Adult Passion- The Continueing Story of New Beginnings

Adult Passion- The Continueing Story of New Beginnings

Adult Passions - A family that plays together….

If you haven't read my Young Passion and Young Adult Passion series yet. Look Up my old account Author name PASSIONFRUIT. I lost my account password so I can't access it anymore. This story is the first part of the THIRD SERIES. Hope you like. I have to post this as fiction just to protect myself. Enjoy.


I personally don’t see what the big deal was. So I started having sex at an early age. So I had sex with my brother, dad, and my step mom. So I had sex with a few others, and so what…. I sold my body to men who had a shit-load of money. I ended up very well off and in the process found the love on my life, Mallory….

For those who have not read my story, Young Passion and young Adult Passion, I will give you a quick catch up of my past life.

It started when I was 9. My mother died and left me alone with my brother who was 12, and my dad. I walked in on my brother masturbating and it led to us having sex. That followed me having sex with the local grocery delivery boy, my dad, and then with our neighbor, who is now my step mom.

I them went on to be prostituted out to wealthy men who paid thousands each encounter, just for a chance to fuck a young small female. But I liked the sex, I liked the attention, and I liked the money. But mostly, I liked seeing how much the men desired me. I liked seeing just how much I turned them on. Their hard cocks in my hand and my mouth, then is my small pussy. I loved it all, and for me it was the perfect choice.

But what I got most out of this experience was Mallory. Yep, I fucked a lot of men yet in the end it was Mallory who stole my heart. Mallory was the same age as me and in the same sex prostitution ring. She was a pretty girl with about the same body as me at that time. Maybe even slightly more developed when I look back. I knew that I wanted her from the first time I saw her. Amazing that was 25 years ago. Seems like just yesterday this all got started.

The sex ring operated by my now Step-Mother, allowed for me and Mallory to save a lot of money. It in all actuality set us up for life. I know that most would love to hear how it totally screwed me up. They would love to hear how I felt raped and molested and how I ended up with deep psychological issues. Maybe that I turned to a life of drugs and crime. But that isn’t what happened. I never have felt used or abused and neither has Mallory who still sits to this day at my side. My lover, my best friend, and my eternal soul-mate.

I graduated top of my class. I am now an attorney, specializing in taking special cases across the U.S. I represent those who are victims of illogical laws that take the rights away from both young adults and adults who engage sexually with them. It is my belief that not all sex with children is a crime. That a lot of it is consensual and should never be the governments business. Most of this is kept private, but when it comes out and an adult is arrested over a child objection, well that is where I come in. My job is to make a jury see that the child is different and that they wanted it. With the child’s testimony, I have been able to get a lot of adults off with either an innocent verdict or a hung jury.

Mallory is a Doctor. She went to Medical school and she passed through easily. She is now an Optometrist. She makes good money being the only one in our growing little city now. She is still a bombshell, she says I am too. We both work out and well our sex life is still very active. We just don’t get paid anymore for it. We both now have degrees and don’t need our license’s revoked, although truth be told. That thought of getting paid for sex still turns me on tremendously. I honestly still crave it. Which leads me to an idea that I have had. One I need to talk over with Mallory. It may be time for an out of state vacation. To please my desires. Me and Mallory have always played with others. But we don’t let anyone get emotionally attached. They are sex toys so to say. We don’t mistreat anyone, but we let them know up front.

But right now I got another story to tell you about. It started 3 years ago. One of my clients was arrested and I unfortunately lost his case. He had three children. One girl Carrie who was 10, another girl Jessica who was 12, and a boy Nathan who was 13. He was sentenced to 12 years for having sex with his 10 year old daughter Carrie, consensual sex that is. She actually initiated the sex and she was the only one of the three the father had touched. But with them having no mom and no family that wanted them, me and Mallory agreed to take them after much discussion with the kids.

Carrie was a sexual little thing. She actually reminded me of me. From the first day she would flirt with any guy she could, especially her brother Nathan. I almost couldn’t blame her for that. Nathan really was a cute teen. At 13 he was 5’4, 135, black hair and blue eyes, and he had a nice tone body. A six-pack and a nice butt. After finding out from his little sister what she used to do for her daddy, Nathan was at the point of giving in to his little sister. The only difference was that he really wanted me. Actually it was kinda funny. Seems that everyone wanted someone else. Nathan wanted me, Carrie wanted Nathan, and Jessica was trying her best to get closer to Mallory. Me…. IDK. I guess that I always preferred girls, so I would have to take Jessica.

“Mallory we got a new family and it seems to me that it is going to be interesting.” I said.

“But what do we do about it. Seems that everyone wants everyone and I can’t lie the fact that I know that makes me want to start having some fun with them. I know we agreed we wouldn’t, but damn…..”

“ So what you want to do? Start having sex with them?” I said.

“ Honestly I have been tempted to take a look at what Nathan is packing below that six-pack. He has a nice body for 13, he honestly looks 16 and he is a cutie.” Mallory retorted.

“ Yeah I know what you mean. He is a cutie, although honestly I been thinking about Jessica as my pick. She may be 12, but those b cup cute titties and her thick frame just looks fun. I haven’t had a younger girl since you.” I said.

“ So what is the plan. How do we get them to play?” Mallory said.

“ Well I think that it wouldn’t be too hard. problem is everyone wants the other. How do we get the each of us to like each other?” I said

“ Maybe we should just make some concessions to start. I know that Nathan wants you. maybe you should seduce him first and then we can get this all going. Maybe tonight we can get it started. I could keep the others company and you could take on Nathan?”

“ Wouldn’t be a bad idea, I mean he is cute and honestly it has been awhile since I have had a dick in me.” I said

That was the plan. We were about to start another partial incest family adventure, this time it would be in my home and not my dads where years ago I fucked my brother and then took to Fucking dad too. Now I was about to start it here, just as I started it years ago there.

