Best Sister in the World!!! Part 2

Best Sister in the World!!! Part 2

Best Sister in the World!!! Part 2

I woke up the next morning more refreshed than I had felt in a long time.

The events of the previous night were racing through my mind as I started to get ready for school. Sydney and I both loved each other very much, in a sibling sort of way. I hadn’t ever thought of her sexually, but when I saw her masturbating herself to orgasm as she thought of me... I started to see her in a new light. I now saw her not only as my older sister, but as a beautiful, sexy woman.

I went downstairs, my mind still muddled with sleep, and quickly ate a bowl of cereal before heading out the door for school.

That school day was without a doubt one of the slowest I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t stay focused on anything! All I could think of is what I wanted to do to my sister. I knew I wanted to fuck her. That much was settled when I started thinking of her as a woman as well as my sister. But I didn’t know if she actually felt the same way towards me or if she was just caught up in the moment...

Finally, the last bell rang and I sprang for the door. I really just needed to go home and be alone for a while.

I walked into my house and headed upstairs to my room to start on homework. My sister arrived shortly after I got home because the gym’s heater was broken and it was still snowy on the fields.

I heard her walk into her room and I assume she started on her schoolwork for the day.

I quickly became immersed in my school and jumped slightly at the quiet knock on my door.

"Jason, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure sis, come on in!"

Sydney opened the door, stepped in and leaned against the wall beside my door.

She had changed out of her school uniform into some sweat pants and a tight long-sleeved sweater. They were fairly plain clothes but she was able to pull it off and look amazing in it.

"What do you wanna talk about?" I asked.

"I... wanted to apologize for... you know, yesterday." She stammered, slightly blushing and looking down as she said it.

She looked so innocent and vulnerable as she was standing there...

"Oh don’t worry about it sis." I said. "I should have closed the door or something... It was my fault what happened yesterday."

"Well still, I shouldn't have just barged in!" She replied. "I wanna make it up to you..."

Before I could even think of what to reply, she moved quickly over to me before she could change her mind, knelt in front of me and started rubbing my crotch with her hand.

"Sis what are y-... ohhhh..." I groaned at the sensations I was feeling. All thought had left my mind as blood rushed to my dick.

"I really am sorry for ruining you’re moment." She said quietly as she kept rubbing my cock to life.

Then she slowly reached in my pants and fished my growing member out and gasped.

"Oh my god it’s huge!" She stared in wonder at my cock and I’ll admit, I felt a burst of pride as she looked admirably at my cock.

She wrapped her small fingers as far around as she could and stroked up and down slowly.

The feelings she was giving me through my cock made me moan quietly over and over.

"Oh sis... hmmm this feels really good!"

She looked up at me, pleased as she wrapped both hands around my cock and started a pumping and twisting motion all at the same time and it nearly drove me right over the edge but I held back, wanting to enjoy this for as long as possible.

She then took one hand off of my cock and gently juggled my balls in her hand as she sped up her pumping on my cock.

"Does that feel good little bro?"

"Oh god yes Sydney... yes it feels so good!"

"You gonna cum for me baby?"

"YES! Yes I’m gonna cum... I’m gonna CUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!"

With that I let loose a huge torrent of cum. Cum started gushing out in stream after stream all over her hand and my stomach. I felt like I came forever when finally my orgasm subsided and I was left breathing hard on my chair. My sister was still slowly milking my cock trying to get every last drop out.

"Wow little brother! I haven’t had a guy cum like that in a long time!" She said as she grabbed a few tissues off of my desk and started cleaning off her hand.

"I’ve never had that done to me!" I said, still out of breath.

"You’ve never been given a hand job?!" My sister asked incredulously.

I blushed and shook my head.

I may be good looking but I was actually kinda shy around other girls so I’ve never had a serious relationship.

"Well I’m glad I got to fix that." She said with a wink.

I chuckled and said. "Me too!"

I started to reach for the tissues to start cleaning myself up when she grabbed my hand.

"Oh no you don’t. I’m not done with you yet!" My sister said mischievously as she leaned down and licked from the base of my cock, up the underside and all the way to the top.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled as my cock immediately got hard again.

Sydney laughed and said. "I’m gonna take good care of you little brother. I’m gonna give you every bit of pleasure I can!"

With that she leaned back down and took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked hard.

"Oh dear god... Sydney this feels so good! Ahhh fuck!"

She kept sucking me off and took her hand and stroked the rest of my cock. The feelings her mouth was giving me were driving me insane! She then quickly plunged down on my cock and took at least half of it into her mouth.

