Chapter Four When they arrived at his bedroom, Roger walked in first. He first noticed that Bob was sitting in his recliner, apparently resting. Looking at the bed, he saw that Erin was kneeling on the bed and holding onto the bars of the headboard. Looking more closely, he realized that she had no choice. Her wrists were tied to the headboard, forcing her to kneel, her tits hanging from her chest graving the sheet under her. "Keep those legs spread bitch! I like watching your cute little asshole. We'll be ready for round two in a minute." Roger was shocked to see that Erin's asshole was gaping open, a thick white liquid dribbling out around the raw reddened flesh. "Hey boss!" Bob said, noticing the two men. "Man, this chick is one horny bitch. She didn't like having a cock up her ass at first, but once she got warmed up, I thought she was going to squeeze it off. At the end she was cumming like crazy! Laughing he said "You have GOT to have some of her ass. It's the best I've ever had!" Tom made Roger sit in a chair at the end of the bed facing Erin's nakedly kneeling body. Giving the gun to Bob, he said nothing as he climbed up on the bed. Erin hadn't moved since they'd entered the room. She was vaguely aware that there were others there, but her mind had shut down. She had reacted violently to the initial pain, but after her body adjusted she began to be bombarded by waves of cum as the man's prick sawed in and out of her highly sensitive rectum. She sobbed piteously when she felt another body behind her. Tom leaned over her back, his prick pressing between her thighs as he reached under the kneeling woman and cupped her hanging breasts. He gently squeezed and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Erin couldn't resist the soft moans as her body immediately responded. It felt so good to have her breasts gently pleasured. She threw back her head and arched her back when the broad head of Tom's cock was lodged between her swollen cuntal lips and began sliding inside her sticky wet pussy. Damn, this bitch is hot, thought Tom as he impaled her on his cock, watching it slide inside the tight furnace of her pussy. He could feel her muscles involuntarily massaging his cock. He continued playing with her tits as he soaked inside her moist cunt. He slowly pulled from her, watching her pussy lips reluctantly surrendering the length of his shaft as she groaned and pushed back, wanting him back inside her pussy. Lifting his heavy shaft slightly, he pushed against her anus, easily popping in with his wet prick. He fed inch after inch into the incredibly hot dryness of her soft rectum until he bumped into her hips, his cock fully impaled. "Shit! You're right, she's a hot assfuck!" he groaned as he began slowly fucking the bound woman. Roger said nothing, but his eyes were glued to the man leaning over Erin's body, seeing his balls slapping against her swollen pussy lips, his prick pushing in and out of her tightly stretched asshole. her skin was stretched tightly around the rampaging cock. Against his will, his cock began to rise as Erin's cries became mewls of supplication as she began thrusting back against the man fucking her up her ass. Erin had never allowed Roger to fuck her up the ass. He had not pushed it, thinking that it was not normal to want to do such a thing. He wanted to do it, but he went along with her, agreeing that it wasn't right. But Roger's thinking had changed. Seeing his wife's delight at being assfucked made him realize that he'd been missing out. He heard Bob laughing. Looking over, he saw that Bob was looking at his erect cock. "Your wife is a pretty hot fuck, Roger boy. Looks like you'd like a little bit of that ass. What say, you up for some sloppy thirds?" Roger knew he was probably just trying to humiliate him. However, with a mental change of gears, Roger nodded his head as he looked once again at the mewling woman who was having her ass screwed off. Hell, life was too short. There wasn't anything he could do about it. As he thought about his daughters, he knew that he was going to fuck all three of the females in his household as long as possible. He could blame the kidnappers, but for the time being, he was going to enjoy the delights of their bodies.