Me and Mallory chose to put our little plan into effect the next day, which just so happens to have been Friday. Mallory chose to take the girls for a “Girls Night”, I stayed home saying that I wasn’t really up to it. Nathan looked kinda left out. Honestly he acted pissed, but I knew that he wouldn’t be pissed long. I had a plan….

“I am going to go take a bath.” I said to Nathan

“ Ok Mom”… He had been calling me that since he came home. The sound of him
calling me that made me horny as hell and I was getting wet fast at the thought of what I was about to do.

My plan though switched lanes soon. My plan was to take a bath and then call him to the room to massage me. But that got sidetracked when I mis-stepped into the tub and fell. Nathan heard me yell and heard the thump. I was in the tub holding my leg. I had just bruised it and skinned it up a little. But that is when Nathan knocked on the door.

“Are you okay mom.”

“Yes, I fell and I hurt my leg. Nathan I need you to help me.” I said.

Nathan came in and immediately came over to me. I took his hand and put it on my knee and then I leaned back in the tub exposing to him my breast barely uncovered by the bubble bath. His eyes shot to my breast as he massaged my knee. I encouraged him to keep going, even though in actuality it was hurting still. I closed my eyes before he caught me noticing that he was staring at my breast. I just laid there for about 3 min. Then I decided that I might as well milk this.

“Nathan I hurt my upper leg too. You massaging is helping, can you massage my left thigh please?” Like I had to say please. He went straight to my upper thigh seeming to not want to go too high. that just wasn’t going to work. “Baby please go all the way up, it hurts.” and to that he started massaging my upper thigh and his hand was hitting my pussy with every motion. I responded by opening up my legs more and he didn’t need any coaching.

“Oh Baby that feel soo good.” as I grabbed his hand and looked at him as I placed it on my pussy. “This needs massaging too” I said smiling at him. He acted like a light bulb went off and he knew where this was going. He massaged my pussy as I moaned and splashed a little in the water and then I orgasmed, screaming out him name. I had to remove his hand, the feeling was so good.

“Nathan, take off your clothes and join me in the tub.” I said. Nathan looked at me with a little bit of fear in his eyes. I guess the thought of disrobing in front of me for the first time was throwing him into shy mode. But once I grabbed my breast and started playing with them, he became mesmerized. He stood up and took off his shirt. I saw that he was sporting a hard on. I looked at his shorts and reached between my legs to rub my pussy. Giving him the final courage to take off his shorts and underwear leaving me with a delicious view of his young teen cock just a few feet from my face, fully hard and about 6 inches long. But I couldn’t just attack him.

“Come into the tub baby.” He came into the opposite end of the tub and after he was settled in, I leaned forward and he came up between my legs, his manhood just inches for my pussy. I leaned in and kissed him. His taste was so good and he smelled so good. It went new life into my pussy and I was once again on fire. I went to his neck and kissed him and I felt his breath on me and I reached down and I took a hold of his 13 year old dick and he sighed in total ecstasy. I loved his dick and I loved stroking him. Watching him get more turned on than he had ever gotten before. But I knew he wouldn’t last long, and there was no way I was going to allow his cum to go to waste in a tub. No he deserved a memorable first cum his first time with another female.

“Stand up for me.” I said to him. He got up and stood right in front of me. His cock just inches from my mouth. I wiped off the suds from the bubble bath and leaned in to take him into my mouth. I knew that he was close, and I wasn’t going to waste anytime. I starting sucking him slowly, enjoying the thought of having that beautiful young dick in my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsing and lightly jerking. I could hear his sighs and I knew that his cum was about to blow. I grabbed his nice ass and I pushed him hard in and out of my mouth. I made him hit the back of my throat with his cock and then it happened.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming!!!” shot out of his mouth and he tried to remove me from his dick for a minute, but I forcefully let him know that I was going to swallow his load. He pumped load after load into my awaiting mouth. I just had to swallow that cum. I wanted it, I craved it, and I knew it would be just the first load. Young boys…. they can get it up quickly, and I wanted his second load in my pussy. I had plans.

I got up out of the tub and asked him to dry me off. He grabbed a towel and started to dry me off, then he stopped to help me step out of the tub. He then leaned in and he kissed me and I tasted his lips as he tasted his own cum from my tongue. We had to have kissed for a few minutes before I pulled back. I was cold, in all but one place anyway. He finished drying me off and I grabbed the negligee on the counter that I meant to put on after my bath to lure him into my bed. Before the fall and the recalculation of my plans.

He was about to grab his clothes after drying off himself. I walked over to him. “You won’t need those, this outfit is nor you. I prefer you where I can see that hot hard cock.”

“ You really like it? It isn’t too small?” He said

“ No baby. For your age it is actually quite impressive. A lot of grown men don’t have a dick with your length and thickness. Not to mention that it just has a beautiful shape and I love the big thick juicy head on it. No son, your cock is beautiful.”

“ Awesome, I think you are beautiful too. I got to admit that I always have wanted you. I even take care of myself at times while thinking about your body. I got to admit that I never thought this would happen.” Nathan Said.

“Well we got at least another hour or so. So lets go in here and lay on the bed together. I honestly want to play with your cock some more.” I smiled at him while grabbing his hand and leading his naked body over to my bed.

After I got him to the bed I looked into his eyes and for the first time since my brother Chris and my Dad, I actually felt something inside of me. Something
emotional, something real, something that I just couldn’t explain. I wasn’t in love with him but I did want him, I was attracted to him in more than just a sexual way. I knew this was going to be an interesting future.

We started to kiss and as we did, it was more like making love. My negligee came off and Nathan took control. He went down to my breast and took each one
in and sucked on them. I felt the fire going on in my pussy, and I craved to feel his cock inside of me. But Nathan had other plans. Where he learned the complexity of sex I didn’t know, but here he was moving down further and soon he was at my pussy and he started licking me and with every touch of his tongue, he sent shivers up my spine. I was so turned on. I don’t know if it was because he was my new step-son, or if it was because he was so young. But one thing was for sure. I was starting to orgasm and I shot my juice out all over his face. He surprisingly didn’t move much, he kept eating me straight through the whole gushing event.