I threw my head back and groaned loudly. "Oh yes baby! Just like that... ahhhh!!!"

Sydney started bobbing up and down on my cock and massaged my balls. The combined sensations were shoving me closer and closer towards the peak of ecstasy.

She slid back up my cock and ran her tongue around the knob, then plunged back down and sucked back up. I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and racing up my shaft. I didn’t know if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or what. But I figured I’d better be at least decent and let her know I was about to cum.

"Oh god... ahhhh I’m gonna cum Sydney! You’re gonna make me cum!"

She took her mouth off of my cock and stroked me up and down really fast and said. "Do it Jason, I want you to cum all over my face and in my mouth!"

With that she placed her tongue at the bottom of my head and opened her mouth as she stroked me right over the edge.

"AHHHHHH FUCCCKKK!!!!!" I yelled as the pleasure was to great to control. Cum raced up my shaft and out the tip of my dick. The first shot landed in the back of her throat. The second, third and fourth shot out in her mouth and all over her cheeks.

I groaned over and over as I finished spewing cum all over my sisters beautiful face. When I finally finished, Sydney swallowed what was in her mouth and sucked the last few drops out of my deflating cock. When she finished cleaning my dick off, she tucked me back in my pants and stood up.

"Wow little brother. That was amazing!" She smiled. "Get some rest Jason, because tonight, I’m gonna rock your world!"

She gave me a seductive look as she wiped the cum off of her face and walked slowly out the door.

I had just begun to catch my breath when the meaning of her last statement made it through to my brain. I just might actually get to fuck my hot sister!


Shortly after my sister gave me my first blowjob, our parents arrived back home.

They were in a pretty good mood and my dad decided to grill up some burgers for dinner.

Soon they were all done and we were sitting around the table enjoying some of the best burgers my dad had ever made!

My sister and I were constantly casting glances at each other and trying to hide smiles.

My mom saw our exchanges and gave us a weird look. "What’s up with you two?"

Fortunately my sister came to our rescue and said. "I guess we’re just excited about Christmas break coming up soon!"

My mom accepted this with a nod. "haha ok! So how’s school going Jason?"

"Eh, it’s going pretty smoothly." I replied. "I’m having a little trouble in history... All those names and dates just get muddled in my mind!"

"Well maybe your sister here could help you out with your history homework?" Mom said. "We all know she’s quite gifted in history."

My sister looked over at me with a devilish grin and said. "Oh yes mom, I’d love to help him out!"

I had a feeling she wasn’t talking about helping me with my homework.

We finished dinner and all decided to go into the living room to watch some TV all together.

As we all filed into the living room, my parents both took the couch and my sister hopped on an over sized chair with a blanket and patted the place right next to her.

"Come sit by me lil bro!" She said with a smile.

How could I possibly refuse? We were so close in our relationship, our parents didn’t think it was weird for us to snuggle together.

I smiled and climbed under the blanket with her. As I sat down, our thighs pressed up against each other and the warmth from her leg and side were incredible... We burrowed under the blanket and wrapped it around our necks as we decided what to watch.

Finally we landed on The Bourne Identity. The whole trilogy is one of our favorites so we all definitely enjoyed it.

As the movie progressed, I felt Sydney’s hand slide up my upper leg right to my crotch and she gave me a gently squeeze.

I looked over at her and she had a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth but otherwise she maintained an innocent facade as she appeared to watch the movie.

Her hand started slowly stroking me through my pants and it was all I could do to keep from groaning. To keep my mind off of what she was doing, I decided to respond in kind as I slowly snaked my hand over to her crotch and rubbed her pussy through her sweat pants.

She jumped slightly but quickly recovered by appearing to move around on the chair to get more comfortable, when in reality, she was opening herself up to me more as I continued to rub her slit.

Her hand slightly sped up but not enough to disturb the blanket on top of us. Her pace, I knew, wasn’t going to make me cum and I also knew that she wasn’t going to be able to bring me off while we were under the blanket. That was a huge bummer but I decided to try and push her all the way to the edge as I started to rub her faster.

I slowly slipped my whole hand into her panties and started rubbing her clit in big slow circles, letting my fingers bump over her erect little nub every time.

I could see she was struggling to breath normally and I sensed she was close to her own release as she gripped harder on my now fully erect cock in her hand. That was when I pushed a finger into her warm, wet pussy as deep as I could while continuing to rub her clit with my thumb.

