Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 9: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut

Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 9: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut

Incestuous Flesh Massage

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Nine: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

“You are going to be such a good, little masseuse, aren't you, Mommy-slut,” my girlfriend said, a husky tone in her voice as I pulled my car into the back lot of the Lady Touch Massage Parlor.

“Yes, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong said, her voice submissive as she sat in the backseat.

We'd just picked her up from her home. We got to own her during the day. She was our sex slave. Well, technically she was Stefani's sex slave, but my lover was more than happy to share her mommy-slut with the entire family. We used Mrs. Armstrong, enjoyed her, and then returned her to her husband for the evening. We didn't want to break up their marriage.

It was hot making her go to church with her husband, to pretend to the world that she was his demure and faithful wife while we made her our whore. The last few weeks had been naughty. It was just such a treat.

It was all my brother's doing. Clint had manipulated everything, convincing the wimpy Mr. Armstrong that we needed to control his wife and keep her from being a complete whore. The supposed uptight woman was a slave to her lusts.

Now she was a slave to ours.

I stepped out of the car onto the gravel of the back lot and stretched my back. I shuddered, my fingers flexing. My hips wiggled back and forth as I closed the door. My lover sauntered around the vehicle, a wicked grin on her face as her mother climbed out, her auburn hair sweeping around her face. Mrs. Armstrong wore her modest dress like usual. You would never know she was a sex slave. Even the choker she wore didn't look unusual.

It was a gold plate on a chain that fit snug about her throat and read, “Devoted Mommy.” It was so innocent. I bet the women at church admired it, not knowing it was her slave collar, proof that Stefani owned her.

I unlocked the rear door of the shop. The massage parlor opened in an hour. Lee, Juana, and Carmelita would be along soon, but we were here a little early to teach Mrs. Armstrong. We wanted her to work here.

To give wanton massages.

“What if someone I know comes here,” Mrs. Armstrong said as we slipped inside the parlor.

“Well, then they'll know you're a lesbian whore, too,” Stefani said. She smacked her mother on the rump. My lover's green eyes were bright, her pierced nipples pressing hard against the stretchy, material. Her breasts jiggled. “Isn't that wonderful?”

“Yes, Daughter,” said Mrs. Armstrong, her cheeks blushing.

I smiled and opened the door. I smacked Mrs. Armstrong's rump as she passed, her brown skirt molding to her ass for a second. I could feel she didn't have any underwear underneath. She wasn't allowed to wear any undergarments.

The moment she was inside, her fingers went to the buttons of her dress. She worked them down, popping the buttons through the eyelets. She bit her lower lip as she exposed more and more of her round breasts. They were the same size as her daughter's, but softer.

Would Stefani's grow larger now that she was pregnant, too? We just found out yesterday. Clint had definitely bred her that day we broke Mr. Armstrong and got him to agree to make Mrs. Armstrong our slut.

Mrs. Armstrong stepped out of her dress, folding it up, her naked breasts jiggling. Her cheeks still had that delicious blush. Juices gleamed on her dark-red bush. She wiggled her hips back and forth, her thighs rubbing tight.

“Mmm,” I said, sauntering to the parlor's employee breakroom, my fingers pulling up the hem of my halter top. I bared my large tits, my brassy hair falling around my shoulders. “We're going to teach you to be the best masseuse, Mrs. Armstrong. You're going to be loving all our customers without getting paid.”

“Eating their pussies,” moaned Stefani.

“Licking their assholes,” I groaned.

“Drinking their pee,” said Stefani. “Oh, wait, you only get to drink our pee.”

Mrs. Armstrong let out a low, throaty moan. She hadn't known about that perversion until Stefani pissed in her mouth two weeks ago, but she'd loved it. The older woman was such a slut. She wanted it all. She craved wicked passion.

I unsnapped the button to my shorts. I thrust them down along with my panties, my pussy freshly shaved by Lee this morning. My naked breasts swayed as I folded up my clothing and slipped them into a cubby. Stefani stripped beside me, her dandelion tattoo coming into view, bright and sunny on her pubic mound. Her pussy lips looked so juicy and engorged, her clit peeking out.

I licked my lips, aching to feast on her.

Her pierced nipples gleamed as she grabbed her masseuse robe. We wore these pastel, silk robes that were often doffed when we were alone with our clients. We had many regulars that came here just to have naughty orgasms, though a few women only wanted to be massaged.

We slipped out and headed to a massage room. I lit an incense stick as my redheaded lover stretched out on her belly on the table, her rump wiggling back and forth. Her toes flexed and curled. Her head vanished into the oval cutout at the top of the massage table, padded to provide comfort for her.

“I'm going to rub all over your body, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong purred as she pulled out the massage oil. “I'm going to relax you.”

