Wrinkles Chapter 1

Wrinkles Chapter 1

Desi couldn't hide her disgust as she knelt at the feet of the ugly gnome-like man standing so smugly in front of her.. With closed eyes, a stomach full of butterflies, and hope beating in her heart she commenced sucking Juan's fat cock

It sounded preposterous, but Juan claimed his cum contained special anti-wrinkle properties. Desi desperately prayed he was telling the truth; she couldn't bear the thought of her beautiful face getting anymore wrinkles.

Focus on the end result, she kept saying over and over in her mind. Her mouth became transformed, alive with passion and recklessness, seeking the priceless treasure hiding in Juan's cock.


The Previous Day

Desi had it all, a stunning home set high in the hills, an older wealthy husband, a body to die for, and a beautiful face. All her friends came out to celebrate her twenty-sixth birthday party. A shiny brand-new red Mercedes convertible sports car sat in the driveway and another diamond ring adorned her hand; gifts from her husband. Unfortunately, Desi's happiness was dampened by an unexpected, unwelcome gift; she discovered her first wrinkle.

Like an invisible man, Juan served drinks to the snobbish upper-class crowd on the extensive grounds. A fountain shot water up and colored lights caught each droplet. The city lights sparkled in the lower valley. He couldn't imagine living in such luxury.

As Desi's girlfriends gathered around her, they all teased her discovery of a wrinkle. They said it was the start of a downward slope, and there was nothing she could do about it. Despite the extravagant party and well-wishes, Desi had a sour look on her face. She mingled with her guests and drank too much Champagne as she tried to drown her imaginary woes. The new wrinkle devastated Desi's spirit.

Breaking away from the noise, Desi walked to the edge of the sharp canyon drop-off. Juan casually walked towards the hostess with a nonsensical plan forming in his head,

"Good evening, would you like a fresh drink?"

Desi quickly replaced her glass of Champagne. She didn't say thanks or acknowledge the server as she turned away to stare at the hypnotizing twinkling lights.

In a surge of jealousy, Juan decided to have some fun at her expense. "Miss, I don't mean to interrupt, but I think I can help you."

Desi disinterestedly looked at the help; he was short, ugly, with a huge nose and a bald head. If Desi had to guess, she would say he was Mexican or South American.

"I don't know what you mean," she huffed, "and I don't appreciate you being personal with me."

"I'm sorry, but I overheard you talking to the other ladies. May I show you a picture of my wife?"

"Excuse me?" Desi got even more annoyed with the server.

"I think you will be impressed, please, only one brief moment; it may change your life."

Desi was perturbed but also intrigued, "Make it quick," she sighed.

"Please, hold the tray for me."

Juan held it out to her and Desi let out another huff, reluctantly holding the tray as Juan reached into his back pocket and pulled a photo out of his wallet.

"Here is a picture of my wife," he said proudly, "she is fifty-seven."

As Juan took the tray back from Desi, he handed her the photo. It wasn't his wife but his twenty-one-year-old daughter, Marie. She was beautiful like her mom, and he thanked God she didn't look like him.

"This is your wife?" inquired Desi as she looked at the photo, "She looks so young. Fifty-seven? Impossible!"

Juan smiled as Desi took his bait; her vain ego wanted to believe it was true. He could see the wheels turning in her head as she looked at him, trying to judge whether he was telling the truth or not.

"Yes," lied Juan, "that is my wife. I have a secret cream that keeps her skin smooth and wrinkle-free."

"I don't believe you," Desi snorted, "you would be rich if that were true."

"It's a long story, too long to discuss with you now. I am sorry, you're right, I should never have bothered you. Excuse me."

Juan took the photo back from Desi, put it in his shirt pocket, and walked away. He hadn't gone three steps before he heard her call out to him.

"Wait!" Desi exclaimed much too loudly. "Tell me more. I need to know the secret."

Juan saw other guests looking at them strangely. "Perhaps we could meet at a different time? When we have privacy."

"Yes, yes," Desi said quickly. The thought of being wrinkle-free captured her imagination. "Can you come here tomorrow? My husband is gone at nine am, and the housekeeper is off tomorrow."

"I am working tomorrow, and it would mean missing my wages." Juan looked into her desperate crystal blue eyes. "Maybe it is not such a good idea to be alone with me. What would your husband say?"

