My Son's Best Friend Part 4 His Mother Joins the Party

My Son's Best Friend Part 4 His Mother Joins the Party

My name is Jackie, and in the My Son’s Best Friend Part 3 story I told you about my experience with a double penetration with Zack – my son Ricky’s best friend – and Ricky, rewarding Ricky’s brilliant Chemistry grades at school. It was a new experience for me and the most intense orgasm I ever had.

As I mentioned before, I occasionally had sex with Zack or Ricky, but I avoided the three of us together and I also did not favor sex all the time with them: I didn’t want them to be too used or addicted to doing sex with me instead of dating girls their own age. However, in some special occasions we had some good times together, and I enjoyed it!

This adventure began when, on a Saturday afternoon, I saw Karen Carter, Zack’s mother, at the supermarket. Me were not close friends, but we knew each other from the neighborhood and from the boys’ school activities, so she came to say hello and told me, smiling, that she was jealous of me. I froze! Did she know about what I was doing with her son? But she continued, and said that Zack spent more and more time at my house and was much happier than usual.

We kept chatting. She apologized for getting it off her chest, but she was feeling lonely, her husband was too busy, travelling all the time and hadn’t shown up in weeks. She looked depressed, the poor woman. I felt sorry about that – and a bit guilty, for stealing her son – and I invited her and Zack to spend Sunday with us. The weather was nice and we could enjoy the swimming pool and have a couple drinks and lunch together. She gladly accepted, saying she really could use a relaxing day without any worries for a change.

They arrived around noon on Sunday, and I was already at the pool area with Ricky. It was a glorious, warm, sunny day. I welcomed her with a white cover-up that accentuated my suntanned skin, which I removed to reveal my sexy yellow bikinis with revealing triangle tops – showing a lot of my big tits – and small tie thongs. I invited Karen to join me, showed her where the dressing room was, and relaxed in the lounger to get some sun. I saw she looked surprised at the way I was dressed, but I was at home and I was not going to change my routine.

Karen arrived at the house in an elegant blue beach dress, and when she came back from the dressing room she was dressed in fancy one piece dark blue swimsuit and a sarong. She is a well-known lawyer from a traditional firm downtown, and I was sure she was a conservative person. Karen is a beautiful woman, with a graceful and elegant walk contrasting with my sensual way. She is very tall, slender, small boobs that look firm, and an elegant waist in harmony with her bust and hips. Her blonde hair matched her pretty green eyes and expressive face. Her hands and feet are graceful and well cared, and her legs long and well-shaped. She was so white that, on second thoughts, I decided to set an umbrella for us.

She sat close to me and we started chatting and enjoying a pitcher of margarita, while the boys played ball in the swimming pool. After several cold drinks, very refreshing in that warm day, and already in the second pitcher, the chat became more intimate and personal: I started talking about my live as a divorced woman, and she told me about how frustrated she was feeling.

She said her husband was a big shot in sales in a big company, a crazy workaholic who travelled all the time, mostly internationally. He started coming back home on weekends, than staying out 2 or 3 weeks, and these days it was usual for him to stay away for 2 months or more. When he got home, he was always feeling tired, jet legged, and did not have much interest on her. She confessed she always had a strong sex drive, but she had given up and was feeling tense and frustrated.

She asked about my sex life as a divorcée, and I said I had no complaints: I saw a man occasionally – I shivered when I thought about her son and mine as my sex buddies, but obviously I did not mention them – and otherwise I had no problem in satisfying myself. In a low voice not to be heard by the boys, she said: “Jackie, toys don’t help me, I do need a man, that’s why I am not happy these days!”

Stimulated by the margaritas and very well bonded, I asked if she would like to take a sauna, it would be great to relax, and she accepted. I told Ricky to turn it on, and it would be ready in 30 minutes or so. After a while we went to the dressing room, and I smiled and teased her saying that the house rules were the traditional Finnish way: no clothes, but towels were allowed. She had a funny look but did not complain.

I went to the small dressing room to undress and came out wrapped in small towel. In the sauna area there is a box with two big cold shower heads, so I took a quick shower – and told Karen to do the same before going into the sauna – and went in. I was naked in front of her when I showered, as there was originally a saloon door in the box, but it was broken. I sat on the wooden bench and a few minutes later Karen joined me, all wrapped up in a big towel from shoulders to knees, while mine barely covered my boobs and thighs. She sat beside me and soon the boys came in and sat in front of us. It’s a small, domestic sauna, so Karen and I were sitting very close to each other and we were 3 or 4 feet away from the boys.

Heat soon struck up, and – saying we were not formal there – I unwrapped my towel and put it around my neck letting it fall between my legs, so it covered my boobs and my vagina. My body could breathe, but I was showing the side of my breasts, my thighs and my hips.

The boys took the lead and did the same but did not bother to hide too much, so I could see the darkness of their pubic hair and the contour of their members. Karen was obviously seeing the same, and it was becoming more and more exciting. We were all quiet and I wanted to relax everybody, so I asked Karen to take it easy and be more comfortable, to feel the heat in her skin instead of being all wrapped up. With a shy smile, she followed my example and put the towel around her neck.