I honestly could have stopped right then. The orgasms that I had already had were so strong and intense that I was satisfied. But I wasn’t going to cut Nathan short on his first encounter. I wanted him inside of me for his first time. I wanted his to feel the main event and as I came down from my orgasm the thoughts of him entering me made me want it even more. No I had to feel him in me. I had to feel his cum unless with-in me.

I looked into his eyes. “Are you ready to fuck me.” His eyes were pure passion and desire. He didn’t even answer me. He came up on top of me and started kissing me again. His eyes, his touch, the taste of me on his breath. It was all too much. I spread my legs wide and he took the queue. He aimed up his cock to the opening of my pussy and he entered me slowly, sighing as he felt his first wet hot pussy surrounding his cock. I had to admit, I could feel his whole cock within me and it felt sooo good.

Nathan started pumping in and out of me. I kissed him deeply for a minute, but the intensity was too much for him. He pulled away from the kiss and just continued to drive his hard cock in and out of my wet hole. It was all I could take, I started to orgasm and he saw it and as I flooded his cock, he unleashed strand after strand of hot sperm up my pussy. By the time he was done I was just starting to come down from my orgasm. I got to honestly say that for the past year all I had in me was toys and Mallory’s tongue and fingers. I have to admit, his cock was very welcome.

The night was coming to an end though. Mallory would be home soon with the other two girls and while we had a plan in mind, we didn’t want to give it all away at once. I kissed him goodnight and reminded him to keep this between us for the moment, knowing all to well that I would be telling Mallory soon. I tell Mallory everything.

I would like to have stayed awake to tell Mallory the whole story. But truth was I couldn’t do that. Good orgasms have made me want to go to sleep over the past few years and tonight was no exception. I was passing out and even though I felt Mallory get into bed with me and cuddle up her naked body against mine. I didn’t try to wake up. I drifted back off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Mallory kissing my neck and my shoulders. She always knew how to wake me up in the best possible way. Waking up to Mallory was a great way to start my day. Having never been a morning person, I found that Mallory could always make me happy about waking up. To know that I was cuddled up with my love, my best friend, and my soul-mate. I was so blessed to have her. I could not be more happy than I am with her and with what we have.

I turned over and looked into her eyes. Her mouth came down and her soft and beautiful lips touched mine and with that passion erupted from with-in me like the very first time. That was one thing with Mallory, the love we share was a fire within me that took very little to fan into a full blown fire storm. I grabbed her tightly and we rubbed our bodies against each others. Her nice tit’s and mine rubbing against each other showing each other just how much of the same we are. That honestly turned me on even more. It may be more expectable now, but still almost forbidden. I know after all these years I should feel more like our lesbian relationship was normal, but honestly keeping it naughty was a lot more fun. A lot more exciting, and that kept my pussy extremely wet.

Mallory kissed down my neck to my ears and back down to my collar bone and then down where she took time to make love to my breast. Mallory loved my nipples and she always took her time to make love to them. My nipples were so sensitive and the sensations ran from my nipples down to my clit. I was in Heaven. While I loved having my nipples sucked on by anyone, truth is that only Mallory knew the right sequence and pressure to use. She was the best and her mouth turned me on more than any before or after.

After lighting the fire in my groin that burned with desire for her, she moved down to my pussy and started her love assault on my love button. Mallory and her mouth could be the things of legend, even the men we had been with claimed that no-one could suck a dick better than Mallory. She had a gift and right now that gift was between my legs and causing me to melt and with desire. I could feel an orgasm building and that is when Mallory but the final part of her assault into play, she inserted two fingers into my pussy and was rubbing my sensitive G-spot. That was all it took, I orgasmed hard and unload all in Mallory’s mouth. Mallory swallowed mouthful after mouthful of my juices. I am a squirter and I gush quite a bit.

She moved back up and kissed me as I continued to shiver in an ongoing orgasm.
I put my hand on Mallory’s breast as we kissed. Mallory had the nicest nipples and I loved how hard they would get when she was aroused. I could feel her nipple hard against my palm. I then took her nipple between my for-finger and my thumb. It was time for me to heat up Mallory a little more. My pussy still ached for another orgasm but I wanted to get Mallory off as well.

Mallory pulled me down on the bed and lowered her pussy down on my head. She leaned down and went back to eating my pussy as I starting to eat her. I love the way Mallory tasted, damn honestly I just love everything about Mallory. I licked her over and over exploring her juicy labia lips and all of the creamy sauce that covered her turned on clit. With each lick I could feel her squirm up above me and could feel her breathing changing.

Turning on Mallory was the quickest way to make me go off and many times we have went off at the same time, our orgasms building on top of each other until we both go off and that is the way this way going as well. I was close and Mallory was bucking her hips on my face, and with that I flooded her face with my juices and that was all she needed all well. She orgasmed on my face and we just laid on top of each other and spasmed for a few minutes when we continued to kiss each others thighs.

We was in this position when the unexpected happened. Carrie walked into the room. Mallory lifted her head, “Oh…. Jenny we got a problem.” She then got off of me, her mouth still dripping of my juices.

A few days went by after the incident. Carrie knew we was together and slept in the same bed, but up till now she had never seen wither of us naked, now do I think she had ever put together that females can also have sex. Mallory got the blunt of this one. As they sat alone after school at the house. She told me about it that night.

“So what was it that you and Jenny was doing in the bed when I walked in.?” Carrie asked Mallory.

“We was having sex.” Mallory said.

“How can two girls have sex? Daddy had a penis and he stuck it in me. You and Jenny are girls.”

“There are other things that girls can do to make each other feel good. We can suck on each others breast and nipple and we can lick each others pussy. We can use our fingers to get each other off. There is a lot we can do.” Mallory retorted.