"I will pay you!" Desi blurted out in an attempt to get him to meet with her. "Is five hundred dollars enough?"

Juan hesitated; this was going farther than he intended. The picture was a joke. But five hundred dollars was a small fortune in his world.

"You must swear to keep our meeting a secret."

"Thank you. Can your wife come as well?"

"No, she works as a housekeeper for the last twenty-five years at a downtown hotel."

"Oh," Desi said as she gave the whole thing a second thought. If it was true and he did have a miracle cream, then it was worth the risk. "Never mind, be here at ten am, and we can talk more."

"Yes, Miss." Juan walked away to hand out more drinks. He chuckled under his breath at her rashness and how easily he had manipulated her. He wondered what he could get her to do tomorrow to get his special wrinkle cream.

Desi watched the ugly man walk away and thought about the picture. If the photo weren't fake, then she would give anything to keep her skin that smooth and free of wrinkles. Her closest girlfriend, Susan, cornered the ugly man. As she talked to the server her face lit up and she smiled curiously. Desi hoped the server didn't tell Susan about his anti-wrinkle cream or their plan to meet tomorrow.

Desi's good mood returned, and she rejoined the party with all her friends. Throughout the night, she kept stealing glances at the ugly server with a sense of hope at staying beautiful forever.


The First Meeting

Juan arrived precisely at ten am, hoping he could be in and out in five minutes. Desi opened the door for him and frowned as she looked at his worn clothes.

"Come in. Will this take long? I have a tennis lesson this morning at the club."

"Not long." Juan forced a smile at her rudeness. He closed the door behind himself and followed her into the mansion. He bit his tongue and told himself once she foolishly gave him the five hundred dollars he would leave.

"Are your shoes clean?" Desi asked. She looked down at his plain brown worn shoes, "Oh, never mind," she huffed, "the maid will clean up tomorrow. Follow me."

Juan bit his tongue as he admired Desi's young body. The white tennis outfit hugged her curves, and her ass wiggled seductively.

She led them to the back patio to several red-stripped padded chairs under the cover of an overhanging roof. Just beyond was the infinity-edge swimming pool giving the impression all the water was running down the steep bank. Juan saw the bustling city below and wondered what her husband did to afford such an expensive house.

Juan noticed Desi's tennis clothes emphasized her breasts and the white bra underneath. He found out her short white skirt was combination shorts as she flashed him a peek when she sat down. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and tied off with a pink scrunchie. Juan sat down in the chair across from her and waited for her to talk first.

"I would have canceled today, but I realized I don't have your phone number," Desi intoned in a bored voice. "So, what is this secret anti-wrinkle cream of yours, and why aren't you rich?"

Juan hesitated; she wanted to be blunt, so he decided to be as well. "I don't think I will tell you, you are being very rude to me." With that, Juan stood and turned to leave

"Wait!" Desi panicked as she saw her chance at a wrinkle-free face disappear. "I'm sorry. Please don't leave."

"You have the money? You promised me five hundred dollars."

"Yes, I will get you a check."

"No, I think not. It is best if your husband doesn't know about me."

"Okay, yes, give me a moment, and I will be right back!" pleaded Desi. "Please, sit down!"

Juan returned to his seat and waited. His daydreaming of living in such a fancy home ended when Desi returned with five crisp one-hundred-dollar bills and passed them over.

"My name is Juan. What is yours?"

"Destiny, but my friends call me Desi."

"Well, Desi, maybe destiny brought us together. No? If we are going to work together, then you need to call me Juan or Sir."

"What do you mean work together?"

"I see the horrible wrinkle on your face!" Juan's eyes surveyed her face. "That is just the first of many. Soon your whole face will look like a dried-up prune!"

Juan saw Desi shiver at the thought. "Come closer to me."

Desi leaned forward to let Juan look at her. She jumped but remained seated as he cupped both sides of her face in his calloused hands. His brown fingers massaged her cheeks and forehead. He frowned and kept repeating deep groans over and over.

"Is it bad?" asked Desi, from worry and disgust that he touched her.

"Not yet, you may have caught it soon enough. Once a wrinkle is there, you cannot take it away, but my cream will stop new ones." In fact, he could not see any wrinkles on her smooth white skin.

