My Dad's Ex

My Dad's Ex

My dad was a little bit of a playboy...always had a girlfriend, always younger and always pretty and my dad often used me as a playing chip to show the girls how good of a father he was because i was so polite and sweet and thoughtful and yet, i was the complete opposite of my dad. I just learned really quick at a young age to analyse people and i became very observant and noticed the little things that push peoples a good way.

I was always the youngest in the crowd that was always there with the adults so i very quickly understood how to be around adults.

But initially, all the women would treat me amazing because the new girlfriend always does right?

Well this one girl...Lucy was super fun, cute and had a son half my age and she always said i was like her son and even though they broke up eventually, i always saw her because its a big crowd of people that always hung out and my dads always throwing parties so every time she would see me, she would be touchy feely...not in a sexual way (not that i thought of) but just very caring and always wanted me to know that she missed having me around and would hug me and pull me into her tight...and one would even blink an eye at that because everyone knew me, everyone knew that she was with my dad before so it was never weird...not even to my dad.

I was a pretty awesome kid

Anyways...My dad was having his annual Christmas in July party and there’s big tents, pig roast, live band, a huge fire and the party doesn’t stop until everyone falls asleep around the fire.
I watched this happen for years and the shit i saw was funny!!!

I’m was in my senior year at this point and to give you an idea...i always looked way older then i was and acted older so try not to think these women are sicko’s

At this point, on this particular night…it was getting pretty late, there was about 75 to 100 people still there and a lot of people around the fire and i was walking around talking to everyone...trying to figure out their broken up, drunken French/English chit chat and then i came across my head i was like...great, she’s we go...she’s going to talk my ear off...

She sees me and pulls me onto her lap in front of everyone and puts her arms around me to give me a hug but holds me there...and tries to have a decent conversation and i think she loved teasing the other women around cause their always teasing and saying how cute i was and she wants to show off that she has me...(women are weird, you know it and I know it) hahaha

Anyways, I’m wearing a baggy sweater and my jeans are baggy, kinda the thing at the time and im saying this because you’ll see its relevance in a few minutes...

As we chit chat, she’s holding me in place, not letting me leave and out of respect...(she’s older and my dads ex) i would not dare get away if she’s holding me there so i stay as she talks to others. At this point, her hands are clasped together under my hoody and around my stomach and my sweater is hiding her hands....its dark, no one sees anything anyways but as she’s shifting around.

...the unthinkable happens!!!!!!!

My cock starts to move....I’m wearing those Calvin Klein half shorts that are my cock is now growing down my leg and its uncomfortable. So i wait for the right moment to try and escape out of fear that she will realize i have a i try and adjust by slightly getting up and very quickly make a quick adjustment, relieving the pressure and pulling it upwards against my stomach....but no sooner is it adjusted, she pulls me back down...she immediately goes back under my hoody and does not clasp them but holds my stomach....just above my cock and I’m thinking I’m fucked!!!!!!...she’s going to feel it!!!!!!...she is going to freak out and make a scene and ill be embarrassed, my dad will be embarrassed but a few minutes pass and she keeps on moving and i cant help but think of my growing cock....

I can now feel the fresh air on the tip as it is now peaking through my underwear and my heart is beating like crazy…I’m trying to move as little as possible but then she decides to lean over to get her drink and when she adjust herself and her hands...they all of a sudden touch my cock....i immediately go to get up and she grips my cock hard under my shirt and holds me there....i don’t know what to do.


With little movement, she teased the fuck out of me....she held my cock hard with one hand and played with the tip with the other and no talking....she knew what she was doing!

I held it in as long as i could and just before i came....the first words i say to her is...”you have to stop”.....she ignores me keeps on going but much lighter touch. I look at her in the eyes and say...”u don’t understand....stop!”....she immediately let go because she now knew what i meant

She waited a few seconds and said...ok me in the washroom in 5!

I left and waited near the washroom and I was wondering what the hell was going on....i was hardon was almost gone (just thick but soft)....but i here her walk near and then walk past me as she tells me to come in....

She says: “don’t say a word, it will never happen again after this i promise”....i still say nothing....she asks me if I’ve ever had my cock sucked and i mutter the words “no”.

She gets on her knees and asks me to hold up my sweater as she pulls my pants around my thighs and begins to massage my cock through my underwear.

I’m a little embarrassed at this point because I’m not hard...probably because I’m nervous...but she doesn’t say a thing...pulls down my underwear and in one motion, slurps up my limp cock into her hot mouth and just juggles it in there as i feel it growing in her mout.

(ever since then...its my favourite thing to do....feel my cock grow in a women’s mouth)

She waits until my cock is so hard that she has to adjust the angle of her head and only then does she deep throat my cock and lets her spit run down my cock and around my balls. Her free hand begins to cup my teenage balls and massages it while she strokes and sucks my cock.

I have had my cock jerked off by high school girlfriends but never sucked and she began the process of ruining that experience for all other women by giving me the best blowjob imaginable...

I reached down and played with her tits a bit and she never objected....i put my hand down her shirt and into her bra and played with her bare tits.

The feeling of a real women’s tits was too much for me to legs began to shake and she release my balls and held my legs instead to keep me steady as she worked it harder and faster, like she had something to prove...and she i moaned “I’m about to cum”...she backed up slightly and opened her mouth and jerked it off hard....banging my balls on every stroke as i gripped the counter and grinded me teeth as a strong load of cum shot out onto her face, missing her mouth followed by a few streams of jetting cum shouting into her mouth as i experienced what was for me at the time...the most sexiest thing i could have ever imagined.

She took it all and licked me clean and stood up in front of me and looked at me as i watched her swallow all my teenage cum

...and then she walked away...

Let me know if you want “the following summer with my Dad’s ex”

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