Not all big cocks are black

Not all big cocks are black

Wanda had been fucking with her older brother for about six months now and they went at it any time they could be in a situation to be alone. She had just turned 18 when they first did it and he was about a year and a half older than her, so during summer while they were out of school and old enough to be left alone they had all the time together that they wanted. Their father worked so he was away every weekday and their mother belonged to many clubs and organizations and loved to shop so they had the house to themselves frequently and took good advantage of it.

The first time they had sex, John had raped her. They were out in back in the pool and he had torn her bikini off of her, pushed her down on the grass, forced himself between her legs and shoved his thin 5-1/2 inch cock into her in one thrust. He slammed his cock into her cunt rapidly for about a minute while she pounded on his chest and yelled for him to stop. He tensed up and filled her with his seed then he got off of his sister and ran into the house. The next day he quietly came to her and told her that he was very sorry and that he hoped that had he not hurt her and asked if she would forgive him. Wanda stepped forward and put her arms around him. She said that it had shocked her but had not hurt her. She told him that he had not taken her cherry as she had done that herself a couple months before while playing with a cucumber. She had been playing with herself every few nights after that and she admitted that she had been thinking about ways to get her brother interested in her sexually. She told him that the next time her wanted her he would not have to force her. His reply was to kiss her and say, "I want you now". Wanda took his hand and led him to her room.

After fucking for two days in a row they started to worry about her getting pregnant so the next day she went to her school, which was open for summer school. She saw the nurse and got a prescription for birth control pills, which the nurse would give to any girl that asked. Then till the pills took effect they used a condom when they fucked. Wanda found that she really loved getting fucked and the few times that John lasted more than three minutes she would start to have a series of orgasms, one right after the last and each one getting stronger. John may not have lasted long but he was ready for seconds almost immediately so Wanda found that she could be very satisfied by her brother. They started watching porn DVDs that they found in their parents closet and trying many of the new things and positions that they saw in them. One of the first new things they tried was her sucking his cock as almost every screen in every DVD included that. Wanda could take all of John's small cock in her mouth without it going into her throat and chocking her. The movies frequently showed the woman loving to eat her partners cum both before and after fucking so Wanda never had any thought that she should not like drinking cum. She found it very salty and a little bitter but knew that she was supposed to like it and she did. By sharing oral sex with each other first, they found that he could last longer when they did start fucking and that she was ready to start having her orgasms much quicker. They tried almost everything that they saw and found that they enjoyed it all. Wanda found herself excitedly looking forward to all the times that they could get together and screw. John had the same feelings and would get an erection each time he saw his sister. Often having to carefully hide it so his parents would not notice his condition.

This day they were in Wanda's bed. First she had sucked his rod till he had come and she had swallowed his sperm. Now Wanda had her legs wrapped around John's waist pulling him harder into her pussy each time he thrust into her. This was the second time they had fucked in the last half hour. Suddenly their uncle Jeff, who had come over to make a repair for their father, opened the bedroom door after he had heard loud moaning as he walked past Wanda's room. They froze as Jeff entered the room. "Well well, what have we here? It looks like you two like each other. Don't let me stop you. You're not in trouble and I won't tell on you." After a second John went back to fucking his sister and soon emptied himself into her. Wanda was more shocked and did not come with him. Uncle Jeff had entered the room and walked over beside the bed to watch the two going at it. As he stood next to Wanda's head she looked over and saw a large bulge in Jeff's pants half way down his thigh. Her mouth dropped open in shock and she reached over and touched it. Yes, it was his cock and it was huge. She ran her hand up and down it. His shaft must be at least 10 inches long and as big around as her wrist. Wanda had never seen one that big, even on the DVDs that she and John had watched. John pulled his limp cock out of her and went to his room. Jeff leaned over and kissed Wanda lightly on the lips and then left the room. Wanda lay there with many thoughts and questions running through her head.

The next day Jeff came to supper as a thank you for doing the repair that had been needed. Wanda spent a lot of time looking at Uncle Jeff's crotch whenever she could get away with it. When they were briefly alone after supper, Jeff stepped behind her and put his arms around her shoulders and pressed his cock against her ass. "Tomorrow, why don't you come over to my place for a visit." Wanda did not say anything and went back into the kitchen to help her mother clean up.

