Sex on the Train

Sex on the Train

Tom has been in Edinburgh for a business meeting. A nice summers day had been forecast, so he is dressed in beige chinos, brown brogues, a white open colour shirt and blue blazer. With his tanned skin, he looks quite the city dapper.

His meeting overran and so he is now on the last train back to Leeds in Yorkshire that is just leaving the station 9.30pm. There are not many passengers getting on the train so he chooses a group of 4 seats with a table, sits in the aisle seat with his back to the direction of travel, puts his bag on the window seat next to him and hopes nobody decides to join him.

After a long day and with a two and half hour journey ahead, he decides to have a snooze. He leaves his tickets on the table in front of him in case the Guard should come to check them.

After an hour or so, he wakes and is relieved to see that no one chose to sit at his table. He looks out of the window but is pitch black outside so it acts as a mirror.

Immediately he sees the reflection of a beautiful young girl. She is sat diagonally opposite him in the group of four seats on the across the aisle form him. She is also alone. He turns to look at her across the train to see that she is looking at him, so he smiles and she smiles back.

A little embarrassed he returns to looking out the window and the reflection of her by the time he does so, the girl has unfastened the top three buttons of her blouse. She is looking straight at his reflection as she slides her left hand into the top of the blouse and starts to rub her right breast.

It is difficult to tell how old she but she looks to mature to be wearing what appears to be a school uniform.

It is also difficult to tell how tall she as she is seated but Tom reckons she must be around 5 8. She is slim and has her long blonde hair pinned up. The blouse is quite loose fitting but from the glimpses he is getting of her tits and bra as she fondles herself, he reckons she is at least a 36C. One thing is for sure, she is a stunner!

They continue to stare at each other’s reflection and she continues to stoke her breasts such that only he can see, Tom’s cock is now tenting in his pants.

As the train approaches Berwick on Tweed it looks all the passengers in the carriage are collecting up their belongings to leave the train. To Tom’s disappointment it looks like the girl is too, as she starts to collect her things. And indeed, as the train pulls into the station, she joins the queue to leave by the doors behind him

Tom can now see that she is wearing a very short, pleated blue and green tartan skirt, a pair of pure white, knee length, white cotton socks and a pair of sensible, navy blue shoes, with a small heel, to go with the navy school blazer and white blouse.

The train jerks to a stop as she is passing his seat and she pretends to stumble and fall. As she does so she places the palm of her left hand in his lap to break her ‘fall’, right on his swollen cock.

“So sorry!” she proffers as she squeezes his manhood. And then she is gone.

Or so Tom thought!

As the train leaves the station the girl suddenly re-appears from behind him.

“Looks like we are the only left in the carriage now, mind if I join you?” She asks. But before he can answer she brushes past him, plonks herself in the seat opposite him and throws her back on the window seat next to her.

Immediately Tom notices that the next button down on her blouse has been undone and from the flashes of bare breast he was getting, as she starts to take off her blazer, it was obvious that she had removed that lily-white bra. “What is this little vixen up to?” He muses.

Once she has taken off her blazers she stands up and reaches to place it on the overhead luggage rack, above where Tom is sitting, out of the way. As she does so, her very short skirt rises up and Tom is certain he catches a glimpse of a shaven teenage pussy. "She's not wearing any knickers!"

Once sorted she sits down and once again slips a hand, inside her blouse and resumes fondling her pert tits. As she does so, Tom catches sight of an erect nipple.

"Is your cock still as hard as it was a few minutes ago mister?" She asks, looking at the bulge in the front of his chinos.

"Might be!" He responds with a big grin.

"Why not show me then?” She asks nicely. "It might make you feel a bit more comfortable."

“What if someone should come? He asks.

“Was that pun intended?” She grins, and Tom goes red.

“No, I mean what if someone comes into the carriage.

“I doubt that. No one got on at the last station so the Guard won’t be coming to check tickets. I bet there is hardly any one else left on this train now.

So Tom unzips his flies, slides his hands inside and pulls out his cock which is only semi hard due to being constrained in his pants

"Oh My God! It's huge and it is not fully hard." She screeches. "It's so much bigger than my boyfriends. It must be nearly a foot long! And such a big fucking girth. It reminds me of Danny’s cock” says the girl “I can't wait to tell him l have had a fucking horse cock in my tight little pussy."

"Who said I am going fuck you?"

"Well don't you want to get you hands on these?" Pulling open the top of blouse to show of her gorgeous, 36C pink breasts and the dark coloured erect nipples. "And don't you want a piece of this?" She asks using one hand to grab the hem of her skirt up and the other to slip a long, slender finger along the length of her perfect shaped labia; the black painted nail extension contrasting with her pinkness.

She looks at Tom now and he looks back at her as he wraps a hand around the middle of his cock and starts to slowly stroke it. As he does so, he imagines the sight of her pussy from behind and splitting the perfect peach shape with his big thick cock.