It didn’t take long of this before I felt my sisters tight cunt clamp down on my finger and flood it with her pussy juices. I continued to thrust my finger in and out of her slowly, letting her ride the wave of her orgasm to it’s fullest before finally pulling all the way out of her pants.

After she could breath properly without giving anything away, she leaned over to me and whispered. "I’m gonna get you good for that!"

I gave her a small smile and a sly look as we turned and watched the rest of the movie without incident.

When the movie ended, we all got up and headed off to bed. Sydney and I said goodnight to our parents and headed upstairs to our rooms. When we got to the top of the stairs Sydney stopped me and said. "Come in my room in thirty minutes if you wanna have some fun." Then she winked at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and bounced off to her room.

My heart rate was already speeding up in anticipation of what was gonna happen in my sister’s room here soon.

I went into my room and changed into some pajama pants and a plain white T-shirt and sat on my bed waiting for the clock to tell me it was time to go. The minutes slowly dragged on and I couldn’t believe time was going this slowly!

Finally, the clock told me thirty minutes had passed! I got up and nearly ran out of the room, then slowed down so as to not wake my parents. I opened up my door, walked out and closed it, then sneaked over to my sister’s room and opened the door as quietly as I could and walked in.

I nearly busted a nut just from the sight I was seeing as I walked in through the door! My sister was lounging on her bed in nothing but Christmas style bra and panties. They have little bows on the side of each garment and in the middle of her bra there’s another slightly bigger bow. Then lining the edges of her sexy underwear was a white fur like ribbon.

She gave me a seductive grin as she looked at me staring at her with my mouth wide open and gaping and a bulge quickly growing bigger in my pants.

"Do you like what I’m wearing Jason?" She said in a smooth, sexy voice.

I mumbled something really smart like "Uhhhh..." as I nodded my head and started to walk towards her.

She smiled even bigger at my response and sat up leaning back on her hands, spreading her legs open giving me a good view of her crotch.

"Would you like to unwrap one of your presents early?" She asked with a sly look on her face.

This time I found the words I was looking for and replied. "Fuck yeah sis!"

By this time I had reached the edge of her bed and she leaned over and started rubbing my swelling member through my pants as I ran my hand slowly up her side and back down, feeling every curve I could.

Now she sat up and dangled her legs off of the bed and helped get my shirt off. She tossed the garment down to the floor and ran her hands slowly all over my chest, all the while looking into my eyes with her beautiful blue eyes.

Her fingers felt like they were giving me little electric shocks wherever she touched me! I stepped closer to her, pressing my crotch to hers as I started to untie the big bow in the middle of her bra. She smiled nervously as her bra fell open revealing her perfect 34C breasts. I sucked in air as I saw her beautiful mounds for the first time. They were gorgeous! They didn’t sag at all but stood up, defying the laws of gravity. And topping each perfect tit was a half dollar size areola with a thumb sized nipple that was just begging to be sucked and played with.

I realized my sister was waiting for me to say what I thought of her tits. "Oh my god Sydney! Your breasts are gorgeous!"

She smiled and blushed as she replied. "You really think so? You don’t think they’re to big...? Some of the other girls accuse them of being fake."

She admitted this last thing to me and looked down. I could tell this was a topic that was kind of sensitive to her.

I got down on my knees and quickly sucked in one of her nipples, causing her to moan.

"Oh god Jason..."

I sucked a little harder and started flicking my tongue across the top of her nipple. I brought my other hand up and gently massaged her other breast.

I brought my mouth of her nipple just long enough to say. "I think they’re perfect!" And then I immediately latched back on to my sister’s tit, sucking her nipple even deeper into my mouth.

She gasped and her breathing was getting more ragged. I looked down and noticed that her panties were growing a dark patch in the middle. I smiled as I realized I was turning my sister on by just playing with her breasts!

I moved my mouth over to her other succulent mound and licked all over her other nipple as I mauled her other tit. She was running her fingers through my hair and pressing my head further onto her breast. Then she pushed me off and stood me up, slid down off of the bed onto her knees and yanked my pants and boxers down in one quick movement.

"Time for some pay back!" She said as she looked up into my eyes and plunged her mouth deep onto my cock, taking half of it in on the first try.

She and I both moaned as she sucked on my now fully engorged dick. Her moans sent shivers up through my cock and throughout the rest of my body. She fell into a rhythm of bobbing her head along my shaft and stroking the rest of my shaft with her hand. Every now and then she'd take her hot lips off of my cock and stroke my cock all the way from the top to the bottom a few times before quickly latching back onto my dick and sucking some more.