The next morning after their mother and father had left John came into Wanda's room naked but found her already dressed. She lightly kissed his lips and said that she had an errand that she had to do that day and headed for the door. She rode her bike the ten blocks to her Uncle Jeff's apartment. About 9:30 she stood in front of his door and almost turned around and went home but without hardly thinking what she was doing she reached out and wrung the bell. While she waited she almost chickened out again but before she could, the door opened and there stood Jeff. He was dressed only in a pair of loose fitting cut off jeans shorts. Jeff had a great body. He was 5'10" with well formed pecs and a tight six-pack abs and a great tan. At 32 Jeff spent a lot of time keeping in shape. As Wanda looked up and down his body she noticed that the very tip of the head of his cock was peaking out of the bottom of the leg of his shorts. Jeff took her by the hand and led her into his apartment and shut the door behind them. He stood close and facing her as he leaned over and gave her a firm kiss on the lips. "Did you come over to see my pet snake?"

Without even thinking, Wanda dropped to her knees in front of her uncle. She reached for the button on his shorts and as she unzipped them and pulled them down, his already hard monster of a cock sprang up and pointed at her face. Wanda paused for a moment in aw then reached out and put both of her hands around the base of Jeff's shaft, only covering about half of it. "Take your time and enjoy it Honey. I know it's going to like you." Jeff said. Wanda leaned forward and gently kissed the tip of her uncle’s giant manhood. Then she licked the tip of it, which already had a drop of pre-cum on it. She started to put her mouth around it but found it was too big to comfortably fit. Wanda was determined to suck Jeff's cock so she opened as wide as she could and stretched her lips around the head and slowly worked till she had his cockhead and about two more inches in her mouth. Seeing how much trouble she was having, Jeff told Wanda that she did not have to do it and suggested that they go to the bedroom to continue but Wanda replied that No, she wanted to do this here and now. Jeff's young niece moved as much of his cock in and out of her mouth as she could, with great determination, keeping her lips tight around it and being careful not to scrape his member with her teeth while stroking his shaft up and down with her hands. She could feel his cock get even harder in her mouth. After several minutes of her attention her jaw was starting to get sore. She had never had a cock any bigger than her brothers 5-1/2 inches in her mouth. Even the cucumbers that she had first practiced with were only a little bigger than John's shaft. Eventually she could tell that her uncle was getting close. Jeff pulled his cock out of her mouth and said that he wanted to finish and told her to keep her mouth open. Wanda kneeled in front of her uncle with the tip of his huge cock right at her open mouth as he rapidly stroked the length of his shaft. With a loud groan he exploded. The first two long streams of cum filled her mouth. As she swallowed, three more hit her face and ran down off her chin falling on her tits and soaking her blouse and then falling onto the carpeting. She got her mouth open again in time to catch one more blast from his cock. Then she put her mouth on the head of cock and sucked the last of his seed from him. She was full of cum and covered with it. She had never seen that much cum, even in the porn DVDs that she and John had watched. She thought that Jeff must have given her at least a half pint of his thick white baby fluid.

Jeff stroked her hair which had globs of cum in it as Wanda looked up at him and smiled. "Honey, no one has ever done that any better that you just did. Thank you. It was wonderful." Jeff said, but it was a lie as he had one girlfriend that could deep throat his whole 10 inches. Jeff pulled her to her feet and she gave him a big hug, smearing his cum from her face and tits onto his chest. He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. Using his fingers he scooped up the puddles of his fluid from her face and tits and put them in her mouth to suck clean. "We need to get you out of those messed up clothes." Wanda stood up and started to unbutton her blouse but Jeff told her that he wanted to do it. Jeff unbuttoned his niece's blouse and dropped it to the floor. She stood there as Jeff reached out and squeezed her tits. She was not wearing a bra. She didn't need to. Wanda was 5'5' tall and slim, almost skinny. Her tits would remind you of a small orange that had been cut in half and placed on her chest. There was no sag at all and her nipples pointed straight forward. Jeff loved her small firm girl bumps. He leaned forward and kissed and licked them, making Wanda moan with pleasure. Then he reached down and unfastened her pants. They were a tight fit so they did not fall by themselves and Jeff had to work them down till Wanda could step out of them. As she had already kicked off her shoes, she stood there only in the small red bikini panties that she had chosen for the occasion. Jeff pulled these down with his teeth and then kissed her puffy pussy mound. Wanda reached down and held him there with her hands on the back of his head. Jeff got his tongue between her pussy lips and gave her clit one lick sending an electric shock through Wanda's whole body. Then he stood up, picking her up as he did and laid her on his bed. Jeff went to the bathroom and came back with a warm wet washcloth and gently washed the last of his sticky spunk from her face.

