Hot MILF co-worker

Hot MILF co-worker

I had just started working in the archives at a large communications company when I met the hottest forty-five years old woman I’d ever seen. She worked in the Music Clearance department and her name was Jane. She was about five ten, 130 lbs, with an hourglass figure that made my dick hard the every time I ever saw her.

We would chat in the hallway and I would see here around some, but never thought I’d get her alone, much less fget to uck her. One day she was walking down the hall rubbing her neck, and I asked if I could help. I’m pretty good with my hands, so I started messaging her neck.

She seemed to be enjoying it and I said that if she came back to my cubical and sat down, I’d be able do a better job. She agreed and off we went. My cubical was very large with seven-foot walls and a door, which I closed and locked as we went in. She sat in my desk chair and I started back massaging her neck. I had her sitting backwards in the chair so I could get her back as well. After about ten minutes I started rubbing her very lightly with just my fingertips. A feather touch. She seemed to be enjoying it very much, moaning quietly. So I pressed my luck and started moving my fingers around where they were touching the sides of her big round tits.

That’s when she started to moan and little louder, so I went all the way around and started gently rubbing her nipples. After about a minuet, she turned around and griped my face and started to French kiss me. Then she opened her blouse, unsnapped her bra from the front, and pulled my hands back to her tits.

I had to step back and look. They were the best-looking tits I’ve ever seen. If I hadn’t been just holding them, I would have thought they were fake, they were just that good looking. Well, she just pulled me back to her, grabbed my dick through my pants, and stuck her tongue back in my mouth. It’ didn’t take her long before she had my pants down, my dick out and was jacking it with one of her hands. So, I went for her pussy. She pulled back and asked if we weren’t going a little to far in a cubical. I said that it would make it more exciting. She thought about it for a second and pulled her panties off and her skirt up. I fell to my knees and started licking her pussy. She had a nice vee shaped patch of hair, and a clit that stood out from her pussy lips.

I knew that we didn’t have a lot of time, so I went right in and started sucking her clit. Her pussy juice was flowing faster than I could lick it up and was running down her legs. Then she started to jerk, jerk real hard. I’d never seen any woman cum that hard before. She kept it up for a few minutes then pulled my head up and whispered to me to fuck her, and fuck her hard. She bent over my desk and I drove my dick all the way in with one push. I stopped for a second just to feel the pleasure of her sweet, juicy, tight pussy.

Then I started to slide my dick slowly in and out. She then started to meet my thrusts, and we got a good rhythm going. We both knew that we didn’t have long, so we started working at cumming. My balls started churning and I started to slam in and out faster. The fact that we couldn’t make any noise, and my assistant was sitting not three feet away on the other side of the cube wall, made it all the more exciting. I reached around and started rubbing her clit, and that’s all it took. She mashed her pussy back and started to cum. That triggered mine and I started to unload stream after steam of hot cum into her.

I’m not sure if anyone heard us, but before we could uncouple, someone was knocking on my door. We both stopped moving, trying to breath as quietly as we could, and stopped moving. Who ever it was moved along, and my dick plopped out. We both had cum running down our legs. We mopped up as best we could with some paper napkins I had left from a take out lunch.

Then she kissed me, walked to the door, opened it, looked both ways, and left. I left a minute latter to go to the men’s room to wash my face up and a buddy of mine stopped me in the hall to ask me a question. The he sniffed the air for a second and said, “Have you been eating pussy?” I just smiled and walked away.

The very next day, Jane’s best friend Kelly came to my cube and said Jane told her that I gave great massages. Work has never been as much fun. I started to fuck both of them at least once a week, and a couple of times we had great three ways. I love my job!

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