"Really? Whatever it costs, I want it!"

"Unfortunately, I only have enough cream for one person. So, it is either you or my wife."

"Can't you make more?"

"I do every day, but not enough for two."

"I don't understand? Why not?"

Juan looked at the pretty woman. This woman would never look twice in his direction, but now she listened to his every word like a disciple. He looked into her eyes then lowered his gaze to her breasts; they looked so cute in her tight top. Desi screamed desperation in her eyes and body language.

It was now, or never he thought. "The magic is in my cum. You need to smear it on your face to stop the wrinkles from forming."

Desi's mouth opened in shock. "What? How dare you!" she screamed, "Get out!"

Juan smiled fully at her for the first time, and Desi saw he was missing several teeth. His brown eyes held no sympathy, only amusement at her outburst.

"If I leave now, I will never return, no matter how much you beg me," Juan threatened. "You will grow old and wrinkly, and your husband will throw you away for a younger woman with smooth skin."

Juan suspected Desi was vain enough to believe his lies. He imagined the turmoil she was going through; the consequences were all that mattered to her.

Even though Desi was repulsed, she wanted to believe with all her heart that Juan did have a magic anti-wrinkle cream. "How do I even know your cream works? All I have seen is one picture, and it could be anyone."

Juan pulled out a small worn photo album and gave it to her. The pictures were of him and his wife taken over the past twenty-five or so years. The first photos showed a younger Juan and his wife, and as they progressed, you could see Juan's face age, but his wife stayed the same.

Desi noticed with growing excitement the woman's body and face remained young and vibrant! She remained wrinkle-free!

"I believe you!" Desi said with more enthusiasm than she intended.

Desi's body and facial expressions gave away her excitement, and Juan knew she was a blonde bubblehead in love with herself. The photos he showed her were doctored by his daughter using Photoshop.

Juan smiled; she believed his lies. The chance to do more overwhelmed his mind. "If you want my cream, I want to see you naked, or I will leave and take my secret with me."

Desi wanted to scream at him again, but she held back. He was right; once her face started getting wrinkles, her greatest fear was her husband would trade her in for a new model, and she would have nothing. That is how she ended up with her current husband, and the prenup she signed made it clear she would get nothing in a divorce.

"How do I know your cream works?" asked Desi, "I only have your word."

"And the photos, but you are getting ahead of yourself. What are you willing to do for my magic cum? What could you possibly offer me that would make me deprive my beautiful wife of her daily dose?"

As Desi thought about what she could offer him, Juan leaned forward, and she tried her best not to cringe as he caressed her face again with his hand.

"Such a beautiful face, what a pity it will soon fill with many more wrinkles." Juan sat back, waiting to see the extent of her misery.

"Anything," whispered Desi as she cast her eyes about, avoiding Juan's unyielding brown eyes. "I would do anything."

"I won't force you to get naked. But I will leave in ten seconds if you don't," Juan said with a big smile on his face as his tongue peeked out of the space between his missing teeth. His exploitation was an opportunity to have a memorable fuck, and who knows, maybe get more money as he preyed on Desi's insecurities.

"Can we go into the house? Somewhere more private."

Juan looked around and saw none of her neighbors had a view of her covered patio. "No," he said firmly, "this is fine for now."

"Are the pictures real?" asked Desi one last time. Fear and confusion added to the clock ticking down in her mind, she became paranoid that this was her one chance at staying beautiful

"Your ten seconds are up!"

Desi jumped at Juan's announcement. She never dreamed she would let a stranger treat her like this, let alone such an ugly man.

"Wait!" she exclaimed.

The chair squeaked on the concrete as Desi pushed it back and stood to face Juan. She hated his smug smile, big nose, and bald head; she hated everything about him. This whole thing was surreal, but the images of Juan's unchanging wife in the photos were astonishing proof his cum did contain a magic formula.

"Good girl, come close to me. I want to touch your young body."

Juan placed a hand on each of Desi's bare white thighs, and she shivered at his touch. He rubbed her strong legs moving up until his fingers were under her tennis skirt, finding attached shorts. The elastic waistband expanded as he slowly pulled her bottoms down until he exposed her white lace panties.