"So do you want to fuck me mister? She asks, her words breaking his daydream. "Are you going to make a teenage girl cum?" She ask extending her foot under the table and placing in his groin.

"Where do you suggest we do that?"

"Why not here? I can perch on the edge of the table and you stand in front, that way you will be able to keep a look out both ways down the train just in case someone should be on the move. Take you jacket off but keep your pants around your ankles so if anybody does come this way it won’t take us long to regroup.

“Come on, let’s give a go shall we.” She suggests, rising from her seat and lifting the hem of her skirt she tucks it into the waistband from and back.

Tom can now see her tight little as and he cute shaven pussy. He doesn’t need to stroke his cock any longer; it is rock hard and throbbing at the thought of coupling with this nubile vixen.

Now he stands up and moves round to stand in front of his target. As she perches that cute little as on the edge of the table, she reaches up and removes the pins from her blonde hair so it spills down on to her shoulders. She then places her hands on the table to her sides to provide stability, he pushes his chinos and boxers down so they slide around his ankles.

“Are you sure you want some of this?” he asks menacingly, taking hold of his shaft in the middle and pulling the foreskin back to reveal the huge, bulbous head.

“You bet.” She answers as she slides a finger along her moist labia.

He moves forward, full of lust for this wanton little witch. He stands between her outstretched legs and slaps the big cockhead down on her bulging clit. She groans as pleasure surges through her lower abdomen, so he does it again and again and again, receiving a low groan as payment each time.

Now he presses the tip onto her clit and slowly slides it down between her labia lips, pushing slightly forward from the hips. As soon as he feels a bit of give, he thrusts from the hips forcing the head and a short length of his thick, equine cock into her pussy. She flinches and squeals. Her chute is very tight, despite it being very wet.

“Try again.” She commands, taking her right hand off the table and sliding it between her thighs to rub her clit in the hope it will juice up her pussy even more.

As ordered, Tom withdraws slightly before thrusting forward again and sliding another couple of inches of shaft into her.

“Jeez, it is big.” She curses. “But keep going mister!”

So Tom does, repeating the motions again and again, slowly easing his length into her whilst constantly checking that the coast remains clear.

Eventually, with the help of her frantic attention to her clit and with his persistence, she has nearly taken it all; just a couple of inches remain. And her attention to her clit has taken to the edge of her first orgasm of the evening. Her heads is back and she is stiffening as her fingers fly back and forth of her magic button until suddenly she starts to shake as she cums, hard!

This is Tom’s signal. He pulls back before thrusting with all his might, sending his shaft in up to the hilt and his balls slap against her pert little ass. The girl goes wild. He holds it deep inside for a second and clenches his buttocks making his cock swell even bigger, deep inside her.

The girl, overwhelmed by her orgasm, lies back on the table, lifting her legs up from the floor. Tom slides his hands under her knees and wraps his arms around her thighs. He then pulls her toward him, so her ass now overhangs the edge of the table. Now he can go to work.

Holding her steady he starts to fuck her tight young pussy deep. Slow at first whilst her tight pussy gets even juicier so she copes better with the girth of his horsey member.

She moans and writhes as he gives her length after length, each time his big heavy balls slapping against her gorgeous round ass on the up stroke.

He is picking up his pace now, slamming stroke after stroke deep in to the young girl and she is loving it!

He is desperate to get his hands on her gorgeous tits that spread across her chest and suck her long nipples but he needs to hold her I place as he thrusts into her time and again.

Suddenly he remembers the need to keep an eye out for the Guard. As he looks to his left he sees a female figure the other side of the carriage door watching the two of them fuck.

The dim light makes it difficult to make her out at first but as he focuses he but he soon makes out it is a very smartly dressed older woman. She has the waist of her trousers open and a hand stuffed inside her knickers rubbing her pussy. They exchange smiles. Tom didn’t think his evening good get any better, but it just did!!

Tom beckons her to join them and next she is walking through the door towards them.

As she gets close Tom can see that she is a very classy 30 something in a black designer trouser suit, with a whit blouse and black stiletto heals. She is a good 5 8 in her shoes, long dark hair tied up and slim with long legs. She is also wearing black-rimmed glasses. Quite the studios type!

“You two have got me so horny! And you are gorgeous.” She says to the young girl in an American accent, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek. “How does that cock feel?”

“Fucking big!” The girl replies as Tom continues to stroke it into her. The woman laughs and moves to sit in the seat on the opposite side of the aisle to the rutting pair.

“Mind if I watch?” Asks the woman, as she reclines in the seat and slides her hand back between

“Be our guest Tom replies. The girl is too distracted to answer.

Tom is in full flow now, his big thick cock pistoning in and out the young girls chute whilst she rubs her clit.

