Part 1 & 2 Re-cap:

Victor loved owning a casino in Vegas….he usually got a blowjob or a quick fuck from every woman he interviewed, since jobs on the strip were hard to come by. In Part 1, he interviewed two waitresses, and got his cock sucked. In Part 2, he checked on the kitchen staff, and found time for a quick fuck with the sous-chef….then later got a massage with a happy ending.


On Thursday morning, Victor did his usual rounds of the casino….it was mid-week, so he wasn’t surprised when he got to the restaurant and noticed that the breakfast crowd was a bit small….so, he pulled one of the waitresses into a storage room for a quick fuck.

She was a little older than most of the other waitresses….maybe early forties….but, like most of them, she was very attractive, with big, natural boobs….and it had been a while since he’d had his dick inside her.

She was standing idly by the cash register when Victor approached, grabbed a handful of ass and said, “Hey, Gemma….looks like it’s a bit slow this morning.…how about if you and I go into the back for a few minutes…”

Gemma looked up at him and said, “Sure, Mr. Delgado,” then turned and led the way back to the storeroom. Once inside, she began unzipping the front of her waitress uniform, while Victor sat on a stack of liquor cases and unzipped his fly.

As he pulled out his cock and began slowly stroking the shaft, he asked, “I thought you usually work the dinner crowd….why do they have you on mornings?”

Gemma slipped out of her uniform, leaving her heavy breasts swaying back and forth as she approached Victor and stepped between his legs, saying, “My husband got assigned to the early shift at the foundry, so mornings fit our schedule better now….he drives me to work, then picks me up after both of our shifts are done.”

She took over stroking his cock with her hand for a few minutes….then bent over and sucked the tip into her mouth, as Victor nodded his understanding and muttered, “Aahhh….makes sense.”

As Gemma bobbed her head up and down on his growing erection, Victor reached underneath her and began squeezing her dangling boobs. He moaned softly as her pumping hand and warm mouth drew his engorged penis to its full length. Victor gently slapped her tits to watch them swing back and forth a few times, then playfully pinched both nipples, causing Gemma to moan around the thick cock banging against the back of her throat.

Once he was totally hard, Victor pulled Gemma’s mouth off his stiff rod and switched places with her….so, that she was sitting on the cases of liquor….with her wet pussy fully exposed….and Victor was standing between her spread legs. He grabbed both legs, and held them apart as he draped her knees over each arm and stepped in closer….the head of his dick rubbing up and down the moist slit of her vagina.

Gemma grabbed his erection and placed the tip at the opening to her pussy, then pulled him forward, encouraging him to shove it inside her. He leaned forward and slammed his hips into her….driving his steely hard-on deep inside her cunt. She grunted from the force of his thrust, then closed her eyes and moaned….the two of them quickly finding a rhythm as Victor hammered his prick in and out of her pussy like a piston. Gemma had one hand on Victor’s ass, pulling him hard into her cunt with every forward thrust….while using her other hand to rub her clitoris, sending warm tentacles of pleasure throughout her body, as she moaned and used her fingers to prompt an inevitable orgasm.

Gemma threw her head back, and with her eyes still closed, let out a guttural moan, “Oh, fuck….yeah….harder…. yeah, just like that…. yeah….yeah….shit, I’m cumming…..uhn…uhn….yeah…aaaaaaahhhhhh ….holy crap, that’s good…..yeah, keep going…..aaaaahhhhhh…..yeeeaahhhh…..hmmmmmm….”

Watching her climax seemed to encourage Victor to pick up the pace, and he plowed his rigid pole in and out of her pussy even harder, until he suddenly caught his breath, grunted, and erupted inside her…..splashing hot, creamy jizzm all over the walls of her cunt.

“Uhn…uhn…uhn….shit, Gemma….uhn…uhn….aaaaahhhhhh….aaaahhhhhh….uhhhnnnnnn…oh, that’s nice…. aaaahhhhhhh…..hmmmmm….very nice….”

