From curious to first time!

From curious to first time!

First let me start by saying that my story will be a little long, due to the fact that I would like to add all the details!

I will start off by saying I have always considered myself a straight guy. I have no issues attracting the opposite sex and I had no idea I was doing the same with the same sex as well. I get told Im handsome all the time. I have a swimmers body build. Im very well equipped and get told I have a nice behind alot . I never even expected I would ever do anything sexual with another male until.................

I was in my late teens and had a few friends that I would always hang out with. The friends I hung out the most with was John and Mike. We would always be at each others houses or roaming around together. One thing I noticed was that John would start coming around alot more than Mike. Seemed weird but I didnt think nothing of it until I found something out which I will tell you about at the end of this one. Me and John started hanging out alot more together, just me and him. We would always go to a dark hangout spot in our back yard. Couldnt see anything there especially at night.

One night as we were hanging out, we began to play fight. He would tickle me and I would do the same back. This went on for about two weeks, hanging out, play fighting, wrestling and tickling each other. I didnt think anything of it, everytime we hung out we were talking about girls so nothing ever crossed my mind until one evening. As we were doing the usual, hanging out, talking about girls we began to wrestle again, but this time John did something else! He reached over and grabbed my ass. I kind of froze and thought that was weird but quickly let it go and did the same back to him. This also continued everynight we would hang out, play fight and grabbing each others asses! This to went on for awhile. Never once did I think He was into me or that I was being tested to see how far he could get or something in that nature.

The next night we hung out, John started to try to grab my ass again. I would push his hand away, as if playing hard to get, then he reached and grabbed my crotch area. Again I froze! Wasnt sure what to do here, So I went ahead and reached and grabbed his crotch area. We both began to fondle each other, all along I thought we were play fighting until John reached for me and pulled me towards him. He reached for my hips and walked up close to me and began to grind me crotch to crotch!! I remember thinking to myself, We shouldnt be doing this, were not suppose to be doing this.....what if somebody sees us........but the feeling was good so I didnt pull away! And when he noticed i began to get hard, he took it as the OK to continue! and he did. The next two times we hung out I did the same, I played hard to get but it ended with him grinding on me crotch to crotch again.On the 4th time of grinding, We were both super hard and he noticed I was breathing deeply. I guess it turned him on because he started grinding on me even harder. We ended that night making serious eye contact and him saying bye. As he walked away he flashed me by pulling down his shorts and showing me his ass. I remember thinking to myself, He has a nice ass! Then I got the this is wrong feeling. We are friends and both guys. This shouldnt be happening.

It was on a school night that John came to visit late. My mom let me know he was at the door and when I got there he asked if I could come outside. I asked my mom and she said ok. We walked back to our usual hang out spot and this time john slowly began to play fight with me. Kind of in a more seductive type of way. I went along with it again. As we both began to get turned on, he again pulled me towards him, then walked me toward the wall. He walked up on me and began to grind on me nice and slow, using the wall to make sure i couldnt go anywhere. We were both super hard and very turned on. He made an effort to make eye contact and when I finally did, we both began to breath hard. John then stopped and reached down to my shorts and pulled them down a little and pulled my hard cock out into the open. I was exposed. He then did the same and again he pinned me against the wall, this time grinding on me cock to cock, no clothing in between. The feeling of our cocks smashing against each other, Hard, Warm and Wet was beyond anything I thought it would ever feel like. He then asked me to go to his house with him for a little while. I said ok. As we walked up the street to his house, I wasnt sure what was gonna happen. When we got to his house, we were both disappointed because he had visitors. His younger cousins were there and they all wanted to play. We decided to play hide and seek with them. I noticed everywhere I went to hide, John would follow. So I decided to hide in a closet all the way in the back of the house where nobody ever really looked. 2 minutes later, I heard John asking if he could hide in there as well as he opened the door. I said sure. It was very dark and you couldnt see anything. I could just hear and feel that john was behind me. Again, he began to test the situation. He began to feel on my ass and reach for my crotch area. I reached back and gently squeezed his crotch area as well. This gave him the green light. I felt him reaching for my hard cock again and pulling it out. I expected him to pin me against the wall in the closet again, but couldnt really see what he was up to. Then I felt something wet and warm around my cock....I wasnt sure what was happening, but it felt very good and didnt want it to stop!! I got a little nervous because I let out a light moan from the feeling! Was hoping nobody heard me......Then I reached down to see what he was doing.....and all i felt was a head full of hair! John had taken my cock into his mouth and was slowly moving his head back and forth!!! I remember thinking how does he know how to do this! after a few minutes, he stood up and whispered "Its your turn". I immediately got nervous.....Wasnt sure if i could even do that. He gently pushed me down to my knees. I remember getting nervous but thought to myself I had to return the favor!! I took both my hands and began stroking his cock. I made sure to add saliva to his cock to make it feel like I was sucking his cock but I couldnt do it. I decided to atleast taste it so i licked the head of his cock with my tongue. That was all I could do. His breathing let me know that my hands were doing a good enough job so I continued. We then heard a noise and we both tried to calm down and act like nothing was happening. We left the closet and played a little more with his cousins then I headed home. As I walked home I remember thinking how hot that was, but still thinking it was wrong but felt so good.