He left her skirt/shorts at knee level and leaned in to smell her pussy. Her scent was strong. He pushed two fingers between her legs rubbing her panties and reached behind her with his other hand to find she was wearing a thong. Her bare ass felt good and his fingers squeezed roughly.

Disgustingly, she stood still as this ugly man fondled her body. Common sense screamed at her to stop this insanity. She needed to control the ceaseless torment of belief and doubt. Her muscles tightened at Juan's prodding.

"Did your husband fuck your cunt this morning?"

She cringed at the "c" word; she had always hated it. "Yes."

"Did you wash after?"


"Why not?"

Desi didn't want to reveal her fetishes to this man, but she had no choice. "I like to keep his cum inside me."

"Look at me while I play with your cunt, This is turning you on, isn't it?"

"No!" Desi lied to Juan. She tried to maintain eye contact, but he looked like a deranged pervert. Never in a million years did she imagine this happening to her, right in her own home.

Juan's fingers moved her lace panties to one side, and he rubbed her tiny folds. He tried to push his index finger into her and found she was tight, like a virgin.

"You have a tiny cunt," laughed Juan, "does your husband have a tiny cock to match?"

Desi wanted to tell this obnoxious little brown man to fuck off, but the risk was too high. Her small opening was one of the reasons her husband had married her. Juan had guessed right; her husband's cock was barely four inches when hard and skinny as her little finger. They were a perfect match for each other.

"Please, Juan, god made my pussy too small. Your finger is hurting me."

"Oh, Senora," Juan smiled, laughing at her discomfort, "soon you will have something much bigger in you."

Reality set in for Desi and she tried to get away. Juan's ugly face prophesized future pain and agony. "I can't do this!"

Juan was powerful from his years of heavy labor, and he easily held Desi in place. Her attempt to break free lodged his finger deeper inside of her tight hole. She tottered in place with her knees bound by her tennis skirt as she bounced from one leg to the other.

"Oh fuck!" Desi moaned. "Please no more!"

"Stop it!" yelled Juan, "Stop your sniveling, or I will leave!"

Desi looked down at Juan's irate face. It felt like he had his fist in her. She tried to relax, her breath coming in gasps. A total stranger had his finger in her pussy, and he just threatened to put his penis in her. It was all too much for her. How did she get into this absurd situation?

"If you want my special cum you will do what I say!" Juan stood up to look into her eyes.

They were both about the same size at around five foot two. Juan kept his finger in Desi as he brought his face right up to hers.

"I want you to kiss me like we are lovers. If you don't, well, I think you already know the consequences."

Desi's blue eyes starred into Juan's dark brown ones. She was acting like a fool, but in her heart she wanted to believe his claims.

"You have to earn my cum," he said, frankly. When Desi did not answer, he wiggled his finger in her. "Are you ready?"

"Yes!" Desi exclaimed, "I want what your wife has. I want to be wrinkle-free!"

The illusion of beauty made her vulnerable and drove Desi to do what Juan asked. She threw her arms around him, and her lips met him, hesitantly at first, with her eyes firmly closed to block out his disgusting physical features. Desi felt his tongue try to gain entry to her mouth and fought against it. Only when he wiggled his finger did she relent and open her mouth to him. Now he was violating two of her three openings, and she knew would also take the last one.

Juan's chest pumped out with his good fortune. The snobby, young wife was putty in his hands. Every time he wiggled his finger into her tight pussy she would dance on her tiptoes. He did not know if it was in pain or pleasure, but right at this moment he didn't care. She was kissing him now and sucking on his tongue as he thrust it into her mouth.

Her pussy was getting wetter, and his finger was able to move easier, so he increased the speed and depth of his uninvited invasion of her body. Each push of his finger elicited a new moan or squeal from the ditzy girl. This new intoxicating power overshadowed Juan's ordinarily calm and accommodating demeanor. For the first time in his life, he felt like an alpha male.

Desi hated herself. This despicable little man had excited her. "Oh fuck," Desi moaned. "What are you doing to me?"

Juan was pleased with himself; he had taken control. Her tight pussy was leaking heavily with her juices and probably her husband's cum. Her head was nestled on his shoulder as she worked her hips on his finger. He grabbed her blonde ponytail and pulled her head back to look at her pretty face. Desi's glazed blue eyes filled with lust and shame.