Victor slowed down, but kept sliding his stiff shaft in and out of Gemma’s pussy, while they both moaned softly, and enjoyed the throes of their orgasms. After a few more minutes, Victor pulled his spent cock out Gemma’s vagina, and took a step back…leaving his sloppy, glistening penis dripping cum onto the storeroom floor….his erection slowly fading as it dangled between his legs.

Gemma had been working at Victor’s casino for almost two years, so she knew the drill….she slid off her perch on the liquor cases, and knelt in front of Victor….sucking his spent penis into her mouth, and cleaning it off with her lips and tongue. When she was done, she jerked the shaft a few more times, then shoved his now flaccid cock back into his pants and pulled up his zipper.

Victor, gave each boob a final squeeze, then left the storeroom while Gemma was busy putting her waitress uniform back on. As he walked off, he called back over his shoulder, “Fantastic fuck, Gemma….as always….what a great way to start the day.”

The rest of Thursday was bustling, but mostly uneventful for Victor….which is a good thing in the casino business. But after eating a late dinner at his designated table in the restaurant, and copping a feel from the waitress that served him, Victor found himself back in his office….sitting behind his desk and horny.

It was a typical weekday night, which meant the restaurant, massage parlor, and casino floor were all busy. So, grabbing any of the casino or restaurant workers on duty for a quickie or blowjob just wouldn’t work. Deciding there might be another way to get what he wanted, Victor called his floor manager and asked him which dealers had the night off. The manager checked his staffing sheet, and saw three dealers who were not working that night. Two were guys….and since the manager knew exactly what Victor had in mind, he only gave him the name and number of the third dealer….Olivia.

“Thanks, Sam….I’ll give her a call.”

When Olivia’s cell phone rang, it was sitting on her nightstand next to her bed, where she was on her hands and knees, with her boyfriend’s stiff cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy from behind. She glanced over at her phone’s display, and saw that it was Victor calling. She turned her head and said over her shoulder, “I have to take this, babe….it’s Mr. Delgado, and we’re on call 24/7 at the casino.”

Her boyfriend didn’t stop, but said, “Sure, go ahead….I’ll try to be quiet.”

With his rigid prick slamming in and out of her cunt, Olivia tried to keep her voice even as she put the phone to her ear.

“Hello, Mr. Delgado.”

“Hi, Olivia….hey, I know you’re off tonight, but I really need you down here at the casino. How long will it take for you to get here?”

Still trying to stifle her moans as her boyfriend continued pounding her from behind, Olivia said, “But Mr. Delgado ….uhn.…uhn...tonight is my first night off in seven days….hmmm…. I was really looking forward to the break...”

“I know, Olivia, but you know the casino never closes, so sometimes dealers need to come in, even when they’re not on the schedule.”

“I know, I know….uhn….uhn….OK….uhn….I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

“Thanks, Olivia…go ahead and come on up to my office when you get here.”

Olivia smirked, knowing exactly what he had in mind, and replied. “Of course, Mr. Delgado….I’ll be there shortly.”

She hung up, tossed her phone onto the nightstand, then turned her head and …..between grunts….. said over her shoulder, “You need to hurry up, Barry…..uhn….uhn….I just got called in.”

Her boyfriend said, “No problem,” and picked up the pace, grabbing her hips and hammering his dick in and out of her twat in earnest. After a few more minutes, he pulled her ass hard into his groin, shoved his dick as far into her cunt as it would go, and blasted a huge load of cum deep inside her pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhh….aaaahhhhhh….there you go…..I’m done…..aaaahhhhhhh…..that feels great…… aaaahhhhhh…”

Olivia didn’t wait, she moved her hips forward….pulling Barry’s still hard cock from inside her vagina….then climbed off the bed….leaving him kneeling there, with his dripping erection swaying back and forth between his legs.

Barry stayed where he was on the bed and complained, “I can’t believe you have to go in tonight, Liv…it’s your first night off in a week.”

