The Influence at School [Chapter 1]

The Influence at School [Chapter 1]

Hey, Im Noah, the main charecter perhaps you could say for this and I'd consider myself a nice guy I go to a private educational school in thee London suburbs and I live with my mum and my twin sister Charlotte or Sha as she likes to be called. Im in my last year of school and I wouldnt consider myself "popular" but I dont fall out with many people and everyone seems to like being with me (hope that doesnt sound too self obsessed). I am 6'3 but not incredibly skinny I have visible abs and decent amounts of muscle everywhere else where it is needed due to all the sports i do. I have short cropped brown hair with a slim face and stylish glasses which I have been told suit me.

So it was a usual boring Monday on a not so cold winter day and I was sitting in my car to school with my earplugs stuck in as usual listening to some AK rapping. I was just looking out the window at the trees and skyline arly this morning when my mum spoke,"Noah. why do you always have your earplugs in your know they wil get you hurt someday." She said this a matter of factly as if it will, little did I know that it was true. "Stop mum i just like listening to music," i sighed as I rolled my eyes whilst seeing her raise a questioning eyebrow in return.

When i got to school I got the usual hey's and hi's from my friends in my school house. The only thing i hated about school houses was that they were same gender. So i sat down as the housemaster took the register then read out some weekly notices. Then we were off to dull assembly with the boring old Chaplain. After that it was first three periods of lessons; double German then Physics. They were ok nothing much happened just the usual learning and goofing aroundd going on with my best mates James and Tom. Both of which are like me big and coo you could say. The "incedent" happened at break when i had my earplugs in out in the campus quad and as I was walking to go grab my bag for my next lesson. BAM! It felt like Id been hit by a car or one of the school vans butwhen i looked up off the floor for the split second I had before i fell unconcious was moped lieing on its side next to me with my Physics teacher entanged with it.

Where the actual fuck am I? Was the first thing that came to mind when i woke up from my coma. Then it smacked me n the face as the events that had happened came back to me. I looked at a digital time and dat clock next to me. I'd been out cold for fucking 43 hours. Suddenly a hot looking nurse came through the surrounding curtain of my hospital cubice and told me to relax and said she would get a doctor to debreif me. Like what the shit? All i wanted to do was go home i hate the hospital also i felt fine apart from a dull thumping in my head. So i sat up and told the nurse that i was finee and that she didnt have to worry about getting the doctor. She froze. For just a second i thought phew she isnt getting the doctor then, but after that i started to get worried. So i hurredly said its ok you can get the doctor its fine by me in a confused and alarmed voice. She continued walking out of the cubicle. Now that, was weird had I... No. Surely not. There's no way, is there? As I was thinking to myself the doctor walked in as told me that I had to stay here for another couple of days at the least. A COUPLE OF DAYS??!! I was In shock, there is no way I'm staying here any longer so I'm going to leave and your gonna allow it, I demanded. Once again he froze. OMG I was right I CAN command people. Oooh hi was gonna have some fun with this.

Later that night when I got home from walking there my mum was thrilled to see me in shape and my sister was, well, not so much. So being the teenage boy I was I was gonna have some fun testing out my new powers at school tomorrow.

As my mum was takin me and Sha to school I was thinking of all the nasty things I could do to all of the girls in my year that didn't even know I existed, I was getting so hard thinking about it in the car that Sha saw the tent in my trousers and gave me a disgusted stare, but after I saw a flushed look on her face.

First lesson was English with Mrs Martin . Uuugghhh she was so fat and annoying I hates her but right now I wasn't thinking about that I was thinking about the hot girls in my class that I would have fun with; there were quite a few hotties in my English class but one girl in particular that I have adored for so many years: Rose Bates. She was about 5'6 with bright blonde hair, luscious lips and a beautiful butt that would please anyone. Amd for the icing on the cake she had DD breasts standing nicely above her shapely hips and thin waist. She was honestly a work of art, doom to be my work of Mona Lisa with me as da Vinci.