"Take your top off, show me your tits."

Desi did not argue; she crossed her arms and pulled her top over her head, dropping it to the concrete floor, exposing a white matching lace bra. In a couple of motions, the bra found a spot on the floor next to her top. Desi tried to cover her breasts, but Juan slapped her hands down. Desi had small breasts and always wore padded bras to hide their size from everyone.

Juan tried not to laugh at the size of her breasts but could not help himself. "Really?" he laughed, "This is what you were trying to hide? My teen niece has bigger tits than you."

Juan's laughter and taunting further demeaned her. "I'm sorry," Desi said for no apparent reason other than humiliation.

Juan continued to laugh as he pinched one of her nipples between his fingers. "So, you have small tits and a matching cunt. You were lucky to find a husband who doesn't want a real woman."

"I know," said a defeated Desi. "That's why I need your cream; I need to stay beautiful so I don't lose my husband."

Juan stroked her face and looked at her in a new light. She may be a half-witted woman, yet she was no different than him. They both had day-to-day struggles.

Desi's face winced as Juan withdrew his finger from her vagina. Her orgasm was building against her own free will. When Juan presented his finger to her lips, she sucked on it, tasting her juices and her husband's.

"You have a big finger," she whispered. "Bigger than my husband's penis."

"Are you kidding me? Wait until you see my cock then!"

"Juan, we need to talk," begged Desi. "My pussy is very tight, but I have learned to use my mouth to please men. I promise you will not be disappointed."

"What about your ass?"

"Sometimes," answered Desi hesitantly. "It depends on how big the man is."

"Take my cock out," Juan ordered.

Desi reached for the zipper on Juan's worn pants; her hands were shaking at the thought of seeing his cock. She reached into Juan's off-white underwear and circled her hand around his warm penis. She tried not to gasp at the size. He was not the biggest she had touched, but several times the size of her husband.

As soon as Desi's fingers touched his cock, Juan almost lost it. Her small fingers stroked him in his underwear. "Look at it; tell me what you will do with my cock."

Desi pulled Juan's cock out into the morning sunshine. "This is crazy," she mumbled to herself as she got her first look at his cock. "You're too big for my pussy. I can suck you, though, and maybe if we use lube, you can use my bum."

Juan knew he should leave with the five-hundred-dollars, but his lust would not let him. Never had a beautiful white woman been so intimate with him.

"Suck me, get on your knees and suck my cock into your pretty mouth. Show me you deserve my cum."

Desi couldn't hide her disgust as she knelt at the feet of the ugly gnome-like man standing so smugly in front of her.. Her tennis skirt gave her knees some comfort from the harsh concrete surface but not much.

She was surprised to find his cock smelled fresh and clean as she nuzzled her face into him. It had been a long time since she had a cock in her mouth that had substance. With closed eyes, a stomach full of butterflies, and hope beating in her heart she commenced sucking Juan's fat cock

Focus on the end result, she kept saying over and over in her mind. Her mouth became transformed, alive with passion and recklessness, seeking the priceless treasure hiding in Juan's cock. It sounded preposterous, but Juan claimed his cum contained special anti-wrinkle properties. Desi desperately prayed he was telling the truth; she couldn't bear the thought of her beautiful face getting anymore wrinkles.

Juan's cock grew in this foolish woman's mouth, her oral skills were excellent, but he did not want to come too soon. He loved the power he had over her. He pushed his cock all the way in her mouth. With a firm grip on her head, he held her nose against his stomach.

Desi sucked in air as soon as Juan's cock left her mouth. "You bastard!" she exclaimed as tears rolled down her face dragging her mascara with them. "You almost killed me!"

Desi tried to get up, but Juan held her down, "I thought you said you could suck a cock," he scolded. "That was a pitiful attempt. I don't think you want my special cum. You are a skinny, white, spoiled rich girl. Are you willing to give up all this?" Juan asked harshly, as he waved his arms through the air at the house and pool.

"I don't know you, and I don't like you." Juan stepped back one pace. "In fact, maybe I should give my cream to your girlfriend. She was interested too and said she would pay me more than you."

