Slave to Mistress Part 2

Slave to Mistress Part 2

Part 2 is here! longer than the first one so I hope you all like it.


Elizabeth was furious. Not only was her slave not at the door, she wasn't even in the house! At first Elizabeth thought it was Lucy's way to get her to 'punish' her, but now she was unsure. "I give her everything and she just leaves me? It makes no sense!" Elizabeth pushes over a cabinet, breaking it and sending sex toys flying across the floor, "Fuck, now I have to clean this up myself." As she begins collecting the various dildos, vibrators, whips and bindings, she hears the door open and rushes out the room filled with anger. "Dammit slave, where have you been? I told you 5 exa- Lucy?" Elizabeth looks at Lucy in the doorway in shock. Instead of the small girl she’s had as a slave for the past three years, instead of her stands a 6'2" Amazon, her muscles pulsing underneath the tight-fitting lab coat, her massive breasts pushed together and the tip of something thick poking out between her legs "Hello Elizabeth, how do you like the new me?" Lucy says, a devilish smile spreading across her face, "What the hell happened to you Lucy?" Elizabeth says with a mixture of fear and lust in her voice as she takes in her slave's new form. Lucy tugs on the leash in hand, something Elizabeth only notices now, distracted by the perfectly shaped breasts in front of her, nipples piercing the thin cloth. From behind Lucy crawls a girl; Elizabeth vaguely remembers her, Jessica maybe? As she crawls out Elizabeth sees that all she is wearing is a lab coat like Lucy, except hers has been left open to let all her look see large breasts and delicious pink nipples. "You remember my friends Jessica?” Lucy asks, “Jess here made a nice little formula and from it I have been gifted with the body of a true goddess. It’s much better than your frail form."

Regaining some of her composure, Elizabeth attempts to reassert herself, "Well if that's the case you should have no trouble cleaning the mess in the other room, because of your lateness I grew angry and broke the toy cabinet. Go on now slave before I add to your punishment."
"Oh I'm not your slave anymore, so you can clean it up yourself."
"I will do no such thing! I am your Mistress and you will obey me." Anger fills me once again.
"No, you see I have don't have to obey you and it's for one important reason. Jessica, remove my coat."
"Of course Mistress" Jess stands up and unbuttons the coat, her body blocking Elizabeth's view. "Good slave, now you may have your reward."
"Thank you, Mistress." Jess slides to the floor and as she does I realise the biggest change: between Lucy’s legs is a huge, 11" cock, bigger than any of their sex toys and dripping with girl cum. The cock disappears quickly as Jess begins to take it in her mouth, moaning in delight from the taste as she coats the length in her spit as it slides into her throat making her gag.
"Oh my god, you're a freak!" I say in shock, reeling back from the sight, "What the fuck happened to you?"
"I became so much more than what I was with you, my cock feels amazing and the new strength lets me take whoever I want as my own; including you." With that she pushes Jess out of the way and grabs me by the neck, pushing me up against the wall. I try to resist but all I can do is scratch at her arm as she tears off my clothes. Even as I scream, I can feel my pussy getting wetter.
"What do you want from me?" I ask in fear as she begins to play with my nipple, making me moan. "Simple,” she replies, “I want you to be mine. As of today you're my slave, just like Jessica." As she says that, Jessica begins to crawl over "Do you want me to prepare her for you, Mistress?"
"Please do slave, but I have some plans for her so don't let her cum." Jessica crawls underneath me and begins to lick my pussy. Slowly at first her tongue explores my cunt, paying special attention to my clit to make me moan but always pulling back as I feel the orgasm building, "Stop this," I moan, "stop this and I won't punish you."
"Punish me? How do you think you'll do that? I'm taller and stronger than you, and no longer are you are more wilful than I." She strengthens her grip on my throat and I feel my breath escape me and my cunt drip with lust from the pain. I try to resist, but I feel my strength leaving me; in a final act of defiance I swing a fist at Lucy, hitting her jaw and causing her to drop me to the ground, falling onto Jessica.
"How dare you strike me!" Lucy yells grabbing me by my hair and dragging me into the basement, the realization filing me with fear.

