After Ellie's end of school party (1)

After Ellie's end of school party (1)

This is a sequel to 'Ellie's end of school party' which appeared here on 2009-10-09.

“So, daddy, you seemed to enjoy that. I'm so glad. Mummy would be glad for you, too. Was it as good as it seemed to us? Do you remember, now, how good sex is?”

“I have to say that feeling Wendy's body against mine now and remembering how good fucking her felt a few minutes ago, I've finally realised what I have been missing for the three years since your mother died. I do feel embarrassed that we did it in front of you and Greg.”

I had just fucked Ellie's friend, Wendy, in front of my daughter, Ellie, and Ellie's boyfriend, Greg. More exactly Wendy had fucked me, but I had certainly been a willing participant. Now I was embarrassed; my wife and I had always made love in private. Yet from Ellie's recital of the uninhibited sex that she and others had indulged in at the party last night, it seemed that these young people thought nothing of fucking in front of an audience.

“Don't be embarrassed, daddy. We thought that you and Wendy were wonderful. Sometimes watching is nearly as good as doing it. It's especially good that you have at last rediscovered sex.”

Wendy stayed sitting on my lap, probably because I had a firm grip around her waist, as we basked in the afterglow of a very enjoyable fuck. Eventually I needed a pee and told Wendy so. She stood up and I went to pull my shorts back up.

“Bill! Please leave your shorts off. It feels so good if we can all be naked together. Besides, as soon as your cock is erect again, I want to fuck you again. OK?”

I was about to protest that I was not used to going naked in front of Ellie or Greg. But then I looked at Wendy's beautiful, naked body and realised that if I wanted to continue to admire her I would have to stay naked myself. Then I looked at Greg and Ellie who were now both naked too. Ellie was sitting on Greg's lap, slowly stroking his half-erect cock, while he played with one of her nipples. They weren't building toward an imminent orgasm, rather it seemed that they were remembering some recent sexual pleasure that they had shared. So, I kicked my shorts off and went for a pee as naked as every one else.

When I came back into the room I discovered that Ellie and Greg were fucking in earnest. I went to back out of the room to give them their privacy, but Wendy jumped up from the lounge where she was sitting and watching, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to where she had been sitting.

“Come on Bill. Let's watch this together. You'll enjoy it, and besides, it will help you to get ready for our second fuck.”

Ellie and Greg were too much involved with their own sensations to make any comment, so I allowed myself to be drawn to the lounge chair. Wendy pushed me down then sat on my lap, sideways this time so that we both had a good view of the action in front of us. As we watched Wendy placed my hand on her breast and held it there. Then she turned to kiss me. At first I did not respond, as I still felt awkward, but Wendy's insistence payed off and my awkwardness changed to enthusiastic participation. My cock, too, was springing back to attention and it became even stiffer when Wendy started to stroke it.

Wendy decided that she would give me a blow job this time, so got off my lap and knelt between my legs. She slid my cock into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down, taking my cock to the entrance to her throat on the down strokes. I could not believe my luck. My wife had always refused to give me a blow job because she thought that it was dirty, and here was this young woman, my daughter's age blowing me brilliantly.

The sensation was so wonderful that I was disappointed when I blew my second load into Wendy's mouth; I would have liked it to last much longer. Wendy swallowed all my cum and kept licking until I was completely limp.

“Wow, daddy! I think that you enjoyed that. Am I right?”

Damn! I had forgotten that Ellie and Greg were right there. Apparently they had finished their fuck and watched Wendy working on me. I felt embarassed but somehow I was not as embarassed as I thought I should be. Maybe Ellie's and her friends' attitudes to sex were rubbing off on me?

“Do you know something Ellie? That is my first ever blow job, and yes it was mind blowing. Thank you so much Wendy.”

“Well, you've had two of my holes now. Next time I want you in my arse. OK?”

“Oh dear, Wendy! I've never done that either, but I'm not sure that I want to. Isn't that dirty?”

But my cock betrayed me, standing up proudly for all to see that I really did want to fuck her in the arse next.

“You know how Pinocchio's nose got longer whenever he told a lie? Well, Bill, it seems that your cock is revealing that you just told us a lie. Ellie! Have you got any lube, please?”

“I'll get it.” and she disappeared upstairs and came back carrying an almost empty tube. “I'm afraid that there is only enough left for a few more fucks, but you're welcome to it.”

Then she came over to Wendy and me. She squeezed some of the goo onto my fingers and told me to push them into Wendy's arse. Then she squeezed more onto my erection and started to slide her hand along my pole, spreading the lube. It was only much later, after I had finally fucked Wendy's arse, that I realised how inappropriate it was for my daughter to be stroking my cock like that! Meanwhile, I was working first one, then two, and finally three fingers covered with lube into Wendy's arsehole.

Wendy let out a little moan when I managed to get three into her. Then she pulled away from me, grabbed a cushion from a chair, then knelt in front of me with her arse in the air. She dropped her head and shoulders down to rest on the cushion on the floor. Ellie pulled me forward by my cock and positioned my cock against Wendy's anus, then grabbed my bare arse, and pushed me forward. My head popped in surprisingly easily. I found out later that she had been fucked in the arse at the party the night before. Nervous that I was hurting her, I hesitated until Ellie again pushed my bare bum, urging me to keep going. When I started stroking in and out of Wendy, Ellie took my hand and placed it on Wendy's clit, and encouraged me to stimulate it.

At that point my cock took over and I lost myself in the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her tight rectum. I heard Wendy cuming wildly, shrieking her elation, then I was pumping my seed into her. I collapsed on the floor beside Wendy and pulled her over to me so that our naked bodies were pressed against each other as I revelled in the after glow of great sex.