Olivia cleaned up quickly in the bathroom, stepped into her closet to throw on a skirt and crop top…. hoping Barry didn’t notice when she didn’t bother with a bra or panties….then stood next to the bed while she slipped on her 4” heels.

She leaned in and kissed Barry on the lips, and said, “I know, babe….but when the boss calls, I need to go in. I’ll definitely make it up to you tomorrow.” Then she playfully slapped the shaft of his shrinking prick, and added, “Besides…. you nutted inside me just now, so you’re good, right?”

Barry whined, “I guess…..well, what time will you be home?”

Olivia grabbed her keys and headed for the door, calling over her shoulder, “I don’t know, babe….but I’m sure it’ll be late….you can wait up if you want to….”

Olivia arrived at the casino, parked her car, and headed inside. The door to Victor’s office was open, and she could see him sitting on the sofa against the far wall, drinking a scotch and rubbing a sizeable bulge in his slacks with one of his hands.

She knocked on the door frame and said, “I’m here, Mr. Delgado.”

He looked up and said, “Oh, hey, Liv….thanks for coming in.”

Olivia walked over to where Victor sat in the middle of the couch and said, “I didn’t really have a choice, now, did I?”

Victor laughed and said, “No….I guess not. But I’m glad you’re here.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard penis and, stroking it slowly, said, “I’ve been thinking about you since we got off the phone.”

Olivia stood in front of Victor and watched him stroke his growing hard-on, silently admitting to herself that he had an impressive cock….nearly 10” when it was fully erect, and definitely bigger than her boyfriend’s.

Olivia smiled, and said, “I can see that…” as she put her purse on Victor’s desk, then turned and watched him jerk his engorged prick for a few seconds.

She had been here many times before, so she didn’t need Victor to tell her to remove her top….she just did it…. releasing her heavy breasts to swing freely in front of her….her nipples starting to stiffen once the cool air hit them. Wearing just the skirt and her heels, and with her boobs swaying as she moved, Olivia stepped closer to the sofa and spread her legs so that she straddled Victor’s knees as she stood over him.

She leaned over and replaced Victor’s hand on his cock with her own hand, and began sliding it up and down his shaft, from the base to the bulbous head. As she stroked his now fully erect boner, she looked into his face and lamented, “Tonight was my first night off in over a week, Mr. D….my boyfriend was in the middle of fucking me when you called me in. This can’t keep happening….I’ve got to have some time to myself now and then.”

As Olivia bent over Victor’s lap, he was totally focused on her dangling tits…. he reached underneath her and grabbed them….squeezing and fondling them, then pulling on her firm nipples….making them even harder as he tweaked them between his thumb and fingers, mumbling, “I know….I know….I just really needed you here tonight.”

“OK....but next time you need to call someone else.”

As she said this, she lowered her head, sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth, and began bobbing her head up and down on his rigid penis. She continued using one hand to jerk his stiff hard-on, then slid her other hand between her spread legs and found her clit….rubbing little circles around it, as it stiffened and throbbed beneath her fingers.

As Olivia moaned around the thick shaft sliding in and out of her mouth, Victor closed his eyes and laid his head against the back of the couch….also moaning his pleasure….while continuing to slap and fondle her swinging boobs, and to pinch her plump nipples.

After a few minutes, Olivia’s vagina was dripping wet, and Victor’s stiff rod was slick from her saliva and warm....almost hot….in her pumping fist. Olivia pulled Victor’s dick out of her mouth, and moved forward to kneel on the sofa….her spread legs straddling Victor’s thighs, and her drenched pussy perched directly above his rock hard prick.

As Victor sucked one of her firm nipples into his mouth, Olivia placed the head of his cock at her pussy opening, and slowly lowered herself onto his engorged penis. She let out a long, soft moan as she impaled herself on his erection, then started sliding up and down on his hard dick….going deeper and deeper into her cunt with every downward thrust, until she felt her clitoris begin rubbing against the base of his shaft.

