Daddies Girls

Daddies Girls

Daddies Girls

Well to start with I am 40years old, I have been a widower for the last 5 years, my wife dying in a car accident. My parents are dead and all I have left is 1 child my lovely daughter and my sister and her two children. My daughter is 20years old now and lives in town, with my sister. After my wife died we both sought of kept to ourselves, tho my memories would still flood in of my little girl. On the other hand, my sister is 32years old and has 2 daughters, on her own, her husband died of cancer. But that much later.

Just recently Sara, my daughter, came out to see me and I saw how much she looked liked my sister. We sat and talked the whole day long, but what was disturbing was the small tank top and short shorts she wore. I could almost believe that she didn't wear undies, as I could see her nipples which seemed hard all the time. This also didn't leave me enough room in my shorts for my cock, which was raging hard. I tried to think of everything else to deflate this aroused feel, but it just kept there. My daughter left that afternoon promising to come back this very week, so I had something to look forward too. Later I caught my self thinking of my daughter while letting Mrs Palmer and her five daughter do their job.

Sunday morning came and before I really had woken up I could feel something or someone on the bed, laying next to me. At the same time I felt someone tickling my ear. As I came awake I saw to surprise my daughter laying next to me, looking down at my face. She said, "come on sleepy, are you going to spend the whole day in bed?" and with that she started to tickle me more. I forgot that I slept naked and started to tickle her back, rolling around the bed and finally pinning my daughter under my naked body.

My cock was hard again, as I was very aware of her heady perfume and the small tank top which had rolled down and exposing her breast. I was dumb founded to say the least and drooled, looking at the best, perfect set of breast that I had ever seen. She was lightly tanned and her aureola and nipples were slightly darker, tho her breast were firm and small, a mouth full, but not a waste. Then common sense started to wriggle its way through my brain saying, 'This is your daughter. The one you helped on changing nappies!'

I started to pull away from my daughter when she locked her legs around my waist saying, playfully, "Where do you think your going?" I said, "Honey, your my daughter. I'm naked and a little aroused." She said, still playful,"I'd say a lot aroused. Is that for me?" I said,"Honey we can't do this, I'm your father." She said, now serious,"Dad I'm not letting you go. I love you too much to be away from you and I want your cock. Dad don't leave me, you let me go once don't do it again."

I couldn't believe this my dream, my fantasy rolled all I to one. I was stunned for a moment, until I looked into those eyes and knew my dream to fuck my daughter had come to reality, so I lowered my mouth to hers, kissing her lips. I slowly parted our mouths, kissing and sucking her lips, with Sara reciprocating back. Our tongues met, dancing and twisting together. I lowered my head to Sara's neck and kissed and nibbled as I felt her reach between us and grab my cock, slowly pumping my hardness, which never felt this hard for some time.

I licked and kissed my way to her left breast, sucking the nipple into my mouth, then swirling it around with my tongue, stopping every once to suck and bite gently upon it. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and repeated the performance, with Sara panting all the time. I removed my daughters shorts and discovered that she was pantiless underneath and then though better of it.

As I felt my daughters hands run through my hair as, I used my finger to explore her mons pubis. I felt her pubic hair and allowing my fingers to scratch lightly through it I found the top of her labia and traced my fingers down one side then up the next, till reaching the top again. Then I transverses back the way my finger had traced. I allowed my finger to explore the inner lips of her labia until I felt her clitoris which had hardened from my onslaught to her breast. I knew than whatever her experience before today, that today must be something more than just satisfying myself. I traced around her clit until I felt the moisture became great from the attention of my lips and finger, so I kissed my way to her vagina.

I had never liked licking my wife as her aroma had always over powered me, and I couldn't abide her taste, so I had never performed cunnilingus on her from our wedding day on. But as I approached my Sara's cunt the smell made my mouth water to taste her. the aroma was sweet perfume and as I placed my lips to her vagina I tasted her essence, then I knew I would always want to eat her. I kept my mouth fixed to her vagina sucking and nibbling until, she wrapped her legs over my shoulders, I felt rather than saw the orgasm that over took her body. Her legs grasped my head in a vise like grip that held me until the first orgasm had subsided, then before I knew what was happening her second was more intense and to the point that I had to stop so I could breath.