“Oh does it feel good being with a girl?”

“Oh yes, me and Jenny prefer it, that is why we are together.”

“But you can’t have a baby right?” Carrie asked

“No not with-out help. But honestly up till now me and Jenny have never talked about wanting kids. We had college and work to do. Only when we was blessed with you three did we consider children.”

“Mallory…… I got to talk to you. I am having a problem. I ……. I…….. I miss daddy. I miss having sex with him. I throb and no matter how much I try to rub myself, I can’t make myself orgasm. It kinda get so horny it hurts at times…… Will you help me? Since you like girls?” Carrie asked.

“Wow…. You caught me off guard baby. I honestly not thought about having sex with you. With you only being 10 and me being with Jenny. But if you promise to keep it between us, I will take care of you and try to make you orgasm but for now I don’t want you trying to take care of me, ok?”

“Okay” Carrie said.

Mallory leaned in and kissed Carrie for the first time. She told me that she knew that by societies standards, what she was about to do was wrong. But she also remembers being young and having sex. She also remembered that although her first experiences wasn’t nice, she got to crave it, and that she could only imagine what Carrie must have been going through after getting accustomed to sex and them doing with-out it for so long. “I had to give her some relief, and I thought back to our plan to bring them all into our special family. You had Nathan and Now I am getting Carrie comfortable. All that will be left is Jessica.”

Mallory took off Carries clothes while they continued to kiss. Then she kissed down her nubile body. All the way down to her little nipples that she took a second to kiss and lightly suck on and then she continued south to her stomach and then finally she had her mouth right on her young pussy. She started licking her and brought Carrie to three orgasms. She then went back up to kiss her and she held Carrie as she fell asleep.

The thought of Mallory having sex with Carrie just turned me on. Remember that I also was young when I got my pussy eaten by my now step-mom. I remember just how good it felt once it was over and I was laying there completely nude with her, completely comfortable. I grew up fast and honestly I grew up sexual. Just like Carrie, I was a little nymph from they beginning and you can only fight what you are for so long.

That is what I wish people would understand. Not all children are non sexual. Many kids hump pillows and stuffed animals at a very early age they are already sexual and they are just acting out of natural instinct. It doesn’t mean that they should ever be raped or abused in anyway. But we shouldn’t hide sexuality from our kids and if they want to venture into sexuality, we should let them and we should try to teach them. If that means they want to have sex with us, then where is the harm. We put ever case in the same boat, but I am proof and Mallory is proof that not every case is the same. Many kids have sex, a lot more than is ever told outside of the family. But enough with my thoughts, back to the story.

Mallory continued to take care of Carrie and I continued to play with Nathan. Many times I would sneak into his room at night and get into bed with him. I would make love to him. I have to say that real feeling developed between me and Nathan. I did fall for him to a point and Nathan felt a lot for me as well, but Mallory definitely had my heart.. No one could take that.

“ I want to play with a boy.” Carrie one day blurted out to Mallory.

“ Who you have in mind.

“ I want Nathan. I been wanting Nathan a long time. I know you please me very well, but I miss having a dick in me. I miss licking it.” She said in her most sad young voice.

“ So why don’t you tell him?” Mallory responded.

“Because I am shy. I can’t just ask him for it.”

“ Baby you got a lot to learn about men. You don’t have to ask him, all you have to do is go to him naked and tell him what you and your dad used to do and that you want to show him while you rub his dick. I got a plan, I will talk to Jenny.”

“Wasn’t Jessica planning a Slumber party at her friend Rachel’s house one weekend soon?” Mallory asked me.

I had forgotten all about it. It was planned a month ago and Jessica got her invite. I went to look at the fridge where it was and it was for this coming week-end. Well that took care of the way, now how…...

So the day was finally here. Jessica was going to her slumber party at her friend Rachael’s and the three of us would be here for the night. Here is what happened.

We all went out to eat after Jessica left. We had a Golden Corral just open up in our small town. Amazing considering how small we still was. But, our town was starting to grow and the plans for a new Wal-Mart had already gotten the other big chains coming in slowly to take over. We weren’t helping, I had already eaten there and was so looking forward to going back again.

We had a blast at the restaurant. With a huge buffet we were all full to the brim. On the way home, we stopped by a store and I bought two bottles of Champaign and 2 four pks of wine coolers. What I am not suppose to give kids alcohol? yeah well I was going to break another law tonight. If we was going to get Nathan to play with all of us including Carrie, we need to get him a little tipsy and that could also be fun for all of us.

At home I shocked the kids. I handed them both a wine cooler and Mallory opened up a bottle of the already market chilled Champaign. Carrie was downing it with a few big gulps, which made Nathan look at me with a “Should she really be drinking that.” look. I just kissed him and said, “1-2 wont hurt her.” But I did have to slow her down. The little slush had half of it downed before Mallory could get the bottle open. Nathan was the opposite, I had to look at him and say, “DRINK !!!! I want us all feeling good.”

Good is what we felt. Me and Mallory had already went through one bottle and we was on bottle two. Nathan finally went through his second and was on his third now, and Carrie was well cut off. The little slush had finished one and she was lit up like the fourth of July. Truth is we all was. That is when Mallory got brave.

“Hey kids, sit right here.” Mallory said putting them on the love seat.

Mallory grabbed me and started kissing me hot and heavy, pulling me to the couch. I don’t know if this was the plan, or if the alcohol had taken over and Mallory just wanted me. Either way we were making love and stripping each others clothes off in a huge race for sexual satisfaction. Once naked, I sat on top of Mallory’s lap and she starting licking my titts and sucking my nipples. She reached down with her hand and rubbed my pussy and she had me so hot. Not only was I getting a lot of attention from the woman I loved, but to have two others watching us….. Oh yes. I was ready to play.

