Suddenly, taboo

Suddenly, taboo

Suddenly, taboo

If you’re a fairly good-looking guy with a pleasing personality, good at chatting up ladies and move around a lot, finding yourself in the right places at the right times you will have your instances of sex when least expected; that is expected. But when suddenly, out of the blue, without any indication, any buildup, any preparation on your part you have prime pussy served up to you, and that pussy happens to belong to your beautiful mother; then you are one lucky son of a bitch. I am one lucky son of a bitch!

A relative of my mom sent us an invitation to her wedding. It was expected that me, my mom and my dad would go to the wedding reception. The day before the wedding mom and dad had one of their usual verbal fights. The next evening, one hour before the time when we had agreed to leave for the wedding dad announced that he would not be going, walked out the door and drove off in his car. I had expected it because I knew that dad couldn’t stand mom’s family and they felt the same way about him. I had wanted to call it off because of the sudden tension, but my mom begged me to accompany her. Things were so bad between mom and dad that for years they hardly spoke to each other and hardly ever went any place together. They spoke only about necessary things like bills, and hardly a week passed without them having at least one unpleasant spat, over what to me were trivial matters over which either one could have relented and let the other have their way. But they were both stubborn and were equally guilty at times, of hurting the other. I have no clear idea of any underlying reasons for their inability to get along, except that they were both crotchety beings.

We went to the wedding in mom’s car; I didn’t have my own, but borrowed either of theirs when needed. Mom looked beautiful and sexy in a knee length, bright green and gold dress of some soft, thin material with an empire waist, plunging v neck and back. It hugged her ample butt and hips nicely before flaring out a bit. She wore bright red lipstick. Her shiny black hair fell in waves to her shoulder. I can’t remember her ever looking so lovely before. Mom is Indian, five foot eight with a small waist and heavy, round, wide butt unusual for her race. Dad is black. I couldn’t help noticing, with a bit of annoyance, the many admiring looks that mom got from the male guests. At forty her body had not yet started to lose its youthful firmness and glow, far from it. She was somewhere between thick and thin with ample firm breasts and nice rounded thighs.

The reception was held in a club rented for the night. Shortly after the speeches and cake cutting, the dancing started, at first with the bright lights, but half an hour later they were replaced by soft mostly red colored lights. For about an hour the music was varying genres of up tempo music geared mostly for the young. But then the dj announced that he would not be doing his duty if he didn’t slow things down a bit and provide a blast from the past so that more mature folks could participate. There followed a long session of soul and soft rock music from the seventies and eighties. A few men came over to our table to ask for a dance only to get smiling refusals from mom. After much teasing and urgings from a female cousin of mom who shared our table, mom, maybe a little bit light headed from a couple of glasses of wine, promised to get up at some time and have a dance or two with me. When the song ‘let me roll it’, which I knew was a favorite of hers started, I got up with outstretched hand which she quickly took and followed me to the small floor not far from our table.

From the moment I took my mother in my arms and she willingly drew close to me I experienced a sexual jolt that I couldn’t understand, and red flags sprung up in my mind. Danger was certainly here. The small stage was surprisingly packed with both the young and not so young and there was no space for fancy foot movements; closeness was the order of the moment. Mom’s big breasts were generously pressed into my chest. It probably was no big deal to her, but it was to me. That soft touch of female flesh against mine on a dance floor under dim lights and the surrounding sights of other couples grinding into each other was just too much stimulus for a hot blooded twenty year old. One minute into the song and I could feel the distinct stirring of an erection. Our bellies and thighs were just barely touching as we moved slowly to the song, and I could feel moms body softly glide over the hard bump every now and then. My body was telling me to get closer, but my mind wary of the fact that this soft, beautiful woman in my arms was actually my mother, made me resist the temptation.

Although my effort to will away the erection was futile I at least managed to not take advantage of the situation; I fought against the feeling of hot pleasure and pulled away every time I felt the unpreventable touch of my hardness against my mom’s mid-section. But fortune intervened and made things really uncomfortable for me. The young people dancing around us were far from good at the movements and coordination required for slow dancing on a small dance floor, and kept bumping into either mom or me, sending our bodies crashing into each other’s. They refused to heed the song’s advice and just ‘roll it’ instead they were rocking wildly trying to show skill where they had none. Mom laughed at their inexperience and commented playfully in my ears about us being sandwiched.

