I don't have many black friends, male or female. But there was this one black girl that came by the office about every 10 to 14 days to take inventory. Her name was Audrey, about 35 years old, 5'2'' 110 pounds. I'd say she measured about 36-24-34, and knew how to dress to make the most of her assets. She wore expensive looking trendy clothes, a lot of black leather, leather pants, leather vest, sometime even a leather hat. She was always fixed up nice and a little flirtatious or at least very friendly.

Any time, she was around, the conversation always turned to my motorcycle. She knew I had a Harley and she had been wanting me to take her for a ride. She claimed the only black men she knew with motorcycles, she wouldn't trust to ride with them; but that she would ride with me.

I wasn't sure if she knew what she was suggesting or not. It's extraordinarily exciting to be on a motorcycle with an attractive woman sitting behind you, leaning against you and pressing her tits against your back. An of course you're sitting between her thighs which will tend to press against you from time to time. It's almost pointless to ride with a woman that you don't intend to have sex with--or at least that's my opinion.

She was relentless in bringing up the subject every couple of weeks; every time she'd see me she'd say, "When am I going to get my ride? The weather is perfect; in a couple of weeks it might be too hot. I don't want to ride when it gets real hot, I'll sweat too much." She gave me her private cell phone number, since she didn't want me to call her house on account of her significant other, whoever that might be. I had never seen her with anyone, but I assumed somebody was looking after that body.

One Sunday, I was contemplating a ride down into North Carolina through the mountains. It was a perfect day for it, and I had nothing else to do. I kind of wanted someone to go with me, but I couldn't think of anybody until I thought about Audrey. I wonder what she's doing today; this might be a good time to get this out of her system and maybe mine too. I called the number and she answered immediately. I said, "This is Jeff, you know, with the Harley. I'm going down to North Carolina for the afternoon and thought you might like to go if you're not too busy." She explained that she had nothing else to do and she would love to go. She suggested a meeting place at a local supermarket parking lot.

I arrived at the parking lot about a half hour later with an extra helmet for Audrey. I recognized her car parked over at the far corner of the lot. She was dressed in some tight fitting leather pants, an equally tight fitting cotton, v-neck t-shirt and a leather vest. Like I said, she always knew how to dress. She seemed excited about the prospect of a ride on a sharp looking Harley. "Whew, I luv yo motorcycle--das pretty. I hope I can reach da pegs alright." Once I got her helmet tied on securely, I climbed on first to hold the motorcycle steady until she could climb on. She had ridden before, maybe not recently though. "What I supposed ta do,? she asked. I explained that it would be better if she really didn't do anything, just lean the same way I do and, above all, stay on. In no time we were on the road. A first Audrey hugged me tightly with her arms, but soon relaxed and leaned back more comfortably against the back rest. She still squeezed me tightly from time to time with those leather wrapped thighs in the curves; I knew that would happen. I was getting turned on by this sexy black gal; I always knew I was attracted to her in a purely sexual sort of way. I had never had a black girl before.

We rode about 50 MPH most of the time, and I didn't want to scare her too much by going to fast through the curves. On the long grades, I let the big Harley engine lug down more than usual so that she could feel some of that famous Harley vibration. When I rolled on the throttle a sweet sexy pulsing vibration was transmitted through the frame and into the fairly firm seat. I guess I knew what I was doing; Audrey struck me as the kind of woman who appreciated "Good Vibrations".

About 80 miles and an hour and a half had passed, so I pulled off at a scenic overlook to view the scenery, and frankly, to get another look at Audrey to assess the possibilities. When we parked at the overlook, Audrey got off first and pulled her helmet off. "YEEEE HAAAAA, I luv dat. Dat was great, I didn't know it felt dat gooood!
I didn know wha I been missin'. You a good rider, I wasn' scared a bit". We looked across at the scenery from the rock wall that surrounded the parking area. I stood close behind her and we talked about how perfect the weather was and all that other chit chat. I finally worked up my nerve to put an arm around her waist to which she responded by moving closer and tilting her head back a bit. I could feel her long black hair against my face and was beginning to get a scent of a black woman. "Ha cum we waited so long to do dis? I thought I never gonna git my ride. I just abou giv up" I explained that sometimes it takes me a while to get around to things but I get there sooner or later. "Wha we do now? I don wan dis to end too soon." I replied that I had been thinking about that too. I didn't see any need to mince words or we'd never get to where I wanted to end up. "Audrey, you and me have known each other a long time, and we've just never gotten to know each other. Now we have a chance to spend some time together, just the two of us; what do you think?" I didn't have any idea what her reaction would be. "Yeh, we could get to know each other, lak I don know wha da mean. Yo think'n since I rode yo motorcycle, now you wanna ride sumthin too, dat right?" I almost sensed that I might have misjudged her, and now she was going to get indignant. Audrey almost looked concerned. "If I don't go along, you gonna leave me by da side of da road or sumtin?" I replied that I wouldn't think of doing anything like that and that I didn't mean anything other than a simple proposition and that it was entirely up to her. Audrey started to grin a bit, "Well I learn a long time ago it don't pay to be too selfish. I've always give a little booty to any man what treat me gud. Now where you have in mind to do dis, cause I ain't doin it in da woods, I don't like all dem fleas and bugs and shit. I'm not into dat." I already had the answer, it was the motel just down the road another ten miles, just a little bit off the highway, slightly private, you almost had to know it was there to find it. Audrey's response got my blood pounding, "Well we better be gettin der cuz I can't be out all night if you know wha I mean."

