top made her nipples rest on the edge of each cup, slipping the panties on she was shocked to find they were crotchless! ‘My mother’s a hypocritical slut’ she thought to herself. The final touches were the stockings and suspenders.

Looking at herself in the mirror Amy knew Steve would have trouble keeping his hands to himself until the party had finished and grinned wickedly to herself, putting on the maid’s outfit Amy realised how hot she looked and how much of a slut she felt, she could feel her pussy getting hot and damp already and the party hadn’t started! When Steve picked her up she could see how surprised he was to see her in something so revealing, her pussy gave a little pulse of pleasure. All through the drive to the frat house Steve was silent, even when they got inside he didn’t say a word until he’d got them their drinks. Amy could see some of his friends whispering and looking her up and down, when Steve came back she could see he was furious, ‘what made you dress like that?’ he demanded.

Amy’s reply seemed to make him madder, ‘you said the girl had to dress in something sexy, this was the only one that was left that I liked’ with that Steve got worse, several times Amy begged him not to drink so much but Steve seemed to be determined to get completely drunk, finally he marched over to Amy and in a slurred voice told he that he was dumping her, if she wanted to dress like a slut it wasn’t going to be with him. Breaking down Amy ran from the room into the kitchen, a number of the girls tried to comfort her but she couldn’t seem to stop crying. A female friend of Steve’s sat and talked with her, all the time filling her glass when it got low, Amy knew she should stop drinking but didn’t care if she passed out. She was surprised when the head of the house announced that the party was finishing, when she went looking for Steve she found him passed out on the sofa in one of the rooms.

Not knowing what to do Amy asked one of the other boys if there was anyone who could give her a lift home. She was told there was a mini bus to take people home who didn’t have a lift and when she got there found that most of the others were couples, the boys were taking the girls home then coming back to the frat to clear up. Slipping into a back seat Amy tried to make herself as inconspicuous as possible as the bus pulled out someone started handing a flask round without thinking Amy took a gulp and nearly choked this was a lot stronger than anything she’d drunk before! All through the trip the flask kept coming round and Amy kept drinking, thinking muzzily that she could sleep it off over the weekend. Eventually Amy was the last girl on the bus and as it pulled into her secluded drive she tried to stand but fell back onto the seat. When the bus stopped she managed to rise and stagger down the aisle with the boys more than willing to help her, she felt hands going where they didn’t need to and giggled.

The boy at the front stood and helping Amy down the steps said ‘shall we help you into your house?’ smiling stupidly Amy replied ‘she’d love it’ and felt more hands guiding her to the front door, as she leant down to get the spare key from behind the plant pot Amy felt someone’s hand slip between her thigh, jumping forward she almost knocked herself out on the door, ‘not yet’ she heard herself say and giggled again. Pushing the door open she staggered into the living room followed by the boys, turning round she saw that 4 had come with her. Smiling at them all she asked ‘what would you like to do now?’ and without a word they looked at each other, 2 boys grinned and nodded to the other 2 who stepped forward, one started to grope Amy through the maids dress while the other lifted the skirt and slipped his hand between her unresisting legs. Amy gasped and started to moan as the boys fingers found the crotchless panties and slipped inside to tease her pussy.

She heard him say’ guys she got crotchless panties on, no wonder Steve was with her she’s a real slut’. Amy giggled and replied ‘Steve never got that far’ one of the other boys stepped forward and said let’s see what you’ve got then with that the 3 boys started pulling at her outfit. Amy slapped their hands away drunkenly, ‘you’ll rip it and I have to take it back on Monday!’ Stepping back Amy slowly turned away from them and slipped the outfit off her shoulders before turning back swaying as she revealed the half cup bra barely containing her breasts and the stocking and suspenders, Amy stood swaying with her legs wider apart than she would normally to try and keep her balance, her panties pulled tight, the boys could see her pussy lips pressing through the crotchless panties.

All 4 moved to her, 2 of the boys grabbing Amy’s breasts and pulling them out of the cups, one boy started sucking the nipple while the other groped and pulled on it. The other 2 boys started pulling the panties down baring her shaven pussy, ‘wow she’s already wet’ she heard one boy say. Amy giggled and collapsed onto the sofa almost pulling one of the boys with her. Struggling up she looked at the 4… ‘You’ve seen mine now show me yours!’ she giggled again.

Without a word all 4 boys stripped naked and stood their young cocks pointing at Amy, all 4 boys stepped closer to her and she stroked each one in turn making them groan, ‘this is as far as Steve ever got’ she said to the oldest boy as she took his cock in her hand and sucked the end, the boy gasped and groaned thrusting his cock forward, Amy greedily accepted it and slid her mouth further down the shaft sucking noisily. Twisting on the sofa she pointed to a boy and opened her legs, stopping sucking for a second she told him ‘Eat my pussy’ and quickly took the 1st cock back in her mouth bobbing her head up and down as the boy almost dived between her thighs and started licking and sucking her pussy.

Amy started moaning louder and beckoning to the other two boys she started to wank them as they watched her almost devour the 1st boys cock. Her tongue circling his cock as her head bobbed up and down making him moan and thrust more and more Amy felt her own orgasm building as the other boy worked on her pussy and clit, suddenly she started shaking and cried out around the boys cock buried deep in her throat as she started cumming over the other boys face.