At the end of the first song I attempted to release mom, but she held me firm as ‘wildflower’ smoothly blended into the fading ’wings’ ballad, whispering into my ear that it took a lot of effort for her to be there on the dance floor and that she had no intention of going off after just one song, especially after not having danced for so long. She even said that she was enjoying it! The bumping continued and mom suggested we forget our little foot movements and just stand in one spot. So there we were mother and son pressed closely against each other, tighter than would have been the case had there been ample space around, just gently swaying to the music. My right thigh was between my mom’s soft fleshy pair; my hard cock stretched out across her groin area. Every now and then as a result of a hard bump from one of the other dancers our bodies would press together so hard that I would feel the hot pressure of her pussy mound. I was sure that she was trying just as hard as I was to deny the existence of my erection. She neither pulled away or pushed against the intrusion, just stood there letting things be what they were, which I think was the best course of action to soften our mutual embarrassment. My angry cock would every so often throb and lurch against the soft heat, no doubt getting a good whiff of the fine pussy pressed against it in waiting. My hand on mom’s bare back would occasionally forget the facts, and involuntarily give in to a quick soft rub. Mom displayed absolutely no awareness of anything unusual going on one way or the other.

Wildflower gave way to the long, flowing ‘for the love of you’ and mom upped the swaying, rolling tempo a notch, forcing me to follow. My hardon was only too pleased. She rested her soft cheeks against mine and her fingers sunk into my back and shoulder as we rolled our hips and swayed gently to the song. My erection by this time was beyond restraint and throbbed and lurched wildly. Quite a few times it led my body on a tentative exploration without my willing consent, taking quick little probes of my mom’s crotch; nothing forceful or very obvious, but intentional touching nevertheless. And on two or three occasions I felt as if the thrusts were returned, but couldn’t be sure. We danced for about half an hour, maybe seven or eight songs before mom suggested we go back to our table. I was grateful for the dim lights, the closeness of our table to the dance floor, and that all the other occupants of our table were missing, because I was sporting a mighty bulge in my trousers.

Back at the table mom immediately poured a glass of wine and downed it in two quick gulps seconds apart. Her face was flushed after the drink, and she smiled sweetly but with a guilty look when she saw me watching her. I was not a drinker, but to make her feel less guilty I immediately abandoned my malt and poured a glass of wine for myself which I downed quite as quickly as mom. We both laughed, and mom using her hands fanned her face, while remarking how hot it was, as if that was an excuse. We remained mostly silent, looking in the direction of other dancers, only now and then leaning in close to share a funny comment and a little giggle. A little while later we returned to the dance floor as the dj started a reggae lover’s rock session. There was no embracing or closeness now, but because of the packed floor and the up tempo prancing we couldn’t avoid bumping into each other sometimes. At one time when mom was doing a little spin I was bumped from behind and found myself, hard cock and all jammed against her soft butt. I apologized indicating that I was bumped, and we laughed it off. On other occasions her hip, thigh or flailing hand would unintentionally brush my permanently hard cock.

We left the party shortly after returning to the table following the reggae session. Mom was like a bubbly school girl enjoying her first unchaperoned party and told me how much she had enjoyed herself. On our way home, mom was strangely silent despite my efforts to start a conversation. I glanced at her a couple of times time and was surprised at the serious, slightly troubled look on her face. She turned off the normal route, and I was suddenly pleasantly greeted by cool, heavy sea breeze as we were now driving along the seawall road. She must have sensed me looking at her questioningly, for she suddenly told me that she wanted to talk to me in private before we got home; because there was the chance that dad might be back home already and we wouldn’t have the privacy, and she couldn’t put it off any longer, because she’d been thinking about it for days. On the seawall road she pulled into a darkened area between street lights where there weren’t many other cars. At that time of night the seawall usually abounds with cars bearing lovers.