Desi panicked as she looked up at Juan, "NO!" she pleaded, "It was that fucking Susan, wasn't it? She has always been jealous of me!"

"Maybe," said Juan as he flashed his toothless smile at the new name. "Susan said you fake everything and would fake it with me."

"That bitch! She is the one with a fake nose and tits! Wait till I see her!"

"If you ever mention me to Susan, you will never see me again. Is that clear!"

Desi put aside her anger. This was more important than a petty dispute with her soon-to-be ex-best friend. "I'm sorry, you are right. Please tell me what you want. Please, Juan, let me try again," Desi begged as she re-grouped. "It's just been so long since I sucked a cock as big as yours. I can do better!"

"Take my cock in your mouth again. You will not hit me, and you will not try to escape. When I am ready, I will come all over your face. Or perhaps you would like me to call Susan instead?"

Juan did not have a mean bone in his body, but this rich woman brought out a different side in him. He resented her privileged attitude.

Desi never said a word. She opened her mouth, and with pleading eyes, looked up at Juan. She sucked madly on his cock, using all her old tricks. She sucked him as deep as she could and dreamed of being beautiful forever. Even if she had to do nasty things with Juan, it would be worth the humiliation. Desi vowed there was no way that bitch Susan would get HER cream.

"Very good," said a pleased Juan, "that is much better. You like sucking a real man's cock, I can tell."

Juan loved her new attitude. There were still several inches to go, and in one motion, he buried his cock to the hilt, past her gag reflex. His strong hands held her there as he waited to see if she would panic.

"That's much better," Juan praised. "Remember Susan will always be available if you don't please me."

Desi struggled to stay calm. Just the mention of Susan's name infuriated her, and she sucked harder.

Juan pulled out and gave Desi a hard stare. "My cum keeps my wife young and beautiful, She rubs it on her face, and it stops the wrinkles."

"How often does she have to do this?" Desi asked hesitantly.

"When she was younger, only once a week," said Juan, "but now that she is older, she needs it every night." Juan looked at Desi and shook his head. "If I give my cream to you, then my wife will have to miss out once a week, and she will start to age. I have not decided if you are worth the sacrifice. Perhaps I should meet with Susan first and see what she has to offer?"

Desi recklessly thought she could just give Juan a quick blowjob, get the cream and then never see him again. This new knowledge changed everything. One thing she vowed was her fucking girlfriend would never get Juan's magic potion, no matter what. "So, we would need to meet every week? And you would come on my face?"

"Yes, and of course, you would need to pay me five hundred dollars each time." Juan could not believe this silly woman was so dumb as to believe his story. "If I decide you are the one, then you will also allow me to fuck all your openings." he continued, "even your tight cunt."

Desi went white at that thought; she knew the pain would be unbearable. "Would you be satisfied with just my ass?" Desi desperately asked.

"Would you like me to call Susan?"

"No," Desi said in defeat, bowing her head and cursing silently at the thought of Susan being more beautiful than her. "Yes, you can fuck my pussy too."

"When you are with me, it's called a cunt," Juan corrected, "now tell me what I can do to you every week."

Desi saw there was no compassion in Juan's eyes. She had to make a choice, "Juan, please meet with me every week so I can receive your special cum. I want you to fuck my mouth, my cunt, and my ass and come on my face. I will do whatever you ask of me."

Juan wanted to scream out to the world in celebration; this beautiful young white woman was his to fuck every week until she realized there was no magic anti-wrinkle cream, and best of all, she was going to pay him to do it! Like the best poker player in the world, his face showed no emotions.

"You will be my willing sex partner, and you will pay me," he confirmed, "and in return, I will provide my anti-wrinkle cream to smear all over your face."

"Yes, I agree."

"Good!" said a smiling Juan, "I think it is time to see how tight your cunt is! Do you have any lube, or do you want me to use your spit?"

"Do you have a condom?" Never in her wildest dreams did she contemplate having unprotected sex with such an ugly man!

"Do you have a disease?" said Juan as he stroked his fat cock.

"No, but..." Desi started to say.

"Then it will not be necessary," interrupted Juan, "I will fuck you bareback, and my cock will go in all your holes."

Desi knew that sound traveled quickly from estate to estate, and she did not want the neighbors to hear her scream when Juan invaded her pussy with his big cock. "My lubrication cream is in the bedroom," Desi said, "can we go inside, please, Juan?"