I could see from my side her pretty small boobs, perky, with pink nipples. I could also see her groin and her light brown pubic hair, and to my surprise that elegant, conservative woman seemed not to shave and carried quite a bush! I noticed she took a look at me too, at my big boobs and probably at my totally waxed pussy. I decided to keep waxing it after the double penetration with Zack and Rick, as they had enjoyed it so much. The boys, from the front, couldn’t see as much as we could at each other, but they were staring at us and certainly had a good idea about what the towels were still hiding, and I saw erections coming.

I was very aroused with the heat and the vision of all these bodies, and decided to spice up the mood even more: I said it was too hot and I was going to reset the temperature, but when I stood up I intentionally stepped on my towel and it fell down, leaving me totally naked in front of the three of them. I pretended to come back and cover myself, but instead I said: “Well, you have seen me already, and anyway we are informal here” and walked two steps to the thermostat.

When I walked back – as sexily as I could – and sat down, I noticed two full erections, which they didn’t bother to hide. I whispered in her ear: “It seems our little boys have grown up.” She smiled and nodded in agreement. I noticed she was becoming more and more easy and adjusted her towel, showing some more flesh, particularly her boobs, very visible now. I knew Zack liked big ones, but Ricky kept staring at Karen’s tits, maybe looking for an alternative to his Mom’s melons.

I winked at him and said: “Son, I think I lowered the temperature too much, can you take a look please?” Ricky understood my intention, stood up and, leaving his towel on the bench, walked to the thermostat. I saw Karen staring at his firm butt, and when he walked back he showed his full hard-on. She flinched and gasped when she saw that thick hard cock close to her face. I was drenched in sweat and my pussy was drooling with my honey, and I wondered how that poor woman was feeling in her dry season. I smiled thinking that she eventually might have some fun soon.

Zack slowly put his towel down, also revealing his long hard cock pointing up. Karen looked from one to another, appearing initially disturbed, but soon she recomposed herself and, saying it was really too hot, also removed her towel, leaned back and closed her eyes. The boys gazed at her body, particularly at her bushy crotch, a big contrast to my hairless one. I couldn’t tell, but they must have become even bigger and harder.

It was a very erotic situation, we stared at each other with no more limits, until Zack said he was going to take a shower. I followed him saying I would make him company. Before I left, I saw Karen and Ricky smiling at each other, the margaritas had performed their role.

Of course I wasn’t going only to make him company: as soon as we left I hugged Zack and kissed him like crazy, our sweaty hot bodies glued together. After a quick shower together, where he kept fondling my ass and boobs while I grabbed his long cock and balls, we sat together in a lounger. Before we started making out again, Karen left the sauna wrapped in a towel and went to the shower, looking at us suspiciously. Ricky followed her and asked if she wouldn’t mind if he joined her, as he was too hot to wait. She was already in the box, naked, and said no, but turned her back to him and kept looking at us. At that time Zack kissed me and fondled my boob.

She looked confused, surprised, or simply horny, I don’t know, and opened her mouth and her big green eyes. Ricky, who was in the second shower pretending to be distracted, touched her ass with his hard cock. She flinched but didn’t move out, so he got bolder, approached, and hugged her from behind grabbing her tits with both hands. She closed her eyes and cuddled in his arms, certainly feeling his cock against her ass. He started kissing her neck, but she turned her head and kissed his mouth, while he kept fondling one boob and the other hand searched her furry pussy. Finally she turned, hugged him and continued kissing. She was taller, and I could see his cock nested into her thighs.

Obviously, it was a torrid scene, so Zack and I stopped making out and simply stayed there, cuddling and watching. She brought her thin, long hand down and grabbed his cock, feeling his thickness and hardness, pressing it against her pussy while he fondled her buttocks. She moaned when she held his cock, but kept her eyes shut. Finally, she turned off the shower, knelt down, and started giving him head. She was no longer the elegant lady, but a woman in heat. When Ricky said he wanted to lick her pussy, she said: “No, not now, I need that thick cock of yours in my pussy, come here.”

She took his hand and pulled him to a side table, leaned over, and offered her back to him. “Fuck me, Ricky, I need it badly!” She spread her legs, raised her ass and Ricky – now an expert with our practicing sessions – aimed his cock and started penetrating her pussy. She moaned with pleasure, and asked him to slow down, while his dick stretched her tight pussy.

When Zack and I saw that, we needed to fuck too. I positioned myself in doggy style and I was so wet he was inside me in a single push, and started pumping.

Karen came soon, moaning loud, but Ricky was doing a good job and kept pushing his cock inside holding her hips. Zack and I were too aroused, the boy seeing his mom being fucked and me watching my son banging another woman, and soon we came together, a delightful orgasm.

Ricky looked at us when we yelled we were coming, and it was his time. He grabbed one boob, put one hand at the front, probably feeling the fur, and increased his thrusts. Soon, his ass muscles strengthened and he started coming too. Karen, stimulated by his movements, started to yell: “Fuck me hard, dear, blast my pussy with this big cock, go, stronger, go, I am almost there, almost… yeeeeeaaaaaa….” and she orgasmed again, this time a long one as her moans and body shakes indicated. I had never seen a woman coming that long, as she kept coming and coming while he kept his semi-hard cock inside her with slow movements for a long time. Then, she walked to another lounger and collapsed, eyes shut, legs opened showing her red swollen pussy lips now barely covered by her pubic hair, and my son’s sperm flowing out.

We rested a while and we all ran to the pool and skin dipped, and continued making out in the water. It was an unforgettable Sunday.

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