“You mean she wants to tongue fuck you?”

“Yes, she promised me she was very good. She also told me she wants you to watch and masturbate. And she wants to watch you fuck me when she has pleasured me. Are you fine with that?”

“You know I am always fine with you enjoying lesbian sex when I am included. With my assistance you became a late adapter to lesbian sex. Now you are a natural. And you are still such a good fuck.

“Tell me how you met her, how you first crossed paths?”

“A few Fridays ago you might recall I had afternoon with Joyce at her house with a few of her girlfriends. It was a hot day and she suggested we use her pool. I didn’t have a swimsuit, neither did Erica, so Joyce offered to lend us some of hers. She took us to her dressing room and told us to help ourselves. Incredible sexual attraction as Erica and I watched each undress and helped each other try on a few different costumes with our hands all over each other.

“She asked me if I was bi before she told me she was. I hoped you would be, she told me as she sucked one of my fingers. We decided to use the pool topless, as did all the other women. Though we both made a point of wearing tiny bikini bottoms to flaunt or big asses for the other women.

“That night you couldn’t understand why I almost raped you. The way you fucked me that night was just magnificent while I fantasized about having sex with Erica. Even better if you were part of the equation, a three-way.

“We met for coffee twice to make some plans. “She told me she wanted to tongue fuck me. I love being licked and teased, I told her when she asked if I had any fetishes. And hung men. Is that a subtle way of telling me your man has a big cock, she asked. Nine-inches and thick when fully aroused, I told her when I showed her your pics on my phone.”

“Erica promised me she was very good bi lover while she licked and sucked two of my fingers. She also told me she wants you to watch and masturbate. And she wants to watch you fuck me when she has pleasured me. Are you fine with that?”

“Did you kiss her in the coffee shop?”

“Yes, we were sitting in a corner tongue kissing with our hands on each other’s thighs.”

Shortly afterwards on a lazy Sunday afternoon, just as we always do when preparing for a new sexual partner, male or female, we discussed what to wear as we trimmed each other’s pubic hair with our new battery shaver. Always an exciting sexual frisson for both of us preparing for and anticipating a new partner or partners, the subtle vibration of the shaver an extra buzz for us both.

In the lead up to Erica’s visit Sarah insisted on no sex after the Wednesday, to ensure we were both horny for Erica. “You know how much more I enjoy being licked after a few days of rationing, especially by a new female lover. I want to be sexually gratified by Erica to the max,” she told me before we fucked every which way.

I recently convinced Sarah to change to the look Helmut Newton’s models prefer - a beautifully trimmed triangle with a shaved gap at the edges. I do like that look! For me almost bald apart from a trimmed triangle above my cock.

I decided to wear tight, low cut tight jeans, so low my pubes were showing, and asked Sarah to smear by torso with oil. As I teased my nipples, my engorged cock was obvious under my tight jeans as I watched Sarah trying sexy lingerie on her naked body. “What to wear for a woman who wants to tongue fuck me while you watch?,” she asked with a wicked smile. “Perhaps less is more?”

“Before I met you and you organised my first lesbian lover for me I had never had lesbian sex. Now I crave it, constantly. I love it and I love being a sex object for another woman. Erica promises to be very exciting for me. And us, I am to pleasure and be pleasured. I am hanging out for a tongue fuck from a lipstick lesbian, I haven’t had sex for what seems like a month,” Sarah told me with a tremor in her voice.

“Sarah won’t be long, she is still getting ready for you,” I told Erica when she arrived. First impressions are always important: Erica is taller than average, a most attractive size 10-12 blond, late-thirties, a little younger than us. Her thigh length. yellow designer jacket accentuating her modest cleavage, obviously no bra. Her heels accentuating her long legs.

“You two have an awesome reputation, Sarah’s ass and legs and the size of your erect cock Roger. Is it really nine-inches and thick when you are fully aroused?,” Erica asked as she looked at the obvious bulge in my jeans. Before I could answer Sarah called out, “I’m ready now, come into my bedroom?”

She had our full attention as she shrugged off her diaphanous negligee with a huge smile, before she strutted around the room for us, hands on hips, full of confidence in her appearance, naked apart from her killer heels and a gold chain around her waist.

“Would you like me to put some clothes on for you Erica?,” Sarah teased as they tongue kissed, before both of them tongue kissed me. “Tell us what you are going to do to me Erica? Are you going to tongue fuck me while Roger watches? Do you want him to masturbate while he watches?”

Sarah had one foot on a low stool as Erica licked her thigh before she licked, then sucked her clit. “Tongue fuck you while Roger watches and masturbates.”

I was on my knees, my hand on Sarah’s hips, worshipping her glorious ass cheeks with my tongue and lips, as Erica whispered, “Oh wow, I heard your man had an ass fetish,” as she continued licking and sucking her clit.

“I have wanted to have both of you ever since Gillian told me in great detail about your tryst with her and her man.”

“You should have told us earlier,” Sarah smiled as Erica slid the tip of her tongue along Sarah’s cunt lips.

“I love being licked and teased, my cunt loves it,” Sarah whispered as I continued licking and kissing her ass cheeks while Erica licked and sucked her cunt lips, my hands on Erica’s while we both grasped her hips.

“Undress Erica for me, even better undress her for us,” Sarah whispered. “Take your jeans off first, show Erica your erection.”

“You really are nine-inches and thick, very thick,” Erica told me as I removed her jacket as she teased my erection with her fingertips.

One of my favourite turn ons is tongue kissing my lady while another person, male or female is licking her cunt lips, an incredible vibe for both of us, just as it was then as Erica kept on tongue fucking her.

Alice told me she wants you to watch and masturbate after she has me. And she wants to watch you fuck me when she has pleasured me, and I her. Are you fine with that?”

“So good, you promised me you were very good Erica, you are incredibly good,” Sarah moaned as she had her second orgasm, then her third. “Fantastically fucking good,” she moaned as she orgasmed for the fourth time, in between tongue kissing me while I lightly masturbated my boner.

“Which way would you like me to tongue fuck you Erica?”

“Exactly the same as you did to me Sarah. I have never been tongue fucked with my foot on a stool while any of my lovers licked and kissed my thigh as foreplay. And so good with your man watching while he masturbates wearing his evil looking cock ring on his big, thick cock.

“So good Sarah, I have never been tongue fucked with my foot on a stool while a man kissed me with the tip of his tongue while I watched him masturbate. Sexual heaven.”

An hour later Sarah took control. “You wanted to watch us fucking Erica, so good with Roger fucking me from behind with my big ass in his hands, while you are licking and sucking my nipples while you alternate kissing me with the tip of your tongue.”

A wonderful erotic vibe as Erica tongue kissed me while I continued fucking Sarah, before her phone rang. “Hi honey, I will be home soon. What am I doing? I am naked watching Sarah’s man fucking her from behind. She has the best ass I have ever seen and he has it in his hands while I watch him fucking her. He has a huge cock honey, much bigger than yours.

“You don’t believe me? I will put the phone on speaker. Oops, it was on speaker. You want me to leave the phone on so you can continue listening while an incredibly erotic couple are fucking. She has the best ass I have ever seen and he has a huge cock honey, much bigger than yours. You want me to take some pics? May I Sarah and Roger, from behind so I can show my man Sarah’s magnificent ass and Rogers big cock?

“Awesome, see you soon honey.”

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