"You kept this room for when I truly misbehaved” she says to me, “but now I'm going to use it for you."
"No please! I'm sorry I hit you!"
"It's too late for that, get ready for your punishment"
The basement was a room we hadn't used since Lucy first started to live with me, when she still believed she had some control in the relationship. The room was built of dark stone, racks of various sex toys and equipment lining the walls, all surrounding a wooden X. Against her new strength, my struggling was pointless as she locked me into place. Silently, Lucy begins to collect toys: three small vibrators, sex tape, candles, a 7" vibrator and a string of twelve anal beads, "These will be your punishment. Jessica, please assist me."
"Of course Mistress." she replies, getting off her knees from next to Lucy and removing her fingers from her pussy, ropes of her cum trailing her fingers.
They get to work quickly, Jessica inserting the vibrator into my pussy and the beads into my ass while Lucy tapes the smaller vibrators to my clit and nipples, setting the candles up to drip onto my breasts, stomach and thighs. Looking at her work, Lucy begins to turn on the vibrators to their lowest setting and light the candles, "with my new form I'll need a new wardrobe. So while Jessica and I go out to do that, you will stay here and think about how you disobeyed me. I hope once I'm back you'll understand you're place."
I try to reply, but as I open my mouth the first drop off wax falls onto my inner thigh, the mix of pain and pleasure causing me to moan out in surprise. "Good slave, we'll see you when we return."


As they leave the sex dungeon, Jessica looks to me "May I ask you something Mistress?" She says, "What is it my sweet slave?" I reply, "Why not just take her like you did me? You could make her yours so much easier by simply filling her with your delicious cum."
"I know I could have, but I have been following her orders for three years now, and while it was fun after I accepted my place under her, I want her to realise how worthless her power over me is now and that I'm the one in control." I look down and take my cock in hand, "And it's all because you gave me this. Thank you Jessica."
"It was my pleasure Mistress, though I have noticed something as well."
"What is it slave?"
"Well while you cum more than any man because of your oversized testicles, the cum is still much like that of a girl: it's not as thick, but tastes far sweeter than a man’s most definitely. On top of that I'm unsure if you could impregnate a girl but from the amount I think if you have that ability, anyone who you fill will become pregnant without a doubt."
"So it's likely you'll become pregnant from me?"
"Yes, Mistress. I think it's very likely I'm pregnant, and I hypothesize the baby will be much like you, definitely a girl at the very least."
“Well then I want to spread my gift to as many girls as possible. Follow me slave.”
Taking Jess into the bedroom, I begin looking for clothing that could fit us. In the end I find a loose white skirt that ends at my knees and a low-cut tank top, giving me plenty of cleavage; any thought of underwear was made impossible from my growth, instead I use some sex tape to restrict my cock to prevent any public incidences. For Jess I find one of Elizabeth’s old outfits: a pair of denim booty shorts and a red, tieback top with a deep V-neck, “You look amazing Mistress.” Jess says, burying her face into my cleavage, “Thank you slave, but we have somewhere to be. I will reward you later if you behave.”
“Of course mistress,” she says, falling in behind me as we leave the house and get in the car.

Being in a large and rather posh city, the central shopping mall is large and incredibly overpriced, lucky for me that I have Elizabeth’s credit card. Finding a park, we begin to walk towards the shops and already I’m drawing stares from those around me; the attention filling me with lust and straining the tape. “I could have anyone that I want” I say to Jess, “And they would be happy to be yours, Mistress.” She replies
“In public just call me Lucy, we’ll draw less attention that way.”
“Of course, Lucy.” She replies happily, wrapping herself around my arm.
Once inside the mall, we decide our first stop should be Victoria Secrets. As we enter the shop, we’re greeted by the sight of some of the best breasts I’ve seen apart from my own. The employee running the store is a 5’4” bombshell with DD cup breasts, slutty 6” inch black heels and long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. Her outfit is simple and formal: black pants and a black button-up shirt, but with the top 3 buttons undone and a very nice push-up bra, her breasts were spilling from her shirt. Walking up to us with a smile on her face she greets us, “Hi there! My name’s Ashlyn and I am the manager of the store. It’s a slow day right now so I can help you pick out anything you’re after. Is there anything in particular you’re after?” distracted by her breasts, I respond with delay, “Uh, yes there is. My name’s Lucy and this is Jess, I recently grew a bit and need an entire new wardrobe, so I’m starting with underwear.” Leaning in I say, “I, um, don’t fit any of mine right now.”
“Well I can certainly see that whatever caused the growth did well, you look amazing! If you’re after a new wardrobe I can help you out.”
“Thank you! I’d also like a few things for my girlfriend, preferably the naughtier pieces.”
with a knowledgeable wink, she replies “I know exactly what you’re after. I’ll just have you two come with me to the back so I can size you up.”

