Furst time sex with little sis

Furst time sex with little sis

This is a true story. I won't go into all the nitpicking detail as most stories in this story bank does.
You that complain and bitch about brothers and sisters and parents and children having sex should try it if you ever get the opportunity or should I say guts. Where do you think we started from. There were only two people created. Adam and Eve. God told them to replenish the earth. They had to have sex with someone. So here we all are. There is an old saying someone come up with that says, "The closer the kin, the sweeter the meat." Believe me, that's true. I have had sex with five different nationalities of Asians and many Americans. Asians have some awesome pussy. I have had sex in many ways and also eaten many pussies include getting some good blow jobs. I have never found any that was bad. They were all good. Some pussy just bigger than others but what do you expect.
This is part one of several true stories. This one is short but sweet.

It was raining one day and my mother, sister and I were out on the front porch. My mother was sowing clothes by hand as she sat on the end of the porch in her rocking chair kind of facing away from my sister and I as we played. There was a half bed mattress lying on the other end against the house. I was laying on my back as my little sister raised my legs up putting my feet beneath her armpits and wanted me to swing her back and forth over my body. I did so. After several times doing that my legs started getting tired. I let them fold and she dropped down on top of me, her dress spreading over my face. It was then that I really noticed she didn't have any panty on. Her little butt sat on my chin. In the shadows I was looking down my nose at her fuzzy little pussy. I liked looking at it. She was twelve years old. I was fourteen. I reached up and took her arms and held her there. My mouth was just beneath that little slit. It was just natural that I stick my tongue to it. And I wanted to too. Then I stuck my tongue between her little lips and licked up the crack. It had a light salty taste and the aroma was terrific. She didn't move. Momentarily my mind had forgotten that mom was sitting out there. I released her arms and pulled her dress from over my face. Mom still had her back turned to us.

I straightened my legs up again and started swinging her several times then let her back down again. This time her pussy was on my mouth. I started sticking my tongue inside her again. I could feel my little peter starting to get hard. I didn't know what to think or not sure what to do. I would push her up and she would swing a few times and then I would drop her back down again, as my tongue waited for her and I sucked it then. She still didn't say anything except to smile. I pushed her up again and forward and removed my feet. I got up and took her hand and led her into the back bedroom. Standing by the bedroom door I could see mom if she got up. I asked her to lean back against the corner of the dresser. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my peter out. It stood straight out it was so hard. It was a little bigger than the other boys in the neighborhood I had seen. Sis asked me what I was going to do. I didn't say anything except asked her to hold up her dress as I pulled it up where I could see her pussy. Mom never had us circumcised so the skin was covering the head. I stuck it between her little fuzzy pussy and slid it in as I reached around her taking her little butt cheeks in my hands and pulled her against me. I stuck it about half way in. I could feel her pussy so warm. She was so tight I could have almost cum right then. I wanted to shove it all the way in but was afraid of hurting her, so I only slid it halfway in. I started humping her like our little puppy use to do on everyone's foot or leg. I asked her if it felt good. She said "Uh-huh." I told her it felt good to me too. Then I kept sliding it in and out of her until I started getting those funny but good sensations. I had experienced them before as I jerked off a few times.

I kept fucking her. Then I started getting the feeling that I was going to cum. I just couldn't stop or pull it out since it felt so good in her. I felt it shoot out as I spilled my cum in her. I started pulling it out then but she told me to do it some more. So I did. Then mom got up and started walking through the house. I pulled it out. She must have got something in the other room and went back out on the porch and sad back down in her rocker. Sis said for me to put in again. I did as it was still hard. I kept fucking her seemed like forever until I felt those sensations again and cum. It got soft and slipped out. I got a soft cloth and got on my knees and carefully spread her lips apart with my fingers and cleaned her.

"Did you like that?" I asked her.
""Uh-huh." She said with a smile. We went back out on the porch and continues what we had been doing. I would drop her down on my face. Her pussy was dripping a little. I didn't really think so much about it as my tongue felt good sliding in and out of her pussy. After a few times doing that the drips stopped.
Suddenly there was a bolt of lightening struck the big tree in the edge of the yard. That got our attention real quick. Mom got up and told us to come in the house with her.
That was my first pussy and loved it. Oh, I had seen pictures of little and big pussies but never thought I would get to fuck one so soon.
Did I regret it? No. It was some of the learning stages of my life?
I will reveal more in another story later.

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