“Good,” she said. “I'm super preggers. I need it.”

“You're not super preggers,” I said, shaking my head. “You're not even showing. I'm not even super preggers.” I was starting to have morning sickness. It wasn't bad, just some nausea in the morning that some saltine crackers helped settle.

“I'm super preggers, Yunie!” my lover said, her rump clenching. “I need to be pampered.”

“Of course, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong said, spreading the massage oil.

“Okay,” I said, moving around the other side of the bed, my large breasts swaying. “I want you to really work those fingers into her muscles. Don't be timid. You're not going to hurt her. And pay attention to what you're touching. You can feel where there are knots in the muscles.”

Mrs. Armstrong nodded. The married sex slave pressed her hands into her daughter's back. She massaged the flesh, working her digits into them. Stefani moaned in delight. I watched the MILF work, my pussy itching as she stroked her daughter's flesh.

Mrs. Armstrong's green eyes had a glossy passion in them as she massaged her way across Stefani's back, my lover groaning and cooing the entire way. My pussy dripped juices. It was so hot watching the mother pleasure her daughter.

Massages were such intimate acts. The rubbing of a person's exposed flesh formed a naughty connection. I bit my lip, my fingers itching to rub my cunt as Mrs. Armstrong went lower and lower, working in circles. I gave small corrections from time to time, having her put more pressure here, to work a little more vigorous there.

“Listen to Stefani's breathing, to the sounds she makes,” I said, my nipples throbbing. “You can tell if she likes it or hates it. Moderate your actions. Adjust yourself. If she coos, work there more. Relax her.”

“Yes, yes, relax me,” moaned Stefani, her voice already a little drowsy. “Mmm, that's good, Mommy-slut.”

“I'm glad, Daughter,” panted the MILF.

She slid lower and squeezed her daughter's rump. I smiled, watching the MILF massaging my girlfriend's rump. The MILF licked her lips, her fingers digging into those juicy butt-cheeks. Stefani's asshole flashed and winked as her asscheeks parted. Her pussy gleamed between her thighs, her juices dripping out of her.

The smell of her tangy musk, a similar flavor to her mother's twat, wreathed the air. I breathed it in, my heart pounding. My tongue flicked across my lips as the MILF's fingers dipped into her daughter's butt-crack. Digits stroked down the crevasse. She caressed her daughter's asshole, rubbing it.

Mrs. Armstrong bit her lower lip while Stefani moaned in delight.

“Just slide into her asshole,” I said. “You hear her. She loves it. You have to know your client and what she wants.”

“Yes, Zoey,” Mrs. Armstrong groaned. She pressed a finger into her daughter's asshole. I watched that anal ring swallow the digit.

Stefani whimpered as her mother's finger went deeper and deeper. My lover's rump clenched, butt-cheeks squeezing about her mother's digit. Mrs. Armstrong pumped her finger in and out of her daughter's asshole, teasing her, making her coo.

“You have another hand,” I said, “so keep massaging her. Caress her legs, her rump, even her pussy.”

“Yes, Zoey,” the MILF moaned. She shuddered, her wedding ring flashing on her left hand as she massaged down my girlfriend's thigh, leaving gleaming, oil-coated skin behind.

My pussy clenched. My cunt was on fire, wanting to touch myself. I bit my lip. My hips wiggled back and forth. Juices dripped down my thighs. This heat burned through me. My breasts jiggled and shook, swaying before me. My nipples ached.

I pinched them.

Pleasure shot down to my cunt. I moaned while Stefani whimpered. She squirmed as her mother fingered her asshole. Mrs. Armstrong plundered her daughter's asshole, the MILF's left hand sweeping back up her daughter's thigh to brush Stefani's plump vulva.

“Mommy-slut!” gasped Stefani as her mother massaged her hot flesh.

I loved it. Mrs. Armstrong rubbed her fingers up and down her daughter's slit, caressing her, massaging her twat. I licked my lips in delight, loving the sounds my lover made. Pussy juices ran down my thighs. My fingers twisted my nubs. Electricity shot down to my cunt.

“That's it,” I groaned. “Mmm, listen to your daughter. You're getting her all nice and juicy. You're pleasing her. Getting her excited.”

“I am,” the MILF moaned. “Mmm, she loves it.”

“Yes, she does,” I said, licking my lips. “So what are you going to do now? You can hear her passion. What does she want?”

“To cum,” Mrs. Armstrong moaned. “My Daughter needs to cum.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Stefani gasped.

“Then let's roll her over and start 'massaging' her front.” I licked my lips, eager to start.

The MILF pulled her fingers from her daughter's pussy and out of her asshole. Then Stefani flipped her over onto her back, her round breasts bouncing. Her nipple rings flashed. Her nubs were pink and delicious. She rubbed her thighs together, her clit throbbing.

