Why do things always Happen to Me

Why do things always Happen to Me

Why does things always happen to Me

Before I start I realize there are not a lot of men running around with a 12'' cock. And so I have dubbed this as a fantasy and as a Farce. Enough said now to the story.

My name is Samuel Longfellow I am the owner of one of the largest Security Companies in the state. That is how I make my money(seven figures annually) My passion is wildlife research and have a fellowship at the local College. I do my research on my 680 acre farm.

Now my downfall is I was cursed with a 12'' headache called a cock which has a large sperm count and recupperates rapidly. I have to empty it often and due to a few lawsuits I had to make other arrangements. I did say this was a farm... I make use of my livestock. I have an assortment, some cattle, a few sheep, a pony two goats and a donkey. I also run a small dairy.

Now other than having this enormous love muscle I am 6' 3' weigh in at 195 lbs and I have been told I am not bad to look at especially when I flex my muscles and display my wash board ABS . Oh almost forgot I am also a nudist.

I have my place well screened the road to my house has 10 acres between the main gate and the gate to my yard . There is a callbox and cameras. By the time you reach my yard gate you have been on camera well actually 7 cameras the entire time. Inside my yard fence sitting on 2 acres is a rustic native pine log farm house 4367 sq feet.and because of previous problems...

There are cameras every where even everywhere inside has saved my butt on a couple of lawsuits. My road runs south to north all directions has a gates to access the rest of of my acreage to the East lies the barn and it is setup as my milking area and othe reasons which I will get to later..

On further east roughly a half mile is my present project. In a ravine I have camouflaged an access to my work area which looks out over a small five acre spring fed lake . Less than a quarter of a mile starts my neighbors property. Anotherquarter mile is their access road. My fence has all kinds of No trespassing signs on it.

The neighbors

There three of them, the Mother Cara 35 years packing a pair of 38 ds on her chest and an ass that could match very well in a twerking contest . She had her oldest daughter, Rayette at almost 15. When I saw Rayette she made me think of a cross between Tinker Bell and a pixie. She is tiny only about 4' 9'' with a shapely A cup. Her hair was cute it outlined her face the tips just about her jawline and with bangs just above her eye brows.

The younger at 18 was the more adventurous, Sue was 5' 4'' with a b cup striving to be a C cup. She was a high school cheerleader who dated the star running back. There is where the trouble started. Sue loved to slip in and swim in my lake. She did not know about my work room.

It was always night when she would swim and I had no light other a small green light to shift discs or make adjustments. Since she skinny dipped I had lots of masturbation fuel... well do you blame me?
A couple of the tapes had her boyfriend Tommy joining in, it made a damned good porno. He was not up to my standards but for a high schooler not bad at all.

Sues escapades

I was a Friday night , They had won the game against their main Rival. Tommy had scored three touchdowns. To make it even better it was homecoming. Sue planned to make this a night to remember
she had snitched a fifth of Bourbon from her moms wet bar.

Sue and Tommy started out at the Homecoming dance It was hard for Tommy to concentrate. Sue kept swishing across his crotch and rubbing her titties on his chest. Sue whispered “Lets go to the car for awhile. Sue and Tommy began necking, Sue offered him a drink of the booze . Wasn't long till it was getting steamy in the car. It also had a distinctive odor emanating from it as well.

Sue suggested they go skinny dipping, Tommy started the car shifted into drive, Sue reached over grabbed his hand and slid it under her dress. Tommy was smart enough to know that was Sue's pussy he had a hold of, Sue was not wearing panties. Made him drive just a little bit faster.

Tommy stopped the car at the nearest spot to the lake they ran through bushes to my fence. From there my cattle had a path to the lake. They were laughing amd hurrying closer to the lake, occasionally they stopped to take another drink or for a mini makeout session... the bottle was going down rapidly.

I observed their approach and knew no more wild life picks now. I had been watching to raccoon s and a small Red fox but they were gone now.. Oh well it is porno time. They started stripping directly across from my work area. Sue did a burlesque dance as she stripped.she caressed her self running her hands up and down her sides. Finally stroking her boobs and pulling her nipples.

Tommy's mouth was drooling and he continued to nip at the bottle they waded into the water but still had the bottle. I heard a clink... They had finished the bottle and tossed it aside, I knew I would have to collect that bottle before it got broken. The kids were involved in a very sexy dance together. Sue says,”Let's get out.” her voice suddenly was raspy.

Sue lay back on the bank and spread her legs. Tommy nose dived between her legs and went straight for the money shot ramming his face into her pussy. At first he was moving pretty fast and Sue was wiggling all over. Then Tommy's movements had slowed down then stopped. Neither of them were moving.

I was torn should I check on them or continue to watch. After a few minutes I got worried. I left the work area as I neared them it was obvious they were both out. I was more worried about Tommy, his face was jammed into the ground. My 12 '' cock swinging around as I picked him up and lay him on his back.

In so doing I moved closer between Sue's legs.. Because of the circumstances and Sue with her legs spread and her beautiful pussy I couldn't help my self. The end of my cock was just above her pussy I thought to my self I will shift slightly and just touch the outside Yes the best laid plans... I shifted my hips slightly bringing my cock in line with her pussy...

The head slipped right in, I was straining to keep from going any deeper. Suddenly her eyes flew open. She grabbed my cock and pulled. My foot slipped and my body surged forward impaling Sue with 9'' of my 12''. Her eyes went shut and he head lolled she had passed out. All I could I do now was talk to my self.

“Here I am deep in a fabulous teenage pussy I should pull out.” My other head says, “But it feels so good.” I was trying to be good but I was losing as I slipped in another inch or two. Oh well I went in as deep as I could go. After a couple of minutes I felt her hips gradually starting to move I began to move with her;

Before I knew it I was long stroking this teenage pussy I really felt bad it was almost like rape. Then I soothed my ego by thinking this is what she came out here to do. I am just a substitute for Tommy, Sue began to move faster I matched her stroke for stroke. She tensed up and screamed and her head whipped back and forth.

My teenage dream had orgasamed, two more strokes and I realized it was my turn I tried to pull out but was just to slow. Well what ever will be, I grabbed her hips and rammed her deeply as I drenched her insides with very potent baby juice.

I pulled out washed off in the lake, went back to my work area and watched over them the rest of the night. After all there are predators out there other than me. Already it was eating at me what I had done.. Along about 4:30 they began to stir. They too washed off in the lake got dressed and departed. I did hear Sue comment about it seemed Tommy felt a bit bigger tonight.

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