Jeff stood there for a moment looking at his beautiful 18 year old niece laying there, naked, waiting for him to slide his baseball bat into her tight young hole. He climbed on to the bed and put his mouth on one of her nipples and sucked like he was breast-feeding. Wanda arched her back up to him and held the back of his head. He switched back and forth from one wonderful child tit to the other till Wanda was moaning and rolling her head back an forth. Wanda spoke and told Jeff that she was on the pill so he did not have to worry about using a condom. That was good because he didn't even have one. Then he started to kiss his way down her stomach till he got to her mound. Moving his body between her legs, he spread her legs wide and put them over his shoulders. Jeff used his hands to spread her pussy lips and he pressed his face between them and licked her clit causing her to jump. He licked up and down her slit from her asshole to her clit, stopping to push his tongue into her wet twat and then to suck on her clit as it grew and came out of it's hiding place. Wanda held his head tight to her pussy with her hands and pushed her pussy as hard as she could onto his face. She started screaming as she came for the first time. "Oh my God uncle Jeff, that feels so great. Eat my fucking pussy. Don't stop. Eat me." As Jeff continued eating his niece, he put one finger to her asshole. It was wet from her cum so he had no trouble pushing his finger into her anal opening. Jeff finger fucked her ass and eat her out till she had two more orgasms and just lay there limp. After he stopped, Wanda told how wonderful that felt and how she had often seen women being eaten on the DVDs but never knew just how good it was because that was the one thing John had never done with her. Jeff looked at her and said that he knew how to fix that.

Wanda reached down and grabbed Jeff's cock and found that it was fully hard again. She spun around and put her mouth to his pole and promptly swallowed as much as she could which was about 4 inches. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock while running one hand up and down on his shaft for about a minute and then she stopped. "Uncle Jeff, I'm ready now. I want you to fuck me with your beautiful big cock. Fuck me now, please." She lay on her back with her legs spread as he climbed between them. Jeff lined his fuck stick up to her barely teen cunt. He rubbed the head up and down her wet slit to get it as wet as he could and then started to enter her opening. She was tight, very tight. Jeff had not had such a tight cunt for very many years. Wanda was nervous about Jeff's monster meat entering her but she knew that she very much wanted to feel him pounding hard into her.

Jeff was very sexually active. He had two regular girlfriends that he dated often, sometime one at a time and sometimes together as they enjoyed making it with each other as much and they enjoyed Jeff fucking them and Jeff certainly enjoyed watching them enjoy each other. He also went out at least a couple times a week and hooked up with women that he would meet. The way his very big cock made a bulge in his pants made it very easy to meet women and to get them into bed, or other places for sex. Even when he younger he had over 8 inches and he was usually hard. He lost his virginity to his teacher, Mrs. Johnson, when she saw the bulge in his pants and had him stay after school. She was in her late 20's and a real looker. He was in her class for last period and after class she told him that she wanted him to stay behind. When everyone else had left she shut and locked the door. She turned to him and opened her blouse, exposing her huge set of tits. "Jeff, do you like being with girls?" "If you mean sex, Mrs. Johnson, I have never done it." "We can take care of that" she said as she walked to him. Jeff's teacher dropped to her knees in front of him and undid his pants, dropping them to the floor and pulling his underwear down with them. Jeff was nervous so his cock was only half hard. "I could tell that you have a nice big cock and now I can see that it sure is. Mrs. Johnson lifted his cockhead to her lips and in one motion swallowed it fully into her throat till her nose was firmly pressed into his pubic hair. His teacher fucked his cock with her mouth; pulling out till just the head was still in her mouth and then pushing it back down her throat. Jeff found out how much better it felt to have someone doing you than when he jacked off. This was great. Mrs. Johnson kept it up for just a couple of minutes till Jeff shot his wad down her throat. She held him deep in her throat while he was coming straight into her stomach and then started sucking him again till she was sure that he was staying hard. She told him to lay on his back and she pulled up her skirt and took off her panties. She startled him and sat down on his cock, burying him fully in her snatch. She fucked herself up and down on his 8 inches while he played with her exposed titties and she rubbed her clitty till he groaned and came again. He filled her pussy to overflowing and when she got off she licked him clean. "Jeff, you sure have a nice big cock and a lot of cum. Don't be shy. You can have almost any girl or woman that you want with that nice big piece of man meat. Just let them know that you are interested and let them see that big bulge in your pants." Jeff kept fucking Mrs. Johnson about once a week till the end of the school year. At the end of the school year she was showing that she was well pregnant. They did not know if it was his or not because she had fucked several other men and boys and was a married woman. After the end of that school year he never saw her again.

