California Girls 3

California Girls 3

California Girls 3

"Oh shit its 7am" cried Kate.

"Wow we went all night," smiled Hannah, "we are some hot horny bitches" she laughed.

"No seriously this is bad, my sister's gonna be home in half an hour." Kate said standing up, "Uh shit my legs" she moaned, rubbing her knees, "agh and my pelvis feels like someone beat it with a hammer."

"Wow last night was fun" smiled Hannah even more, "I should get myself a dog!"

. "Worry about that later, help me clean up some of this cum, its everywhere! Shit its everywhere!"

"You're wound pretty tight considering you just spent all night in a basically endless state of

"Ya, that was amazing" smiled Kate, relinquishing a small smile, "but I'll enjoy that later we need to clean up now!"

"Kate calm down," Hannah pulled her into a kiss and Kate melted into it.

"Thanks," she breathed.

Within the half hour the girls had erased all evidence of last night's romp ,except for a small stain on the couch, showered and changed. Rourke was lounging in the back yard the entire time.

Brianna's friend dropped her off just as they came downstairs from the shower and greeted her at the door.

"Hey Bri" smiled Hannah, giving her friend's little sister a hug, "Cute dress."

"Morning Hannah, Morning sis!" Brianna beamed, "Oh this, we went shopping yesterday afternoon." she twirled around in the light blue sun dress, modeling for the two older girls.

"Morning Bri" said Kate,"nice dress" she said as Bri spun. Kate noticed her sister hadn't put on any underwear, but said nothing. "We're going over to Hannah's house so its just you and Rourke, mom or dad should be home around 8, 8:30."

"Ok!" smiled Brianna, "I'm gonna go make myself some breakfast then, have fun" she yelled as the girls walked out the door.

Bri fixed herself some breakfast: bacon and eggs, Poured herself some orange juice and sat at the couch to watch some Modern Family.

"What the...." she said to herself, She scratched her finger along a wet spot on the couch and brought it to her nose. "ugh!" the smell was vaguely familiar but at the same time smelt spoiled. "Kate must have spilt some milk" she thought.

About halfway through the episode Rourke came bounding in to meet his favorite companion.

"Hey buddy" she cooed, leaning down to pat him, "We'll play as soon as I finish my breakfast." at the word "play", Rourke became excited and Brianna had to give him a piece of bacon to calm him down. That satiated him for the moment.

A half hour later Bri finished her breakfast along with the show and sat up to go wash the plate. Rourke followed closely behind.

Even though she was only a year younger than her sister, at 16 Bri was still only 5'2 and had to lean forward to turn on the tap.

The act of leaning over the sink pulled the short sun dress up, exposing her naked pussy and shapely ass, and Brianna didn't wear underwear, she didn't like it, to her it was too constricting, she reasoned the same with a bra but still them wore it in public. Knowing she would In the privacy of her home though she didn't bother putting them on today, so when she leaned forward and exposed herself, Rourke took the opportunity to sneak a quick lick, from her sensitive little clit to the tight, puckered entrance of her butt.

"Not yet", Bri moaned and shuddered.
She finished cleaning her dishes and sprinted up the stairs, her obedient dog following suit. She ran into her room, closed the door behind her and flopped belly-up onto her bed. Her skirt flew up and exposed her little cunt, but she quickly covered before Rourke could get a lick in.

After a few seconds Brianna managed to divert his attention to her neck and face. Rourke began enthusiastically licking her neck and face and Brianna shuddered at the feeling of that sandpapery tongue on her skin. It sent goose bumps crawling across her chest and always made her wet. A moment later Bri opened her mouth to moan, but it was cut by Rourke's long doggie tongue slipping into her throat. Bri tongued back, kissing Rourke in a wild passion.

Bri was absolutely soaking and didn't even bother with letting Rourke eat her pussy. She tore the sun dress off and stopped for a second to admire her little tits. They weren't as large as her sister, they were only B's, but they were perky and her pink nipples stood out proudly and Bri was fond of them.

Brianna stopped admiring herself flopped onto the bed. She lay on her back with her legs dangling off the side and her ass right on the edge. Sitting herself up on her elbows she ordered Rourke up and he placed his front paws next to her chest. Bri looked between his legs to see his throbbing cock dangling hotly. She was so fond of that cock, she had been taking it since she was 14, when Rourke was only 1 year old and a clumsy puppy. She thought back dreamily.

