The merging of the three great gods!!!

The merging of the three great gods!!!

David was about to climax while watching a nice tight young teen get pounded by a giant mknster cock in the throat. The girl was a small dirty blonde girl wity blue an B cup tits. She was tan without any tanlines an had a slim figure but a big tight ass. Her,pussy was shaved an her nipples were dark pink. Basically the perfect girl in his mind. "she looks so much like trisha moon" he thought which finally sent him over the edge. In his moment of pleasure he didnt hear his sis walk up the stair an walk to his foor. When his sister knocked on the door he knew he had about half a second because his si never waited on a reply to open his door after knocking. In one swift practiced move he pulled his basketball shorts, shut his laptop, pulled a book from the shelf an looked at the door with a smile. By the time his sis opened the door he was perfectly safe. She would never know. Or so he thought... "I need you to take me to gymnastics. Moms off to work thiry minutes ago an your ree so i told cheyanne i didt need a ride." His sister said. "why the,fuck would you do that?" He asked. "cuz you're free and besides i know how mich you like looking at my friends asses in leotards." Thats not the piont" he said" im supposed to go to the skating rink with bryce tonite!""well hirty minutes late isnt gonna kill you." And with those words an a smile she left. While David is getting ready maybe i should tell you a little bit about hislife. Davis is 6 foot tall an seventeen years old. He has an 8 inch cock an has black hair an brown eyes. He is pretty muscular an is a rgreat linebacker for his school team but despite all of this he cant get a girl at all. So he is forced to jack of to girls who look like cheerleaders at his school he'll never have the chance with. Speaking of i should tell you about trisha moon. Well trisha is the head cheer leader of the varsity cheer squad. You already know what she looks likes cuz of my ealier description of the pornstar. She is your typical movie head cheerleader. Snobby. Thinks she is better than everyone else. Tease. Except this was in reality. His sister who so lovingly forced him to take her to gymastics practice is quite a lovely site also. Ofcourse david never saw her that way. He saw her as a innocent young girl(she is 14 by the way) who has never even heard about sex an is just focused on school an the future. An he does his job well kf keeping the younger boys away from his little sister. What he didnt know was that his sister was a bit of a slut. She fucked her male teachers. Thats why she has such good grades an she hae fucked the entire basketball team for her grade an the one above.she also had black hair but she had nice any man in his friend Bryce skating inside there was she a manlight auburn eyes. She was 5'5" an c cup breasts. His friend bryce was the star runningback of the school an only slept alone when he wanted to. He had tried to get David some nice tail but David didn't believe in it. He thought that when he got some it would be cuz he earned it motcuz his friend when he got dressed. he took his sister to gymnastics class and waited for her to go inside safely. Then he went an meet up with his friend bryce outside the skating rink. After exchanging greetings they went inside. An there was trisha moon. With ofcourse her crowd of friends since she never went out in public without them. "jesus christ man i hate her." Said bryce. "yea. I know. But you have to admit she has a fine body." "BRYCE!!!"yelled an extremely high pitched voice. "whats up trisha?" Asked Bryce. "oh nothing much. Who's your friend?" "my name is David. Youve met me five times." He introduced himself. ".oh. Well i remember you. Your the guy who asked my friend shana on a date. What did she say?" "no." David muttered. " well i cant imagine why." I mean look at you." " ok trish put away your teeth. No need to bite." Bryce interrupted." Oh but i never bite.... I only nibble. She whispered in bryces ear all seductive like." "are these punks bothering you trish?" Said austin. The dickwad king of the school. He is the only one im town who doesnt like bryce. He hates bryce cuz he stole the runningback position away from him. Forcing him to become a reciever if he wanted to stay first string. "no baby. They were just leaving. Werent you boys?" Said trish. "yes your majesty." Replied bryce. When we got out of ear shot i told bryce thanks for interrupting. He said dont mention it an we left. When david got home he crashed in his bed. Worried about the next day. Not know that the next day would change his life. Not knowing the next day would grant him unspeakable powers. Nit knowing after the next day he'd never have to worry about anything ever again.............................................................................................................................................

This is but one chapter in what a hope will be a long and successfulseries. I apoligize that there was no sex in this story but i promise there will be some in the next chapter. But for now.... I bid you good night.

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