I don't know where my sister learned to suck cock but dear god on high I was loving every second of cock-sucking my sister was giving me! She brought one of her hands down to my nut sack and gently fondled then and gave them a loving little squeeze as she sucked in as much of my dick as she could possible get.

The sensations were to much and I was way to horny. With a grunt, I grabbed my sisters head and held it on my cock as I started gushing forth cum from my balls, all the way into her mouth. I came so much in her mouth, she had trouble swallowing it all and some of it leaked out onto her chin.

With a final grunt I expelled the last few drops of semen into my sister’s lovely mouth.

"Ah fuck yeah sis..." I said, out of breath. "That was fucking fantastic!"

She giggled as she sucked my cock a little more to clean it off, then she wiped the cum on her chin onto her fingers and sucked my cum off, swallowing every drop she could get. She looked up at me when she was done and opened her mouth, showing me that she had eaten everything I had given her.

"Good girl!" I said as I picked her up and sat her on her bed. I grabbed the ends of both bows on the sides of her panties and quickly untied them, allowing the to fall away from her hot, soaking pussy.

She gasped as the cold air hit her wet vagina. I stared for a second at my first cunt. She obviously shaved because it was perfectly smooth with not a hair to conceal any of her gorgeous, unblemished skin. Her lips were slightly open allowing me to glimpse into a woman’s most private parts. Her clit was swollen and protruding at the top of her delicious looking cunt.

I had never gone down on a girl but I had watched lots of porn so I knew the basics of it. I brought my face closer to her pussy and inhaled the sweet scent of feminine arousal. Then I couldn’t stand it any more as some animal instinct pushed my face deep into her pussy. My mouth quickly found her clit and I flicked it with my tongue.

From the second I made contact with her vagina, Sydney was moaning loudly and uncontrollably! When I attacked her clit, she sucked in air hard and fell back on the bed and started writhing around while I continued my oral assault on her juicy pussy.

I drank in as much of her female juices as I could get as I started working my tongue up and down her slit, making sure to not leave a single inch of her cunt unlicked. Then I speared my tongue as deep as I could into the folds of her pussy and started to fuck her with my tongue.

"Oh fuck Jason... oh fuck fuck fuuuuckkkk!!!!" Sydney yelled as her climax was just around the corner.

At this point I shoved two fingers deep into her pussy and sucked in deep on her clit. That was the final straw for my sister as she completely lost it! She grabbed my the back of my head and pushed hard so my face was glued to her gushing cunt as she started moaning loudly, squirting her juices right into my mouth and on my face.

"OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!" She moaned as she rode her orgasm through to completion.

I kept licking her pussy, trying to get as much of her cunt juice as possible till eventually she had to pry my head off of her vagina.

"God Jason... please stop! Oh fuck that felt so good... Come up here baby..." She said, still recovering from her massive orgasm.

I slithered up her body, kissing and dragging my tongue across her body as I came up and layed beside her. She rolled over on her side, put her hands on my face and pulled me into our first, deep kiss as lovers. She opened her mouth and I quickly slid my tongue into her mouth searching out her own. Our tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths as we kissed with the passion of new young love. Our hands were roaming all over the other’s body. I brought my hands up to her chest and mauled her breasts in my hand as her hand found my cock and started stroking it up and down.

I was soon as hard as ever and she pulled back from our kiss, still lightly stroking my member.

"Jason, I want you to fuck me..." She said as she looked pleadingly into my eyes.

"Sis are you sure you want me to do that...?" I asked. I’d like to say that I would have been enough of a gentleman to stop there if she wanted to, but fortunately my manners didn’t have to be tested as she slowly nodded her head and leaned in for another passionate kiss.

Her tongue probed at my lips and I allowed her tongue to slip inside my mouth as I slid on top of her, preparing to enter her. I pressed the head of my cock to her pussy lips and she gasps, feeling the thickness of my head. She looks deep into my eyes and I see a mixture of great love and extreme lust as she nods her head, signalling me to go onward.

I put more pressure on my cock and my head slipped into the hot folds of her cunt. We both moaned at the sudden entrance of my dick into her womanhood. I placed my hands on her tits and massaged them gently as I slid my dick in inch by inch until I was fully sheathed in her tight, hot, steamy cunt.

We both gasped as the tip of my dick pressed firmly up against her cervix. We started making out furiously as I just rested on top of her, letting her get used to my large cock inside her tight twat.

