Last summer, Tyler, my best friend, got a new house in a new state. His parents bought some huge beachfront house in Conneticuit,a summer place that they decided to permanently move into. It was tough to think about at the time because he was moving away from New York and I probably wouldn't see him that much anymore. No more school together, and no more hanging out. But as they were still moving in, he invited me down to help them settle in and spend some time in Conneticuit for the summer.

I can still imagine my dreams of it. At this time, Tyler didn't know about Will and I or the whole homosexual thing at all. In fact he still thought I was flirting with Amanda, which i was but not seriously. I couldn't really imagine me sticking my dick into her vagina. The pictures of vaginas i had seen before had always seemed really scary and sea-creature like... But anyways... I couldn't wait to get down to Connecticut and try my hand at some skim boarding and surfing. The idea of having some mature fun with Tyler passed through my mind a few times as well.

We were in his dad's SUV pulling a trailer full of basic junk. When packing up earlier, I realized how much of a pack-rat his mom was. She didn't leave behind a single random item from the entire house. We were sitting in the back, his dad and older brother in the front. Both of us were engrossed in our iPod's all the way to the house. It was in a rich neighborhood with long, narrow lawns and driveways that led to mansions leaning over the sandy dunes.

As we pulled down Tyler's new driveway and passed his new mailbox and new dogwood and new garage, I took in a breath of warm air flowing in from the window. This was it. This was awesome.

We got out and stretched after the few long hours of driving and without a moment to spare, his dad had us unpacking everything from the trailer and moving it into the garage. What had been a nice warm day turned into a sweaty and tiresome century carrying box after box back and forth.

I noticed Tyler's tight shirt slowly getting a triangle of sweat down the back. His shoulder blades moves in such a perfect sequence and it all lead down to such a perfect and athletic ass that I lost myself for a second and ran into the back of his dad.

"Whoa there Scott"
"Sorry Mr. Mason"

After a short time, we all took a break and Tyler's dad brought out some sodas. We all sat back and for once since our arrival actually took in the beauty of the coast. It wasn't like the smoggy and humid New York waterfront, but something so pure, quite, and bright. The undiluted sun alone was shocking my system.

Since the first load of items was done, we began to get out some of the essentials like food, clothing, and bedding. Tyler talked to his dad before the trip and talked him into letting us stay at the house while his dad and older brother went back to New York for the night and another load. It would just be Tyler and I alone in a quiet house on a nice beach.

We got most of the bedding and set up in the living room. It was big with a gigantic cealing that made everything echo, especially with the wood floors. We laid out a couple blankets and pillows. The sun was just starting to fall.

"Hey Scott do you want to go check out the beach. Maybe a swim"
"Yeah sure that would be cool." I had been dying to get down there with Tyler.
"Ok well I'm going to get my suit then. You can change wherever you want I guess. Its pretty much deserted in here"

I went to my bag and got my swimsuit. It was a Speedo Trunk, like James Bond, the Daniel Cray version. Simply sexy. I got dressed in one of the bathrooms and then met Tyler back out in the living room.

"Looking tight dude" He sarcastically commented. Tyler wore a simple navy blue pair of trunks, short around his narrow thighs.
"Im keeping it real. Lets go before the sun goes down"

He concurred and we headed out to the beach. We ran down into the surf, rushing into crashing waves in the shallows, then crashing into each other. The water was frigid cold and I could feel my penis slowly contracting. That was a good thing though because as Tyler got out of the water and walked back to the beach, I stood there looking at his tight as-cheeks creasing around the light shorts. The water weighed them down a little and I could see a slight tan line crossing his lower back side.

Tyler laid down in the sand and I went to join him, leaning in close, slinging my right leg over my left. It was a slightly sexual pose. As much as I hid my inner self, I always left my doorways open. I leaned towards Tyler as he loked up at the sky. His body was so slim and athletic like mine. He was shorter than me, brown hair, cute blue eyes, and a nice mild bronze skin. I took a guess that he was thinking about us. We had been friends for so long and now we were basically loosing each other.

"Scott, its going to suck without you"
"I know. What are you going to do without me?" He looked over and smiled. I ran my eyes down his body, noticing the limp form around his crotch. I loved the water.

After a few seconds had past, I reached over and gave him a short hug. I don't know what compelled me to do that but it felt like the right thing to do.

"Im going to miss you Tyler. It is going to fucking suck in Mr. Wilson's class without you."
Tyler looked over at me and smiled. I took my hand away and off of his smooth chest.

"you know, I never told you this or anyone, but I think I should tell you something Scott"
"Don't get freaked out but I always liked you even before we met. I just saw you and wanted to be your friend. Not to sound like a fag or anything"
"I dont care if you sound like a fag. You know, I always really liked you too, just that all I could think about was getting into your pants"
Tyler laughed. "Your joking right"
"Totally" I said with virtually no truthful tone in my voice.
Tyler noticed and looked puzzled. "wait, are you sayin"
I interrupted him mid-sentence, kissing his lips. Like I said, I dont know why, but it all just seemed right. My head was flaoting, my heart pounding, chest heaving, crotch bulging, and Tyler was responding very positively.