Jeff made his first slow push till the head of his cock entered Wanda's cunt. "Owwwh, that hurts, uncle Jeff." He paused for a few seconds and then pushed in another inch or so. "Stop, that hurts. I don't think I can take your big cock." "Just relax honey, it will hurt a little at first but you will love it once you get used to it." Jeff said as he pushed another couple of inches into her. Wanda gritted her teeth and vowed to take it no matter how much it hurt. Jeff was in far enough now that he could start stroking in and out of her. The pain started to go away and be replaced with pleasure. Each time he slowly pushed a little more into his young niece. He had to be careful that her tight cunt did not make him come right away. Soon he was about 7 inches into her cunt and was about as far as he thought that he could go. He started a good steady rhythm in and out of her and she started moaning with pleasure. Soon she was having an orgasm and as she came she was telling Jeff to fuck her faster. He went faster but not deeper for about 10 minutes and brought her to two more orgasms. Each one lubed her more and made it easier to fuck her and to get deeper into her. Finally he tensed up and groaned as he filled her cunt with as much cum as he had filled her mouth with earlier causing her to come one more time along with him. It was far more cum than she could hold with his cock in her and it poured out onto her thighs, in his and her pubic hair and onto the sheets. Jeff knew that no woman had been able to hold all of his cum so he kept a plastic sheet under the regular sheets. After he finished dumping his load in her he stroked in and out a few more times. He was large enough, even soft, that he could have kept fucking her as long as he wanted but he could see that she was fully satisfied. He pulled out and moved up by her head where she gently sucked and licked his cock and balls and pubic hair clean of the mixture of his and her cum. "Oh wow uncle Jeff, that was really something. I loved it. Will we be able to do it again?" "Sure honey, many times, but here is what I want you to do now. Get dressed but don't get cleaned up. Then go home and tell John what we did and tell him ............."

Wanda went home and went right to John's room. Wow Sis, your a mess. What happened?" She told him, in great detail, about her fuck session she had just had with Jeff and especially how she had really loved it when he ate her pussy. When John heard about how much she loved his huge cock he was sad that he might be losing his sister as his fuck partner. Wanda looked at straight at him and told him what her uncle had told her to say. "We can still keep fucking but if you want to fuck me you will have to eat my pussy too, starting now." In shock, John replied "But you just had sex!" "So? Do you want to fuck me or not? Lay down. I want you to eat me." John laid down on his bed. Wanda pulled off her pants and undies, got on the bed with her legs on either side of her brother's head and sat her messy cunt onto his face. She grabbed his hair and held him tight to her pussy as he started to tentatively lick her slit. When he got his mouth directly over her hole she clenched her muscles and forced the mixture of her and her uncle's cum out of her cunt into her brother's mouth. She held him tight to her opening till he had to swallow. "Keep eating me and don't stop till I tell you to." John started getting into it and soon was sucking her clit and shoving his tongue up into her hole. Soon he had Wanda coming and she emptied her cum in his mouth and all over his face. Wanda got off John and licked her cum off of his face and gave him the most passionate kisses she had ever given him. "You can fuck me now brother." John was rock hard. He put her on her hands and knees and got behind her and fucked her hard and fast doggie style while at the same time finger fucking her ass hole. Soon he emptied his load into her cunt. Wanda turned around and sucked him clean then got up and went to her room.

A couple days later Wanda was in her bed on her back with John face first between her legs doing a great job of eating her pussy when the door opened and Jeff walked in. John stopped but Jeff told him to go back to work. We want your sister good and ready to fuck, don't we?" As John went back to eating his sister Jeff stripped out of his clothes and kneeled on the bed next to Wanda's face where she started licking and sucking his big stick. After a minute Jeff told John to get up. He was puzzled but he got off the bed. John had never seen Jeff's cock and was amazed by it's size. Jeff got on the bed on his back. Wanda promptly got on top of him facing him and grabbed his cock and placed it at the opening of her cunt and worked herself down onto it. She had about 7 inches of his big shaft in her when she started bouncing up and down on it and moaning. She was able to increase the depth that Jeff's cock went into her to maybe about 9 inches. John stood by the bed not knowing what he was to do. Jeff spoke up, "John, she has two other holes left. Don't just stand there. Take your pick." A happy look came back to John's face as he got on the bed behind his sister's ass. Jeff held her still as John lined his pecker up to his Wanda's asshole. He spit into his hand and rubbed the spit onto the head of his cock. Leaned forward and in one thrust buried himself balls deep in his sisters ass. "Ouch. Take it easy" she yelled out but John didn't appear to listen as he started fucking her ass hard and fast, almost as if in anger. The pain passed and Jeff started fucking her also. Soon Wanda was coming hard from her double fucking. John was the first guy to cum and he shot his load deep in his sisters bowels. Jeff lasted several minutes longer before filling her cunt to overflowing with his large helping of spunk. They rolled over and motioned for John to lay down on the bed which he did. Wanda startled his face and fed him her cunt full of cum. She got up and told her brother to suck her uncle's cock clean. John didn't want to do it but even more, he didn't want to be cut out of being able to fuck his sister either. He sat there deciding what he was going to do. ...................


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