Cross dressing gay fantasy act 2

Cross dressing gay fantasy act 2

He had asked me to do it again. It didn't take any convincing. I had really enjoyed our first time together. It gave me such a nice felling inside. Literally. I felt like he owned me. I somehow wanted to feel like his little wife. I stood alone naked in the bedroom. On the bed were white stockings and on the floor were red high heels. I sat down at the dresser in front of the mirror to apply foundation. I had big hoop earrings. I put them on each ear. I put on my brunette wig and positioned it so the hair covered a lot of my face. I bent down to roll up the white stockings on each leg. I slipped into the big heels. I then put on oversized black sunglasses. I looked back in the mirror. The look was androgynous.

He then walked into the room. He was already naked. I seen him behind me in the mirror. Those bulging biceps. That lovely barrel chest. I was getting a semi. I had told him what I wanted to try. He of course was up for it. I was a bit nervous about it. I'm sure He wouldn't hurt me. At least not on purpose. One last look in the mirror before standing up and moving to the bed. I lay on my back, raised my legs in the air, put my knees back towards my chest before extending my ankles over my head. It must have been quite a sight but I couldn't see it. I looked up at the ceiling then back through my legs towards him. I had seen this in porn and wanted to try it. What was it going to feel like? He then knelt on the bed before me and he placed his hands on the back of my thighs. He held my legs down nicely making it easier to remain in this position. I looked up between my legs as he knelt upright. He was lovely to look at. I bet all the girls fancied him.

He had a bottle of lube. He applied some to my anus. I could feel the cold sensation on my ass. He rubbed it in gently. The tip of his finger slipped in my hole. I let out a little OH!. His left hand pressed down on my leg whilst the finger of his right hand rubbed my anus. He then slipped in the tip again. He looked straight at me as He gently pushed his finger in. I bit my lip and I tipped my head slightly forward so I could see. From this angle I could not see the end of his hand but I could feel it. He gently prodded me. He had big fingers. Birger than mine. He slipped in and out. I was trying to feel how far he was going in. Not much so far. Then he pressed forward steadily and this time I could feel it go deeper. From this angle I could only see his wrist. He must have had his finger all the way in. He held it there for a few seconds before starting to gently finger fuck me. I lay my head back. I could feel his finger push in and out. I relaxed my shoulders and stared straight at the ceiling before closing my eyes. This is the most relaxed I will be. I know what's still to come. I lay still with my eyes closed as he fingered me.

He then pulled his finger out and I opened my eyes to see what he was doing. He had his cock in one hand and a Condon in the other. He was staring down at my ass as He put the Condon on. He knelt upright in front of me again. He placed his tip against my ass. I felt it press against me. He moved him self up so he was over me. His arms kept his body above me. He looked down at his cock. He used his right hand to ensure the tip was still in the right place. I wasn't sure if I would be of any help guiding him in. I lay there feeling quite nervous. I could feel the tip was nudging my entrance. His body pressed down on my legs but not too much. I was looking up at him through my sunglasses. He was looking down at his cock. I couldn't see down there at all. I could only look up at him. It felt like his head was in. He rocked his hips slightly. He was trying to work it. After a few strokes he tried to press forward a little harder. I could see the concentration on his face, I could see his barrel chest, I could see his big shoulders and I could see the ceiling. He kept on rocking his hips trying to work his cock into me. I couldn't tell how far he was in but it wasn't much. The feeling wasn't intense but I was still nervous. I had a look of concentration on my face as I was focused on the feeling of him penetrating me. He was nudging it into me. Then he stopped looking down at it and started to move his hips back and forth. I knew he must have been deeper in me. I lay there as he worked at it. Both my hands were palms down to steady myself. I was a bit tense. I felt like I was being pushed up the bed. His shoulders pressed against legs. My legs were being pushed into my body. My knees were pressing against my shoulders. My lower legs pointing straight up. I could see the heels on my feet way up in the air. I was also being pushed down into the bed. It was a bit bouncy. As he tried to get a rythem my body went up and down with the bounce of the bed. The bounce was fun but I couldn't help think that a slightly firmer matters might have been better. It was a thick duvet also. I had sunk into it like I was in a hole. My hair was no longer covering my face and my mouth was open as he pumped away at me. I noticed my own breathing was heavier.

He lowered his body down onto me. I could feel the weight as I was squashed into the duvet. My legs were pressing down into my body but I didn't mind. His bum bobbed up and down as he thrust into me. I wasn't being pushed up the bed any more and I didn't need my hands to steady myself. I placed my palms against his upper arms. I closed my eyes as I felt his biceps. The feeling of my ass being stretched was intense. I thought it might stay like this for a bit as it seemed like he had his rythem. I could hear his breathing. I kept my eyes closed whilst feeling his biceps with my palms and listened to his breathing. I tried to lift my bum up a little bit more. I thought increasing the angle might make it easier for him to fuck me. After slight readjustment he lifted him self up and then pressed back down locking me into this new position. He was really thrusting away.

My breathing became really heavy as my body was being bounced beyond control. I was just hanging on at this point. I felt like a literal fuck toy. It would be over when its over. I sensed he was having a good time. I'm not sure how much he noticed me. He couldn't see my eyes behind the sunglasses. They were tightly shut now. I glanced up now and again. My arms were spread out on the bed. I wasn't caressing his biceps any more. I was almost clenching the sheets. It wasn't too much for me but it wasn't far off. I was hoping he'd cum soon.

Then all of a sudden he pulled out. My bum fell onto the bed. He ripped the Condom off and and began wanking his cock. Within a few strokes he shot his load. He didn't aim. He shot over my cock and balls and towards my tummy button. My legs returned to their normal position and I just lay there. My ass felt ripped apart. I had no urge to move or get up. I felt my chest expand and contract as I breathed heavily. I didn't even want to lift my head. Instead I just lay back and stared at the ceiling. I could hear him in the bathroom. The sound of running water. I lay completely still. I preferred our first time together. It was more intermit. Much nicer. Hopefully we will do a repeat of that.

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