Sex Club 1 - Initiation

Sex Club 1 - Initiation

Sex Club level 1 - Initiation

It was the middle of summer and the only escape from the Florida heat was the community pool, which was perfect because I loved to swim. And show off my body.
The pool wasn't open yet, but I loved to get there early to be the first one in, and have the first ten minutes of the day to myself before it filled up to around 200 people. I leaned against the admissions building by the counter, waiting for the clock to hit 10. I was there way earlier than usual today and there was still 15 minutes left when Elliot came out from the a back room and, seeing me, approached the counter.
"Everyday you get here earlier and earlier," he laughed.
Elliot was the guy in charge of admission, and everyday he let me in right at 10. We talked all the time, just a simple back and forth before I could go in. Since the beginning of the summer I'd told him a lot of things that nobody knew. It was during another long wait that I had confided in him that I wasn't a virgin and even that I was gay. Needless to say we were real close.
Elliot laughed again, and then after looking around he said, "Actually, I'm the only one working right now, and Lori is gonna be late so I think it'd be alright if you went in a little early."
"Awesome!" That was the first time that happened; an extra 15 minutes would be awesome. I could get changed and not have to worry about how long it would take out of my swim time. Elliot opened the gate for me and I headed straight for the changing hut. When I got in I could hear the echo of my own running footsteps. I flung my bag to the floor and pulled out my trunks. I slid off my sneakers and my shirt and as I was about to slide off my basketball shorts I heard the hut door open and close.
"Felix?" It was Elliot. He came around the corner and his face lit up when He saw me.
"Hey, what's up?" I asked, letting my shorts fall, leaving me in my boxers. I didn't care that he saw me nearly naked. Like I said before, I'm a total show off and he was only three years older than me. He wasn't phased by it in the least and continued his way over.
"Actually, today is a perfect time for me to ask you something."
"What is it?" I asked, taking a seat on the bench, waiting to get completely undresses until he left.
"You are gay," he stated questioningly.
"You know that, duh." I replied, rolling my eyes playfully.
"Then... Would you want to join a club?" He blurted.
Confused, I just asked, "What kind of club? A gay club?" He took a few steps closer, standing just a few feet from me now.
"A gay... sex club."
This threw me. Of all things I expected from his mouth, that wasn't on the list.
"I -- I don't really know." I said, still dazed and confused.
"All I need to know is that you trust me." Now you might think I would've thought it through more. I DID just meet the guy a few months ago. But me, thought really my thing back then.
"Of course I do, bu --"
"Good. You'll have the time of your life, I promise." he said, and now he was smiling at me. Then he snapped his fingers. From behind I heard footsteps, and then everything was black.

