Master John

Master John


Then came – what I termed “The Day”, (July 2010) It was also just after I’d done a forfeit to spend a whole day at the office in really thin and short summer dress, with no underwear, it had left me horny. I was in “one of those horny moods” that grip me from time to time, maybe because the night before I’d agreed to an outlandish dare. It was quite hot. We had been out this summer 3 times with me flashing and so on, but never ‘apparently’ caught out properly.

This week, I was in my button through summer dress and ankle booties; David and I had agreed in bed the previous night that I now needed to come face to face with a stranger wearing just my smile, dress fully open or completely off. So I’d agree that I would walk in just my ankle booties for a period; I had to act nonchalantly as possible and not cover up but walk on till out of sight. I had to spend a whole hour as described above; any cover up would start the clock again. Also if I choose a path where I failed to be seen, I had to pay another forfeit which he’d devise.

We left the car park and walked for ten minutes when I slipped off my dress, he grinned at me “sure?” I nodded and handed him my dress, he headed in the direction of the busier area, and my pulse was racing. After about 20 minutes of walking naked, we could now hear voices calling etc. David looked at me as if to ask if I wanted my dress back, -- I shook my head, “another 10 minutes” I said.

“Okay then” he said, “now walk ahead”

I didn’t fully realise what he meant, till I was some 20 yards from him and he hadn’t moved. Now I did, he’d talked about doing this as a next stage, letting me get about 50 or 60 yards in front or behind him, no time to grab my skirt or top. My reaction was almost like the first time I handed him my coat, my knees went quite weak and the sexual buzz was huge. I think we both knew that I’d be seen sooner or later that day, that thought sent my nipples to rocks and I actually felt my pussy dribble.

I walked on quite boldly, I was passing along a stretch where there was no sanctuary of bushes to dive behind, I was going to have to cross the same well used, wide open track that the boy cyclists had rocketed down and nearly seen me. I paused in the middle of that track, uphill I could see trees and for maybe 200 yards till the ground fell away, downhill, I could see much further , maybe at least half a mile, I realised I might be able to see anybody, but they might well see me standing naked on the hill. I brazened it out for about 5 minutes till David caught up, he grinned, he’s been able to see me all that time. I was shaking, when we moved on.

Several times I chose a path that looked well used and the minutes ticked away. Then the 10 minutes were up and no-one had come along. David came up to me and felt my pussy, I was positively dripping and he was hard as well. He now led me to a spot where a tree had fallen at some time. It was the same spot he’d had me in light bondage 3 weeks before, but this time it was a different position and tree. This three was a large Oak fallen to a 45% angle at some time in the past and it had snapped the truck clear from the roots.

Without any explanation he had me stand with my back on the main truck, he placed ankle cuffs around my ankles and with rope spread eagled my legs almost as wide as they’d spread and with my hips thrust forward by the three branch, I could feel and see my pussy was spread wide open. He secured each rope to a neighbouring three. My arms were the put behind my back and he had a rope run behind the three truck to each wrist cuff.

Producing a coil of orange rope and he started to put me in breast bondage, quite tight too with my legs and arms pulled painfully apart, he bound my breasts in a figure of “8”. I was surprised at this development, as we had only tried bondage a few times in the past. The colour of my skin was going bright pink, but not purple as I had seen in pictures so my bindings wasn’t overly tight. Next he placed a large ‘clothes peg’ on each swollen nipple, it was a painful/pleasure, like a lover who bites a bit too hard. The whole thing was a bit new to me, being like this in a public place and in bondage that went further than anything he’d tried at home.

The spot he had chosen was barely 30 yards from the path, and I was helpless, he had tied me more thoroughly than the last time, but I was excited. I felt sure I would be seen from the path. But then he pulled a black silken blindfold over my head and eyes. Things were looking up, this was a new husband. He then knelt and licked my pussy for about 5 minutes, taking me ever so close to a climax, but not allowing it to develop, finally he place similar clothes clamps to my swollen labia lips. As he said later, there was no doubt whatsoever about how sexually excited I was.

Last time I had managed to get my fingers around the ropes on my wrists to undo them but now each was too far away, I suddenly realised that I might not get free. Now I have no idea how long I was there, at least 20 minutes, maybe 30, before I heard his voice and then him coming towards me. It definitely wasn’t my husband, the voice was gruff and when his hand closed over my naked breast, I could feel callus’s on his hands.

He was talking to me in a hoarse whisper all the time and his hands groped me, I didn’t know what to say or do. I was frozen. I don’t think I heard a zip, but suddenly his cock was at my vagina and he was in me. I was so wet, and so spread open by my bondage ropes, even his size didn’t matter and he was a big guy. He rammed me to the hilt, I gasped. He wasn’t wearing a condom. Now he fucked me, squeezing my breasts the clamps popping off, and then he was biting them; when he saw my reaction was to meet his trusts, he slapped my breasts quite hard with his hand and I involuntarily groaned in delight.