“Start with her breasts,” I moaned. “Just massage those tits. Keep her on edge. Make her feel amazing.”

“Yes!” Stefani moaned, her voice feverish.

Mrs. Armstrong's hands seized her daughter's breasts, the diamond wedding ring flashing. She promised to be faithful, but she was our naughty sex slave. It was so hot. I reveled in it, my thighs rubbing together. My clit throbbed and ached. My juices leaked down my thighs.

The MILF squeezed her daughter's tits. She massaged them, working her fingers into those lush tits. Stefani moaned as her mother's digits climbed up to her pierced nipples. Oiled fingers massaged those beautiful boobs.

“Oh, that's it,” groaned Stefani. “Oh, Yunie, she's getting good at this. She's such a titty slut.”

“I am, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong groaned. “You're breasts are just gorgeous.”

She ducked down and sucked on a pierced nipple. Stefani gasped. Her body trembled, gleaming thighs rubbing together. The massage table creaked as she moaned. I twisted my nipples as I watched the sight, my tongue licking at my lips.

The tangy scent of hot pussy filled my nose, mother and daughter mixing together. A hint of my own tart passion seasoned that delight. My hips wiggled back and forth. My tongue licked across my lips. My toes curled.

Mrs. Armstrong nursed on her daughter's nub. Stefani gasped and shuddered. The MILF massaged both boobs as she loved her daughter's nipple. The MILF's lips sealed tight. Stefani's face contorted. Her head tossed back and forth.

“That's it,” I moaned. “Massage those titties. You're getting your client's pussy so wet. I can smell her.”

“Yes, yes!” moaned Stefani. “Yunie, my preggers pussy is on fire. I'm so ready for my orgasm. Ooh, this is incredible. You're doing such a good job, Mommy-slut.”

Mrs. Armstrong moaned as she sucked on her daughter's nipple.

I wiggled my hips back and forth. I twisted and tweaked my nipples. I pulled on them. My pussy was on fire. This was so hot. Mrs. Armstrong would be our lezzie slave. We would make her please so many women. She would eat all these pussies for us.

She would make us so much money.

“Oh, god,” I moaned, releasing my nipples. “Let's get down to massage her pussy. Let's drive her wild.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Stefani. “Massage my cunt! I'm on fire!”

Mrs. Armstrong popped her mouth off her daughter's nipple. She groaned and then slid her oiled hand down her daughter's stomach. She reached Stefani's shaved pubic mound. The MILF thrust her daughter's legs apart, Stefani's pussy lips spreading open. Mrs. Armstrong licked her lips as she moved to mount the table.

I smiled in delight as Mrs. Armstrong settled between her daughter's thighs. I joined her. I mounted the table beside her, my body pressing against the MILF. She glanced at me, her green eyes burning with lust for her daughter.

“You joining the fun, Yunie?” Stefani asked, arching an eyebrow.

I winked at her. “Just showing your mother how to massage a pussy with her tongue.”

“I think she knows how to do that.” Stefani shuddered, her hands sliding up to squeeze her oiled tits. “Mmm, I think someone just wants to eat super pregger pussy.”

“Why not?” I asked. “You love eating mine.”

Stefani laughed, a rich and wicked sound. “I do! Ooh, show my Mommy-slut how to eat my cunt.”

Our heads moved down together, our cheeks rubbed together. The heat from her pussy brushed my face right before we nuzzled into her pussy. The MILF and I nuzzled into Stefani's hot flesh. Our tongues flicked out together.

I loved it. Feasting on my girlfriend's pussy with her mother at my side.

Tangy juices coated my tongue. That wonderful flavor had my taste buds melting. I stared up at her as our tongues darted up her flesh. I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I teased her. Pleasured her. She gasped and moaned, shuddering on the bed. Her legs flexed.

It was so exciting to enjoy. Our tongues brushed as we pleasured Stefani. I caressed Mrs. Armstrong's tongue amid her daughter's flesh. We made her gasp and shudder. Her back arched, her tits jiggling.

I sucked on my lover's clit while her mother thrust her tongue deep into her twat. We teased her, making her shudder on the bed. Her fingers tugged on her nipple piercings as we pleasured her. We caressed her juicy labia.

“Oh, my god, you're both eating my preggers pussy!” she moaned. “Oh, Mommy-slut, I'm carrying your grandchild! Ooh, yes, yes! You love it! You love eating my bred cunt, don't you?”

“I do, Daughter!” groaned Mrs. Armstrong. She latched onto her daughter's clit. Her cheeks hollowed.

I licked down to Stefani's pussy's entrance. I darted into my lover's cunt. I swirled around inside of her. I caressed her, stimulated her. I enjoyed the delight of feasting on her. I thrust my tongue into her depths. I fucked my tongue in and out of her cunt.