The next thing I knew, we were rolling around on the cooled sand making out. He was on top of me and had his arms wrapped around my head sucking face like an experienced face-sucker. My hand was busy working its way over his smooth ass. I pulled down the back of his shorts and caressed his soft butt. I could play with it almost all day. It was so smooth and perfect.

We made out for close to ten minutes rolling in the sand, knowing that we were cmpletely alone and together before finally pulling away from each other. Tyler was panting. I don't know how much air he had been breathing while sucking my entire face but it didn't seem to be enough. He fell off of me and we both laid back and looked at the sky.

"I love you" I reached my hand over and began rubbing his inner thigh. I brought up his short leg, balling it against his penis and caressed the smooth skin. He laid his head on my chest. It was so perfect.

"Lets go back to the house Scott"
"Ok" I couldn't hide my enthusiasm. I had a good idea of why we were going back to the house. Probably the same image popping into your head right now.

We ran up the sandy beach just as the final rays of sun disappeared under the pink sunset. The night was growing cooler by the second and the giant living room of his house was receptive to us. We gathered ourselves in the mes of blankets in the middle of the floor and laid down once again, with Tyler embracing me around the shoulders, resting his head on my heart.

"Do you want me to like suck your penis or anything" Tyler asked with such uncertainty.
I couldn't really think of anything to say. "Whatever you want to do. I love you"

Tyler raised to his knees and i remained lying on the soft blankets.He adjusted himself and placed his legs around the mid-section of my body. Tyler's hands began to reach down to my spandex shorts. He took his hands and pulled down my spandex to the knees. He started to rub my cock with such timidity and wonder. It was so strange. It wasn't in a bad way but he made it feel so naturally virgin that it made my naked body shiver. Then he started working my cock with his mouth.

I saw him open up his mouth very wide and just engulf my cock. His eyes looked so dazed and wandering. He kept going up and down, repeating with such rhythm that I started moaning. It felt so natrually good. Then I came. Tyler coughed a little at first but held on. After I had shot my cum, he came up and I could tell he was still holding onto most of the load. I got up and looked into his eyes. A small smile spread across his face and I opened up his mouth with my lips. We started to exchange the sperm. I knew he didn't know what to do with it. I worked his throat and got him to swallow most if it while still taking some of the excess cum.

"That was great Tyler"
"Good. That was fun" He was breathing heavily.
"I'm going to try something now ok"
"Alright" The heavy breathing continued.

I got on my knees and Tyler lay down on the blankets. I placed my legs over his knees and pulled down the shorts he still had on. Tyler's penis was smaller than mine but fairly thick. It was clean cut and had a small plume of soft brown hair shaped like a heart, centered just above the root of his cock. I didn't play with his cock though. Rather I spread his legs and placed the head of my cock between his ass-cheeks. I noticed Tyler's head beginning to roll around. He knew something was going to happen.

"Its going to hurt at first ok"
He was quietly panting. "ok"

I started to squeeze my cock into his butt. The head was nearly through when Tyler's body tensed up.

"Its alright" I rubbed his leg with my free hand to calm him down. Then I started to work my way back in again. The head popped through and he let out a huge breath. Then I started the slow thrusting of my hips against his ass. His ass against my cock sent tingling and rippling feelings through my entire body. My spine tightened and everything seemed to go black and white. There were flashes in front of my eyes and I entered a state of strance, not even realizing the moaning wails of Tyler.

After a minute or so they were so loud that I broke from my trance and looked down at Tyler. He was breathing like he had just taken a long run. "Oh my god that is fucking awesome. I love you Scott"

I smiled and pulled myself out of him. As the head made its resounding pop Tyler let out one more loud and echoey moan that rattled through his empty new house. We laid there after that, holding each other in our arms, me slowly stroking his cock as we stared up at the ceiling, letting the cool breeze through the doors blow over our bodies, chilling us in loving wonder at what lay ahead.

Tyler got up and rolled me over. I bent up on my knees, knowing he wanted a swing at the action. He spent some time properly positioning himself and then inserted his dry cock into my cheeks. That sent a shock through my body. Then Tyler forced himself through my ass and began pounding me. Although he wasn't long, i could definitely feel my ass squeezing down on his penis. It went in and out with a delicate shock each time. I began moaning and he only got faster. He started moaning with me and then shot off a few laods straight into my body.

Tyler didn't pull out immediately but left himself inside of me and lay down along my back, his head resting between my shoulder blades. He kissed my neck. The warm breath mixed with the cold breeze made me shiver. We held it together like that for a few minutes, i laid myself flat on my stomach and he followed, remaining on top of me, slowly and steadily shifting his hips now. Even the slightest movement still sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. I didn't want him to ever leave this position.

Out of all the sex I had, this seemed different. I felt like I was really loosing something that I cared for deeply. I thought I was really in love as we lay there, stroking each other, petting each other, feeling one another for who we really were. Tyler and I may be separated now, but I can only imagine what our future holds.

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