Her pretty face looked at him anxiously. "You want to fuck me on your husband's bed?" he laughed. "Maybe we can invite him to watch next time?"

Desi froze at that suggestion, "NO!" she screamed. "Fred must never find out!"

Juan's laugh was so loud Desi knew her neighbors heard him. She had to get him into the house quickly before one of them called her. "Fuck me, Juan, fuck my cunt! Let's go inside now," Desi pleaded

Juan reached out and helped Desi up. As she bent over to pick up her clothes, Desi realized her mistake when she felt Juan's hand on her back.

"Stay like that; I want to look at your ass and touch you. Hmm, such soft skin." Juan murmured. "Pull your cheeks apart for me."

A shiver ran through Desi's body as Juan caressed her bum. She jumped when he pushed his thumb into her bum. "Please, Juan, can we use some cream? You're hurting me."

Juan switched to her cunt and pushed his finger into her once more. "Okay," he said as his finger went in easier this time, "I can't wait to feel your tight cunt on my cock!" Juan pulled his finger out and slapped her firm ass.

"That's for making such a fuss," said Juan at her surprised face. "Hurry before I slap your ass again!"

Desi grabbed her clothes and hustled to the patio door, knowing Juan would be right on her heels. This time she held the door open for him and let him enter first, showing him some respect.

"My bedroom is just down the hall."


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Chapter 3 of my series; Rachel comes to the front

Reading through this I have found some of the dialect from my area has snuck in,, so to save all the comments about spelling and grammar, I’ll explain it. We use ‘me’ in place of ‘my’ in some instances and our mother is ‘mam’, so when Rachel say’s “I fell off me bike” and “This is me mam” this is correct speak for her. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, that have got through. I was around 24 and Susan 20 when we married, in under a year I was made head ground keeper, due to Sid retiring, this gave me more...


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Sensuous Female

Name: Susan Dini Age: 36 Race: Caucasian Measurements: Bust 34,Waist 25, Hips 35 Height: 5'-4 Weight: 120lbs. I have been sexually active for 19 years having had my first sexual experiences at the age of 15.I am happy to say that I have a very high level of sexual drive. There are some who might consider me a nymphomaniac, however I consider my sex drive very healthy. There are times, although thankfully not very often, when I am lethargic about sex. I cannot even begin to guess how many sexual partners I have had over the years. I cannot even guess...


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Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 02a

The next day at college Janice found a bag on her desk with a note from Wayne telling her to wear what was in the bag. Janice quickly changed so she was wearing a black g-string, suspenders and stockings a skirt so short that it did not cover the top of her stockings, no bra just a white blouse. She walked to Wayne's office he had a friend called Mea that he wanted her to meet. When Janice entered Wayne's office he was by himself, he smiled and gave Janice a quick kiss. Mea is delayed but he is bringing a...


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The Samurai Lovers

In medieval Japan, in the province of Yedo, there lived a young samurai named Ukyo who pined day after day for the love of the handsomely beautiful Uneme. To Ukyo, Uneme was as perfect of a man as he had ever seen. He was young, like him, only sixteen at the most and had the longest sheet of shining black for hair. His face was smooth, free of cuts, blemishes, and as soft as cream which made him look far more youthful that he really was. When he would practice with Samanosuke, another young samurai, Ukyo would watch, as his small...


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Babysitting for the Joneses

I've been babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Jones for about a year now. They are always so good to me. One night they are going out to a big party in town. They had a few drinks before they left and they didn't put the liquor away. I decided to have a few drinks after the kids went to bed. Around midnight the phone rang, it was Mr. Jones calling to check in. I told him everything was fine. He said he would be home soon to make sure I got home ok. I told him there was no need, my...


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Give Me Some Sugar Part 1 - Rochelle's Tryout

​ Life sure is funny is how it plays out. I have never been a religious man, still am not, but I did listen to the Joel Olsteen guy when the times were bad. He was so positive, that helped, but he also talked about how God could make up for decades of crap, in just a few years through super natural increase. Like I said, I am no Christian and am agnostic about the existence of a deity, but I have to agree that in the least, life can make up for a lot of misery very quickly. In fact...


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