Brianna was a little disappointed in herself when, at 14, she accepted that she really found no interest in men at all. The only person who had every really managed to get her dripping was her sister, and as messed up as that sounded, she wanted her.

Bri would spend hours at night just watching her sister, sometimes while she slept, sometimes while she was on the computer when her parents thought she was asleep, and once, Bri had seen her masturbate. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen and almost came on the spot watching. She had rushed back to her room and stuffed her middle finger in her pussy to the knuckle, flinching at pain of the rough entry but exploding into a massive orgasm a minute later.

As she lay on her bed shaking in the aftermath of her orgasm she woke her puppy Rourke, who slept on the foot of her bed. He was only a year old and naturally quite curious. So when he woke up to the pungent smell of female cum he investigated, giving Bri's legs a tentative lick, then, upon finding the source, lapped greedily, rocketing Bri into another orgasm.

Once she had recovered from her second orgasm Bri noticed that her puppy, only 2 and a 1/2 feet long at that point, had a little boner.

Bri had heard about girls giving the boys they dated blowjobs and hand jobs and the older girls letting them fuck them, but this had never interested her until now.

"It can't hurt," she reasoned looming at her poor dog, " and I'd hate to leave him hanging."

Bri gave her first blowjob that night and came for the third time as she felt the cum slide down her throat. Rourke was still small, his penis only about four inches hard.

Two nights later she lost her virginity to him, cumming as he came in her and another time from his knot, still small at that time.

Brianna had watched, and felt, that cock double and then nearly triple in size. Rourke topped out at an impressive 11 inches. Bri enjoyed every inch of that cock since the day she first took it. Now it was her dog and her sister that fueled her sexual desires.

Bri knew that these had to be somewhat Taboo practices, fucking her dog and fantasizing about her sister, but frankly she didn't care.

Bri smiled as she thought back. But there was no need for memories when it was all right in front of her.

Brianna reached forward and grabbed Rourke by the cock, leading him towards her soaking pussy while he walked forward on his back feet. "auuhhb!". Bri moaned as she felt a hot jet of pre-cum squirt against her cunt. Rourke kept advancing and as soon as he felt her hot slick pussy he pushed forward, burying 4 inches of his cock into her tight hole. Bri let out a long low moan as Rourke sunk the last 7 inches into her gooey cunt.

Brianna smiled and wrapped her legs around Rourke's hips as he began to thrust, lubricated by her own juices and Rourke's hot, shooting pre-cum.

In seconds Brianna was red and wailing as Rourke thrust with all his might into his mistress. His hips were a blur as he flew in and out, the tip of his cock banged against her cervix and she moaned each time he bottomed out, "OH!....YES!......FUCK!.......YA!" Bri churned her hips under the battering of the canine cock, wailing as beads of sweat formed on her body. She sat up and tried to suck on Rourke's tongue but as soon as she took in her mouth she collapsed again.

Bri's pussy exploded and she gushed over Rourke's cock, her inner muscles clamping down on his cock, desperate to milk the buckets of cum stored in his balls. Bri thrashed and screamed and Rourke kept fucking, adding to the intensity of her orgasm as cum flooded from her pussy and continued to lube her tunnel.

It wasn't until she had come down from her first orgasm that Bri noticed the ball banging against the entrance to her pussy. It took her a minute to realize it was his knot, and shuddered as it slipped in and out of her sensitive entrance. Bri let it pop in and out while she played with her tits, rubbing her nipples and pinching them to add to her arousal.

She knew that once Rourke's knot started forming he was close to cumming so she humped back faster, slamming back on his knot and squealing as it pooped back out, her orgasm building quickly.

Finally, with one particularly hard thrust, Rourke hurried his knot in Bri and have out a howl as he blew his balls. This time the knot didn't come out and Brianna came as she felt hot cum splash inside her womb and run back through her over stuffed cunt, a little bit leaking past his knot and running in small streams down her butt cheeks and onto the sheets.

Rourke shot rope after rope of cum into Brianna, filling her womb and any available space in her pussy as she wailed and squirmed beneath him.