Mallory lifted up and turned me a little and I flopped down on the couch. I moved up to the armrest as Mallory mounted her face on my hotbox. She started licking me and it felt of so good. Mallory ate me and I looked over to see both of them looking at us. “Take your clothes off” I said looking at them. They started to undress and I could tell that Nathan was being a little shy in front of his little sister. But that is what this was about. Nathan was going to get some tonight and it wasn’t going to be form me or Mallory. He was going to fuck his own sister before us.

I laid there watching as both kids were nude and Nathan was stroking his dick as Carrie was glued to his dick as her own hand was rubbing her small cunt. I could tell she wanted it, I could also tell that Nathan wasn’t looking at her at her. Me and Mallory fucking each other if the stuff of every mans dream. Both of us nice looking with fit bodies and oozing feminine qualities. I was about to reach my first orgasm, I was so turned on and I unleashed. All over Mallory’s face and the couch.
Not to mention my $3000 couch. But fuck it, it was cleanable.

I looked over and they were both still just rubbing themselves. “Carrie, rub his dick.” Carrie reached over and Nathan seemed very unsure but she let her, guess cause I told her to do it. The look on his face went from unsure to pleasure. Something about someone else touching you that sends sexual sensations through you and lights the wild fire inside. Seeing Nathan getting pleasured by his sister was now the main event. Me and Mallory went back and forth from kissing to watching them and we watched as we saw Carrie lean down and take Nathan in her mouth. Nathan moaned out and opened his eyes to watch his nearly flat chested sister’s head going up and down on his hard six inch cock. We watched as Nathan reached up and started rubbing her pussy. Nathan and Carrie was both heating up and that is when Nathan jerked and his cock shot cum all up into Carrie’s mouth. Carrie was a very good little girl, she swallowed it all.

That got me and Mallory back hot again and this time it was my turn. I pushed Mallory back and got between her legs. I licked her and savored her taste. Again knowing that we was being watched got me horny as hell. I reached down and I rubbed my soaked clit while I ate her. Mallory was getting close to cumming, I can tell with her because she starts bucking wildly. She came and I was I looked over to Nathan and Carrie again.

Carrie was straddling Nathan with his cock buried up into her pussy. Her back was facing me and Mallory and we saw her bouncing up and down on his cock.
We watched as we saw his cock entering her. We watched as she moaned and groaned and as he sighed. The look of her small frame on top of Nathans larger frame was so hot. To know that Nathan was stretching her pussy to its tearing point, but seeing her take it and actually enjoying it was a real turn on for me and Mallory. We sat there rubbing each other and kissing until I heard Carrie scream out in orgasm.

“ I am cumming !!!!! I am Cumming Nathan!!!!” and with that she unleashed her orgasm. It was all it took to send Nathan over the edge. He moaned loudly and Nathan unloaded rope after rope into Carries young pussy. Carrie just leaned into his chest and he held her with his cock still inside her. He looked over at us and we just smiles back at him. “ I fucked my older brother Chris when I was around Carries age. It was awesome and went on for awhile. Best time of my life and you know how close me and him are now. That is the reason.” I said to Nathan. He just looked at me and then went back to hugging Carrie as she looked to be asleep now in his arms.

We were all wondering now how to get Jessica involved. With all of us having fun with each other, we had to try to introduce her to sex with us. Otherwise there was going to be a lot of sneaking around and truth is I don’t know how long we could hide it. About a week went by after our little foursome before Jessica came to talk to me about something sexual.

“When I was at the slumber party some stuff happened I want to talk to you about. But I don’t want for you to be mad. I don’t want anyone to get into trouble, I want it all to stay between us, ok?” Jessica said.

“Okay baby as long as you are okay?” I said

“Yes I am fine, nothing happened that I regret, but I was probably what you might say is bad. I……. We……. Only 6 girls showed up for the slumber party. But it was okay I knew most all of them and we all had a great time together. But we also talked a lot about sex, and we also watched a DVD of some people having sex, and we also ….. we also played truth or dare and not the normal kind.”

“You are a beautiful young girl and sex is going to start being something you are going to start exploring. It is honestly only natural, I started exploring early and honestly I had a lot of fun with it. There is somethings you got to do to protect yourself and we can talk about those. But I never want you to be embarrassed about anything sexual with me. You can tell me anything.” I said.

“You aren’t going to get mad or go tell parents and stuff?”

“No Baby, you know I am too cool for that. I just need you to take my advice on how to handle yourself and how to protect yourself. It is important so that not only you won’t get into trouble, but wont get others into trouble and get me and Mallory into trouble.” I said

“Ok, I don’t want anyone in any trouble. But this is what happened at the party. We was playing truth or Dare with some index cards that Rachael had made. They were quite dirty. They were full of kissing the person next to you and touching each other, and stripping off our clothes, sucking on each others toes and each others breast.”

“Where was Rachael’s mom?” I asked.

“She got a call that her dad was in the hospital. So she left up there saying that her older brother Daryl was going to be coming home at 11pm. She told us that with 6 of us there, we should be able to stay safe. Just to stay inside and leave the stove alone. She left us $30.00 to have pizza delivered.”

“Right after she left, Rachael brought out those cards and we started to play. We ordered the pizza and as we waited for it, we started playing. As we played we all got the cards that made us do things and although some chose to tell the truth, most chose to take the dare. But three cards were in the deck that were Double Dare Cards, if a person got one, they could make the whole group do something that they wanted and it had to be really bad, but they could chose to hold them till they wanted to use them on a future turn instead of drawing.” She continued

“So as we went along we were all stripping down. One of the Girls Kelsey got the first card. So she chose to hold it. The next person to get one was Samantha, she also held hers. I got the last one, and I chose to hold mine. We then shuffled the deck and we continued to play, with only 35 cards we went through them in about 30 minutes.” She Continued

“ My turn, said Samantha.”Smiling as she looked at all of us. We knew that we was going to have to do something bad as she grabbed her Double Dare Card and placed it down. “My brother Steve works at the pizza place, and I know that tonight he is the only driver tonight cause he told my mom earlier that he was the only one scheduled. So here is what I want of all of you, and me.” she told us what she wanted and we all looked at each other with fear on our face. The pizza was ordered 25 minutes ago, so we prepared for event. She Continued

So her brother, who is 17, shows up and rings the doorbell. Samantha looks out the window to see that it was him. She yell’s out PIZZA IS HERE, as we all got into the kitchen out of sight. Samantha opened the door. “Hey brother !!!!” “Hey Samantha so this is your slumber party. Where is your friends?” He asked. “They are in the Kitchen waiting on you to bring the pizza, the money is in there as well.” She said.