After killing the engine, mom slid a little closer to me and began her talk. Holding my hands she went into a shocking revelation that she had made up her mind to ask dad for a divorce. She said she just couldn’t take the kind of life they were living anymore, constantly fighting, hardly ever talking, and hardly any fun together. I was shocked. I know this might sound horrible, but despite the seriousness of the situation, sitting there in that romantic atmosphere holding the soft kneading fingers of my beautiful mother, I felt my cock stiffen, begging for action. I asked her if there was not another way, if they couldn’t talk it over and try to find a way to make things change for the better. She remained silent for a while then she said:
“I don’t think it is possible Darren, I don’t think it would work” her voice trembled. “I don’t know…I...I…oh, I’m so confused” she suddenly broke into tears.
I reached over and drew her closer; placing her weeping head on my shoulder and one hand around her back, resting on her hip. She was weeping loudly and profusely. As she wept against my shoulder and chest I stroked her head softly and gently kneaded her body where my other hand was resting. I whispered consoling words to her, but it didn’t seem to help. I began softly kissing her head and then her forehead and cheeks. Despite the gravity of the moment I felt my body aching with quickly developing sexual pressure. I started to lick some of the tears from her cheek, and she raised a hand to wipe the other cheek. When she lowered her hand it came to rest, palm open onto my throbbing cock. She didn’t seem to notice this and I guiltily made no effort to shift myself or remove her hand. The pleasure of its weight on my cock was just too sweet for me to want to change it. I continued to knead her side as I lifted her face and licked away more tears. She brought her one hand around my shoulder and pulled her body closer to mine. The effort caused her other hand to press down hard on my cock. I felt her body briefly tighten as she realized what her hand was pressing down on, but she relaxed, and made no attempt to remove it.

I continued kissing and licking all over her face and saw a little satisfied smile light up her face. She raised her mouth and gave me a little peck on the lips. When she removed her lips I returned the peck and she smiled. I let my hand slide from her hip and move to her inner thigh, squeezing it gently. I felt a little pressure on my cock and wasn’t sure if it was due to its own throbbing or some movement from mom’s hand, but shortly after I felt the identical pressure again, and again, and again in succession and I realized she was gently squeezing my hard cock as if testing it’s rigidity. Against my true feelings I tried to draw away, but she pulled me back and raised her lips once more to mine. The lips lingered on mine, and then I felt her probing tongue. I opened my mouth and let it in. we kissed passionately. I let my one hand slide further between the soft thighs and felt her move them apart to give me access. I found her mound and squeezed it as my other hand slipped in the deep v of her dress and found its way around a soft full breast. I massaged it for a while then twirled the hard nipple between my fingers. She gasped and I felt her fumbling with the front of my trousers. With my free hand I managed to loosen my belt and unbutton the waist. I felt her pull the zip down and I used my hand to raise the waistband of my briefs allowing her hand to go in. she grabbed my pulsing cock and uttered a little purring sound.

I felt her suddenly break away from my lips and pull back her body. That scared me briefly. I thought she was bringing an end to our shameful act. But she pushed back some more then lowered her head to my cock. I felt her exhale hot breath onto it and then she was licking the head. She pulled the uncircumcised skin back exposing the entire swollen head. She ran her tongue around the gorge at the base of the throbbing head then took it into her mouth. She sucked on the head roughly, and then holding it firm between her lips she shook it like a cat shaking a mouse. I felt her fumbling with the seat regulator, and saw her begin to fall back with the seat. She let it go all the way and leaned back, at the same time hiking her dress up around her waist and spreading her waist. Looking steadily at me she pulled her panty aside exposing her bushy mound. I looked at it admiringly and started moving over her.

“Put it in me now baby”, I heard her say.
“In a while mom, I want to lick you first” I lowered my head and spreading the lips of the bushy vulva began to lick and tongue her hot, wet hole. She grabbed my head and bucked under my face. Alter a few minutes on the hole and lips I took the stiffened clit in my mouth and sucked on it while teasing it with my tongue. She screamed softly, bucking wildly against my face.
“Put it in me now baby, now” she pleaded.
I got between her wide spread thighs and felt her eager hand pulling my cock to the prize. She guided it to the entrance and I eased into her, feeling a glow of immense pleasure engulf me as I realized I was indeed fucking my beautiful mother. Before tonight I had never once spared a thought in that direction, but over the past two hours I had toyed with the idea until I had begun to really desire it and now it was happening.
“Not like that baby, I want it hard I want to be punished. Slam your cock into me, ram it hard, make me feel pain, punish me for this sinful thing I am making you do.” She went on like a crazed woman, all the while jerking hard up and against me.
“No mom, don’t say that, you’re not making me do anything. I want it as much as you. I don’t want to punish you. You don’t need to be punished. This might not be right, but it is sweet and we both want it” I said, trying to make her feel good.
“No Darren, no, fuck me hard, slam into me, I want to be punished, punish me, do as I say.” She shouted.