She knew that they would be knotted for a good 10 minutes before he could pull out but even more she knew that she could cum at least two more times just from the feeling of Rourke's knot against her G-spot, and she settled down on the bed, as she felt the first orgasm already building.

It was at that moment, as Brianna settled down with Rourke's cock firmly buried up her cunt, that Kate walked in the front door.

Hannah's parents had planned a surprise out-of-town trip and Kate had returned home after she saw her friend off.

She walked into the house and plopped down on the couch, absentmindedly scratching at the cum stain she had left on the couch. She was disappointed at the loss, if only temporarily, of her new found fun so soon, and as she sat on the couch in self pity she heard something strange coming from upstairs.

Brianna was to engrossed in enjoying the climb to her orgasm to notice the front door open and click shut, and within two minutes was wailing at the top of her lungs as Rourke's knot pressed against her g-spot.

Kate slowly approached the door of her sister and was shocked by the sound of the steady wailing. She had heard that before, it was the sound of a girl deep in the throws of a massive orgasm. she stood outside the door contemplating whether to peek when she heard something that peaked her interest.

Brianna whimpered as she game down from her orgasm, "Oh Rourke I love your cock so deep in me!"

It was that last wail that drew Kate's attention, she cracked open the door and gasped, letting the door slowly swing open.

There was little Bri, her face beat read while she was sprawled on the bed, her legs splayed wide o
open, while she twitched and moaned softly on the cock lodged deep in her pussy.

It wasn't until Kate began to speak that Brianna noticed her.

"Kate I can-" but she was cut off by her own moans as another orgasm washed over her and she came hard on Rourke's cock.

"Oh my god Bri" was all Kate could muster, staring hotly at her sister.

But Brianna didn't see that, she heard Kate's weak exasperation and tried to come up with an excuse while she struggled to pull herself out from under the dog.

"Oh my god Bri this is so hot" Kate purred.

At the sound of those words Bri ceased all struggling and looked at her sister, "huh? What?"

Kate made her way across the room, shedding her loose shirt and denim shorts and let them fall to the ground as she climbed up onto the bed.

Bri could do nothing but watch as her sisters clothes dropped to the floor and she crawled onto the
bed. Before she could even react Kate lowered herself on top of Bri and their lips met. Bri moaned into her sisters mouth and felt the familiar warmth in her pussy as it grew hotter and wetter.
While still locked in their kiss Bri reached up and took on of Kate's tits in her hand, kneading the soft flesh. It was Kate's turn to moan now and she reciprocated by pinching one of Brianna's erect nipples, and this sent her over the edge.

Bri gasped in Kate's mouth and her body stiffened under Kate and Rourke as she came for the third time since Rourke had lodged his knot into her. Bri's pussy gushed onto Rourke's softening cock and as she approached the end of orgasm Rourke's penis popped out, followed my a flowing river of cum that soaked the bed sheets beneath her. Before gasping at another feeling in her pussy.

Kate smiled down at her little sister as she watched her writhe in pleasure. Then when she saw Rourke's cock pop out and that flood of cum following she came up with a naughty idea.

Kate looked down at the cum still bubbling from her little sisters swollen pink pussy, reached over and pushed her middle finger into her. Bri gasped and jerked her hips at the feeling of Kate's finger slowly working its way into her tunnel. When she had only the first digit in she pulled back, slowly, causing Bri to moan as her finger dragged against her inner walls. On the next push Kate buried most of her finger in and pulled back out. Within a minute Kate had established a steady pace as she fucked the sticky cum back into her sister's hot cunt.

"uuuhhhhh" Bri moaned, "Kate you're fingers are so good.."

"you like that?" Kate purred hotly, "stuffing another finger into her sisters hole.

"mmmhhhh" Bri whimpered, suppressing another moan.
Kate stuffed two fingers in and out of her sisters gooey cunt while she slowly fucked herself with her other hand in time with her sisters moans.

As Bri felt her orgasm building she looked up at her sister, who sat on her knees with two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she watched herself finger fuck Bri.

Overtaken by lust Brianna reached over with her free hand and grabbed Kate's ass. She jumped before realizing who it was and have her sister a little smile, shaking her butt enticingly. Bri slapped her perky butt and Kate moaned as Bri made contact, leaving a small hand print.