Then “Aghhh” she squeals as her first orgasm surges from between her thighs. Her whole body stiffens then shakes and her head rocks from side to side as she cums. “Fuck.” She cries , as the girth of Tom’s equine cock continues to excite her G-Spot with each stroke and her ecstasy continues.

And Tom is close too!

To his side, Tom can see that the woman is also getting close to the edge as she rubs her clit vigorously.

“Do I need to pull out?” He asks the girl.

“No, it is safe! She bleats. “Fill my young pussy full with your cream mister.”

So, with his next long length into her chute her squirts his first load deep inside the girl. He holds it there for a second or so the pulls back before thrusting into her with his second load, then his third, then his fourth and finally he empties his ball into her.

Now, with his long cock still buried deep inside her, he uses his arms around her thighs to push her ass back onto the table. He then pulls his arms from under her knees and reaches out to grab those gorgeous tits as he leans over to kiss her. Their mouths meet and their tongues wrestle as he fondles her tits and rubs her nipples.

Then he stands up and slowly slides his cock out of the young, still tight but sloppy pussy. As it reluctantly leaves her chute, ten inches bounce up in front of him as hard as ever. And he creams oozes from between the girls swollen pussy lips.

“Hey, you a still hard!” The American woman gasps as she recovers from her orgasm. She rises from her seat and manoeuvres herself between Tom and the girl. As she does so she is pushing her trousers and knickers down until they slide down her slender, stockinged to reveal a very trim ass and a black lace suspender belt.

“You can fuck me now while eat out this young beauty.” She commands, placing her hands either side of the girls hips and whilst dropping her head to take the girls clit between her pearly white teeth.

Tom can’t believe his luck. After what had been a rather shit day is has now fucked a gorgeous young vixen and now has the chance to take a very fuckable MILF from behind!

So, whilst check for the Guard, he moves in behind the American woman taking his still throbbing cock in hand. As the woman is slurping on the creampie he has just left in the youngster, he bends at the knee, pulls the foreskin back and aims the head at her pussy. It is a perfect peach of a pussy too; no spare skin, just ripe pussy lips that are dripping with her juices as she has just been playing with herself.

As his cockhead touches her labia, he slides it up and down slowly till he feels where he needs to be and then he thrusts from the hips. The head and three or four inches slide up her slimy chute easily.

“Oh yes, it is fucking big.” she moans, stopping her attack on the girls pussy for a second.

With his cock lodged in her pussy he can stand up now and he sees no need to take it easy this time. So he pulls out slightly before thrusting again, sliding two third of the thick shaft into her. She moans her appreciation as she continues to suck on the girl’s pussy. His next thrust takes him up to the hilt. He holds it there for a second or so whilst he watches the impact of the woman’s efforts on the girl as she starts to cum again.

“Fuck, yes, that is big!” she blurts out from between the girls thighs, agreeing with the young girls de***********ion.

Tom is in now, so he takes a hold of the woman’s slender hips and starts to shaft her with long steady strokes, each one taking him ball deep. Her ass shudders with every deep length and she moans.

Whilst she is not as tight as the girl, her pussy still has a good grip on his cock, but she is better able to cope with his length and girth, so is already able to shaft her at a good pace.

As the girl’s orgasm subsides the woman rises up to focus on her own pleasure. In this position, with her leaning forward with her hands on the table and Tom driving into her, his big cock is catching her G-Spot with each upward length. So with pace he is stroking it into, Tom can sense that she will be coming soon. Then,

“Shit, the Guard is coming up the train!” He blurts.

Pandemonium ensues as they quickly try to gather themselves, fasten up there clothing and get back in their seats.

And they just about make it as the Guard enters via the carriage door toward the back of the train and heads toward them.

“Hi there.” He calls out as he approaches. “All alright?” He asks but doesn’t wait for a reply. “I reckon you are the only ones left on the train.” He adds as he heads to see the Driver. “We will be in Leeds in about 20 minutes so suggest you start to gather up your things, ready to get off. You don’t want to end up in the sidings over night do you?” he quips. And then he is gone.

“Shit, that was close!” says Tom.

“And really frustrating!” says the woman who has just ben denied an orgasm. “I had totally lost track of time. Good job he came else we might still have been fucking when we rolled into the station.

“Me too. “ says Tom. “A lucky escape, of sorts!”

“What are you up to when we get into Leeds? The American asks.

“Well I need to find a hotel for the rest of the night.” Says the girl. “I was supposed to get to London this evening but got delayed and missed the last train, so will have to catch one in the morning, now!”

“Well, I need to hotel too, as I have no where else to stay these next couple of nights. Maybe we could share?” He suggests to the girl.

“Look, I have a big penthouse in a development in the centre of town. Why don’t you both come and spend the night with me and we can finish what we started!”

“Sounds like a plan.’ Tom replies and the girl nods her head.

“Great. Sorted. Let me go and get my bag and I will come back to collect you,” She says as she heads off back down the train.

And by the time she returns, the train is just pulling into Leeds.

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