“What’s daddy doing mommy?” little six-year-old Joy asked as her naked mother, Sara, held her by the waist. Sara’s red nails rubbed her daughter’s bare belly softly as she watched her husband stroke her son’s tiny prick.

“Daddy’s just making Joey feel good baby. Just like I’m making you feel good,” Sara softly breathed into her daughter’s ear as she let a hand slide up to her daughter’s taut nipple. The tip of a red fingernail circled the pink nub with deliberate patience while her son’s breathing quickened with his father’s fingers.

Joy pushed her ass back into her mom’s wet pussy and felt the wetness on her exposed cheeks. “Ewwww! Mommy! Did you pee yourself!?” the little girl cried as her mother gently pinched the nipple encased by the red nails. Joy jumped at the sudden pinch and rubbed the nubbin tenderly. “That hurt!”

Sara licked her lips with want as she could see her husband fondling their son’s hairless ball sac. She gulped as her eyes landed on the reddening circle of her daughter’s nipple, mesmerized by the pink orb: a powerful urge to set her full lips around that tiny nipple and suck the hard bead of skin deep into her mouth was beginning to overtake her. “I’m sorry baby,” she cooed to her daughter, her eyes still stuck on the protrusion on her six-year-old’s chest. “Let mommy kiss it better.”

With that, Joy watched as her mother bent her head down to gently kiss around her areola. Lovingly, Sara laid kisses around her baby girl’s areola, making sure that Joy was enjoying the attention.

The soft kisses were making Joy comfortable and aroused. Feather light touches of her mom’s lips fluttering around her hardening nipple brought Joy to a low groan. Sara could do nothing but smirk at the animal noise her daughter had let loose. Wanting to make her daughter make more cute little noises, Sara’s tongue snaked out from between her lips to land on Joy’s hard nipple.

A shock of electricity ran through Joy from her saliva-bathed nub to her newly awakened clitoris. The new-found feeling throbbed between her legs and shook the cells with an animalistic want for more of the electricity her mother had incited. Throbbing sensations doubled in Joy’s small clit as her mom latched onto her daughter’s nipple and sucked with vigor.

“MOMMYYYY!” Joy squealed with detectable tension in her high-pitched voice. Sara licked and kissed her way to the neglected nipple, kissing and licking the light areola until it became dark; then she sucked and licked the direct middle of the nub into her mouth, letting her teeth brush against its stiffness.

Sara could tell that her daughter was aroused, almost desperately wanting to climax. While her mouth was busy sucking on Joy’s small, hard nipple, she slid her hand down past Joy’s baby-fat filled butt and continued until her fingers came in contact with the back of her baby girl’s small pussy. Joy jerked at the sudden feel of fingers touching her privates. “Don’t worry baby, mommy will make you feel very good; even better than Joey feels right now.”

Once more, Sara latched herself back onto the bead that was her daughter’s nipple. In a matter of minutes Joy had begun to delight in the growing electricity in her virgin pussy. As an instinct, Joy began to rub her tiny cunt against her mother’s motionless hand, searching for a release from the throb in her clit. Taking the cue that her daughter was loving the experience, Sara reached forward to have her palm cupping the soft pussy lips of her daughter’s virgin cunt.

“That’s it baby, work yourself on my hand. Doesn’t that feel good baby girl on your wet little pussy?” Sara questioned raspily. The walls of her vagina were throbbing at an alarming rate, wanting to feel her daughter’s climax covering her hand. Her throat was dry as she maneuvered her fingers faster on Joy’s drenched clit, her daughter humping her hand with more desperation in each bounce.

“Come on Joy, I know it feels good for you baby! Come all over momma’s hand and make it all wet! Make mommy happy baby!” Sara’s own fingers found her own throbbing clit and began to rub it vigorously. Her old, wet pussy humping in search for an entering cock, she forced her fingers down her shaved slit to her hole and slammed her fingers inside herself.

Joy sped up her bounce, bouncing harder and faster on her mom’s hand, her actions becoming jerky. Knowing that Joy needed something extra to be sent over the edge, Sara leaned down and sucked on her daughter’s neck and ground her hand into her daughter’s grinding pussy. Her ear was in the perfect place to allow Joy to scream and moan in ecstasy through her climax, her baby pussy juices soaking her mother’s grinding hand.

With her hand thoroughly drenched with pussy juice, Sara’s cunt became so hot on her pumping hand that she trapped her hand inside of herself, her pussy milking her hand as if it were a cock emptying a load of steamy, hot cum in her dripping cunt. As Joy laid down with a glassy look in her eyes, Sara rode her hand in orgasm, pulling her hand out to run to her naked husband and stuff his hard, veiny cock into her horny pussy.

Sara wasted no time in riding her husband hard, crying out his name with a frenzied want as she watched him play with eight-year-old’s Joey’s growing cock. “Play with his fucking cock for me baby! Oh yeah,” she pleaded her husband as she rode his dick close to another powerful orgasm. Her pussy milked his large dick greedily as it became tighter and tighter, getting ready to release another wave a pleasure that would soon take over Sara’s body.

Larry humped into his wife’s amazingly tight pussy as he fondled his son’s hairless balls and cock: the smooth skin making the cum in his balls boil viciously. He had already tasted his son’s penis as Sara had been tasting their daughter’s nipples, but in the heat of the moment, Larry picked Joey up and sat him on his chest so that his small cock was perfectly place in front of his mouth. Larry let his lips wrap around his son’s dick, sucking hard on the tip and shaft while he pounded into his wife’s sloppy wet twat.

Instinctively, Joey began to force feed his cock into his father’s mouth eagerly. While his cock was getting sucked and licked by his father, Joey enjoyed the soft rubbing of his balls against his father’s chest and felt the cum in his own balls begin to boil. “Daddy!” he whined in a state of pleasure. “Daddy, I’m gonna come!”

At that, Larry grabbed his wife’s hips and slammed her onto his exploding cock, the hot cum flooding into her pussy. The feel of her husband’s spurting cock, Sara exploded with pussy juice over his cock in her own climax.

Larry inhaled all of his son’s horny cock and jammed a finger up Joey’s asshole. “Come for daddy Joey!!!” Sara cried out in the last throws of her orgasm as she added a finger of her own to her son’s tight ass. Unable to hold back from the euphoric feelings caused by his penetrated ass and swallowed cock, Joey released his contents down his father’s throat.

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