I darted around inside of her. I loved her. I made her moan. I made her gasp. I swirled my tongue around inside of her twat. Her tangy passion soaked my tongue. Coated my lips. She gasped louder and louder. My cunt clenched, juices spilling down my thighs.

“Oh, my god, you two are driving me wild!” gasped Stefani. “Oh, Mommy, eat my bred pussy! Ooh, yes, yes! I'm going to explode. Ooh, do it! Make me cum!”

“Yes, yes, cum!” I moaned. I thrust my tongue into her depths.

Stefani bucked. The massage table groaned. Her breasts jiggled and swayed. Her pussy clenched around my tongue. She moaned and gasped. Her passion echoed through the room. Her face twisted. Then she cried out in ecstasy.

Tangy juices gushed out of her. They bathed my mouth. Her mother's mouth. Mrs. Armstrong and I licked and lapped at Stefani's yummy twat. Our tongues fluttered through her cunt as she bucked. My pussy clenched. I was loving it. She was cumming so hard.

“Oh, my fucking god!” moaned Stefani. “Oh, yes, yes! Yunie! Mommy-slut! Oh, you love my pregger pussy!”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned between licks.

Our tongues lapped at Stefani's cunt. The massage table groaned as she trembled. She bucked through her orgasm. My pussy was on fire. My cunt burned. I had to get off, too. I needed to cum. My pregnant pussy needed to be pleased.

Juices spilled down my thighs as I licked at Stefani's cunt with her mother. Mrs. Armstrong moaned as she devoured her daughter's cumming twat. I lifted my face, juices dripping down my chin. My large tits swayed as I let the MILF feast.

“Ooh, I need to be massaged next, Dandi,” I said. “Pussy massage.”

“Have to give my mother more practice,” whimpered Stefani. “Right, Mommy-slut?”

“Yes, Daughter,” moaned Mrs. Armstrong. “I have to be ready to please your customers. I'll be such a good masseuse. I'll eat all their pussies and lick their assholes.”

Stefani grinned at me. “Oh, she's going to be perfect.”

“Yep,” I said, my body trembling. “Oh, damn, I am just on fire. Let's switch places.”

“But she's going to make me cum again,” Stefani moaned. “I'm pregnant. I need all the orgasms I can get.”

“Then you can sit on my face while your mother eats me out,” I told her, licking my lips. “I'll give you all the cums you need.”

“You are the fucking best,” she moaned. Then she gasped. “Oh, damn, Mommy-slut!”

“Did she suck on your clit?” I asked.

She nodded her head, her eyes squeezing shut. “Oh, Mommy-slut, you have to stop. You have to practice on my Yunie. My sexy unicorn needs to have her pussy licked.”

I smiled at Stefani and leaned over the table. I kissed my lover, my heavy breasts pressing into her tits. She tasted her pussy juices on my lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as her mother kept feasting on her. I could hear the naughty licking and feel my lover trembling and twitching.

I broke the kiss. “Now get your greedy butt off the table so I can have some fun.”

“Ooh, greedy butt!” she moaned. “I should make you lick my asshole. It needs loving, too.”

“Maybe you should.” I kissed her again then broke away. “Now get moving, or I'll have Clint spank your naughty ass.”

“He wouldn't,” Stefani said. Then she giggled. “No, he would. But you wouldn't do that to me. I'm delicate because of my preggers condition.”

“You're two weeks pregnant,” I said. “I think you can handle getting spanked.”

“Nope. Delicate.” She rubbed her belly, my brother's child growing inside of her.

My hands rested on my own stomach.

Mrs. Armstrong lifted her cream-stained face, her green eyes looking dazed, a happy smile spreading wide. She beamed at me, her hands sliding up to grip her round tits. She licked her lips as Stefani wiggled off the table.

“Mmm, going to show me everything you learned?” I asked as Stefani slipped off the table. “Huh, Mrs. Armstrong. Going to be that married slut we all know you are?”

“Yes!” she moaned. “I'm going to feast on you. I'm going to devour you. I'm going to massage you with my tongue. My fingers.”

“Mmm, don't forget to massage her asshole,” said Stefani. “My unicorn likes it up the butt. It's why it took her so long to get knocked up by her brother.”

“Oh, yes, nothing like a hard cock fucking my asshole.” I grinned at Mrs. Armstrong. “You love my brother's cock up your ass, don't you?”

“Oh, I do,” she moaned. “He's so big and powerful. Nothing like my husband. If I married a man like him, why, I never would have thought of eating pussy.”

Stefani laughed. “You are such a cunt, Mommy-slut. I am going to love owning you. Ooh, I'm going to treat you like the fucking whore you are for the rest of your life.”

