More of my nitemare final days

More of my nitemare final days

Aprl 5th and 12th

the5th was only an hour and a half of the usual ground and pound but the 12th was a lot more. she even was doing shots there. she broke so many rules that night, i dont even want to get started. I will add more details on this plus my take on it ...........tbc

im not sure how many took place betwen now and the last entry but here it is 11pm on thursday may 16th 2019 Whats new! well what isnt new is her decission to go over there at lame hours of the night . But he has gottenrejected for atleast 2 weeks and I know she hasnt been getting much dick here anyway. She has been pretty much a moody bitch for a couple weeks too. In fact ever since the trip to kentucky. I have been working alot of nights and when i get home she is either in bed un showered or handles it before i get home and is passed out. so i will add more when she gets back.

Well it seems like they both were long over due because they were just caught in the moment just loving the way each other felt. Alot of moaning and plenty of orgasms on his cockl and 2-1/2 hours later she comes in a new lady. Im showered in bed with a porno on and she gets up in bed and falls asleep with her leg up on me. none for me or the next day. Then she is helping me at work when she informs me he called. Within 2 hours she finishes cleaning up on the job, showered up and is on her way to get more of his big black cock. Its just 2 nights later .

Saturday night May 18th 2019... So i am sitting here waiting once again and so are you....

And so after 3 hours she makes it back and acting like they need to take a break. She even sent him a text saying she feels like he is getting feelings. He reassures her that he is not and when I listen to this and every other recording , I would suspect she is the one getting feelings. He is guilty of just fucking the shit out of her. She is on the receiving end of it and sounds like she is the one falling in love. Which makes me think back to when I asked her if she thought a girl could fall in love with a guy with a 10 inch cock just for his cock? Her reply was without a minute to think about it she replies oh definetly. I even have that on tape.

Luckily for me he doesnt hae a 10 incher. No, its almost 12 .

So we fucked when she got home for about 5 minutes . then she force fed me heher pussy while i jacked off.. She then said she was gonna start getting it more often and that she needs it. Well today is wednesday so if it doesnt happen tonite then tomorrow is a pretty sure bet. She has made no attempt to fuck me, So i just wait ..... its now tuesday may 28th and she didnt go over there this weekend despite him texting her thurs, fri and sat. We fucked once since that last time and it was saturday night . I was thinking it went well but after a while it was clear i was just teasing her and she wanted/ needed more . So she grabbed her big black dildo and sat on it while she took both hands a nd pushed down around the base of my dick and had me stroke myself off while listening to her recordings and laughing at me when i squirted on my self.We used to play like this before it all started with Al. But icant see it lasting when she tells him that shes trying to be with me more.

Friday May 31st11 pm She is on her way over there . She knew we had plans out of town this weekend and made sure we didnt leave until tomorrow so she could go get this cock. She told me she doesnt need it but as I sit here listening to it, she clearly needed it and tells him she hates him for fucking her better than anyone has ever fucked her. She told me not to jjjerk off that she wanted me when she got back. but when she got back she said he made her squirt big time and oh my fucking god! listening to it later he fucked her like i have nevver heard her get fucked before.

So she got on my dick for maybe 30 seconds and rolled off and told me to handle myself her pussy had enough. And now 3 days later as i lsten to it I understand. I also see things alot more clearer now as what he actually does to her and for her. I dont think we will be waiting a week till the next visit. to be contiued..Yesterday her phone was charging and it was open, so I read her and Als texts and she has omited quite a bit and lastnight he was texting her trying to get her to come over but she hadnt seen it, so she says. whatever the case i know for sure their is more to this than just sex... to be contined ..

It is July 26th 2019

Well he has been out of town for a month and she doesn't give me any info on his return. So for the time being I will just enjoy his absence. Im sure it wont last too much longer. We still are lucky if we fuck once a week. So this could be the last entry. peace out

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