So I tried to make everyone stop I my head. Nothing. Fora minute I was confused as to why nothing ha happened. So I tried again. Nothing. After this I felt deflated like I had my sweets taken away fro me after Halloween. So I sat annoyed and wondering when this now boring English lesson would end. Then, as I was looking at the clock it struck me. I could stop time not people. I tried to imagine the clock hands stopping.

It worked!! I had actually stopped time, this was amazing! Just then all those lustful thoughts started to fill my head again and I looked over at Rose and thought; yes goddamn please. I went over to her slowly as I was pulling my good, thick 7"2 cock out of my pants and stroking it carefully, ooohhh I was gonna have fun, I was thinking as I was a bout to make all my dreams come true. When I got to Rose, I looked at those lucious lips and caressed my fingers over them whilst still slowly jerking off. I then opened her mouth into an O shape tht would perfectly fit my cock, I also stuck her tongue over her teeth as to not hurt my dick. Funnily enough it stayed there like I had permanently made it stay there so I quickly tried this out by pullin up her jumper and it stayed up defying the laws of gravity right before my I went back to her head an turned it 90 degrees towards me so that I could insert my dick, slowly and carefully I slid my dick over and over against her tongue and lips bringing new sensations to my dick which I had never felt before making me groan in anticipation of what was to come. Then when I needed more I pushe forward into her gaping mouth until her nose was against my neatly trimmed pubis bush. It felt amazing. I pushed her chin and head towards each other closing her mouth onto my shaft as I started thrusting into her mouth again and again slowly building up speed until I was smashing into her but stopping before I hit her as to not hurt her. At this point I was so hard and I was close to coming but I didn't want to cum in her mouth so I pulled out and explored further.

I took off her jumper ten undid her blouse buttons exposing her white bra underneath. For what I thought took me a long time I finally managed to loop my arms around her and unhitched her bra and pulled it off. Her tits were something else. They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen and I had seen loads of porn, but these were the most filled out, plump and perky at the same time tits you could ever find I was so horny now so whilst jerking off again I started rubbing, stroking and groping her boobs. After this I started sucking on them. Right then her nipples started to get hard. First off u was shocked because I thought time had started again. Then I looked around and realised that people must still feel it all so I kept going on my physical assault on her tits as her nipples grew hard as diamonds. Once I was satisfied with what I had done I moved even further down, whilst doing so I moved her whole body so that she was lying flat on the table on her front with her legs hanging off giving me perfect access to her pussy and ass.

After admiring her lying there waiting for my cock inside of her I pulled up her rolled up high skirt and down her tights and panties exposing her naked asshole and pussy to me. He was viably dripping cum at this point and I new she wanted me inside her but I wanted to make her wait. So I slowly started sliding my hands grabbing each butt cheek in turn then went to stroking her little slit with my finger up and down until I started eating her out. I swirled my tongue around her clit and up and down her whole pussy every now and then dipping into her hole that was awaiting me. I then started sucking on her clit getting harder and harder with each suck all the while I felt hot liquid which could only be pussy juice ur down my chin. Suddenly her pussy started to spew out gallons of it as I can only explain is that she was having an orgasm and this turned me into horny overdrive as I stood up with my cock standing out like a flag pole from my body and lined it up to her hole and slowly but forcefully slid in. It was heavenly her pussy walls were still clamping and spasming from her orgasm around my cock that it was hard for me not to cum right there and then. I started thrusting in and out gradually building up speed untily balls were slapping her clit and my hips were making met butt jiggle.

I knew I was close. So as I felt my balls start to swell up I plunged deep into her pussy hole depths whilst reaching round with my left hand to grab her tit and with my right and plunged a finger into her ass. I felt her cumming again and it felt ecstatic as I was jizzing all inside her filling her up till there was nothing left inside of me. I was visibly shaking the orgasm lasted so long and it was so powerful I though I would collapse and pass out. Eventually I came down from my high and clean up myself but left Rose's pussy filled but put her back in her chair as she was. And restarted time...

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