Mrs. Armstrong had this happy look on her face. She didn't have to pretend to be an uptight Christian. She didn't have to hide who she truly was around us. She had found freedom in being our sex slave.

It was so fucking hot.

My cunt grew hotter as I sank down onto the massage table. My hips wiggled from side to side to get comfortable as I slid into place. Juices dribbled out of me and ran down to my asshole. I felt the MILF's eyes on my cunt, staring at me with hunger.

“Get to massaging my unicorn!” moaned Stefani.

“Yes, Daughter!” groaned the married MILF.

Her hand grabbed my thigh, her wedding ring flashing. She leaned down, her red hair spilling around her hungry face. Then she pressed her face into my cunt. I gasped as the married MILF licked my twat. My lover's mother ate me. Her tongue darted through my folds. She stimulated me. Pleasure rippled through me.

Her tongue darted up to my clit. I groaned as she brushed my bud. My body trembled. My toes curled. My breasts jiggled as I trembled. She fluttered her tongue through me. This was incredible to enjoy.

It was just such a wonderful treat. I moaned as her hands slid up my thighs, caressing me as her tongue darted around my clit and fluttered back to my folds. She caressed me, licking up all the juices flooding out of me.

Then she thrust her tongue into my depths. Her tongue fluttered through me, massaging me. My breasts jiggled. This amazing rapture shot through me. My back arched. I gasped and moaned, savoring every bit of this.

“Your mom is a pussy eating fiend!” I moaned.

“I know,” she said and smacked her mother's ass. “Make her cum! Ooh, I love it!”

“Yes, Daughter!” the married MILF moaned into my cunt. Her tongue fluttered through my folds, teasing me, driving me wild.

Then my girlfriend sauntered to the head of the table, her pierced nipples flashing atop her swaying tits. She had such a wicked grin on her face. I licked my lips, eager to feast on her pussy and asshole. To make her cum again while I experienced the delight of her mother's tongue feasting on my cunt.

Stefani mounted the table. She threw a leg over me. That juicy pussy gleamed over my head. I grabbed her hips, a greedy hunger seizing me to eat more of her pregnant pussy. We were bred together. We would have our children only weeks apart. They would grow up so close.

We would be the best mothers. Not like that cunt eating my pussy. We would love our sons or daughters. We would nurture them, accept them, and love them.

I pulled Stefani down. Her pussy planted right on my lips. That tangy passion flooded my mouth before my tongue could even dart out. I licked through her twat the way her mother ran her tongue through mine.

“Mmm, yes,” groaned Stefani, shifting around, grinding her twat on my face. “Mmm, yes, yes, my unicorn is hungry.”

“My dandelion is pregnant,” I moaned, my hands clenching into her thighs. “I have to feast on her.”

As my tongue ran across her folds, I groaned as Mrs. Armstrong's tongue darted through my labia. This wicked delight surged over me. I shuddered, squirming on the floor. I moaned into Stefani's cunt, enjoying her mother's lapping hunger.

The MILF gave me such a teasing treat.

I whimpered and shuddered, squirming back and forth as the heat rippled through my cunt. The MILF's hands shoved beneath my rump. She gripped me. I groaned, loving the feel of her hands gripping my asscheeks. She massaged me as she thrust her tongue deep inside of me.

The door opened.

“Found them!” Lee called. “Ooh, they're being naughty, Master.”

I shuddered. Master... My brother was here.

“Yes, they are,” Clint said. “Good job. You can have an orgasm.”

“Thank you, Master!” Lee moaned, her voice getting throaty. “Could you... turn the vibrator to max and... Master!”

I didn't hear it buzzing, but I knew Lee had one of her favorite remote control vibrators churning away in her. She gasped and moaned as Clint's footsteps moved through the room. I was surprised he was here.

“Don't you have class?” Stefani moaned. Then she gasped. “Yunie, ooh, yes, yes, jab that tongue into me.”

“I have a late morning,” Clint said. “Thought I'd stop in and check on your slave's progress.”

“Ooh, she's being such a good Mommy-slut.” Stefani wiggled her hips from side to side. Then she leaned back, her pussy sliding across my lips followed by her taint. Then her asshole pressed wrinkled and sour on my mouth. “Just eager to please. She hasn't had an orgasm all weak, right?”

“Of course not!” moaned Mrs. Armstrong. “I've been good. I won't even let your father touch me. He's just masturbated to my naked flesh.”

“Good!” moaned Stefani. “That's what I want to hear and... Ooh, Clint, yes, yes, feel free to use my slutty mommy. She was just telling me how much she loves your cock.”

I shuddered as I pictured Clint unveiling his dick. My brother had such a beautiful cock. Every female member of the family—well, not his daughters so far since they were just toddlers or infants—loved his dick.