We checked in in a matter of minutes; we each carried a leather saddlebag off the motorcycle so as not to make it painfully obvious what we were up to. This was not a motel that rented rooms by the hour. This was a college town where anything goes pretty much so there were no sour looks on account of any racial issues. It was still pretty early in the afternoon and no one was moving around much. We got off the elevator at the third floor and found room 312. Once in the room, Audrey broke the silence first. "Wha we carry'n dees bags fo? Anybody see a black woman wid a white man with a bulge in his pants like dat and they know wha goin on. We not fool'n nobody."
Audrey was already unfastening her tightly stretched leather vest. "If you wan I can take a shower fust cuz, just to be honest, I been sweat'n in dem leather pants and I even cum a couple times when dat vibration got to me. Das like ridin' a big ole vibrator. No wonder women all wanna ride, I knew they was doin' somtin besides just ride'n." I took her in both arms, held her close and assured her that I wouldn't object to any smell coming from her that I had experienced so far. "If I don't start gagging, ;you'll know it's alright.

Audrey stood before the mirror and started removing her clothes, first her jeans fell to the floor and then she skimmed that tight fitting v-neck off onto the dresser. I walked up behind her and reached around to cup those big black tits covered only by a black strapless bra; then I eyed the catch on the back of the bra and it soon landed on the dresser. In the mirror I saw a beautiful set of perfectly sized tits with just enough sag to assure that they were real. They were soft to the touch and had big black nipples that stood out erect; I massaged the nipples from behind with my thumbs and index fingers, one in each hand. Audrey hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her black panties and slid them down over her knees and onto the floor, revealing a freshly shaven pussy. "See anything you like?"
Audrey turned and started unbuttoning my shirt, then undid the buckle and soon my pants were on the floor. She reached into my briefs and pulled my hard cock up and out of that confinement to which it responded by getting even bigger and pointed upward a few degrees. Audrey reached into the waistband of my briefs and slid them to the floor to be quickly kicked aside. I pulled Audrey tightly against me, with my throbbing cock jammed up against her stomach as I gave her a long lingering kiss on her big full lips. Her tongue slid between my lips and found my tongue eagerly awaiting. After a long, sloppy wet kiss, I turned around toward the bed and yanked the bedspread off and onto the floor in one smooth motion. Grabbing Audrey's arm, I pulled her onto the bed with me and we lay with our legs intertwined, rolling around on the big king-size bed that I had specified. The smell of her flesh was exciting and intoxicating, just a hint of musk and maybe some sweat mixed in. I couldn't resist her big tits any longer, and so I sucked one of those big, hard nipples into my mouth and started sucking on it, teasing it lightly with my teeth. Then I gave the same treatment to the other one, Audrey was moaning lightly now, "That's it, suck but not too hard now, don't bite, be easy, oh yeah, ummmhhh, ahhhhhhh." After a few minutes of this, I gradually slid down her stomach noticing how tight and toned her body was, like she worked out a lot. "Damn, you're fantastic," I whispered. "I knew you'd find something you'd like, but there's more where that came from," replied Audrey. I eased on down her brown stomach, getting a first look at her hairless pussy. I always heard black women had very course pubic hair that was scratchy to the skin, so I guess that's why she shaved it. I let my nose brush across her lips and breathed in a little of the smell coming from within and found it pleasing if not a little musky. Not to waste time I spread her legs wide and got between her upraised knees and lowered my mouth onto her pussy. It was like the first white pussy I ever got; it was alright once I got past the smell. The taste was strong and tangy, but not unpleasant. I licked up and down the parted lips and found her clit and started massaging it aggressively with my tongue. After a few minutes, Audrey's hips started bouncing up and down uncontrollably, and she let out a long, low moan as she had an orgasm. I licked up as much of the tangy juice as I could, and slid back up to her face and kissed her, letting her taste some of her own juice. That left my dick dangling right over her cunt moist with saliva and pussy juice. I sat up on the bed and guided my cock into position finding the hole easily and leaned forward into Audrey. I slid into her all the way with