“Wow! Wendy! You'd already taken my oral virginity and now you've had my anal virginity as well. How am I ever going to thank you?”

“I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. There's no need to thank me since I enjoyed it as much as you did. I hope we can do it again, sometime soon. OK?”

“Dad! Can I make a suggestion? There's one thing that I think you ought to do for Wendy. I think she would love it if you ate her pussy and gave her another orgasm. How about it?”

That was something else that I had never done. God, how unadventurous my sex life had been before today! But this time I was keen for the new experience and needed no further urging. Assuming that Ellie knew Wendy well enough that she could speak for her on such a matter, I pulled Wendy onto her back, crawled between her legs, pushed her legs wide apart and dived into her pussy. I explored her slit with my tongue, pushing inside her first, then sliding up between her inner lips to her clit at the top of her slit. I found that Wendy responded best when I was sucking on her clit so concentrated on that. Ellie took hold of one of my fingers and pushed it into Wendy's vagina so I worked it in and out of her, finger fucking her while still attacking her clit. By curling my finger inside her pussy I located her G-spot, and that really triggered her next, and biggest so far, orgasm.

After that I lay down beside her and cuddled her against me again.

The four of us stayed naked for the rest of the day. Ellie seemed to draw great pleasure from watching my cock growing stiff again and again as she described more of the fucks that she had had at the party the night before. Each time that Wendy judged me in need of relief she took me in one of her three holes and I deposited yet another, small load of cum inside her. By then I had grown accustomed to fucking Wendy while Ellie and Greg watched us, and to watching Ellie and Greg fucking and sucking each other.

“I need to get out of the house. Let's walk down to the beach and get something to eat.” said Ellie as we could see through the windows that the sky was getting dark because the sun had set.

I picked up my shorts, which were lying where I had dropped them this morning, Ellie did the same with her tiny skirt and thin cotton top. The other two went to Ellie's room to get their clothes.

“Ellie, you look really sexy dressed like that.”

“Dad, you criticised me last night because you said that I looked slutty. Tonight I'm 'sexy' wearing exactly the same clothes. Which is it, dad?”

“Well. To be honest, I thought that you looked sexy last night too, but I felt jealous that you weren't dressed like that for my benefit.”

Ellie walked up to me, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me affectionately on the lips. I felt her tongue pressing between my lips and allowed my lips to open enough for her tongue to push into my mouth. Without thinking about it I entered fully into the spirit of the kiss, wrestling her tongue with mine. Incredibly, after all the times that I had fucked Wendy, my cock swelled up again and I could feel it pressed against Ellie's belly. Eventually Ellie broke the kiss and pulled a little apart form me, still with her hands holding my hips.

“Dad, if I had tried to kiss you like that yesterday, you would have pushed me away and told me, 'Ellie! I'm your dad, for christ's sake!', wouldn't you? I'm so glad that you have lossened up.”

Just then Greg and Wendy came back into the room. Greg was wearing his jeans that he must have worn to the party and Wendy was wearing a skirt as short as Ellie's and a sleevless top which covered her upper body, but in fact hid absolutely nothing, because it was completely see through. Her nipples and aureolas were clearly visible. Wendy lifted her skirt to show me that she wore no knickers. I knew, from watching Ellie dress that she too was naked under her skirt.

Their being there saved me from having to respond to Ellie, which was a relief because I was pretty confused. She was quite right that yesterday I would not have let her kiss me as she had kissed me just now. And if anyone had tried to tell me that I would be spending today naked and fucking Wendy in front Ellie and Greg, or watching Ellie and Greg I would have told them that they were mad. Yet...

Well, I had certainly enjoyed everything about today. Time enough to sort out my thoughts later when I was alone again. I grabbed my keys, my walet and my phone and we set out together for the five-minute walk to the local surf beach. As is appropriate in a beach-side suburb, we were all barefoot. Across the road from the beach there is a row of restaurants, bars and take-away food joints. We chose a sushi place and took our food across the road and sat on the wall at the edge of the beach facing out across the Pacific Ocean.

As we ate a full moon rose above the horizon and painted a silver path across the water. It was a beautiful, warm evening, and I was feeling pretty relaxed, having relieved my sexual tensions for the first time in years.

We sat and chatted about what Ellie, Greg, and Wendy would do with their lives now that they had finished school. Ellie and Greg expected to be accepted at a university on the other side of the city. Ellie was hoping that I would help her out with the rent for 'cheap' accomodation, which they would share, within walking distance of the uni. I was reluctant, not because of the cost which I could well afford, but because I liked having the company of the young people in the house.

Wendy wanted to take a gap year before she committed to a uni course, but she really wanted to move out of her parents' house. Ellie saw a way to solve everyone's problems.

“Wendy. Why don't you move in with dad? I'm sure you two would get on fine.”

“Hell! Ellie, I can't force myself on your dad like that.”

“Why not? With you sharing his bed he won't feel lonely when I move out. How about it dad?”

“I don't know Ellie. I'd really like having Wendy living with me, but I don't think it would be fair to her. She should be dating boys closer to her own age.”

“You could work out the rules so that she could still date other younger men, just so long as she slept in your bed most nights. Why not?”

“You really are awful, Ellie. If I came to live with Bill, I wouldn't be dating other boys.”

“Well,” Greg suggested, “why not try it for a year? At the end of that time, if you are not both happy with the arrangement you can split up, hopefully while still remaining friends.”

I turned to Wendy. “Wendy, will you please be my live-in lover for an initial trial period of one year?”

It was not a very romantic proposal, but it worked for me and maybe it worked for Wendy too.

“Oh! Yes please, Bill.” And she grabbed me and kissed me passionately. Apparently it worked for her too!

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