Following Ashlyn to the back, Jess and I remove our tops and Ashlyn begins sizing us up. “All done! Jess, you’re a 34 D and Lucy you’re an incredible 36 E! I’d love to know your secret.” I can hear the subtle lust in her voice, have I found my next slave? “Well it’s just good genetics, haha.”
“Well I certainly wish I was part of your family then. How about you two wait here and I’ll collect some pieces I think you’ll like.” As Ashlyn walks away I grab Jess and kiss her deeply, “dear god, having her touch my breasts like that made me so horny, I don’t think the tape will last very long.” Jess looks back at me with lust, “Is there anything I can do for you Mistress?”
“Not yet, there’s nothing we can do without alerting Ashlyn. Just wait, I have a plan.” I kiss Jess quickly once more before Ashlyn returns with an armful of lacy bras and panties, “now these are for you Lucy,” handing me the sets hanging from her right arm, giving me a nice flash of her cleavage, “and these are yours Jess. The red and black one you each have I recommend, it feels great and I’m even wearing it right now.” Undoing another button from her shirt to reveal her bra to us. “It looks incredibly comfy.” I say, reaching for my own and putting it on, feeling the soft inlay rub against my nipples, making me moan slightly, “I said they feel really good, didn’t I?” she says, leaving her shirt undone, “It really does, but how do the panties feel?” I ask her, leaning into her ear as I say it. Moaning softly, she replies “They feel amazing, put on and taking off. Would you like to see?”
“Yes please, remove your pants for me.”
“Of course, let me just put a sign out.” Leaving, she returns quickly, “Now we won’t be bothered for a while.” She begins to remove her pants, turning away from me so to show off he round ass and the black and red matching panties. I reach forward and pull her ass towards me, biting the panties and pulling them down “Jess, lick her pussy.” I command, “With pleasure, Mistress.” Jess replies. “Mistress? I think I’m going to like this.” Ashlyn says, removing her shirt and pulling off her bra, releasing her breasts. “You’re going to like this even more.” I say as I spread her cheeks and sink my tongue into her ass, making her moan loudly and bite her lip, “Oh god, that’s good. I’ve never had someone eat my ass but it’s so good!” Jess and I dive further in, our conjoined assault on her ass and pussy driving her to a quick orgasm. Panting, she falls to the floor next to Jess, “That was amazing. Now how can I repay you for such an amazing orgasm?” she asks, tugging lightly on her nipples.

Standing up, I remove my skirt and Ashlyn sees just what was hiding beneath it, “You can take this in your mouth.”
At first I can see she is scared, but quickly the fear is replaced with lust for my thick cock as it’s aroma fills the room “I don’t know how you have that monster, but it’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and I’ll be damned if I miss the chance to suck that off.” Wrapping her hands around the shaft, she begins to take it in her mouth. Struggling, she pulls it out and begins to lick the head, massaging the balls with one hand and stroking the bottom half of the shaft with her other. Jess, with one hand in her cunt and another squeezing a nipple looks to me for orders, “Pleasure her.” I say. With a simple nod she moves behind Ashlyn and bites her neck softly, Ashlyn releasing a moan. Going further, she reaches around Ashlyn and begins playing with her nipple while her other hand descends in between her legs, find her dripping wet as she plunges her fingers inside of her. Her moaning into my cock improves the pleasure, and as she starts to force the head into her throat, I begin to feel my ball tighten, “I’m going to cum you slut, get ready! You too, slave.” in preparation she pulls me out of her mouth, aiming my cock at her face, Jess’ mouth as close to Ashlyn’s as possible. With one final stroke from Ashlyn, my cock bursts with girl cum, filling both of their mouths and coating their faces in my cum. Immediately they both swallow the loads in their mouths and start attacking each other’s faces to get as much cum as possible.
Once they finish I look at them smiling, “Now what do you say?”
“Thank you Mistress!” they say in unison, Ashlyn seemingly under the same influence as Jess. “Good slaves. Now Ashlyn, I think all this should be free, don’t you think?”
“Of course, Mistress!” she says happily, “Mistress shouldn’t have to pay for anything.”
“Good girl, you can clean my cock then.” Instantly she dives for my cock, licking it from base to tip, not missing a drop of my cum.
As Jess and I leave with bags full of lingerie and Ashlyn’s number. We quickly spend the last hour before closing time buying as many new outfits as possible. Leaving the Mall, Jess now has a very sexy red dress with a deep V to her belly button and tall, 7” heels while I’m wearing tight denim pants, the black and red underwear suggested by Ashlyn and a tight fitting white crop top, perfectly fitting to my breasts and showing my muscular abs. “Now let’s head home and see how Elizabeth is doing. I think you’ll like living with us Ashlyn.” I say to her, wrapped around my arm just like Jess, “I will love anything so long as I’m with you, Mistress.” She says, looking lovingly into my eyes.
“That’s good to hear. The collars look nice on both of you as well.” I squeeze both of their asses as they get into the back of the car. “Now both of you, please pleasure each other in preparation for what I have in store once we get home.”
“Of course, Mistress.” They say as they begin to kiss passionately.

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