"hehehe" you're a little dirty Bri.

"Uahh if you weren't about to make me cum I would come over there and smack the hell out of you're ass." Bri retorted.

"I'll have to keep that in mind," Kate smiled.

With that Brianna's body tensed and her pussy clamped down on her sister hand before she gushed all over it.

"auuuhhhh stop stop stop." Bri begged.

But Kate refused and continued to thrust her fingers until Bri screamed and tried to roll away, forcing Kate to remove her fingers. Bri lay on her side trembling as small streams of her cum leaked from her pussy and down her hip, one hand between her tightly clenched legs and the other covering her mouth as she tried to suppress her moans.

Kate sat there in awe of Bri's orgasm, it wasn't entirely intense but it seemed to over stimulate her. Kate turned this over in her head as she lay back and lazily pushed her middle finger in and out of herself.

A few minutes later Bri had recovered enough to take her hand away from her mouth and roll to face her sister.

"Kate?" she whispered

"Ya" she said, looking up between her legs.

"I have this feeling we should talk about this but I'm not sure where to start..." Bri trailed off.

"Okay, how about you tell me how you started with all this and then I'll tell you how I did, does that sound good?"

"Ya sure" Bri said.

So Bri told Kate about how she had started having fantasies about her and then how she started having sex with Rourke. Then Kate told Bri about the night before with Hannah and how she had lost her virginity to Rourke, like her sister.

"Wow Bri you aren't the person I thought you were at all." Kate breathed.

"Hey you had sex with your best friend AND our dog and then fingered me!" yelled Bri.

"Hey I wasn't judging," Laughed Kate, "but I'd like to do more than just finger you" she added.

"Kate can I eat you out?" whispered Bri.

"ooh I'd like that" giggled Kate. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide for her sister.

"No, sit on my face!"

Without another word Kate got down on her knees, one leg on either side of Brianna's shoulders and sat back.

"ammhh" she whimpered when Bri's tongue darted up at her swollen labia. Once she had relaxed again she leaned back again and moaned lightly as Bri spread her butt cheeks with her hands.

"Oh Bri" Kate moaned. Brianna took that as a green light and attacked her sisters pussy with her mouth. She was met with moans and whimpers as her tongue darted around the various folds and sensitive areas of Kate's cunt, and at one point when her tongue dipped into her hole Kate gasped and reached back, grabbing Brianna by her hair and pulling her head up as she mashed her slit down onto her face.

Kate moaned with ecstasy as Bri added her index finger and slowly fucked it in and out. Bri was amazed at how soaked her sister was, her finger slid in to the knuckle without any resistance and it gave her an idea.

She added another finger and mashed them in until they were thoroughly soaked before pulling them out. Brianna shifted her eyes from her sisters slit to her puckered pink anus, admiring the tight ring before taking her soaking fingers and wiping Kate's lube on the pink hole.

As soon as Brianna made contact with her asshole Kate squealed and a fresh wave of her juices flooded her pussy. She moaned on top of her sister, leaning forward over her stomach and arching her butt out to give her sister better access.

Brianna slipped her index finger back into Kate's pussy, re wetting it before pulling it out and taking it back to her asshole.

"Kate" she began, "can I finger your ass?"

"Please Bri!" Kat moaned, she had now totally collapsed on top of her sister, her head between Bri's legs and her soaking pussy only centimeters away from her gasping mouth.

Bri pushed and Kate pushed back until Brianna's finger penetrated her with a soft pop.

"Uuuaahhhhh shit Bri that feels so good" moaned Bri, her hands clawing at Bri's legs and ass.

She slowly pushed her finger further into Kate's ass before burying it as deeply as it would go.

"Bri please fuck my ass." Kate begged.

"Only because you sound so desperate and sexy." Purred Bri, before pulling her finger out and quickly sinking it back in, eliciting a whimper from Kate.

Brianna's finger was soon flying in and out of her sisters firm ass while her tongue ravaged her swollen soaking pussy.

"Oooh Bri I'm gonna cum!" wailed Kate as Bri felt her ass tighten up and grip her invading finger as a wave of hot cum flooded out of her pussy.