During the week we hung out with our friends. John would make eye contact with me and smile. I noticed Mike would look at me as well, but didnt think nothing of it. The next day, a monday i believe, Mike showed up at my house. Hadnt hung out with him much but he stopped by to say hello and that was it. The next night John came over again, kind of late this time. It was a school night and I had just got out of the shower....Mom let me know he was there so I threw on a muscle shirt and some bumming boy shorts on and went outside. My mom said it was a school night so i couldnt stay out to long. Me and John chatted as we walked to out backyard and he asked if we could go to our dark spot. I smiled and immediately began getting turned on as I said yes. As soon as we got there, he gently pinned me against the wall and began to grind me....he grinded me until we were both nice and hard!! Once he knew I was hard, he reached down and pulled out my cock and then his and began to grind me cock against cock again. We were both very hard and wet again. This time we were both very turned on...both breathing hard....I started to do something i never thought another male could make me or would make me do...I started to moan!!! As I started to moan, He started to grunt as he grinded........then he slowly moved his way down and placed my cock into his mouth again!!! This time I reached down and helped guide his head back and forth against my cock! He then stood up and told me it was my turn again.....again I could not suck his cock, but I did the same as before. Stroked him nice and slow and he was enjoying it. We both felt so turned on and this night felt different. Like we were both all in. We knew something else was gonna happen this night!! After stroking him for a few, He then reached down and pulled me up. We made good eye contact and then he turned me around. Him facing my back. He then pulled my shorts down to my ankles and pushed me slowly, getting me into the bent position! I remember feeling extremely nervous, Should I let this happen was my thoughts? Is it gonna hurt? We shouldnt be doing this.......But We were both so turned on by this point, I dont think either one of us cared........ All we knew is that he wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to fuck me!! as I stood there bent and nervous, he began to pull down his shorts.........I remember looking at his hard cock jump out of his shorts and thinking....Thats gonna be in me tonight!!! and as he put one hand on my hip and began to aim his cock with his other hand......We heard a noise as if someone was walking towards us......We both frantically pulled our shorts up and straightened ourselves up and walked out of our area like nothing was going on. We didnt see anyone ........and that was the last time me and John hung out......!

We moved away shortly after that. I later found out that Mike and John had been fooling around and that they both wanted to get with me, but that John had told Mike to stay away from me in that way. Me and John were closer so i heard he had told Mike he would try first and go from there. It all made sense after that. Either way, Im now 30 and a very straight life......but I still always had the questions What if?? how would it of felt? Am I still curious about it?..............would I do it if I had the chance again???? all these questions stood with me all these years....... Until........................................................... To be Continued on part 2

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