I then started kissing her neck with big, open-mouthed kisses as I brought my cock all the way up till only the head was in, then, as I kissed my way across her collarbone I started to thrust my dick back home. I gradually picked up my pace and was soon thrusting into her hard and fast as we resumed tongue wrestling.

Her pussy was so tight on my cock I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I asked how close she was and she told me she was close and that I should cum deep in her pussy, telling me that she was on the pill so it was safe.

With that I redoubled my efforts and started jackhammering into my sisters beautiful cunt. I was grunting hard and she was moaning loudly as we both got closer and closer to our mutual climax!

I felt the cum boiling in my balls and racing up my shaft as I yelled. "I’m CUMMMINNNGGGG!!!!"

I thrust once more as hard as I could to get as deep as possible into my sisters cunt and just exploded inside her, spraying my cum all over the walls of her vagina. My cum gushing into her warm body must have set her off because just as I started cumming, I could feel liquid be sprayed all over my cock as my sister collapsed on the bed in a heap of heavy breathing and twitching.

I held my cock inside her warm pussy as I finished shooting my cream up my sisters love-hole, kissing her gently on the lips over and over till our orgasms were done.

Then I rolled off of her, my dick sliding out of her with a barely audible pop.

I leaned over and planted a deep, love filled kiss on my sisters lips.

"Thank you Sydney." I smiled.

"No no thank YOU." She replied. "I’ve never had a guy make love to me before and that was the best I’ve ever felt in years... Thank you Jason!"

I smiled all the more at her praise. "Well I’m glad I could do that for you!"

She slipped into my arms and wrapped her arms around me, placing her head on my chest.

"Hmmmm I love you Jason..."

"I love you too Sydney."

She looked up at me with loving, caring, but slightly concerned eyes. "I mean I love you... like... more than just a brother..."

I smiled and leaned down and gave her a soft kiss. "And I love you more than just a sister!"

"So... does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend then?" She asked. "Please be my boyfriend? I know it’s weird because I’m your sister and all but Jason I love you with all my heart! I always have and now I know that you feel at least somewhat the same way about me! Jason I’m so in love with you I don’t think I could survive not having you..."

I was honestly a little shocked at her revelation. But it was a pleasant surprise because now that I looked back, I can truthfully say that I had always loved my sister in a way that wasn’t appropriate for brothers to love their sisters. Sure I thought she was hot and sexy! But she was also beautiful, gorgeous, cute, had a great personality and was just perfect in every way! It was the fact that I was her brother that kept me from springing on her years ago, but now that I knew she loved me the same way and that she wanted to have a full relationship with me, all my dreams had come true!

"Listen baby." I said softly as I brushed her beautiful hair with my hand. "I love you also, with all my heart and with everything I have! I’m absolutely head-over-heels in love with you. You’re gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, hot and perfect! I’d love to be your boyfriend and if that’s really what you want, then we’ll be the best boyfriend and girlfriend ever! But keep in mind though that we’d have to hide and keep our relationship a secret..."

She gave me a huge smile as she heard what I said and threw her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply on the lips. "Yes Jason I understand all of that and I don’t care! I want you so bad and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to have you!"

I also smiled and looked into her eyes. "Then there’s only one thing left for me to do! Sydney, I love you with all my heart and I don’t ever want to let you go... I’ll take care of you forever and ever! Will you be my girlfriend?"

She nearly teared up as she nodded her head and hugged me tight yet again.

"Yes Jason!" She whispered in my ear. "Yes I will be your girlfriend and I’ll be with you forever!"

We lay there kissing each other, solidifying our love with kisses of love and passion. We were both sexually spent but we both knew that we’d be fucking each other’s brains out every chance we got from here on out.

Eventually it came time for me to leave. Sydney begged me to stay and sleep with her but I pointed out that if mom or dad found us sleeping naked together that wouldn’t exactly be an easy situation to explain. She reluctantly agreed and gave me one more kiss on my lips as I grabbed my clothes and headed out the door to my room.

As I walked in, I felt like I was walking on air. I looked at the clock and noticed it was midnight.

"Shit!" I thought. "I really need to get to sleep! One more day of school and then we’re to the weekend!"

With that thought came others of Sydney and I fucking and making love all weekend... I fell asleep to the memory of her last kiss on my lips...

End of part 2!

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed it. As usual, helpful comments are welcome!

What would you guys like to happen in part 3 besides her getting pregnant I'll consider doing that but not till later

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