“Okay lead the way.” he said. So Samantha leads him into the Kitchen

As soon as he entered the kitchen he saw the first part of Samantha’s plan.
He saw five young 11-13 year old girls naked as a jay bird standing side by side and facing him, most of us very shyly. He slowly placed the pizzas down on the table. “What is this Samantha?” “I told them about us, I told them about me sucking you off earlier and I told them about your dick. We are playing Truth or Dare and I got the Double Dare Card, so I have dared them to all give you your Tip my dear brother.” With that she reached for his pants and undid his pants and lowered his zipper. She lowered his pants to his knees and she then grabbed a chair from the table and put it in front of him and she pointed first to Jasmine.

Jasmine stepped forward and she sat in the chair and she nervously grabbed his already hardened dick and started to rub it. With Samantha’s hand on the back of her head, she pushed her head forward and Jasmine took his dick into her small mouth. Jasmine was a small black girl, but at 13 she had already started to grow tits, the largest of all of us, she had a B cup, nice round bubble butt and a cute body. She was cute. She sucked him for her full minute and then Samantha said NEXT.

The next in line was Rachael. Rachael went over, sat down, and she immediately took it into her mouth and sucked on him. Rachael was 11 and she was just a small mostly flat girl. She had some nipples growing but that was about it at this point. She sucked him her minute and then she got up and went back to the line.

The Next one was me. I was so nervous Jenny, but I wasn’t going to be a baby. I went over and sat down and I started sucking on his dick. It was the first time I had ever seen a dick, and within minutes of seeing my first one, I had it in my mouth and I was sucking it as good as I could. It was so hard and yet soft. I loved the way my tongue felt as I cradled it going in and out of my mouth. Steve was moaning and I knew he was loving my mouth and it got me so turned on. I was wanting him and I didn’t want to stop sucking him. Samantha had to tell me three times that time was up. I finally got up and went back to the line. But I craved that dick each time one of the girls got up there to suck him.

Then Kayla got up there and she sucked him. Kayla was 12, cute with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a little thickness. Her breast was about a B cup as well. She was sucking him but I could tell he wanted me back as he stared at me the whole time.

Then Kelsey moved over to the seat and she started licking his dick. Kelsey then started sucking him. Kelsey was 11 and she was very cute. Her blond hair and her trim figure. She didn’t have any tits yet, just a little nipple. But still cute with a little cute butt. She sucked on him and Steve placed his hand on the back on her head leading her to each stroke. He was getting close and he whined when Samantha said times up.

Samantha had been behind Steve, when Kelsey left and went back to the line Samantha stepped up in front of her brother. She had stripped down completely nude. He just looked at her. Samantha was 13, she had about the same figure as me. She is about 5’1, 100lbs, full B Cup tits with nice nipples, nice ass. Our hair was both past our shoulders, hers just a little longer and darker brown than mine.

Samantha sat down in front of her brother and she told him, “Just tell me before you cum.” With that she started sucking him. I could tell she was experienced and he liked it. He was moaning loudly and she was sucking him hard, fast, and deep. I could tell that he was going to cum soon, although I didn’t know what that was till Samantha told us when she told us the plan.

He was moaning even louder and then he yelled out, “I am cumming!!!!” with
that Samantha took his cock out of her mouth and jerked his cum all over her chest.
Her chest was covered in his cum. I was feeling so turned on. I didn’t know what I needed, but I knew that I needed something.

“OMG Samantha. That was so good !!!!!” he said as he leaned down and kissed her. Samantha just smiled at him. He went over and he kissed each us on the lips. Not just a little peck, but a real kiss. MY FIRST KISS !!!!!!!”

“So you enjoyed all that?” I aksed.

“ Oh Yes !!!!!!” I had a blast, but the story is not over yet. She continued

“ After he kissed us he got the money and left. “Now that he is gone, part three
to this is now started, all of you follow me.” She went to the living room and laid down on the floor. We all took turns licking the cum right off of her body, most of them would lick a small part and then leave. But me and Jasmine was the last two and we both went to her together. We both licked about 50% of what was left off of her and swallowed it right down. It tasted ok but not super great. But it still was fun and it really still had me turned on.”

“So you sucked a cock, kissed a boy, and then ate cum off of a girl in one night?” I said to her, mostly proud of her.

“Oh yes and this story isn’t over. After we ate all the cum off, we went to the kitchen and grabbed the pizza while Rachael put in a DVD she said belonged to her brother. It was about 7PM when we started eating pizza and watching the movie. It was a sex video Jenny. We ate and watched as females and females had sex, and then males and females had sex. We learned a lot fast and we laughed and we all got so turned on. One of the females was rubbing herself and Samantha said that is called Masturbation and its how you can get your self off alone.”

After the movie it was about 8:30 and we was full and horny as heck. We decided to go back to playing the game. After a few rounds and us kissing each other and us sucking on each others nipples, we were all really wet down there. Being naked in front of all of them was really second nature now. No-one was even trying to cover up now. As we played, it came to Kelsey, holder of one of the two remaining Double Dare Cards. She decided to play her card.

“I want all of you to take one minute turns licking my pussy.” We all leaned down one at a time and licked her, in the end she had an orgasm and she said she felt SOOOO much better. I was jealous, I wanted to know how that felt, I thought we all deserved to know how that felt, not just her.