Kate squirmed in ecstasy on top of Bri, her hips and ass gyrating on that marvelous tongue while her hands clawed at Bri's milky legs and firm little butt.

Finally Kate collapsed on top of her sister and Bri let out a sigh.

"That was fun." she smiled.

"Ya" Kate whispered softly.


"Ya Bri"

"Can I watch Rourke have sex with you?" she asked, putting on that soft baby voice she used when she wanted something.

Kate smiled, "I'm not sure I can handle anything in my vagina right now, I'm a little worn out right now."

"Oh," Bri frowned

"But it felt really good when you had your finger in my butt.." smiled Kate.

"Are you saying you want to have anal with Rourke?" Bri gasped.

"That's not what I said." smirked Kate, shifting so that her face was resting on the comforter and her ass was poised high in the air above her.

"Rourke! Come" Bri called.

The dog, who had now blown his balls three times in less than 18 hours, came bounding into the room sporting a throbbing boner that was already leaking pre-cum.

"wow" breathed Kate.

Rourke jumped on the bed and began to lick Bri, first her mouth and then down her neck to her nipples, which caused her to moan, but she was able to stop him before he buried his snout in her crotch.

Brianna grabbed Rourke by the collar and led him to Kate, who's position was an obvious sign to what she wanted.

Without an order the dog jumped up and placed his paws on her back, Kate whimpered as little sports of pre-cum slashed her back, cheeks and pussy.

Kate brought herself up to her hands and knees and Rourke was able to wrap his front legs around her waist while Bri guided his cock.

"Bri make sure its slow and try to make it as gentle as possible." Kate whimpered.

"Of course," whispered Bri, giving Kate's firm butt a pat.

Bri stuck her finger in her drooling cunt and coated Kate's asshole in her juices while she held Rourke's cock, still pumping out pre-cum, against her anus.

Kate whimpered each time Bri slathered her asshole with her cum or a hot spurt from Rourke slid down her bowels.

"Okay, I think I'm ready" moaned Kate.

"Okay, I'll keep it as slow as I can." said Bri.

One hand holding Rourke's hips and the other holding his cock Bri guided him towards Kate's anus. She placed the tip against her tight muscular ring and let the tip shoot more pre-cum in while she held Rourke from humping.

When she saw Kate's asshole relax and open a little she slid the tip inside.

As soon as Rourke felt his tip in her hole he tried to hump forward, because of Kate's incredibly tight asshole, which only tightened up more when she felt him invade, Rourke was stopped after only an inch.

Rourke's humping did little to help his penetration and Bri had to calm him down and then calm Kate down until she was relaxed again.

Holding his hips, Bri slowly pushed Rourke's cock in deeper and Kate moaned with pleasure as inch after hot slippery inch slid into her asshole. When Rourke was about halfway in Kate began to push back and at the feeling of his cock sliding in faster Rourke humped forward and buried the last 4 inches to the root in Kate.


Bri quickly slid Rourke's cock out and gawked at how he stretched her sister out before finally his cock popped free.

Rourke futily humped at the air as Bri pushed him off and sat wide eyed, looking at Kate's gasping asshole as her muscles rapidly clenched and unclenched.

"Kate?" Brianna said softly, "are you okay?" never taking her eyes of her delicious ass

"Ya I'm fine I just need a minute before we try again." she panted.

"I think I have an idea to help you relax a little." Bri whispered

. "Huh-" was all Kate managed to get off before her little sister dived in between her cheeks, her tongue running circles inside her while saliva ran down her inner walls.

"Ooh Briii don't stop!" she moaned, "Auuhh it's soo good!" Kate buried her face in the comforters and thrust her ass up into her sisters face as her tongue dove in. She pushed her tongue in as far as it would go and bobbed her head.

"Auuh ggodd Bri you're tongue feels so good."

Kate's words fueled her lust and Bri squeezed two fingers into her sister's hot, drooling cunt, immediately pumping them in and out at blurring speed.

"Ahhhhh shiiit!! Bri I'm close," Kate yelled.

Suddenly Bri pulled away and she whined.
"Hold on Kate I have an idea." shouted Brianna as she ran from the room.

Kate was left, face down ass up, on the bed with Rourke's still hard cock dangling below him a few feet away from her.

