Mom Swap

Mom Swap

Mom Swap

….I can’t believe I’m writing this. I’ve always been on the shy side and kept my ‘extra’ sexual desires to myself. I’m Connie (not my real name) and I’ve always had some sexual feelings for my son Chad. I never acted on them…..well I’ve peeked at him naked when I got the chance now that he was fully mature. I would say my feelings have tripled by now, and I have to admit I had a major crush on my own son. I was dreaming about him and getting wet around him. He ignored me and just let me have a little fun hugging him and rubbing his nice chest.

…My girlfriend Lena had a son Ron the same age and he was real hot. He liked me a lot and always would get me alone and tried to feel me up, much to my enjoyment. My sexual feelings slowly went towards him, since he was not my own son, and I didn’t want to get into that taboo guilt feeling thing. We all played cards and had a great time. My son Chad and my girlfriend Lena started getting real close and sat together on the couch and talked.

...The first time I saw my son’s hand on her bare leg I got a hot rush. I immediately wanted her son Ron to do that to me. I got him to go in our den which had a couch in it. It didn’t take Ron long and his hands were on me. I let him do what he wanted as I was getting a really hot thrill out of it too. It had been a long time since a guy had kissed my neck and felt my full tits. I melted and guided his hand to feel my pussy too.

….We hear: “Bye mom, were leaving.” We straighten ourselves up and heard the door shut. All quiet. Ron smiled and went to the window. He watch his mom and my son get in the car together and drive away. He smiled and said: “Connie, Chad did it. I suggested a ‘mom swap’ as a joke, and he just went for it.” I got red in the face as Ron came over to me and put his arm around me. He leaned in and said: “Will you be my mom tonight?”

…I felt a tremble in my pussy and it took my breath away. I got a hot flash through my body. Ron was making me instantly wet. Being the shy type I took a big breath and said: “I’d would like nothing better….‘son‘.” By calling him ’son’ did something to him. We talked about how he wanted to have sex with his mom ever since he was little. Without hesitation I blurted out how I has a big crush on Chad, but him being my son, I had suppressed it for years. We looked in each others eyes and it was an instant turn on for both of us.

...“I wonder how long they’ll be gone?” I said. Ron immediately called Chad and ask him. He said: “Ok!” and smiled and folded up his phone. He went back to looking in my eyes and whispered: (“ Until about noon ….tomorrow.”)

…I almost peed my panties.

….Being a single mom for a long time and a shy girl, I hadn’t had much male action in a long time. A little feeling and sneak peeking at my son was about all the action was getting. I had some hot dreams and woke up wet think about having sex with Ron. I secretly masturbated late a night thinking about Ron and I having glorious hot sex…..

…I was in shock as Ron began kissing me. I kissed him back ..after I turned off the lights in the den. Being shy, I liked it that way. I felt so free with Ron, to feel him and let him feel me. I pushed him back so I could lay on top of him. I was the aggressor?…oh yes and it felt damn good to. I now had a guy I wanted and had him trapped under me. I said: “I’m your mom and you’re my son. Now you do as mommy tells you to do.” I assumed Lena’s posture as Ron’s mom.

….I was shocked at what I was saying, but Ron was loving it. “Mom, I’ve had dreams about having ….well….naughty thoughts about you. Don’t be mad at me, ok?” I said: “Ron, those are normal thoughts to have about your mother, and I’m flattered that you have them. Now I have to confess…I’ve had some ’sexual’ thoughts about you for quite a while now. Can you keep your mouth shut about that, and never ever tell anyone?” He nodded his head. “Mom, I’m getting an erection with you laying on top of me…I can’t help it.” “Ron…what happens from now on is strictly between you and I…I want you to undress me.”

….That set the scene and now Ron was going to have sex with his ’mom’ and I was going have sex with my ‘son‘….

….It was a night we’ll both never forget. First time mom and son having sex. Button by button, kiss by kiss, tongue by tongue we let it just happen so naturally. He slowly undressed me as I lay there and let him enjoy doing it. He was excited and said how a son can never undress his mom but now he could. It felt so hot to have him undress me so careful and gentle. I ran my fingers thru his hair as I ground my pussy on his erection.