Amy’s shaking caused the 1st boys cock to buck and twitch and she felt him fill her mouth with cum, she quickly swallowed working harder on his cock as her own orgasm grew more violent. Amy felt like he was emptying his balls down her throat when he pulled out spraying her face with cum. Quickly stepping back he let another boy take his place as the other boy swapped place with the 4th boy, taking a fresh cock in her mouth she started sucking it as the other boy began working on her hot throbbing pussy, setting her off on an even stronger orgasm.

Amy started wanking the 2nd boy and suddenly he was covering her breasts and stomach in thick strings of his cum. The cock in her mouth throbbed and bucked filling her mouth again, again she swallowed all she could some of the boys cum escaped running down her chin to slowly drip onto her already covered breasts.

Falling back Amy almost screamed as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her body as the boy continued licking and sucking her pussy. Finally he stopped letting her collapse to the sofa, laying there in her mother’s kinky underwear with for college boys she didn’t know Amy felt like the slut Steve had called her at the party, and she realised she didn’t care. 2 of the boys sat down opposite her and the others to stood all the boys were stroking their cocks and looking at her, as Amy scooped the cum off her breasts and licked it off her fingers. Seeing them all getting hard Amy remembered a porn film she once watched with Steve, moving round she knelt on the sofa pushing her arse out towards them, ‘who wants my pussy 1st boys?’ she urged. The oldest boy quickly steps forward and rubs his cock up and down her soaking pussy causing Amy to moan loudly, ‘you’re all bigger than Steve is and he’s never fucked me!’ one of the boy’s whistles and says ‘guys she’s a virgin!’

‘Not for long’ the older boy replies with a grin, rubbing his cock harder against her throbbing pussy he touches her hole with the tip and stops, as Amy pushes back wantonly he pulls away ‘Don’t fucking tease or one of the others can have me!’ she moans. Laughing he replies, ‘you need your mouth washed out you fucking dirty whore!’ pointing to the last boy he tells him ‘fill her mouth and fuck it’ quickly the boy moves round the sofa and pushes his cock into her mouth, Amy starts sucking it taking as much of his long cock as she can in, she almost screams again as the boy behind her without warning thrusts his thick huge cock into her, almost ripping her pussy in half. He thrusts again feeling an obstruction ‘You really were a virgin!’ he almost shouts as he pushes again and feels the pressure go, Amy sobbing now pushes back on to his cock and round mouthfuls of the other boys cock scream ‘fuck me hard! Make me cum!’

Without another word he starts pounding her wet hot tight pussy from behind, burying his 9 inch cock to his balls inside her, Amy’s pushed onto the other boys cock as it’s forced down her throat, the boys timing the thrusts so they fuck her in rhythm. Amy’s 1st orgasm by penetration hits her, she almost blacks out as wave after wave of pleasure rips through her body as the boy’s use her for what seems like ages. Suddenly both boys stiffen and moan as they again unload their cum inside Amy making her swallow all he can give her the boy pushes his cock as deep down her throat as he can thrusting forward. The boy behind her pulls her onto his still bucking cock as Amy feels the wash of hot cum deep inside held like this for ages she feels his cum seep out around his cock and start to run down her thighs, finally both boys pull out of her letting her drop to the sofa.

The other two boys don’t let her rest one lays on the floor while the other almost drags Amy’s tired body off the sofa and pushes her on top of the prone boy, making her straddle him he slips his cock inside her still convulsing pussy and starts to fuck her making her ride his cock, suddenly he pulls her forward holding her arms and sucks a cum cover nipple into his mouth. Amy groans loud with pleasure and a little pain from her abused pussy, suddenly she feels hands on her hips and legs either side of hers, the 4th boy is behind her, not understanding what’s happening she’s so shocked she can’t scream as the boy forces his cock into her arsehole, gasping she beg ‘NO Please I’ve never been fucked like that!’ the boy ignores her as he keeps pushing deeper inside her arsehole.

Finally as deep as he can go he starts to pull out making Amy cry out again in pain, he starts fucking her in time with the other boy and Amy feels their cocks almost rubbing together through the inside of her body, Amy’s body starts to shake more and more as the biggest orgasm of her life hits her, Amy thrashes about moaning and crying out she doesn’t recognise the voice when she hears herself moaning ‘Don’t Stop oh god please don’t stop’ she pushes back onto each cock as they pound both holes.

Again she feels the cocks jerk and a hot feeling as the boys unload themselves inside her, their cocks jerk and buck for minutes as they fill her holes and Amy pants and moans barely able to keep herself from collapsing. Finally as they pull out she falls to the side and the boys stand, the older boy leans down and whispers to her, you’re one hot fuck babe, pity we can’t carry on, your parents will probably be home soon’

Rolling to her back Amy opened her legs wide again, gasping she smiles at all 4 boys ‘my folks won’t be home until Monday night and Steve said he never wants to see me again’ Laughing two of the boys help her up and she leads them to her bed room smiling Amy thinks to herself ‘You really missed out Steve this could have been you on your own’. As she steps into her bedroom Amy turns to the boys… ‘Now what do you want to do?’ the next couple of days are going to be so much fun! She grins.

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