Victor’s prick was hitting all the right spots inside Olivia’s pussy, as she bounced up and down on his lap, enjoying the feeling of a cock filling her up inside, and the warm, throbbing sensation of her clitoris grinding against the base of his dick on every down stroke.

Olivia’s big tits bounced wildly between them, and Victor occasionally grabbed and squeezed them, enjoying it when they smothered his face, as Olivia rocked up and down on his erection….he even managed to get a nipple into his mouth on occasion….sucking and nibbling on one, then the other.

Between Victor’s thick boner stuffed deep inside her pussy, her clitoris grinding against the base of his cock, and her stiff nipples being nibbled and sucked, Olivia let out a guttural moan and exploded into a massive orgasm…. creaming all over Victor’s shaft, and sending tingly waves of pleasure from nipple to clit.

“Oh, fuck…fuck…fuck….I’m cumming…..yeah…yeah… aaaaaahhhhhhh….. oooooohhhhhhh…. aaaaahhhhhh….. hmmmmm….wow…..nice….hmmmmm…..”

Olivia fell forward as she climaxed, pressing her heavy breasts into Victor’s face, but kept twerking her ass up and down on his stiff penis.

Victor let her enjoy her orgasm for a minute, then grabbed her hips, and vigorously rammed his prick in and out of her cunt, over and over, until he suddenly shoved it into her as far as it would go, and blasted a huge load of hot, creamy spunk inside her creamy wet pussy.

He kept pounding his cock in and out of her until his climax had waned, and his nutsack was finally empty. Then he closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of the couch, while Olivia laid against his chest…her soft boobs squashed between them….as they both relaxed and caught their breath.

Still breathing hard, Victor gasped, “You’re always good, Liv….but that was amazing….”

Through her own deep breaths, Olivia said, “Thanks, Mr. D….you were pretty amazing tonight, too….”

After their breathing had settled down, Olivia started to climb off Victor’s lap, but he reached up and grabbed both boobs, pulling them toward his mouth so he could suck on her nipples once more before letting her up. A couple of minutes later he released her tits, and she raised herself off his lap…. pulling his still semi-hard cock from her dripping pussy. Then she knelt between his legs and sucked the tip of his penis into her mouth…using her lips and tongue to clean it off….and sliding her hand up and down the glistening shaft, as Victor continued to moan softly and rest his head against the back of the couch. When she was done, she shoved his dick back inside his pants and pulled up his zipper.

She stepped over to his desk and grabbed some tissues to clean up the slimy mess that was dribbling out of her vagina and running down the inside of her thighs. Victor smiled, watching her lean her butt against his desk and bend over….her big boobs swaying back and forth…. as she spread her legs and wiped away their mixed cum and pussy juices from her pussy.

As she finished cleaning up the mess between her legs, she said, “We’re done, right Mr. D?”

Still completely focused on her wobbly tits and pink pussy poking out between her spread legs, Victor said, “Yeah… we’re done. Why, Liv… need to be somewhere?”

Olivia laughed and said, “Well….yeah….if I leave now, I might be able to get home with enough time to make my boyfriend hard again before he goes to sleep. So, if we’re done, I’m gonna head out and see if I can make that happen.”

She continued talking as she pulled her crop top over her head and tugged it down over her jiggling breasts….her nipples still hard enough to make obvious bumps in the stretchy fabric.

”After all, Mr. D….it’s still my night off.”

Victor smiled and said, “Of course….I’m totally spent, so go ahead and take off….I’m just glad you were able to come in when I called.”

“Me too, Mr. D….but, seriously….next time I’m off, you’ll get some else…right?”

Victor chuckled and said, “Sure, Liv….I’ll just find someone on their break next time…”

Olivia grabbed her purse and car keys from the desk and walked out through the open doorway, calling back to Victor, “That works for me.”

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