...Something a mom could never do to her own son….but I sure was doing it now. We continued doing our ’first times’ for doing everything. The sound of hearing your son breathe so heavy, turned on by you!… was un-describable. He now had me naked. The wonderful look in his eyes feasting on my body was awesome. I had big tits and I squirmed as he looked at me. Now it was my turn to undress him.

…. I was still on top of him and as I kissed him I unbuttoned his shirt, paints, belt and unzipped him letting his nice erection out and free. We played a little with our ’mom’ and ’son’ very first time sex happening.

….We had both fantasized about how it would be to have sex with your son / mom. The turn on was so tense and exciting we both gasp for more air.

…“Mom, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.” Ron smiled and said.
…I said: “It’s my duty to let you have sex with me first, so you’ll know what to do with you first sexual girlfriend.”
“Ok mom, I guess your right as usual. Do I get to feel your tits and maybe lick you between your legs?”
“Yes son, I want you to do ’everything’ to mom you want to. It will be our little secret. Now that your naked, mom’s going to turn around so you can see mom’s pussy up close. Feel free to touch or kiss mom’s pussy all you want to son. I’ll be doing an exam on your beautiful erection. You just play and I’ll just play.”


….Connie had a way with words that made me hornier that ever. It was like have two hot moms and I was going to fuck one right now…

…It was all going according to Chad and my plan.

… Chad and I started fantasizing about fucking our moms when we were little…then it slowly turned to fucking each others mom one day. It started when he said he loved my mom’s nice tits, and would love to feel them. I said how I would love to see his mom naked because she built so sexy. It grew into: “Tell me about the time you saw your mom naked that day in her bedroom Chad.” “Ok Ron, but you tell me about seeing your moms tits that time in the bathroom.” We exchanged ‘peek’ stories and it didn’t take long and we went in the woods and jacked off at the stories we told. From there we told new stories of a hot ’peek’ and kept this up for a long time.

… It was only a while back that Chad said he ‘wished’ we could ‘switch’ moms and how hot that would be. The wheels started turning in our heads for any way to do this. We both started showing affection openly towards each others mom. They both responded and the mini-feels began. Connie was shy, and so I would get her alone to cop a feel on her.

... She would quietly giggle and let me feel her big tits a little. My mom Lena, was bold and felt Chad’s dick when she thought no one was looking. We all were turning us on. I said as a ’joke’ that Chad should take my mom Lena over to my house for some reason, and leave Connie and I alone, and just see what happens. This very night was just when such an opportunity came along. My phone call confirmed it was ’on’……


…. So here we were laying 69 with my wet pussy and his big erection in front of us. We took our time and played with us. At times I would just close my eyes and pretend he was Chad, but Ron had my interest now and I started in licking his boner. I held it tight with both hands and jacked it as I sucked it deeper and deeper in my mouth. He moaned so hot as I let my tongue run around his head and lick the end. He knew how to lick a woman’s pussy just right.

...I felt his tongue go up and down and dart in my pussy deep. His lips on my clit made me shudder with an automatic good feeling and made me jump a little. Ron had me so hot I was shaking with the feeling he gave me. It was happening and finally my son was licking my pussy like I had only dreamed about until now.

…Mean while….


….now we were finally getting together. I had had the hots for Chad for a very long time…. Connie and I both, but she being his real mom stopped her fantasy short…..but he wasn’t my real son and I fantasized all I wanted. Chad was tall, good looking and had developed a great build. Over time I want to sneak a fuck with him many times. He was shy like his mom and I felt his body every chance I got. It was fun to watch him blush if I rubbed the inside of his leg when no one was looking.

….Now he rubbed the inside of my leg and smiled at me. We got mutually turned on more and more. I told Connie one time that I had sexual feelings for her son. She got all interested and wanted all the details. I told her everything. She smiled, stared into space and said quietly….”Lucky you…”. With out hesitation she shared her feelings she had about not only my son Ron,….but her own.

