Babysitting for the Joneses

Babysitting for the Joneses

I've been babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Jones for about a year now. They are always so good to me. One night they are going out to a big party in town. They had a few drinks before they left and they didn't put the liquor away. I decided to have a few drinks after the kids went to bed.

Around midnight the phone rang, it was Mr. Jones calling to check in. I told him everything was fine. He said he would be home soon to make sure I got home ok. I told him there was no need, my mom said I could spend the night. He arrived home anyway about an hour later. I was on the couch in my t-shirt and shorts. I had fallen asleep when I heard him whispering my name. I woke up, and he said I could sleep in the guest room. He helped me up and walked me to the room. He helped me on the bed and I laid back. He sat beside me and started playing with my hair. "Elizabeth, are you comfortable?" "Yes Mr. Jones, thank you." "Elizabeth, have you been drinking?" "Umm, no sir." "Elizabeth, are you sure?" "Yes sir." "Elizabeth, for some reason I don't believe you." He then started touching my t-shirt. "Elizabeth, I love your t-shirt." "Thank you, Mr. Jones." I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were clearly protruding through the logo on the front. He started breathing heavy and then took his fingertip and started outlining my nipple then rubbed over the top. I started to squirm and feel uncomfortable. "Elizabeth, don't you like this?" "Mr. Jones, I don't think you should be doing this. " "Hmmm... but I disagree, my dear. I know you've been drinking my liquor, what would your mom say about that?" "She wouldn't like it and I would be punished. Please don't tell her." "I don't have to tell her, but you're going to have to cooperate with me, young lady." Mr. Jones then put his hand around my throat and started to pinch my nipple hard. He then switched hands. He kissed my neck and rubbed the palm of his hand all over both my nipples. "Elizabeth, I love your nipples. Doesn't this feel good? OH yes... I've been wanting to touch your nipples for a long long time. " "Where is Mrs. Jones?" I asked. "Oh sweetie, she is out for the night. She was having such a good time, I let her stay out. I knew I could come home and take what I wanted from you." I tried to resist him but he was too strong. He was now laying on top of me and I could feel his hard cock through his jeans.

He pulled my shorts down and he rubbed my clit through my panties. "Hmm... you are sooo wet little girl. I love it. This means you like what I'm doing." He pulled my cotton panties up so that they were cutting into my pussy. He then rubbed them again over my clit. I was squirming back and forth and could feel myself getting wetter. He pulled his jeans down. He grabbed a scarf hanging on the closet door. He wrapped the scarf around my neck. He would tug on it now and then and it would choke me. This meant he was in total control. "Elizabeth, I wanted you to suck my cock first, but I can't wait any longer, I need to split you in half." Mr. Jones got on top of me and shoved his cock deep inside of me. I screamed and he put his hand over my mouth as he pounded me . I thought the bed was going to collapse he was fucking me soo hard. He would pull his dick all the way out, and ram it all the way back in. "Ahhh God, you're sooo tight, you little fucking whore. You are going to be my little slut, Elizabeth." He was so deep inside of me, he made me cry. "Elizabeth, do you want to taste yourself?" He pulled his cock out of my cunt and told me to lick it clean. When I refused he pulled on the scarf and it started to choke me. I stuck my tongue out and licked it, all around the head and the shaft. "That's a good little cunt, now turn over." I turned over and got on all fours. He grabbed the scarf and got behind me. He spanked me and stuck his cock back inside my pussy. "Oh god, it feels even better from behind. Why did I wait this long to fuck you, whore??" He was pounding me from behind. I was squealing and he kept pulling the scarf and pulling my hair. He pushed my face into the pillows and just fucked me so hard, he took no mercy on me. "I love your tight cunt, whore. I'm going to have you whenever I want, understand?" I shook my head yes as he tugged on the scarf.

He pulled out then took the scarf off my neck. He rubbed it all over my juicy cunt back and forth. "Hmm... this scarf is getting soaked with your juices, little girl." "Now it's time to really make you hurt." He took the scarf and tied it around my mouth. It was so tight that if he plugged my nose I wouldn't be able to breath. "You ready to hurt now, whore?" I had no idea what he was going to do. I could feel his cock against my ass. I tried to crawl away but he grabbed my hair, "Oh no, you aren't going anywhere. I'll get your Mom on the phone right now and tell her how drunk you are...." He then stuck his cock in my ass. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I screamed through the scarf. It hurt sooo bad!! He laughed and pushed it in even further. "OHhhhhhhhhhhh god!!!" He fucked me even harder than he fucked my pussy. While he was fucking my ass he was rubbing my clit and sticking his fingers inside of my cunt. "Fuck, little girl, your pussy is soaking wet. You fucking love my cock. You love me fucking the shit out of you!!" "Ohhhh god, whore. You're going to make me a very happy and rich man." He was pulling my hair even harder with each thrust inside my ass. He was spanking my ass hard, it was stinging. "AHhhhhhhhhhh yes whore, I'm going to cum. Ohhhhhhhhh almost!!!" He pulls out and pulls me down on my knees by my hair. "Ohhhhhhhh here it cums...........slut!! Look up at me!! Ahhhhhhhhh yeah, you're gonna wear my load baby!!" He came all over my face and hair. He untied the scarf from around my mouth. He made me lick his dick clean then he wiped my face off with his hands then made me lick them clean.

"Elizabeth, you're such a good whore. I will be back in the morning to fuck your face. Goodnite."

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