one smooth thrust, wishing I had a few more inches to probe that hot musky fuck channel. I started sliding my cock back and forth kind of easy, since I didn't want to risk cumming too quick. I knew I was almost over the edge already. Audrey moaned appreciatively, "That's it Loverboy, slow and easy, I like strokin' more than pokin'. Her legs slid up and over the small of my back and interlocked; then she just sort of rocked her legs back and forth in time with my cock stroking her creamy pussy. Audrey reached out with each hand and grabbed a handful of white sheet, "That's the way you big white stud, you know how to fuck a black woman, and I thought I was your first, ummmmhhh, umhhhhhhh, aghhhhhhh, yeah, fuck me with that Great White Cock. Now, throw my legs....umphhhh......up over my head..... agghhhhh, and FUCK THE SHIT .....OUT OF ME!!!!! I was glad I had been pacing myself; I grabbed the backs of her thighs and shoved them up over her shoulders, resting my shoulders on her toned, muscular thighs, I unleashed everything I had left and imagined that I was pounding her pussy into mush. "OOOOHHH, BABY, UUUHHHH, HOOOOO, don't won't hurt.....that black pussy. I couldn't take much more of this and I was running out of energy anyway so I let go with what felt like and intense orgasm; as I felt ready to unload, I pulled my cock out and let Audrey watch the fluid squirt out onto her big tits and drip onto her stomach, covered with sweat from rubbing against mine. She took my cock in her hand, wringing the last of the cum out of it and then licking it off her hand as she smiled up at me. Her hands found the big globs of cum on her tits and she rubbed it into the skin saving some for her nipples and then licking the rest off of her fingers. " Oh Shit, I'm about suffocate, I need some air." I rolled off of Audrey so she could catch her breath, we were both breathing heavily and it had gotten sudden stuffy in the room which smelled of musk and sex. Audrey was still gasping for breath, "That was what I call a fuck, Lover Boy. Do you always do that or was that something special just for me? " I replied that I always tried to please, although I thought part of it was partly due to her inspiration. Audrey was able to talk normally now without gasping for breath, "Yeah, black booty always gets you white boys goin. Now you know the truth: It's all pink on the inside." Then we both laughed and once again our legs seemed to intertwine on their own and we lay there for a while kissing, licking love juice off each other and then trading it back and forth with our tongues savoring the afterglow.

Audrey got between my legs and took hold of my half-hard cock in her hand and guided it toward her mouth. She parted her big, thick black lips and my cock started to disappear inch by inch, until it was all stuffed straight up into Audrey's mouth. She seemed to concentrate on her effort, skillfully stroking with her lips and stimulating the knob with her tongue, just the right mixture of sucking and stroking until my cock was once again rock hard, suitable for the task at hand. When satisfied that she had done the job, she raised her hips and positioned my cock back into her shaved pussy and let her weight carry her down the rest of the way. Once impaled, she began to rock back and forth, with her head kind of rolling around as though not firmly attached to her body. Her eyes were closed for the most part as she used my cock for her own pleasure. "'s all good isn't it? Oh, yeah, BABY! Right now I'm yours Lover, fuck me like you can't get me much you ......agghhhhhh.....LIKE BLACK PUSSY!!!! I started thrusting my hips up to meet her hips causing a shock to go through her body so that every time my hips impacted hers, her head would be thrown upward by the force. A few more thrusts and Audrey threw her head back up toward the ceiling and clamped her eyes shut and let out a scream. "AAAAYYYYYYEEEEEEAAA! HUUUUHHHHH, oh my fucking pussy, you've fucked this gal to death with your dick!" She then fell over onto me, kissed me once and rolled over onto her side to catch her breath. I was in no better shape myself, barely able to utter a word, so we just lay there a while in a pile of loose sheets which we had practically torn off the bed in our frenzy to satisfy each other.

Audrey finally got up and went into the bathroom and showered so as not to take any telltale signs of our afternoon romp home with her. I wouldn't take anything for the smell of her pussy coming from my dick, so I waited as long as I could to shower to savor it as long as possible. On the ride home, every once in a while, I couldn't help letting my hand drop down and stroke one of those leather-covered thighs, thinking about the next ride.

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