Licking Mommies Pussy and Uncles Cock

Licking Mommies Pussy and Uncles Cock

My name is Mike and my parents had me late in life. We lived in Ohio but both of my parents were from Indiana.

When I was 18, we moved back to Indiana because my dad got laid off from his job. Mom and dad were in their mid-fifties and looked it. Dad is a big man with dark hair and eyes and heavy set. Mom is about 5 ft. tall and weighs about 100 lbs. with gray hair and glasses that are very out dated. She has big boobs and a perfect round ass that I have really noticed since puberty.

It seems like I'm always horny and mom is my favorite jack off fantasy. My uncle Jim (moms brother) is a big man and about the same age as my mom and dad. He let us live in a house on his property when we moved back to Indiana. Uncle Jim has a trucking company and gave my dad a job driving one of his trucks. It is a long haul job so dad is gone for 4 weeks and then home for a week and then back on the road. It was winter so I was still in school and it seemed like every day when I got home, my uncle would be there and him and my mom were very close.

My uncle never came over during the week my dad would be home but as soon as dad left, he would be back. I was becoming suspicious of my mom and uncle because one time I saw him standing by her and he was rubbing her butt. I also came in one day and when the screen door slammed and I rounded the corner into the kitchen, my mom raised up from the floor and hurried toward me as my uncle turned his back to me and it looked like he was zipping up his pants. 

And then one very cold day I was at school and before lunch it started snowing. The snow was really coming down hard so the principal made the announcement that school would let out at lunch. I caught my bus and when I got home and walked into the house, I heard my moms voice. It seemed like she was moaning and just as I started to say something, I heard her say, "I'm cumming Jim, I'm cumming! God your cock feels so big, fuck me Jim, cum with me baby! Fill me up Jim, oh God I love your big cock," and as I peeked around the corner, I could see them. They were standing in front of the kitchen sink with moms panties around her ankles and her loose fitting dress was pulled up and over her head.

My uncle was fucking her from behind and my mom was bent obscenely over and pushing her wet hairy pussy back at her brother as she moaned and wiggled her ass like a younger woman. My uncle had his hands on moms shoulders and was pulling her into him as he pumped his big hard cock as deep as it would go into his own sisters sloppy pussy. My uncle started moaning and fucking my mom even faster and harder and then he buried his big cock in her and I could see his ass cheeks and big balls jerk every time they pumped a load of his hot cum deep in moms pussy.

When he was done, he started rubbing moms back as his big cock slipped out of her pussy and when it did, it dropped like a horsecock and it was coated and shiny and dripping a lot of thick slimy cum. I could see my uncles whole cock now and it was huge, even going soft. Suddenly, I was angry and I blurted out, "I'm gonna tell dad what your doing when he gets home," and then I ran to my room and slammed the door. I laid there for a long time thinking about what I'd just witnessed and then I heard my mom say, "Good night, Mike, I love you." After a few minutes of thinking about it, my cock started growing so I stripped and started jacking off. With all the excitement, my cock was really hard and I was probably making a lot of noise when suddenly my bedroom door opened and there stood my uncle with another raging, cum dripping hardon.

He said, "I knew you'd be jacking off you little pervert" as he walked straight over to me. He said "You like watching your mom take my big cock don't you shy boy" then he pulled my head toward his big sloppy cock and said "I just pulled this out of your moms sloppy old pussy for you to suck, now suck it". As he said it, he shoved it at my mouth and suddenly I had cum in my nose and both lips and when I had to open my mouth, he pushed it right in. When I got my first taste of his cum, I just surrendered and started sucking and slurping on his big hot cock.

The next thing I know, my mom is snapping pictures of me sucking somebody cock. I heard her say "your not telling anybody anything you little cock sucking pervert" and then she started sucking my cock. Mom was really good at sucking cock and I was surprised when my uncle held my head and began to pump load after load of his scalding, salty, sticky, thick wonderful cum in my mouth and down my throat. It tasted good and as I swallowed it all down, I knew I wouldn"t tell my dad anything. I was so turned on that my cock started filling my moms mouth with her own sons hot cum.

When I looked at her, she was looking up at me and greedily sucking all of my cum down her mommy throat. When she was done, I just laid back to rest. Mom laid by me and roughly pulled my head toward her well used old pussy and said "your not done yet, your gonna make your momma cum" I turned to get my mouth between her thighs as she spread her legs wide and pulled my mouth to her hairy, cummy, horny old pussy. She said "lick up my slit and nibble on my clit" and I did over and over as she bucked her pussy on her sons mouth.

She was moaning and saying "bite mommies clit baby, lick mommies slit, tongue mommies ass baby oh yea put your tongue in me, I"m cumming motherfucker I"m cumming" and my mom was nearly smothering me as she squirmed and bucked and moaned and forced my face as deep as it would go in her sweet old pussy. Alls good now with me and my family and when my dad comes home, I go over every day and take care of my uncles big old cock. I don"t know which I like best "big cummy uncle cock" or "hairy old used mom pussy".

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