It went through two others before it got back to me. I was going to make us all get off. I played my Double Dare Card. “There is six of us. I want us to divide up in three pairs and I want for us to take turns licking each other till we all orgasm. I want us all to feel what Kelsey felt. So we all got between another girls legs as they laid on the floor and three of us went to licking the other three till they orgasmed. I was between Jasmines legs. Her thighs was thicker and her ass was so nice and round and she had breast. Her Labia lips was thick and juicy and I honestly wanted to eat her. I loved the taste and I loved the thought that I was going to be the one to get her off. It kinda turned me on more. I can now see how two girls can be together cause it was good. Jasmine orgasmed and I ate her liquids.

Then we switched and I got eaten by Jasmine. Jasmine licked and sucked on my clit and I have never felt anything better than that. I was in heaven and the fact that her skin was such a contrast to mine was a turn on. I hope that I made her feel as good as she made me feel, cause she had me to orgasm fast and once I came Jasmine didn’t stop. She kept eating me and within a few minutes I orgasmed again. OMG Jenny it was so awesome. I love sex after feeling that !!!!”

I was getting so wet listening to her story. She had her first sexual experience and it seems as though it was a good one. It took me back to that first time with my brother. The first time I felt his cock in my mouth and the first time I tasted my step mom, but mostly to Mallory and the first time we had sex. She was and still is so beautiful. I could lick that hot ass forever. But then Jessica continued her story.

“We are laid there panting as we had all had orgasms by now. We were all hugging and laughing and talking it was a blast. But it was also 10:30 when we looked at the clock. Rachael’s brother would be home from his date he went on soon, so we all got dressed. Her brother Daniel came home about 5 minutes till 11:00. We were all in the living room and he came in looking upset. He asked if we was okay and he went to his room and shut the door.

“I will be back” Rachael said as she got up and went to her brothers room. We sat it the living room talking until she came back about 10 minutes later. “His Girlfriend dumped him.” Rachael looked so sad. “He is really upset”. We all looked at her feeling bad for him and I felt bad that she felt bad. We sat there a few minutes talking about what happened.

“Why don’t we go make him feel better?” Samantha said with that devilish grin on her face. “I don’t know if he would go for it.” Rachael said.

“ Only one way to find out.” I told her as I took my shirt back off. The other girls all started back taking their clothes off. “OK” Rachael said as she took off her clothes. We decided on a plan and we went for it.

We didn’t even knock. We rushed into him room all naked as can be. We ran around his room and then we all attacked him on the bed. “What are you all doing? Why are you all naked? go put on some clothes.” he said as he was laughing.

“No brother, Rachael said looking at him. She was sitting on the bed in front of him, she reached down and rubbed his dick. “Take off your clothes. NOW!!!” she said to him. He just looked at her in a wild daze. We all moved in and surrounded him on the bed. Jasmine was behind him and she looked down at his neck and she started kissing it. Daniel looked around and saw who it was and when he did Jasmine leaned in to kiss him, Jasmine leaned back with him, giving him some good kissing.

That is when Rachael made the first move, she reached for his pants and undid his button and his zipper. She reached down and took his dick out of his pants and started sucking her own brother. Daniel looked down to see her sucking him and he was about to say something but that is when I grabbed his face and kissed him. Then I grabbed his hand and placed it on my hot pussy. Daniel started rubbing me. He was getting into it and he offered no more resistance as he placed his hand on Rachael’s head.

I saw Rachael acting like her mouth was getting tired. I moved down to be beside her as the others moved up to start kissing him. He was getting 6 girls at once, and he was loving this. I grabbed Daniels cock and I stuck it in my mouth. I loved sucking on it. His dick was beautiful, he was about 6 inches. I saw a lot bigger ones in that sex dvd, but considering all of our size, his dick was perfect. The girls was keeping him busy and I was the only one left at his dick. I didn’t ask, and I don’t know I had to do it. But I moved over him, I wanted him in my pussy badly. I lowered down on him but it stopped and pain shot through me. Something in me was blocking it from going in.

“Wow, what are you doing.” Daniel said looking at me. “I want you inside of me.” I said, but it won’t go in.

“Its called a Hymen. This is your first time?” Daniel said. “Yes it is.” I told him. “Well your first time, I have to tear through your hymen by pushing hard into you. I have done it only one time, with my girlfriend. Or should I say ex girlfriend”
Rachael grabbed him and hugged him. “You have us.” she said smiling at him then kissing him again. He looked back at me.

“Are you wanting me to have sex with you?

“Yes I want you in me.” I told him.

“Ok come here and lay down. Rachael go get me a towel please.” He placed the towel under my butt and he got in front of me. He started kissing me as I felt the head of his dick at my entrance. I knew it was coming but I chose to just concentrate on kissing him. In one quick action he tore through my hymen. I yelled out into his mouth and tears came out of my eyes and down the sides of my face. He looked at me. “Are you ok” he asked.

“I will be fine” I told him unsure if that was true. “It will hurt for a minute before it gets better.” as he continued to go in and out of my now very sore hole. I wrenched in pain the first 10-15 times he went in or out of me. But slowly it started to feel really good. His dick in me felt awesome, I felt so full and felt like a woman for the first time. I leaned up and kissed him as he fucked my pussy for the very first time. I could feel his dick pulse inside of me and I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me. I was on fire and I somehow knew that only this approaching orgasm could put it out. Orgasm I did…. I soaked him and the towel and he seem not know why I got him so wet.”

“Baby you are a gusher. You have what they call Squirting Orgasms. Not all females have them, maybe only two or three out of ten females. Those who do find that their orgasms are more intense and you have more of them. I myself am a heavy squirter, and Mallory is a light squirter. But it is normal, he is just inexperienced with only one female before you that didn’t squirt.” I told her. Jessica seemed a little relieved.

