Sissy Lucy meets her daddy

Sissy Lucy meets her daddy

I’m in my late 20’s and manage a local restaurant/bar. I am 5ft 8 and slim with quite feminine features. To most people I’m just Tom, a regular guy who has occasional girlfriends, likes a beer and watching the football. To my closest friends I’m Lucy, a sissy slut who loves cock.
Recently I’d found a ‘daddy’ online. He was an older more experienced man. We started off chatting and I sent him some naughty photos and video clips of Lucy playing.
As we talked I revealed that I like to be dominated, told what to wear and how to act, made to be naughty and told how to fuck myself. Daddy slipped into his role effortlessly and I wonder now if it wasn't ’is plan all along. Soon I was doing things I wouldn’t have dreamt of before. He started to control many aspects of my life. He controlled when I could cum, He wanted me to wear my cock cage most of the time. He made me watch sissy hypno videos and fuck my cunt with my dildo’s until I came in my cage. I threw away my male underwear and only wore panties and thongs. I started going out plugged and in my cage, he was an expert at keeping me in a constant state of lust. My panties were always dirty where I’d be leaking precum all day.
One day I got a message from daddy telling me to go the mall. I was to be plugged and caged. I was to go the food court and find an older man and take him to the restroom and suck his cock until he came down my throat! I couldn’t believe what he was asking me! I was terrified! The thing that scared me most was I was thinking about doing it. He messaged me again; this was to be proof of my obedience. If I didn’t go through with it we were done and he wanted proof.
Daddy had kept me from cumming for nearly three weeks at this point and I was so horny I was almost crazy and was finding it hard to concentrate on anything; all I could think of was cock and being fucked. Unbelievably I thought I’d try and go through with it. I’d go the food court; look for an older man who looked lonely. I’d strike up a conversation, try flirting a bit and then lay it out for him. If he wanted me to, I’d go the restroom with him and suck his cock for nothing.