I came off well before he did. And he knew it. When I felt his spurt into me, I came again. I have noticed that I rarely feel the spurts from guys, unless I am excessively turned on or he is indeed a strong cummer.

Such was my position secured to this tree that when he pulled out of me, he was able to move around and shove his cock into my mouth, just by pulling my head over a bit. I made no resistance and sucked him till he was hard again, at the same time he fingered my pussy and clit, his callus’s feeling real nice on my engorged clit. By now I had long since forgotten to wonder where my husband was, my thoughts consumed by my rape lust. I had assumed that I was at any moment about to receive a mouthful of cum juice; I was ready eager and ready.

But No! He now pulled out of my mouth rock hard, and moved away – Had someone else come along? – What was happening, I wanted more!

I felt my ankles being released from the ropes, one then the other one. I felt his cock enter me again, this time with my legs over his shoulders, giving him full total penetration. He thrust into me a few times then gripping my arse cheeks he pulled out the next thrust was unexpected. He penetrated my rectum with one full thrust eased by the considerable juice; it almost took my breath away. I wasn’t an anal virgin, but he was a big guy and most lovers had brown holed me with some lube. This was my first ’natural’ anal fuck and this guy’s cock felt big and meaty.

Some women enjoy an anal fuck, provided the guy knows what he is doing and keeps the action going without drying up. I am one of them; or rather I was from this day, it was a painful pleasure. My previous cocks had no idea compared with my present lover; it was as good as my vaginal fucking. His thumbs continued working on my labia and clit, but not gently as when I sucked him, now he pulled and stretched them, the stimulus greater than his gentle probing. I have always been aware that at the height of sexual climax, I become very vocal and loud, this afternoon I was desperately trying to keep my vocals to sighs and groans.

My anal fucking lasted longer than the first one, maybe 15 or more minutes and the energy expended had freed the ropes binding my hands at some point about 10 minutes in. It was me who put hands around his neck and pulled him forward and kissed him. Long hard and deep. He tasted of bad breath, garlic and worse. I didn’t mind at all. I came off maybe 3 times. This time I didn’t feel him spurt, but he pulled out with a plop, softening already.

Our sex finished, I was torn between tearing my blind fold off or leaving it on. I went to remove it and his hand caught mine, “No, lady keep it on”.

He had pulled me to my feet now and kissed me gently. He seemed to know exactly when to be gentle and when to give a modicum of pain. I was aware that he hadn’t redressed himself. He was now telling me how lovely and gorgeous I was. I wanted to know only one thing.

“Meet me here again?” I asked like some love struck teenager.

He seemed hesitant and unsure. I wanted more of what had happened.

“I’ll do whatever you wish”, a tone of desperation in my voice was obvious even to me.

His hands had been gently playing with my breasts, now moved to give me the merest of a pushed downward, but I knew exactly what he wanted. I sank to me knees and took his manhood soiled with my own rectal flavour into my mouth. As much as the wantonness of my act thrilled me, it also excited my mystery lover as he was hard again within moments. As my mouth had engulfed his soiled cock, he had groaned “Oh Yes”. And yes Dear Reader he was very soiled.

It may not have been my greatest blowjob to date, but it probably wasn’t far off. For maybe 20 minutes I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, sucked along the length, sucked his balls, till his pubis was soaked until finally he groaned and splashed his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it down.

I was exhausted. So was he. After some 5 minutes, I heard him secure his clothes again and he said to me.

“Okay, Lady, if the weather’s fine next Sunday, be here, naked, blindfolded and alone”. I heard him leave.

After 5 minutes I pulled my blindfold off. I still had my watch I couldn’t believe the time. David had left me tied up at maybe 3 pm, it was now past 5pm, allowing for me being left there alone for 15 minutes, time had flown. But I was naked in woods some 2 miles from the car. I was surprised David hadn’t returned looking for me, just realising that it was the first time I’d thought of him in maybe 2 hours.

I looked my body up and down; surprisingly I wasn’t as marked or bruised as I feared, the real chaffing was on my wrists and ankles. I started my way back, at this time of day most of the other people would have gone home, a chill was gathering in the air. About a mile on my route I saw David walking back, before he saw me. He had my clothes.

I knew he’d go crazy (in a good way) if I told him about what had happened, but as I had started back, I wondered if my mystery man and what happened had been a set-up by him. Had that been a friend of his? Had he been watching from near-by? I decided not to say anything, if he had set it up, he’d be so full of excitement he’d maybe burst if I kept quiet. I asked him why he come back and he said in view of the time, he did think that maybe my predicament was too difficult to break out of. (he was right)

On seeing me his face lit up and he handed over my dress without a fuss. When he asked what had happened, I explained that it took ages for me to break free and then a family had stopped right in my path home, and I’d had to lay waiting for them to finish. When he looked disappointed at me about that - I explained the children were very young. By the time we got back to the car and home, I knew he hadn’t set me up, there was no way he’d be so cool. My lover was a chance stranger.

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