Spring Break has never been so much fun (Pt III)

Spring Break has never been so much fun (Pt III)

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling, I was holding on to Rachel, she was bent over in front of me with her hands on the shower wall, moving her hips back and forth to match my thrusts. The water from the shower overhead was making everything slide along much faster, pelting us both with hot water. I couldn’t help but smile as I felt a weird correlation to my dream and the now.
“Cum anytime you want, uunuunngh, I already got my fair share on the bed.” Rachel was looking a little spent from the way she looked at me and said that.
“No problem, I’m………on the border….” and with that I sped up my pace, beginning to blast my third load of the day into Rachel’s tight furnace.
I used on one hand and grabbed on to the shower door handle to keep myself upright, and my other was squeezing Rachel’s butt.
“OH jeeeeezusss, it’s hot!!” Rachel clamped down tight, and the walls of her pussy tried to milk me dry. It took some doing, but I tugged my cock out of the vice grip and Rachel, knowing I wasn’t done, spun around and dropped to her knees sticking her tongue out in front of my pulsating hard-on. I let loose what I had left on her tongue and chin. She grabbed my rod and jerked the last few drops from my balls, licking my head clean.
“I bet this looks like a goatee on me, doesn’t it?” I looked at Rachel’s face again and laughed out loud.
“I’ll take that as a yes, hahaha”, she chuckled and moved towards the shower head.
I could feel my heart rate slow and felt a slightly lightheaded thanks to the hot water. I leaned up against the cool wall and sat down in the tub/shower. Rachel did the opposite and used the running water to rinse the love juice off her face. After washing up a bit, she changed shower function to the main faucet and put the tub stopper in. While the bath water was running she stepped past me and sat down behind me, pressing her naked body against mine and slowly massaging my shoulders and lower back.
“Oh man, that feels great, thanks Rachel, I needed that.” I could feel myself loosen up under her skillful fingers.
“Yeah, well I’m going to make sure you don’t flake if I want to have you all to myself later tomorrow tonight.”
“I hafta to unpack still and maybe go to my little bro’s band recital tomorrow afternoon. What do you have planned?”
My mind immediately went to the scenario with an all-night-sex-fest, utilizing a karma sutra book she might have found somewhere.
“And nooooo, it’s not sex all night; with me making you breakfast the next day.”
“Hey, I can dream right?” She pinched the pressure points on my shoulders and I almost doubled over.
“Yeah, you can, just don’t get too high on your horse. I want to make you dinner at our apartment, I found this old book of Italian recipes and—
“Wait a minute, your apartment?” I had just remembered that Rachel and Madison shared a condo on the coast, no too far away from where we were now.
“Is that ok between you and Madi? I mean, that’s fine with me, but she might not see it that way.”
“Don’t’ worry about it.”
She leaned over and nibbled on my ear and wrapped her hands around my waist, any closer and she would have bumped into a long john dong that was waking up downstairs.
She peered over my shoulder and giggled, “You gotta learn to control your beast.”
I stretched my arms around her back and groped her butt, “Yeah, sure whatever. I’m already in control,” I laughed back.
After a few minutes of soaking in the hot water we both decided it was time to get out and go get some sun. We emptied the tub and dried up, I then noticed that my short’s crotch and Rachel’s bottom were still soaked with her honey. I suggested the shower and while I cleaned our swimsuits in the shower, Rachel used Brie’s blow-dryer on her hair.
She had put her top back on, but her round ass was pointed in my direction, bare for the world to see, and glistening with water as I slipped on my trunks. I couldn’t help but stare.
“You know, there is a saying about how to be polite and not stare too much.” She caught me, but I was sort of expecting it.
“Hahaha, polite? We just had sex in your best friend’s-sister’s shower, and I’m pretty sure neither of us asked, so can the politeness miss thang,” I came back with a smug look.
“You’re a riot, and I’m just saying that because I might hafta charge you for each time your eyes lock on to my butt.”
“Sure, but then YOU gotta pay the toll if you want to ride the pole,” I did the salsa with my hips….as best as I could.
“Ohhhhh my god, don’t ever do that again, hahahahahah.”
I had to admit, I looked like an idiot attempting to shake my hips seductively.
“Whatever, you’re just jealous, I will see you downstairs, ok?”
“Alright, I gotta finish primping, see ya in a few.”
I left the bathroom and walked towards the door and notice Brie was gone and the door was open. My guess is that she went to go join the party.
I found Brie a few minutes later outside sipping on a glass of water, she was kicking her legs in the pool and seemed to be waiting for something and confirming my own thoughts, waved me over to her.
“Whats up?” I could only guess what she wanted to talk about. So, I plopped down next to her and we went over what Rachel said in her room.
“Do you really think Madison is bi?” She cut right to the chase.
“I’m surprised, and Rachel is her closest friend I doubt she would straight up lie to us.”
“So, if that’s true, then who is she seeing now? This is pretty big, and madi and I talk about everything, and this would have been one huge sister-talk.”
“Are you worried about something? I mean, you can’t expect her to tell you everything, even if you are her sister.”