As I licked my girlfriend's asshole, I heard clothing rustling. I shuddered as Mrs. Armstrong jammed her tongue deep into my pussy's depths while her fingers massaged my rump. She squeezed my rear hard, gripping me as I feasted on my girlfriend's sour sphincter.

“Fuck my slutty mother's cunt!” Stefani moaned, grinding her asshole on my lips. “Ooh, you have to breed another Armstrong woman.”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Breed Stefani's Mommy-slut!”

“Master can't pass that up,” groaned Lee from the corner, her voice throaty with delight.

My half-sister sounded like she was in heaven. I wanted to join her.

Mrs. Armstrong's fingers crept into my butt-crack. As I rimmed her daughter's asshole, she quested for mine. I groaned into Stefani's sphincter at the wicked touch at my backdoor. The MILF's fingers danced around my puckered opening the same way my tongue danced around Stefani's.

The table rocked as Clint mounted it. We had sturdy massage tables just for this sort of fun. Mrs. Armstrong moaned into my cunt, her tongue wiggling through my depths. I knew why. Clint had his dick against her pussy.

She rocked forward and moaned. Flesh slapped flesh.

My brother fucked the married slave's cunt.

“Yes!” Stefani hissed. “Fuck my Mommy-slut's cunt and breed her, Clint!” Stefani wiggled atop me, rubbing her asshole into my mouth.

I sucked on her anal ring while the pleasure flooding through my flesh from my pussy. It was so hot hearing my brother fucking the MILF. He pounded her, slamming into her cunt while she feasted on me. Her finger jammed into my asshole, the velvety delight surging through me.

My tongue probed against Stefani's sphincter. I wiggled it inside as Clint's cock plundered over and over into Mrs. Armstrong's pussy. He grunted and groaned, fucking her hard. I shuddered, my tongue wiggling past Stefani's asshole.

I popped into her sour bowels.

“Oh, Yunie!” groaned Stefani. Her bowels clenched on my tongue. Her pussy juices leaked down from her folds to my lips, mixing with the sour flavor of her asshole. The tangy flavor enhanced my excitement.

Mrs. Armstrong's finger plundered in and out of my bowels, teasing me while her tongue fluttered over my folds. She licked and lapped at me, moaning as Clint plowed into her. She rocked forward with his every thrust, pressing her lips tighter into my twat for one wonderful moment.

Her tongue fluttered against my clit. Then she sucked on it. I gasped into my lover's asshole. My tongue twitched around inside of her. I fluttered in fast circles, teasing her. Her moans echoed through the room as her bowels clenched about my tongue.

It was such a wonderful delight to fuck my tongue in and out of her asshole. Her tangy juices kept dribbling down, pooling on my chin. She squirmed from side to side, her moans growing louder and louder.

My right hand gripping her thigh slid up her flesh, coming closer and closer to something naughty.

“Oh, Clint, fuck my Mommy-slut!” hissed Stefani, her bowels clenching around my tongue. “Ooh, I want you flooding her cunt with your jizz. Just flood her. Leave her dripping. That will be so hot.”

“So fucking hot!” I moaned in delight, my body buzzing. I fucked my tongue deep into Stefani's cunt as my hand came closer to her twat.

She grabbed it and shoved it up to her pussy. She pressed my fingers into her cunt as she moaned, “Ooh, Yunie, yes!”

Her fingers pressed two of mine into her cunt. I shuddered, licking her asshole while her juicy twat sank around my digits. She shuddered atop me, squirming. I groaned, my tongue darting around inside her asshole, teasing her as the pleasure flooded out of me and into her mother's hungry mouth.

It was such a wonderful, wanton delight to enjoy. This wicked heat that had my heart beating in my chest. I groaned in delight, my head tossing back and forth as the heat swept through me. I licked my girlfriend's asshole as her mother fingered my bowels. Mrs. Armstrong's tongue plundered my cunt. The pleasure swelling and swelling inside of me.

My cunt clenched around the MILF's tongue. My toes curled.

Clint slammed hard and fast into the MILF. She moaned into my cunt. Licking me. Lapping at my juices. I moaned into Stefani's twat. I thrust my fingers into her pussy's depths. Her juices soaked me while my tongue swirled around in her sour bowels.

“Damn,” Clint groaned. “Your cunt's just hungry for my cum.”

“It is!” moaned the MILF. “May I cum, Daughter? I haven't cum in a week. I need it. I'm so horny! I even want my husband to fuck me with his little cock. I just need it!”

“Once you milk out every drop of Clint's cum,” my lover moaned, her pregnant pussy squeezing around my fingers. “Then you can cum!”

“Yes!” the MILF moaned.