I slammed my cock into my mom’s pleading pussy up to the hilt, grinding against it for a few seconds before breaking into a massive assault against the tight wet cunt, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming into her as hard as I could.
“Oh yes baby yes, fuck me like that, punish this fucking whore mother of yours, beat my pussy until its sore.”
“Yes, you whore, I’ll fuck you hard, give you what you want, you sinking bitch.” I said, not meaning it, but trying to give her what she wanted.
She moaned and groaned under me as I slammed into her mercilessly. Tears were pouring down her face and she was sobbing as I piled into her furiously. I rammed her for about fifteen minutes, amazed at her ability to absorb all that pounding for so long. I felt my orgasm coming and with a loud shriek from my mouth I exploded in my mom’s pussy. She grabbed my buttocks and held me locked inside her until I was completely drained of cum, holding on to me even after I was completely spent. I felt my cock begin to go soft in her and started to pull out, but just then I felt her pussy muscles contracting and expanding against my cock, massaging it.
“Don’t move”, she said “just stay in me baby”.
I did as she said, remaining still as she worked her pussy muscles and rolled her body under me coaxing me back into hardness. When I was fully hard she began thrusting and grinding and bucking under me until with a loud wail she exploded under me. I felt her fingers sink into my back, the nails cutting my skin. Her legs wrapped around my waist tightly. Still shivering in orgasm under me she cried out:
“Slap me, slap me hard”. I did as she asked, slapping her with open palm against both cheeks.
“Again” she said. I complied.

When we got home dads car was not in the yard. Mom pulled in the door behind us and bolted it from inside, no doubt to prevent dad from using his key to let himself in. she took my hand and led me up the stairs to my bedroom. She hurriedly began shedding her clothes and urged me to do the same. She sat on the edge and of the bed and pulled me towards her. Bending her head she took my partly erect cock into her mouth and began sucking me tenderly, obviously aware that my cock was bruised and sore from vigorously pounding her hairy pussy. She carefully sucked me back into readiness. Standing at the side of the bed she kept one leg on the floor while placing the other one up on the bed. Getting onto her elbows and knee, she arched her back and cocked her huge ass high in the air, while looking back at me and smiling.

“Please me baby, please mommy again, and make me feel good.” She whispered, her voice sounding like music to my ears.
I put one foot on the bed between her spread thighs. Holding her ass cheeks in both hands I spread them apart as I moved my cock to the pulsing reddened entrance to her core. I eased into her carefully, feeling some pain as my bruised cock slid all the way in. I stroked her pussy softly until she started wriggling and rolling her ass against me, matching my strokes. We continued like that for about twenty minutes, both bodies dripping sweat until I felt her start to quicken the pace as she let out hissing sounds from her mouth. I quickened to match her and felt my own release coming. She hit the tape of ecstasy a second or two before me and we shivered together until she fell face forward onto the bed me on top and still inside her. After I was drained I rolled off her and lay on my back breathing hard. Her hand found my softening cock and patted it. I patted her juicy ass.
“I feel good my baby, you made me feel good, whatever happens I want us to remain together.” She said softly.
“I won’t ever leave you” I reassured her.
Just then the sound of dad’s car pulling into the yard reached us. Mom sprung up and grabbed her clothes together.
“Quick, put on some clothes and try to unbolt the door before he finishes putting away the car.” She urged me as she headed out my door.
I quickly gathered pajamas and slipped into it, shirt and all. When I passed her bedroom she was coming out of the room wrapped in a robe as she headed for the bathroom. I sped downstairs lightly and pulled back the door and released the chain. Then I picked up the TV remote and plumped down on a sofa. Dad entered the door trying not to appear drunk. He was always careful about that. But I could tell he’d had a few.
“Hi” he said cheerfully “you guys had a good time?”
“Sort of” I said grinning
Dad sat down on a chair and began taking off his shoe.
“Where’s Gaitree?” he asked wearily
“I think I heard her going to the bathroom a few minutes ago. And I think she has a terrible headache.”

He nodded, got up and went to the kitchen, returning with a beer for him and malt for me. Half an hour later mom entered the room, wrapped in a blue silk robe, smelling sweet and looking very desirable. She came and sat at the other end of the sofa that I was on and turned her attention to the TV.

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