I woke up bare-ass naked on a bed in the middle of a pretty big room. I recognized it as the pool center's gymnasium. It was only used when the weather wasn't right for swimming, which wasn't often at all. It was usually kept locked. But now it was all lit up inside, and I was on a bed in the middle of it. I wasn't tied or anything, so I sat up and took a look around. What I saw made me try to cover myself. About 10-15 people, looking from about 10 to 18, sat in the stands watching me. They were all dressed in red swimmers robes, the kind divers used to keep covered up until they have to swim, but other than that they all looked different. One Got up from the front row, and walked over to me. I realized it was Elliot.
"Hey, Sport," Was what he opened with. Only he could open this scenario so casually. "This is the club house. That's this is the Sex Club. Well, around half of it." He motioned to the silent robed people in the stands. "What we do here is purely for fun, and the enjoyment of each other and our bodies. Do you think you would like to be a part of this, Felix?" He asked with a hand on my shoulder. "You don't absolutely have to. You're amazingly cute, and I'd love it if you joined us."
Again, you'd think this would deter me. But, no. Not me.
"I trust you, Elliot. I want to join." A smile broke out on his face, and a grin sprang up on mine.
"Good. This will be your initiation." He snapped again, and six of the figures in the stands got up, stumbling and giggling their way down to the court. They couldn't have been older than 11 years old. "These are the six youngest of the club, all in some stage of 11 years old. That's the youngest we allow in." The boys all stood in a row facing me as Elliot spoke, shifting their robes around in silence. "To become part of the club, you've got to take them all at once until they're spent. AND," he added, "You can't cum until their done. Until you succeed, the rest of the club is off limits." And with one last smile, he turned and made his way to the stands. I turned my focus to the boys again.
Up until then, I'd only ever had sex a few times, and only with a short-term boyfriend. Never six at once, and he wasn't 11! But I told myself it'd be fun. I loved jacking-off. Most days it was at least twice. But not this weekend. An overload of chores and back-logged summer homework had seen that I was too tired to so much as get it hard. This would test me, and I love a good challenge.
Somewhere in the stands, Elliot snapped his fingers.
All at once the boys let their robes fall behind them. Damn, they were all naked already!? One was blond, 4 had brown hair, and one had golden red hair. I had to tell all this from their heads because, besides the blond boy, they were all hairless from the neck down. The blond had a tiny tan bush around a respectable 5 inches. He was the biggest of them all, so I guessed he was closer to 12 than 11. All they're little boners stood at attention, pointing almost straight up to the rafters. The I realized we wouldn't all fit on the bed, and noticed we were standing on a huge blue wrestling mat, the king-sized bed in the center of the red ring. Without any further delay, I hopped on the bed on all fours, wiggling my butt in the air.
"Who wants it?" I teased. They all rushed at me and from there, it was a blur of asses, mouths, and bald cocks. I had one in my ass from the get go, spit apparently the lube of choice. It slid in with little hesitation and I knew it was one of the younger boys. I took a quick look back and saw the copper headed boy fucking away. He hammered from the start, but I was brought back forward as another 4 incher poked at my lips. I sucked him in, and gave him a swirl of my tongue. He shivered and laughed, so I stopped and began bobbing on him as he sat on his knees in front of me. The one fucking me was having the time of his life back there by the sound of it. He was grunting like crazy, and before we were 2 minutes in, he went off and pulled out. As the one in my mouth gasped and let go of his tiny load (a few trickles of tasteless goo). I thought to myself that this would be a piece of cake. Someone replaced the first boy in my ass, but this time it felt different. This must have been the blond boy.
As this one bottomed out, I felt the fine hairs tickle my hole. Yep, it was him. Another boy took up the post in my mouth, then another got on his knees next him and they started kissing. I mean, REALLY kissing. It turned me on. I couldn't deny it. These two 11 year old were getting me all hot and bothered. But I wouldn't give in. I just took the new boys cock in my mouth, too, surprising all three of us. They rubbed against each other in my mouth, sliding back and forth as they continued their kiss. I looked up at them, and saw they were panting, their eyes closed and mouths locked. They wouldn't last long at all. I had this in the bag.
On that thought another of the little devils crawled under me on his back, and took me in his mouth. I nearly buckled and impaled the poor kid, shocked at the first pleasure in days. He knew what he was doing too, the little cocksucker. His mouth was a vacuum, and I was loving it. Too much. FOCUS, I thought to myself. I wouldn't let them keep me out of the club, not a bunch of kids. So I got it together and sucked like there was no tomorrow on the two who we were now basically heaving into each other. One last suck-n-swirl and they blew it, literally. All together 6 nice spurts of sweet juice soaked my tongue. Meanwhile Blondie had been on my ass for at least 5 minutes. His face contorted in pleasure, and he was hammering now though, the last effort of a boy losing control. I looked back at the boy under me, and he was jacking off, basically winning it for me! Then I realized this was the red headed boy. He was going for seconds! Did I underestimate the challenge? I completely forgot how many times 11 year-old boys could go for it.
When the blond boy grunted, he pushed in one last time, and I felt the first real SHOT of cum of the day. 4 shots of warm boy cum inside me and 1 more boy still needed to bust. Blondie pulled out with a little pop noise, and took the place of the Reds furious hand. Both boys moaned around the cocks in their mouths, as Red had his second orgasm of the day. I was still holding on by shear will when he let my dick drop from his lips and got up. I watched as the last boy hopped on the bed and pushed into my ass, burying himself to the hilt with ease. Blondie had given me a good stretch, and I hoped there was enough traction to get the boy off quick. I wondered where the boys that had cum were at, and got my answer as 4 hopped in front of me, dicks waggling.
Getting the idea, I took them in, one at a time, to the balls. I had two more loads of boy spunk in my mouth when Blondie showed up again, this time on my cock, sucking harder, faster, and much much better than the last kid. Panicking, I took the last two at the same time. Suck, swirl, swirl, suck, suck SUCK, SWIRL, SUC--- SWALLOW! and as the two in my mouth released, the boy in my ass picked up the pace. Just in time, because the blond choked my 6 inch cock down into his throat, sending me spiraling in pleasure. Thrust, suck, thrust, thrust, suck suck, SUCK, TH------RUST!! and the final boy erupted, just in time. Not 5 seconds later I gave in to the mounting pressure in my teen balls, pulling out of the boys mouth just... in... time! "uggghhhhhh!!!" I growled, releasing three days worth of my boiling teen spunk all over Blondie's face.
I rolled onto my side, heaving. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. It had felt like actual hot bullets rising up my shaft. I was sweaty. We all were. I loved it. It was so raw. And so was I by the feel of it. I winced as I sat up, and became aware of the rest of the club. Staring dumb-founded, cocks in hand. Though details escaped me from the distance, I knew what they were doing. Then cheers erupted, as they all stood up, robes closed again. One stepped forward from the front row.
"Very nice Sport-O. Welcome to Sex Club."

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