… We must have talked for an hour that day, sharing story’s of sneaking feels, our hot dreams, our fantasies about each others sons. All this talk just made us all the hornier for each others sons….


….I could hardly drive with Lena sitting right by me. She was so hot and sexy looking in her shorts and cleavage showing. We walked in her house and she said: “..alone last.” We started our kissing and started a feel fest right then. “Oh god Chad…I’ve dreamed about having a night with you….and now it’s here.” I said out of breath: “ I….I’ve been looking at your sexy body for a very long while Lena. I started young when I wanked thinking about you. Ron and I both did. Did you have any idea we were hot for our moms? “

... She giggled and said: “Silly boys, you guys never knew that your ’moms’ had lusty thoughts about you guys. Your mom would tell me stories about seeing you naked, just to watch me get all horny and turned on….of course I did the same to her. You guys were young, but your mom and I would sleep together after you guys had gone to bed. We would tell each other hot stories about you guys and then finger ourselves thinking about you guys.

…Lena and I headed for her bedroom. Man was I ever turned on big time. She turned and faced me and said: “Son, would you like to undress your mom?” I went for it as she undressed me at the same time. Our hands fumbled with the buttons as we both had the jitters. On her back and on the bed she went with me right on top of her.

...She closed her eyes and said: “…oh baby, make mom happy, I want you in me so bad….” She was so beautiful naked I just took a good look for a second. She pulled on me and moaned as I moved the head of my erection into her sweet wet pussy. She gave out a moan and held on tight as I had to fuck her right now. She worked her whole body with mine in a together fucking machine. I held her sweet tits and felt them bare for the first time. She started to moan steady and faster. “..oh baby, fuck mommy son…fuck mommy so good…” It didn’t take long and I had to cum. She knew it and dug my erection in her deep and kept moaning as I shot a glorious cum in her.

...She yelled something and locked her body on me and shook. “Oh baby…keep going” She kept fucking me deep and fast as my erection kept shooting in her. She locked up again and yelled. My hips wouldn’t stop fucking her over and over. Our tummies slapped together in one of the hottest fucks of our lives. Our bodies shook as the cum flowed in her and overflowed out.

….We were just getting started for all night…..


….I wanted to feel his cum fill my mouth…but I wanted his rock hard boner in my pussy first. I turned as I got on top of him. In one quick motion I had his boner in me and I began to kiss him as he felt my moving big tits. I loved the motion we had as my tits swung back and forth on his chest. His face of joy was divine. Lena had told me she had always wanted to get on top of Ron and fuck him slow at first and then speed up aiming his boner to rub right on her G spot.

...I was now doing just that. It took all my breath away it felt so good. Ron had said he dreamed of his mom on top of him…and now I was. He felt my nipples and rolled them hard. He started fast fucking my sensitive pussy. I moaned in spurts…loud….then louder and now my voice just moaned as I felt Ron’s hot cum shooting in my pussy…I climaxed hard and froze up with ecstasy…we trembled and kept fucking until we couldn’t fuck fast any more. I pushed my pussy deep into him and just held it there…..we squirmed slightly as we both slowly passed out…….
…The night was young and we woke up fucking slowly….

……It was going to be one hell of a night…..
…A few days later, Lena and her son Ron came over. Lena and I headed to the den to talk. Ron and my son Chad went to his bedroom. Lena and I went over our nights in heaven in vivid detail. Two awesome stories that made us really horny.

… Soon, Chad and Ron came in the den and each held out their hands to us. Chad, my son pulled me to him and felt my tits. I blinked as he had never done that in his life. I looked over as Ron was doing the same to his mom Lena.

…Chad smiled at me and said: “Lena, you look beautiful tonight.” (He called me Lena?)

…Ron said to his mom Lena: “Connie…you look so hot and sexy tonight.” (He called her by my name ‘Connie?’)….

….They said: “Bye you guys, we have to go home now.” Chad continued feeling my tits and now kissing my neck as my heart was pumping out of my chest.

He said: “ ‘Lena‘,…. may I undress you?”...I felt faint as he slowly began to undress me….

…It was a wonderful night…..

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