Brianna came bounding into the room a minute later with a purple bottle.

"I found some lube in mom and dad's room" shouted Brianna triumphantly

"Ew they still do it!" laughed Kate.

"Ya they're like forty!" Both girls erupted in laughter before Bri remembered the bottle of lube in her hands.

"Ok Kate hold still." Bri placed the nozzle against Bri's ass and gently squeezed, watching a clear, gooey liquid coat Kate's sphincter and pour into her asshole.

"hehehe its cold," Kate giggled.

"Ok do you think you're ready again?" asked Bri.

"Oh ya I want it now," purred Kate. She felt Bri shift behind her and then felt Rourke hop on top of her, wrapping his legs around her waist.

He humped around but his penis just bounced off the back of her thighs and Bri had to calm him down and guide his cock.

When she felt the hot tip against her hole Kate moaned into the bed and relaxed, allowing Rourke's cock to slip into her lubed asshole without much trouble.

. Kate knew he was all the way in when she felt the base of his cock nestled between her plump cheeks and wiggled her hips, in awe of how that massive member had slipped so easily into her.

She only held this thought for a second before it was replaced by blinding ecstasy as Rourke pulled halfway out and slammed back in.

"Oouhhh," Kate moaned, "Bri let him fuck me now."
Overcome with lust Kate wailed as Rourke's cock slammed in and out of her tight asshole and felt her juices running down the back of her legs as her pussy flooded over and over again. Kate screamed with pleasure as she felt that hot cock slam in to her again and again. That hot cock stuffed her ass to the brim and Kate moaned lewdly as she felt her gasping hole stretch under the onslaught of her lover.

"Aahh fuck he's so big!" she screamed, trying to suppress her wails with the comforter. But with all the screaming and cumming she was doing Rourke still pounded away at her upturned ass while she wailed in ecstasy.

Wave after wave of orgasmic please crashed over her as the cock continued to drill her most taboo hole. Precum squelched out of her ass and poured down her legs, mixing with the cum water falling from her cunt. Kate burned with need and fucked back as Rourke thrust in, adding a while new level to the intensity of her orgasms.

Bri watched in complete silence as her sister took that massive dick in her asshole! She was amazed at how much he stretched her and even more amazed at how much Kate was screaming and cumming, it was visibly pouring out of her pussy and Bri even felt something dripping out of her own pussy, but she was distracted by something else.

"Bri!" Kate wailed, "his knot!"

Brianna looked up and noticed the base of Rourke's cock had swelled up and even though Kate's ass was too tight to take it, he was slamming her harder trying to force it in.

"Make sure it doesn't go in, I don't think I could take it" gasped Kate.

"It's not gonna fit." Bri yelled.

And with that Rourke stopped his humping and Bri held his hips in place as he came.
"Oohhh mmmyy goood!!!" Kate wailed as she felt rope after rope of hot cum slide down her asshole.

Bri gasped as her sister began to squirt and moaned as some of her sisters cum splashed onto her own hot pussy.

After what seemed like ages, only a minute, Rourke dismounted Kate and she moaned as his cock slid out, but she was too spent to cum again. Rourke left the room, also sexually exhausted from the night before and that morning.

Kate collapsed trembling as a little bit of dog cum dribbled out of her asshole.

Bri lay down next to her sister, ignoring the fire in her own groin as she held her shaking sister.

"That was incredible," she said softly.

"We should do this again," Smiled Brianna.

"Of course," Kate smiled back, "but not today, I need a break."

Kate fell asleep in Bri's arms and Brianna lay there staring affectionately at her sexy older sister.

. -End of Part 3-

. This concludes my first series and I hope you guys enjoyed! I'm going on vacation for a couple weeks and I'll try and work on the new story as much as I can.

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My uncle - my initiator Part 1

Today I m going to tell u the first-ever my introduction to the wonderful world of sex.It was the day when I had just celebrated my 16th birthday.I was a student of class 11.My father was a railway guard and often out of town,on duty.I had 2 elder sisters already married.Husband of father's sister Sabir arrived as me and mother were preparing to go to bed.He lived in a nearby village and often came to town and stayed with us.He usually stayed in the lonely room on the upper storey of the house.He went straight up. saying,I dont need anything to...


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