“Goddamn, her pussy just got tighter,” groaned Clint. “She wants my jizz bad. Your mother's a fucking slut. A married whore who can't control herself.”

“She can't!” moaned Stefani. “Right, Mommy-slut?”

“I need my sexy Daughter to control my whorish lusts!” whimpered the MILF. Then she sucked on my clit.

I gasped as my cunt exploded. Rapture burst through me. My body bucked on the massage table. The stars burst across my vision. Juices gushed out of me as the waves of ecstasy washed through my body.

I thrust my tongue deep into my lover's bowels and my fingers buried to the hilt in her juicy cunt. The pleasure rippled through me. The MILF sucked and nursed on my clit. Sparks burst through me as the rapture swept out of my pregnant pussy.

“Ooh, my unicorn is coming!” Stefani moaned, bucking atop me. Her pussy squeezed on my fingers. “Oh, damn, yes! You did good, Mommy-slut. Now make her brother cum. Do it!”

“Yes, Daughter!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned, her voice sounding feverish with need.

I fucked my fingers in and out of Stefani's cunt. My tongue swirled around in her asshole as the pleasure melted through my mind. Mrs. Armstrong's finger probing into my bowels kept me cumming. She stirred it around inside my anal sheath as she lapped up my cream.

The massage table creaked and groaned. Clint fucked the MILF with hard strokes. He buried into her again and again. He fucked her with all his passion. I could hear the strength of his flesh impacting hers.

It was incredible to hear.

It had me feeling dizzy. This incredible rush of passion that surged through my body. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. Mrs. Armstrong sucked on my clit again. She moaned with frustration. I could hear her fighting off her orgasm as my brother fucked her with hard, passionate strokes.

“Cum in her!” hissed Stefani, her pussy molten around my fingers. “Do it!”

“Yes!” my brother growled. “I fucking will. I'm going to make that wimpy husband tell the world my child's his. He's going to know every day that his wife would rather have my cock in her cunt than his!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” howled Stefani.

Her pussy convulsed around my fingers. Hot juices gushed out around my digits and flooded down her taint to my tongue plundering her sour asshole. That tangy treat seasoned the naughty flavors. My body bucked.

I came even harder.

I rimmed my girlfriend's asshole, dizzy with the strength of my orgasm. The waves swept through me. They drowned my mind with passion. My asshole convulsed hard around Mrs. Armstrong's fingers. She moaned around my clit as Clint slammed into with his passion.

“Fuck!” Clint groaned. “Take it, whore! When you see your husband, you tell him that I bred you! That he's going to raise my child! That he'll never fuck your cunt until your nice and pregnant!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Stefani howled.

“I will!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned. “Daughter, I can cum now, right? His jizz is firing in me!”

“Cum!” my girlfriend howled, her pussy convulsing so hard around my plunging fingers.

We were all moaning, the massage table swaying. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through the room. It was so incredible. I trembled through my bliss, hearing my brother grunt as he bred my lover's married mother.

Even Lee was gasping in the background. My half-sister sharing in this rapturous moment.

I loved it. I loved my family.

My orgasm peaked. The bliss died into buzzing delight. I groaned as Stefani slipped off of me. My lover staggered, grabbing the counter to keep from falling over. Her red hair fell about her flushed face. She whimpered, biting her lower lip.

“Oh, my god, yes, you're going to be an excellent masseuse,” moaned Stefani. “You're going to shadow me all day. Watch me please the clients. Learn every wicked trick.”

“Yes, Daughter,” mewled the MILF, her wedding ring glinting on her fingers as she lifted her head, her choker shiny about her neck.

She groaned as Clint pulled out of her. He marched over to Lee, grabbed her black hair, and thrust his dick into her mouth. He didn't ask. Didn't order. He just took her. Used her. My half-sister sucked with such joy bursting across her face.

She loved being used.

“Oh, damn, I could just lie here all day,” I moaned.

“You have customers to please,” said Stefani. “We got to make this popular. Babies are expensive.”

“Well, we can use Christie and Hikaru's cribs,” said Clint as Lee sucked on his dick. Those were his eldest daughters. They were both three, little terrors that ran through the house. “And we should have baby clothes that could fit them. Clinton has outgrown his.”

Clinton was his son with our mother. He was both my half-brother and my nephew. Our family was... interesting. At two-and-a-half, Clinton was the next oldest, followed closely by Lee's daughter Amber then Alicia's twins, Aaron and Cassandra. Aunt Vicky had yet to conceive, she was having fertility issues, and Clint had held off breeding Mrs. Hiragawa. Of occurs, that didn't count his other children with Juana, Carmelita, and the Mihara family. Twin Japanese daughters and their mother whom Clint had bred.

“I guess we have to be responsible,” I said, rolling off the table. “Our family is growing and growing.”