“I am glad to know that. I felt a little weird about it, but I had no idea if it was normal or not. So anyway once he got off of me and I used the towel to dry myself off a little. He grabbed a towel he had used that morning and wiped off. He had not come yet. So he laid his towel back on the bed and laid back down on it. “Who is next?” he said. It got really quiet as all the girls looked at each other, but it was Jasmine that spoke up first. “I will, but I have a period, so do you have a condom? Otherwise I could get pregnant.” Jasmine was the only one of us that had gotten her period yet. So she was the only one that could get pregnant according to our sex ED teacher. But he also told us that that month before you have a period, you have a egg if place that can be fertile. So it was still a chance for us I guess since we had no way of knowing when we would start.

But Daniel did have a condom and he put it on and he had sex with Jasmine for about 15 minutes before Jasmine orgasmed. I am figuring that Jasmine had already had sex before as she didn’t seem to hurt or bleed.

He took off the condom and none of the others seemed to want to have sex. Everyone stood there like they was afraid. After a minute or so, Rachael got onto the bed and looked at her brother. “I have always wanted you to be my first. But I want to be your last tonight. I want your cum inside of me.” Rachael said.

He looked at her, “Are you sure you want this?” he asked

“Yes I want it. I want it badly. I want to be your special little sister.” She said.

With that he positioned her laying down as he did me and he started kissing her. He put the head of his cock at her opening. As they kissed he did the same as me and just forced it inside of her. But Rachael yelled out in pain. She was smaller than me and so it may have hurt her more or maybe she just wasn’t in the same mental state as me. But she yelled out and cried, Daniel felt so bad. He asked her if she wanted him to stop, but she said no just give her a minute. He did and she told him it was ok. He started back and she had her eyes closed hard, I could tell that she still was in pain. I reached out for her hand and held it as he continued to go in and out of her.

It didn’t take long before she had an orgasm and Daniel just kept going. Daniel gave her three orgasms as he took times of kissing her and looking into her eyes. “I Love You”, came out of both of their mouths multiple times. I knew that once this was over they would still be having sex. I honestly was kinda jealous of that. I know they are brother and sister and maybe they shouldn’t be having sex, but to see them all turned on was hot and Stephanie also sucked her brother. Maybe I shouldn’t have felt this way, but I kinda wondered what it would be like to suck Nathan at that point.

“OMG I am cumming again”, she yelled out and she started shaking. “I am about to cum too”. and with that he came in her, and she was so happy about having her brother in her. She had not only a smile but also a certain glow. She was so happy. We all got up and left his room. It was after midnight now and they were all tired. We all left the room to go to the living room to sleep. 30 minutes later Daniel showed up still naked like the rest of us. He brought his ex large sleeping bag, Rachael was invited inside. We all fell asleep, Rachael in his arms happy and content.

I woke up the next morning after nine. I sat up to seeing Rachael and Daniel kissing each other. The look they were giving each other again made me jealous. I never been in love but from the looks of it they were there or getting there. I don’t know, all I know is that I wanted that. The others started to stir and with-in 30 minutes we were all awake, except Kelsey. She was still passed out despite us all moving around. She didn’t wake up till after 10. “Ok we got to get up and dressed, mom said she would be here before lunch and she doesn’t need to catch us all naked.” he said laughing.

We all got dressed and we got the place clean and straight. That is when I called you to come pick me up. Everyone was leaving… Are you mad at me?”

“No baby, I think you had a fun night. All long as you are safe and have fun, it is all okay. Sex can be a lot of fun baby, enjoy it safely. But let me know once you start your period, we will need to get you on Birth Control and condoms aren’t a bad idea if you don’t know the person well. Me and Mallory find a guy to join us sometimes, and when we do we make them wear a condom. We keep a few large boxed down in the bottom drawer Mallory’s Dresser, feel free to use them.” I said to her.

“So I got something to talk to you about. I have been having sex with Nathan for the past 3 weeks.” I told her. Waiting to see her reaction before going further.

“Oh wow, I guess I never expected that. How did that happen?” She asked.

So I told her how it all got started and the story of us, minus the part of the
slumber party night. “Soooo are you like dating him?” She asked.

“No baby, we are not a couple. Its just sexual and we are just having fun. He knows that and honestly more than that is happening. Carrie came to Mallory first and was upset. You know your dad and her was having sex and although you got made about it, Carrie liked it and honestly she told Mallory that not only was she missing it, but she also was hurting from being too horny. She couldn’t get herself off. So she asked Mallory for help.”

“So what did Mallory do?”

“She ate her pussy, and has been for the past three to four weeks. She had to get her off, she was too uncomfortable.” I said to her.

“Oh Wow…. Lucky Carrie, Mallory and you are both very pretty. I only got to have sex with young girls, not an adult.”

“Can I tell you something? A little secret…” I said. She nodded yes.

“ Me and Mallory honestly want us all to have sex with each other. We were both very happy sexual kids and we want to make this house all about us all having sex anytime. What would you think about that?”

“Are you serious? I might have said no till a week ago, but seeing Samantha and Rachael suck and have sex with their brother, kinda made me want to have sex with Nathan. I didn’t really think about any of the rest of you, but honestly I loved eating Jasmine and I think I would love having fun with you and Mallory and Carrie too.” She said quite certainly.

“Can I kiss you then? I asked. She nodded yes and I leaned in and kissed her. This was going to be interesting I thought. We had all the helpings of a fun filled house of pleasure for years to come. We was going to get a lot closer.

I have thought a lot youth sex. I started sex very early and I have never been ashamed of anything that I have done. From my brother and my dad, to the men who paid me and Mallory a lot of money to have sex with them. We had a lot of fun and it set us up for life. I not going to start a prostitution ring for them, but I am going to encourage them to enjoy life. This concept that kids having sex is not enjoying life or their childhood is rubbish, at least as long as they don’t get pregnant or have a lot of bad experiences.

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