This is my first story, and as such, please be considerate in your criticism; constructive criticism only please. If you don’t like this story, there are plenty of others to read. Names have been changed to protect my fuck buddies, and in turn my ass.

Throughout my adolescence, I was fairly sexually active. Being a teen aged boy, and also going to an all boys catholic high school only furthered my libido. For starters, I am not a small guy. At this time, I was about 6’3, 200 pounds, and a premiere athlete. I have shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and I looked the part of a stoner/football player. Brooke was my so called fling for a couple of years. Brooke was in my opinion, gorgeous. She had a tight small ass; shoulder length highlighted brown hair, grey/blue eyes, and only weighed about 115. She was the type of girl that every guy wanted, but only few could have. At this time, we were both 17 and looking for teenaged ‘love’. I am not a big ‘tit’ guy, but Brooke wasn’t lacking there either. If I had to guess, I would say 34B. This is the story of our first sexual encounter, and if the readers like it, I might disclose our further engagements.

It was a normal Friday night, and not wanting to stay home, I need to find something to do. Brooke and I had been talking on and off for a year, and we had hooked up previous to this, but I never fathomed fucking her (I was so wrong). I called her, got directions to her house, and asked my mom for a night out. “Mom, is it ok if I go over to Brooke’s tonight? I’ll be home by 11. I think we will go see a movie or something.” These words stumbled out in a fast blur, and I could see her reluctance. “Please mom…. I just want to hang out with SOMEONE.” She finally agreed, and I showered and got ready. While in the shower, the warm water, and the prospect of seeing Brooke had me hard as a rock. As I began stroking my soapy cock, I remembered that I only had a little while to get ready and I needed to stop. Hopefully I thought, I will get to blow this load with Brooke, or I could just finish after wards. I dried myself, put on my clothes and left.
After a short drive to her house and a talk to her sleepy parents I was in her room. She got up off the bed and gave me a hug. “Zach! Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in forever!” She was wearing a wife beater that barely clung to her breasts, and I could almost make out her pink nipples through the sheer fabric. Moving down her small frame, I noticed short black cheer shorts. She spun around after noticing my roaming eyes, and said “Do you like my get up?” The only words I could muster were “ye… yes you look amazing.” She giggled and her perfect ass bounced as she laughed. She walked to the bed and sat down. “Don’t be shy!” she exclaimed, and I walked over and sat next to her. She turned on ‘Requiem of a Dream’ and we got comfortable. With her head nestled in my chest, and her lithe body strung out next to me, I felt the familiar stirring in my crotch. Turning slightly to my left, and away from her, I tried to hide my semi erect cock that had become completely visible through my jeans. She giggled, and snuggled closer, pressing her tits into my side. We watched the movie for close to an hour, and during that time, our hands caressed each others’ skin, but made no real forward advances.

Finally, I couldn’t take it. My cock had grown for its semi-hard state to its rock hard 7 inches, and I made no move to hide it. I turned over to her, and kissed her neck. She shivered at my touch, and arched into me. Moving my way up her neck, I kissed her ear, and moved in. Our lips met, and her tongue snaked out to meet mine. Her tongue was like an electric surge, and I felt myself press my hard cock into her soft, inviting crotch. She rolled me over so that she was on top of me, her legs straddling mine, and in one smooth motion, tore away her shirt. Brooke leaned forward, and whispered into my ear “I have wanted you for sooo long. I know you have a hard on, and I want to suck it dry.” Not wanting to argue, I bent forward and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it, and at the same time arched my groin upwards. I swear, I could feel her wet, warm pussy through her shorts, and through my pants. She met my thrust, and pushed down onto me. A soft moan escaped her lips and I knew my cock shaft was rubbing her sensitive, wet clit. She got up, took off her shorts and thong and her pussy was revealed in all of its glory. Freshly shaved, and actually glistening with anticipation, I almost came at the sight. While she undid my belt and my zipper, I removed my shirt and while partially blinded, I felt arguably the most amazing feeling in the world. A warm wet tongue licking my pre-cum from my tip. I finished my undressing and looked down to see her gorgeous face actually sucking my balls into her mouth. “Oh… my God… Brooke.” She moved my tip into her mouth and bobbed up and down. I could tell that this wasn’t the first cock she had sucked, and I loved the feeling of her spit and tongue circling the tip of my raging cock. As she sucked, soft gagging sounds issued as I pushed her head down and felt my cock enter her throat. Feeling bad, I stopped shoving my cock in her mouth, and she popped off surprised. “Don’t stop,” she breathed out heavily. “I love it when guys throat fuck me.” Confused and surprised, I slapped her with my prick, and said “then keep sucking babe.” She gobbled my prick into her mouth and again, I shoved it deep into her. “aggghgg… agggghh….” Her gags met my thrusts, and I could tell that if she kept it up much longer, that load I had been saving was going straight into her throat. Calling out to warn her, “Brooke…. I’m going to Cummm….. oh my fucking god… this is the best… head….” She only sucked harder, and feeling my head jerk in passion, I exploded shot after shot into her mouth. She met each shot with a swallow, and continued to swirl the tip around with her tongue. Finally, after she was sure to get every last drop of cum from my now limp prick, she got up, and went to get some water.

When Brooke returned, I could tell she wanted some pleasure of her own, and I was happy to oblige. She laid on her back, her hair a mess around her face, and I spread her legs. Seeing Brooke’s cunt was one of the happiest moments in my life. Imagine a perfect slit, so clean shaven that it reminded me of a porn star, or a young girl who had no pubic hair to begin with. Her lips were soft and wet to the touch, and my fingers made slow circles through her wetness. I flicked her clit every few minuets, and began pushing two fingers into her tight teen pussy. She arched with every thrust of my hand, and her sloppy wet pussy juice coated my hand. Leaning down, I found her clit with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. A loud moan escaped her, and she said “OH yeah Zach… eat my pussy…. Oh my god…suck my clit!” I assaulted her pussy, my fingers now hacking a soaking path into her, and my tongue viciously lapped at her clit. Her soft moans had turned to screams of passion, and her back arched with every in stroke, making the bed bump and shake. I knew with the ferocious attack on her cunt I was giving, she couldn’t last long. My big clue was when she literally screamed out “FUCK!!!!!! OH MY GOD ZACH!!!! I AM CUMMING< FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE!!!! AGGHHGHG!” I felt her already super tight cunt spasm on my fingers, and she let out a shudder as her juices splashed out onto my chin and hand. She shuddered and spasmed for several minutes, and finally her vice grip pussy let me out. I had been eating her for a good 20 minuets and my cock was back to its full glory. As I pulled my fingers out, she cried, “Zach, fuck me… NOW!” I got in between her legs and rubbed my aching cock head in her soaking lips. As I thrust into her teen cunt, I heard a soft young voice call out from the doorway. “What are you guys doing,… you woke me up…” Both broke and I Turned to the door, and there stood her 12 year old sister, in a sheer night gown…. Simultaneously, Brooke and I said “ Oh fuck….”

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