When you walked into my office, I was immediately pulled into that state of mind all males experience around attractive girls. I couldn't help but notice the slightly darker patches on your white t-shirt, indicating your nipples and that you weren't wearing any type of bra. The school's gym shorts were so tight on you that every curve was showing which made my dick twitch in it's restraints. You were looking down, blonde hair swinging in front of your flushed face.
I cleared my throat and asked, "Miss Scott. Why are you in my office today?"
You went an even deeper shade of red, but didn't answer. In all honesty it made me want you so badly.
"Well Miss Scott?"
Quietly but audibly you said, "Coach Tibber caught me touching myself in the change rooms, Sir."
My dick twitched at your words. Oh this was perfect! I knew I shouldn't go there, but you were just so perfect, so hot and sexy and I had to have you.
"Touching yourself?"
You nodded in response.
"Well considering you don't mind doing such a thing in public, show me just what the Coach caught you doing, Miss Scott."
You looked up, shock highlighting your pretty little face, your perfect lips forming an O.
I rose, trying to hide my hard on. "I don't have all day Miss Scott."
I moved to the door, flicked the lock and pulled all the shutters down. With a last minute thought I flickered on the air-con, extra cold. I placed a large chair behind you, right in front of my desk. Then I paged my secretary, asking her to cancel the rest of my appointments as I had a serious issue to deal with. I looked at you.
Shyly you moved, slowly pulling down your tight gym shorts, your face bright red. I noticed that you weren't wearing any panties. I tsked to keep up the image that I was disappointed in you. You sat on the chair, and looped your legs over the arms, giving me an amazing view of your shaved little cunt. I knew this was wrong, that I could lose my job for this, but my dick had taken over and was tugging at my zipper.
You moved your little hand down between your legs, dipping your fingers inside your hole to find some cunt juices. Slowly you started to rub your swollen clit. I was shocked that you were actually doing this, but god did I love it. I unzipped my pants allowing my boxer-free dick to poke out.i stroked it under the desk as I watched you. You bit your lip in pleasure, a slight moan escaping you. Oh my god I loved it. I decided I had better keep up my act, and tucked my dick away.
"That's enough Miss Scott. I think you're enjoying this a bit too much. Tell me, have you ever had sex?" Without a word you stopped and nodded yes. "And have you ever sucked a cock before?" To that you also nodded yes.
I smiled and waved you over. You got up and walked over, not pulling up your shorts but kicking them away.
"Now bad girls deserve to be punished, don't they Alison?" I asked you
You nodded, a secret gleam in your eye, a want.
I chuckled and pushed you to the floor under my desk. I unzipped pants, my cock jumping free. Your eyes widened at my length and again I chuckled.
"Suck it" I ordered you.
Without hesitation you grabbed my rod and brought it to your mouth. You kissed the head lightly before shoving it deep into your throat, your lips wrapped around my lollipop tightly. I moaned and buried my hand in your hair, pushing my cock down further. You didn't gag, just happily sucked my cock as I fucked your throat. You were so good, felt so good that I couldn't help but blow my load deep in your throat. You happily swallowed.
I pulled my cock from your mouth.
"Now Miss Scott, I didn't want to cum just yet, so now I must punish you. You see, I was gonna return the favour, lick that sweet cunt of yours, but now I'm not."
I pulled you to your feet, enjoying the sad expression on your face. I pushed you backwards so you landed on your back across the desk. I pulled up your legs so I had good access to your wet pussy.
"I'm going to fuck you Miss Scott." I told you, just before I plunged my entire length cervix deep into your pussy.
You screamed softly. But looked at me and whispered "Oh please please fuck me"
Your tight pussy muscles clenched around my dick as I thrust it harshly in an out of your cunt, you moaned and fondled with your suddenly exposed tits. My pants were still being held on by the button, so they were growing damp with your pussy juices. I could feel that you were growing close to climax, your moans and begging grew closer together and your breath caught. I pulled out of you and dropped to the chair. You were completely upset by this, so you climbed on my lap, pushing my dick deep into you and rode my cock, bouncing your delicious tits in my face.
You climaxed, cunt juice spilling over my dick and soaking my pants. Shortly after I blew my load inside you. You kissed me then, my softening cock still deep in your wet pussy.
You got off of me, licked my dick clean and tucked it away. You got dressed and left smiling. I just sat there shocked at what I had done.
I spent the next two weeks worrying that you would dob on me, that I'd lose my job. That was until you turned up in my office again, locking the door behind you.
"Sir? I got busted again" I chuckled and waved you over.
You climbed up on my lap and kissed me. We both stripped, my dick at your cunt opening. Just before I plunged in you whispered, "Baby, I'm pregnant". And of course that made me want to fuck you more.... Much much more.

I hope you enjoyed my story. It was my first so go easy on me. But I can say one thing, it made me very wet writing it! <3

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