Rooms of Horror and Delight room 2

Rooms of Horror and Delight room 2

Jennifer was walking with her friends in the mall, and she was making jokes for her friends’ amusement. Young teenage guys walked by her and gave her nods, or winks, flirting with her. She enjoyed the attention. One guy gestured for her to come over. He was perfect: Blonde hair and blue eyes, six feet tall and ripped.

He reached out to her to talk, when he suddenly morphed into the creature she feared most: the huge deformed man with the massive cock. He lunged for her…

Jennifer gasped, and woke with a terrified cry.

Still panting she suddenly remembered what had happened to her, and where she was. She looked around and saw that she was in another room, almost identical to the one where the deformed man had raped her. She was still wearing her white shirt, part of her school uniform, but her skirt and panties had been ripped off during her fucking.

“Good evening again Jennifer”

Jennifer started and looked around for the speaker. She found it, once again high up in the corner.

“We gave you an injection to keep you asleep for several days, giving your pussy to get tight again” the man said smugly.

“I’m begging you,” Jennifer cried! “Just let me go! I swear I won’t tell anyone! I’ll never mention this to anyone! Ever!”

“Sorry, but we won’t let you go until you finish all fifty rooms we have,”

Jennifer’s knees buckled. She still had forty-nine rooms before she was released?

“Nooooooo,” she moaned.

“Well, have fun with your next surprise!” the speaker clicked off.

Again, the door at the other end of the room began to open. Three men wearing dark black uniforms walked in.

Jennifer backed away, screaming, but the men grabbed her and dragged her towards the center of the room. Another man came in dragging a short bench with thick pads on top.

They forced her over the bench, so that she was face down with her ass in the air. Her ands and feet were shackled to the ground.

Jennifer sobbed, waiting for the sound of unzipping clothes.

It didn’t come. The men walked out, leaving Jennifer there, still tied down over the bench. She was facing the door, and she strained her neck, looking through it. And then the men returned. But they weren’t alone.

They were leading two enormous silverback gorillas by leashes towards her.

Jennifer was so shocked that her mind just went blank. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The speaker clicked on again, “These are two gorillas we caught when they were young babies. We’ve trained them to learn to take pleasure in sex, and how to have sex almost like a human. But you had better be careful. They’re still animals, and will kill you if you don’t cooperate. The bigger one is named Brutus, and the other, Samuel. Both of them are very, very…insistent when there’s something they wanted.”
“We’ve had girls that resisted, and they always ended up with a broken neck. Oh and also, make sure that you do suck if they want a blowjob. They get very unhappy if you don't"

Jennifer began to scream and scream. The men untied the leashes, and the two leapt forward towards her. The men left and closed the door behind them.

Samuel went up to Jennifer and put his face right in front of hers. Jennifer screamed again, and the gorilla roared and screeched, thumping his front arms on the ground. He reared up and Jennifer saw the thing’s cock for the first time. It was dark black along the shaft, and pink at the head, twitching in anticipation. It was about a foot long and three inches thick.

Jennifer closed her mouth as tight as she can. Samuel screeched loudly, and grabbed Jennifer’s hair, pulling her head up sharply. The pain made her gasp, and Samuel took the opportunity to shove his rock hard cock into her mouth. Jennifer struggled to take it all in. It slowly went down her throat and was almost all the way in. Jennifer began to cry, silently, tears coming down her cheeks.

Samuel hooted his pleasure and was immensely enjoying the feeling. Her throat was tight and constricting around his cock. he began to thrust back and forth in her mouth, using his hips and also using his hands to push and pull on the human's head down and up on his cock. Jennifer was forced to breath through her nose, taking in the smell of the ape.
He smelled like a wet dog. Samuel's giant black and gray balls slapped against her chin and neck as he fucked her throat.

Jennifer had completely forgotten about the other ape, brutus. she suddenly remembered and looked around for him. He was standing to the side, watching as she was being throat fucked. Brutus suddenly started walking towards her and around towards her ass. She whimpered and cried through the 12 inches of ape cock that she was forced to suck on.

She felt huge rough hands suddenly rest on her ass cheeks, before suddenly grabbing them and pulling them apart to reveal her puckered ass hole.

NOO she tried to scream, but she was totally helpless against them with her hands and feet bound.
She felt something wet poking along her ass crack, and then it was at her hole. Brutus thrust with all his strength.


Brutus roared and began pounding away. Samuel screeched too and hit her hard in the face. She had stopped sucking when Brutus had walked over. The pain was terrible and she began to cry again. She continued her sucking and Samuel began to thrust deeper, harder and faster now.

Slap, Slap Slap. His balls kept slapping at her Neck.

Jennifer could feel Brutus's cock going up her ass, ripping through. The pain was terrible, but it slowly ebbed away, as Brutus began producing huge amounts of precum. The 14 inch cock began sliding more easily now.

"Ohhhh" Jennifer moaned, as best she could through Samuel's cock. Samuel's was also beginning to ooze out copious amounts of precum, making it slide around in her throat more easily. It tasted salty, but not terrible, compared to the deformed man's jizz she had been forced to taste before.

She began to really enjoy her fucking. and began to push her ass back towards Brutus, while sucking harder on Samuel.

The two cocks got faster and faster, as she started to try and fuck them both with her two holes. it felt so good to her. The two apes were now grunting in rythim with their fucking. Brutus leaned over and lay his chest against her back, and grabbing her shoulders as he began to fuck even faster.

Suddenly the door opened and a man ran in, with keys. he unshackled Jennifer's hands and feet, and ran back through the door.

Brutus, without stopping his fucking lifted her off of the bench, while Samuel suddenly pulled out his entire cock in one quick pull.

Jennifer gasped as her throat suddenly was suddenly cleared. Brutus encircled his armos around her chest and arms, and then lay back, so that she was face up towards the ceiling. Brutus continued his fast paced fucking. Jennifer began yelling and shouting in pleasure.

Suddenly, Samuel was on top of her, and sank his slick cock all the way up her tight pussy.
This time, Jennifer felt no pain, only pleasure.


She could feel her breasts pressing against the hard chest of the gorilla, as she was fucked in both holes.

All of a sudden, The two began to go so fast, that if someone were to watch, it would seem like a blur.

Jennifer could tell that they were reaching their climaxes, and she was too.


She exploded in wave after wave of pleasure, and at the same time, the apes came, roaring at the same time.
It felt like someone had stuck a hose up both of her holes, and turned on at full blast. She could feel it filling her up, and shooting up into her womb, and up her ass, samuel pulled out still coming, and it went all over her chest and stomach, before he pointed it at her face.

Brutus had let go of her arms and was laying back, still cumming. Jennifer reached out and grabbed the Samue's cock and directed the stream of white towards her mouth. Samuel stuck the first three inches into her open mouth, and let the stream of hot sticky white cum shoot down her throat. Jennifer jacked him off at the same time, still relishing in her continuous orgasm.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned through the cum and cock. Her mouthh was full so she began swallowing, taking it all down.
After a few minutes of sucking and swallowing, and jerking off Samuel, Brutus finally stopped cumming, and stood up, bring her up with him. He pulled out, and Cum came pouring out of Jennifer's ass. Samuel pulled out of her mouth too, and sent the last few sprays onto her face and hair. The two then then turned around and walked through the open door, and the door closed.

Jennifer collapsed into the puddle of jizz, and thought to herself, this isn't so bad. I might as well enjoy it while i can...

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