Clint grinned, nodding his head. “Yeah, I better get this law degree finished at some time.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “You have to make bigamy and incest legal. You have a lot of women who want to marry you.”

“I've kept in touch with Senator Reenburg,” Clint said. “And his wife is helping me draft some things. I'm going to have a summer internship at her law office next year.”

“Good,” I said. I stretched again. “Shame there's not time for me and you to have some fun, but I don't think the clients would like me dripping with cum.”

Clint laughed and shook his head. “Probably not.” Then he groaned. “Damn, Lee, that's it. You're doing good.”

I left my brother to enjoy his blowjob. I had to help get the massage parlor set up. We opened in fifteen minutes. I hummed, so glad I had my life. It was incredible, and it would only get better once my child arrived.


I clutched my pregnant belly as I stood in the bathroom. My belly was so swollen. I was only days away from my due date, my son feisty and active. He was going to be a powerful man like his father. I just knew it.

Stefani stood beside me, her arm sliding around my waist. Her breasts, swollen with her milk jiggled while her round belly nudged mine. She had a glow about her as she carried my brother's daughter.

“Mmm, hurry up,” I moaned. “I got to pee.”

“You always have to pee,” Stefani purred and then leaned in to kiss me.

Mrs. Armstrong, her own belly swollen with my brother's daughter, crawled up to me. She was eight months along. I don't know if Clint bred her that morning in the massage room or not, but it was close to that day.

She nuzzled her face into my pussy. I shuddered and then groaned as I relaxed my bladder. My piss flowed. I groaned into the kiss with Stefani. Our lips worked together, tongues dueling as the urine streamed out of me.

A wonderful, delicious tingle raced through me. I let out such a throaty groan, feeling almost dizzy from the sensation. My toes curled against the bathroom floor. Mrs. Armstrong moaned as she sucked out my piss.

My flow didn't last long. I pissed so much that my bladder just never got really full. Pity.

Stefani broke the kiss as her mother smacked her lips. “Now me, Mommy-slut!”

“Yes, Daughter,” purred the pregnant slave.

She crawled sideways, her large tits, heavy with her milk coming in, bounced and jiggled. I smiled, rubbing my belly as the slave nuzzled her face into her daughter's pregnant cunt. Stefani threw back her head, her face scrunching up.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned as her piss streamed into her mother's mouth. “Ooh, that's good. You wicked whore. Drink it all. Oh, my god. I love it!”

My pussy grew juicy. I smiled, enjoying the passion crossing my lover's face. She whimpered and then she let out a groan as her piss, too, ended far too fast. She panted, tits rising and falling as her mother pulled her mouth away.

“That was delicious, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong moaned.

I opened my mouth to say something when the doorbell rang.

I sighed. The day was done.

Stefani and I waddled down the stairs with the MILF trailing after us. It was so awkward being so front heavy, but worth it. I hoped my son would enjoy his two half-sisters. I had such dreams that he would love Stefani's daughter and turn Mrs. Armstrong's into their piss-drinking slave. It would be so wild.

At the base of the stairs, Mrs. Armstrong grabbed her blue maternity dress. She pulled it over her naked body, her head popping out, her auburn hair falling in lustrous waves. Her choker gleamed bright around her neck, proof of who she really belonged to as opposed to that wedding ring on her finger.

She opened the door. Mr. Armstrong stood there. Stefani smiled. She took her mother's hand, holding her tight, as they went through their ritual. “Now, I don't want you letting Daddy touch your pussy at all. No asshole either. If he needs to get off, you can give him one handjob but only if you feel he begs enough.”

“Yes, Daughter,” she said. You never knew what Stefani would allow her slave to enjoy. Sometimes she'd let her father even fuck her mother's pregnant pussy, but often it was handjobs and blowjobs if he was lucky.

Other times, he just had to masturbate.

“Now you take care of yourself,” said Stefani. “Rub that lotion into your belly. I want to limit stretch marks. I want you to be a hot grandmother when my daughter's born.”

“Yes, Daughter.”

Stefani nodded then handed her mother off to her father. “Night, Daddy.”

“Night, honey,” he said and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Then he led our Mommy-slave off.

Stefani closed the door and grinned. “He's so hard. He's going to want more than a single handjob, and he won't get it.”

“You're such a bad daughter,” I said, pulling her to me. Our pregnant bellies came together. “Making your father raise Clint's daughter while lying to the world and claiming the child as his own.”

“I know,” she purred. “Mmm, your brother really knows how to do revenge properly. They both love it.”

I smiled and leaned in, kissing my lover on the mouth while my son squirmed inside of me. Soon, Zane would be born. Then would come his half-sister Daisy followed by his half-sister Judi. I hoped he would have fun with them both.


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