“Well that sudden break up worried me, I’m just paranoid I guess.”
“I guess I would be too, but if she was really stressed out then she has someone to talk to.” I nudged Brie, she smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder.
“It’s good to see you after so long, I think you’ve gotten a little bigger since I saw you last."
I felt a ‘that’s what she said’ joke in the back of my mind, but I thought that it would be best not to ruin the moment, so I just smiled back.
“Jeez, you always manage to keep him away from hanging with me, don’t you Brie?”
I almost jumped out of my skin and into the pool when I heard Madison’s voice. I slowly turned around to see her in an identical swimsuit that matched Rachel’s, but it was several different shades of purple that went well with her fair toned skin.
“The number two has arrived, and looks pretty good I might add.” I almost immediately saw a flash of red circulate in her face as I said it and she let me know with a big smile and even bigger hug from behind.
“Thanks, I’m glad you were able to make it to the party, Rachel said there was a surprise waiting for me at home so we left the movie early.”
“I am just happy to get to see you all again, it has been a while since we were all in the same place hanging out together.” I glanced between the two sisters as Madison released me from her embrace and peeled off her summer skirt and sat on the opposite side of me with her feet in the water. I couldn’t help but look and be amazed at the sweater puppies protruding from her bikini top. I smiled both on the inside and out.
“Together at last and at the pool again, this reminds me of summers ago.” I didn’t need to turn to see whose voice that belonged to and felt Rachel’s hair hit my back and her boobs press up against my shoulder blades. She draped her arms around my neck in a piggyback fashion.
Then as if on cue, the sisters took my arms respectively to my right and left and entwined my fingers with theirs. Sensing that I was about to become the target of some serious jealously and the center of attention, I snaked my way out of the three pairs of different arms and into the pool to cool off the rising tent in my trunks. I dared not to turn around to meet each of their wanting gazes, but to my surprise they each had stripped down to the tops and bottoms of their swimsuits and jumped into the pool along with me. Determined not to become trapped in between three of my good friends, two of which I knew with plenty of proof were horny, I dove under water and swam in one breath to the deep end of their pool and emerged to see them talking, giggling and relaxing at the opposite end of the pool. As soon as Brie caught me staring she immediately hit the kill switch on the conversation that had been going on while I was underwater.
My buddy downstairs was eager for beaver, but with some serious concentration and some cold water he was coaxed back into a less stressful stance on my pants.
My remaining time at the party passed by without any other major incident between myself and the girls, they all kept a reasonable distance. That however didn’t stop them from getting their kicks when they could: Rachel slapped my ass when we were drying up from the pool, Brie sat across from me during dinner time and dragged her toes along the inside of my leg under the table, then Madison repeatedly pressed her breasts against my arm when we were taking care of the dishes. I was swimming in the many thoughts that crossed my mind when I looked at any of the three. Madi was supposedly interested in me and hated that Rachel hit me up first. Next, I thought about Brie and Rachel, I already had past experience with both of them, upstairs and years ago, so I was unsure what to do or say to either of them.
Later as the party began seeing the other guests take their leave, I found myself left with the sisters parents, the sisters themselves and Rachel talking about school, work, and anything else that we could think of (mind the parents, not everything). I looked at the clock and knew that I didn’t have to be at the recital tomorrow except that Rachel wanted me to have dinner with her tomorrow evening. So, I thanked both of the sisters parents for having me over, giving their mom a big hug and their father a firm handshake before I retrieved my backpack from the hall closet.
I walked to the door and was being followed by all of three of girls, so I turned and gave them each a long rocking hug. Brie stayed inside, but Rachel and Madison walked me to my truck since they were getting ready to drive home as well and had parked next to me, but as I unlocked my truck and turned to say goodnight, I came face to face with Rachel. Literally breathing each other’s air, she wrapped her arms slowly but tightly around my neck, and planted a kiss on my lips in full view of Madison who stood a few feet behind Rachel and froze at the sight of us. I broke the kiss, and stepped back slightly, sending her the message (not now). Madi handed Rachel the keys and asked her to drive since she claimed she was tired, but as Rachel walked around to the other side of the car to open the driver’s side door, Madi’s hand brushed the left side of my face and pulled me closer, kissing me just as Rachel had done but with more feeling and a tongue that did the cha-cha in my mouth.
I stood with my thoughts confirmed and watched her lean over to my ear and whisper, “I missed you, and I hope that we can hang one-on-one when you get some free time.”
I couldn’t find the right words, let alone any words, so I simply nodded and smiled. Rachel started the car, completely oblivious to what had just happened and rolled down the window saying bye to me once again.

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