Chapter Five It had been a long afternoon. The women had been fucked repeatedly. Erin had finally been released after each of the men had taken a turn shoving their cocks up her asshole and spewing their hot cum to completely saturate her bowels. She wasn't even aware that Roger had been one of the men who had cum while she moaned and shook with repeated orgasms. Erica had remained tied spread-eagled to her parents bed as each of the men took turns fucking her. Tom had "forced" Roger to fuck Erica, although Roger was not resistant to the idea of wanting to fuck his older daughter. He was gentle with her and took a long time, doing everything he could to pleasure her. He slowly wormed his cock inside her softly grasping pussy hole as he sucked on her breasts and then gently kissed her. Finally, after a half an hour, Erica had cried out in orgasm and Roger had filled his older daughter's pussy with his sperm. Kristi had been forced to suck each of the men. Tom had told the others that they could use her mouth, but nothing else because he had plans for her. Hearing him say that made Kristi shudder in fear. She had almost thrown up when the Bill flooded her mouth. The taste of sperm was salty, but she stifled her gag impulse. As Kristi knelt submissively and Charlie pushed his prick into her mouth, she began to relax. Kristi put her hands on the naked hips of the man she was sucking, closing her eyes and concentrating on the texture of the muscle in her mouth. She ran her tongue around and around the head, and her saliva made the head wet and silky feeling. The man was groaning as she gently sucked on him. Tentatively she reached down and supported his balls in the palm of her hand. She gently played with them, and the man groaned even louder. After five minutes, Charlie held her head tightly, expecting her to try to pull back when he started cumming. However, Kristi began swallowing, her tongue continuing to tickle the underside of Charlie's shaft. Over and over she swallowed, catching a breath through her nose every few swallows. After that, the pretty Cheerleader simply sucked the pricks of the other men without feeling repulsed or disgusted. There was something that aroused her at being made to kneel nakedly sucking on these men. She would thrill when they would groan and moan. Tom had rained down vile names on her, telling her she was a sweet cocksucker, a nasty slut. When he came he was telling her to swallow his cum, to suck it out of his cock. She felt wanton, wicked, and extremely excited. At last, the men had dressed. They had made Roger put on jeans and a shirt as well, saying that men were entitled to clothes but that females needed to remain naked and ready to fuck and suck when ordered to. The girls and woman were not allowed to put anything on. They were ordered to prepare supper for the four men and Roger. They served the men in the living room and then were ordered to kneel in a row on the carpet, to spread their legs, arch their backs and lift their asses while putting their heads on their folded arms. The men joked and laughed, making nasty comments about the exposed cunts and assholes, humiliating the kneeling females. Roger said nothing, but his eyes moved from one to the other of the women of his family as he ate. His cock began rising and he made no attempt to hide it. Setting aside his empty plate Tom said "Well, I've decided on the sleeping arrangements. Charlie and Bob, you're in the King size bed with momma. Do whatever you want, but I want you to make a sandwich at least once." Seeing the look of confusion on Roger's face, Tom said "A sandwich is when a whore is double fucked. She'll take a prick up her pussy and another one up her ass at the same time." Rogers face paled as he realized what Erin was in for. "Bill, you sleep in the girl's room. You get to dip your prick inside Erica." Bill smiled as he looked at Kristi's sister. "I'll do the first guard duty. Then Charlie, Bob and Bill in that order. When your shift ends you take the place of the guy who is relieving you." Looking at Roger, he said "And Roger, you're going to sleep in the spare bedroom, the one with the Queen size bed. Kristi is going to sleep with you. You don't have to do anything to her, of course. However, beginning tomorrow morning, I'm going to ass fuck her, and I'm not going to be gentle. After I'm finished, each of the boys are going to fuck her up her asshole, too. If you want her to be ready, you'll take your time and stretch her asshole tonight and break her into assfucking right. It's your choice!" Roger closed his eyes. He tried to look miserable and disgusted, but his prick gave him away. Just the thought of bending Kristi over and fucking her up the ass made his cock ache. The women were ordered to clean up, which they did slowly, not talking or looking at one another. They were all lost in their own private hells. Tom had the men strip out of their clothes and stand in a line. The three naked women looked on fearfully. "Before we go beddie bye, we're going to play a little game. Erin, you get to lead off. Kneel in front of Charlie and blow him for one minute. When I call time, you'll move on to Bob and Erica will take over and blow Charlie. When I call time again, you'll move on to Bill, Erica will suck Bob and Kristi will suck Charlie. I'm at the end of the line, and after you've blown me, you'll go back to Charlie and start all over. When you whore's make a man cum, he'll fall out of the line. But until all of us cum inside one of your sucking mouths, you'll keep blowing us. Now, get to work, Erin." It was a game that the men all delighted in. Roger tried to not appear to enjoy it but again his prick told otherwise. By the time Erin got to Roger, Charlie was grunting as Kristi licked and sucked his prick. Erin looked into her husbands face. She took his prick into her mouth and watched his face as she sucked him. This wasn't something that they did very often. Erin had not enjoyed it, and Roger hadn't pushed her to do it. So it had always been dark when she'd tried it. However, seeing the look of lust beginning to overcome Roger's face made Erin realize what he had been missing. And the fact was that she didn't mind it all that much. She hated being forced, but the sensation of soft silky skin over a hard prick going in and out of her mouth was arousing. The girls followed their mother, sucking the men. They watched her mother out of the corner of their eyes, seeing her beginning to toy with the balls hanging underneath the cocks they were sucking. They imitated her. Bob was the first to go, and Erin was the one who drank down his seed. Kristi's mouth was around Tom's cock when he grabbed her head and fucked his sperm inside, making her swallow and choke. Erin Took Charlie's cum eagerly, moaning as he poured his rich cream down her throat. She also was the one whose mouth Bill was fucking when he let loose with streams of hot jism. Roger was the only one who hadn't cum yet. "I think Kristi and Erica should do the honors with Daddy. Erica you get his prick to suck on, and Kristi, you suck his balls." The two girls didn't hesitate. They both loved their father, and the afternoon of fucking had released whatever inhibitions they had carried around. Roger lasted no more than thirty seconds as his girl's mouths enveloped his prick and scrotum. One of the girls also pressed a finger between his asscheeks, and he began emptying his cock into Erica's mouth as he felt one of his daughters pushing a finger up his asshole.

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