As her second orgasm subsided I kissed her vagina once more then leaving a trail of kisses I made my way to her, where with her essence still lingering on my lips, I kissed her full on the mouth. I could tell from her breathless state that she had never had anyone perform cunnilingus on her. Her eyes were glazed and her breath shallow and I watched until her eyes looked at me. She said, "Oh daddy that was so great, I love you."

My cock was still hard when Sara gripped it and slowly pumped my aching cock. She looked me in the face and kissed me deeply. Sara repeated my actions by kissing my chest and stomach, which drove me further. She kissed her way to my cock. I watched as she looked at my cock, while gripping it lightly and slowly pumping. Then without another word she ran her tongue up my entire length starting from the base. I could only wonder how she knew to do this but let that thought slip from my mind. As she reached the top of my gland she used her tongue to bath the tiny slit, then made widening circles until she was bathing the entire top with her tongue. After a short time she started to lower her whole mouth over my glands until stuffing half of it into her. Slowly she started to pump my cock again with her hand and I felt her use her tongue on my cock.

I knew that if I wanted to keep going that I would have to stop her, as my arousal was starting to rise to the climax. So I stopped my daughter and She looked back at me with sorrowful eyes, saying, "wasn't that good for you daddy. I'm sorry." I said, apologetically, "Honey, its not you, but if we want to go further, then we better stop." With a look of perplexity Sara made her way up to me a bit wounded, but I said, you can do it later. Sara came into my arms and we started to kiss, Sara had hold of my cock and was still slowly pumping me. I broke our kiss, saying, "I love you honey, with all my heart." She returned, "daddy make me your woman. I want you to be my first and always be with me." and with that I laid her on her back and moved between her thighs.

Sara still having her grasp on me, guided me to her vagina. Once at her entrance I told her to rub my cock up and down her slit till my cock was nicely wet with her own essence. Doing that she then placed my cock at the entrance of her vagina and I slowly pushed in. At first I found her vagina small to enter, but pumping my cock in and out, slowly, I was able to get a small portion of my cock in till I met her maidenhead. I had been kissing Sara until then when I looked at her and she said, "yes I'm still a virgin for you daddy now make me your woman." and with that I slowly withdrew until only the head of my cock was imbedded, then pushed back into her, breaking her hymen.

I kept pumping my cock until I was fully embedded into my little girl. With our hips touching the others, I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her vagina. Sara had placed her legs over my back and was again panting, saying every so often, "Oh daddy, oh daddy." this gave me extra incentive as I could not think of anything so erotic as my own daughter wanting me to fuck her. Then shortly afterwards Sara started to thrust up to meet me as I pumped into her, our motion was now becoming quicker and quicker, with Sara saying, "Fuck me daddy. fuck my cunt." I locked our lips together, kissing Sara deeply, until all at once Sara had another orgasm. Her legs locked me tighter to her body and it was harder to thrust into but I did, then I came. I blasted my semen into her and I grounded my cock as far as it could go, feeling my end touch her cervix. I came in torrents and we hung in there until both of us subsided. I was still kissing Sara when we broke apart and my cock had gone flaccid from enjoyment. Sara clinged to me and I looked into her eyes and we said, to the other "I love you." we stayed like that until we fell asleep.

The sun woke us up a little later on and I saw that it was 9am. I looked over at Sara and shook her awake. Sara looked at me and smiled kissing me on my lips. I said, "Honey I know this is not appropriate but are you on the pill?" She said, with a smile,"No daddy and I hope you can get me pregnant. I want your baby." I said, "Whats Karen going to say about this?" that's my sister. Sara said,"don't worry she wants you to get her pregnant too."

I know that I loved my sister and had seen her nude during my life at home, that's until I got married. I know that there were times when she had even showered with me, mainly when mum and dad were not at home and I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to fuck my sister but I had never gone so far as to do it. I looked blankly at my daughter and She said, "What you can fuck me but not your sister. Well I have news for you she not only loves you but wants what only you can give her. You." Sara went on, "But not until I have finished. I'm going to move back in with you is that alright." I was thinking of all the possibilities when I nodded my head at Sara. She said, "We'll let's shower and you can help me with all my gears in the car." and with that we went and showered........

end of part 1

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