Wearing my cock cage with my swollen cum filled balls tightly held in the ring and my slut meat pushing against its confines I pushed my butt plug into my pussy and pulled up my panties. I felt so naughty and dirty and loved how the plug rubbed inside me when I walked and pushed into me when I sat down. As I drove to the mall I wiggled in my seat and rehearsed what I would say. I don’t think I had ever felt so horny and nasty and out of control of my actions.
Arriving at the mall I made my way the food court and as I browsed the various eateries I kept my eye out for a suitable man and spotted someone who seemed to be looking at me every time I glanced over at him. He was sat alone at a table and was reading a newspaper and drinking a coffee.
I got myself a coffee and when I looked over at the guy, this time he smiled. My heart was hammering in my chest as I quickly looked away. I regained my composure and nonchalantly walked up to his table.
“May I sit here please” I asked.
“Sure.” The man replied and watched me intently as I sat down.
We exchanged pleasantries and talked about the weather and the news before he asked me about myself. As I relaxed into the conversation I realised that he was a good looking man and that I was enjoying talking to him. I asked him his age and when he told me I decided to try a quick flirt.
“You never are!” I exclaimed and touched his hand as I giggled. “You don’t look anywhere near that old.” I let my hand linger on his for longer than was appropriate and then said “your wife must be very happy?”
“I’m not married and you’re quite the flatterer aren’t you?” He replied and we held each other’s gaze before I looked away shyly. I thought I might faint as the realisation of what I was about to do hit me. I wiggled onto my plug and my clitty pushed hard against the bars of its cage and I could feel my panties wet with precum.
I stared down at my coffee as I built up the courage and my heart hammered in my chest.
“If you want, we could go to the bathroom and I could suck your cock for you. I’m really horny and want to suck some dick today.” I whispered, leaning in toward him. Terrified that I’d misread any signals and that he may punch me in the face.
I felt myself redden and I could the blood rushing in my ears as I stared down at my coffee again.
After what felt like an eternity I felt him touch my hand and I looked up. He was smiling at me. “Okay young man, I haven’t had my cock sucked for years, why not?” he whispered. “Let’s go shall we?”
He folded his newspaper and stood looking down at me. I couldn’t believe this, was this really me acting this way? Would I wake from a dream any minute?
I rose and my legs were so wobbly I wasn’t sure if they would carry me. We walked to the restrooms together and walked in, one man was just drying his hands and as he left we were alone. The man checked the stalls and then motioned for me to join him in the last one. I put the lid down on the toilet and sat down as he closed the door and latched it and unbuttoning his jeans he let them drop to the floor, along with his underwear. I looked up and handed him my phone.
“Would you mind filming me?” I asked.
“Jesus!” Laughed the man. “You are really are a horny little fag aren’t you?”
I wasted no time, I was here now and unbelievably doing the single most risky, daring, dirty, slutty thing I’d ever done in my life. I was scared almost to death but also incredibly turned on too. His cock was semi hard and hung from a curly patch of pubic hair that had some grey in it. Heavy balls hung and I reached out and cupped them as I held his dick and pulled it to my open mouth. As I sucked him gently I felt him stiffen immediately and I was soon sucking on a very attractive, very hard 7”, cut cock. He reached down and held my head as I bobbed backwards and forwards, small moans of lust escaping my lips every now and then and I stared up into my phones camera. A couple of times someone came into the bathroom and I’d have to be careful the slurps and sucking sounds weren’t too loud, as soon as the hand dryer went on though, I moaned and sucked hard. Eventually he held the back of my head and fucked my mouth, thrusting in and out as I clamped my lips around his shaft, making me gag as he touched the back of my throat.
I heard him groan and then his cock swelled and twitched and then he was cumming and my mouth was filled with hot cum which I swallowed quickly. Again and again I swallowed as he emptied his cum filled balls down my throat and then he let go of my head and reached down to pull up his pants.
“That was very nice boy. I’m here most days, anytime you’re hungry for cock. You come and find me.” He said handing me back my phone.
I stared at him as he left and I latched the door behind him and sat there for several minutes unable to believe what had just happened.

When I returned home I watched the clip and found it turned me on immensely, my panties were already soaked in precum and I my clitty was oozing more as I watched it.
I attached it to a message to daddy along with a picture of my messy caged cock. I wrote ‘slut’ on my tummy in marker pen for him. He messaged me back immediately and told him what a good girl I was and I felt myself swell with pride. He told me to wear my cage and remain plugged at work tonight and I spent a very difficult evening trying to concentrate on work when all I could think of was what I’d done and how amazingly bad I’d been but how good I felt.

When I woke the next day there was a message from daddy.
“Go to the mall again, this time I want you to get fucked. Do NOT disappoint me. I want you plugged and caged all day again. When you’ve been fucked you can plug yourself again and keep all the cum inside you until you hear from me again. ”
I stared at the screen as my dick stiffened. Could I do it again and this time go even further and actually get fucked? I knew I was going to try.
I applied plenty of lube as I inserted my plug and put myself back into my cage. I was wearing it so much now that it actually felt quite natural to me.
When I walked into the food court I saw the man again, he was sitting at the same table, reading his newspaper again. I didn’t bother with a coffee this time. I just sat opposite him.
He smiled at me and folded his newspaper. “Shall we go?” he asked and I nodded feebly.
Once inside the cubicle I handed him my phone and began to suck his cock again but when he started to fuck my mouth quickly I stopped him.
“Sir, would you fuck me?” I asked meekly and felt my face flush with embarrassment as I heard the words come out of my mouth.
Looking down into my eyes he grinned. “Sure thing boy, I’ll fuck your ass and fill you with cum. You sure are a horny little bastard aren’t you?”
I stood and removed my jeans. I stood in just my t shirt, socks and panties, bulging at the front because of my cock cage. Taking off my panties the man saw my plug and cage for the first time.
“Mmnm, boy I can’t believe my luck that I ran into a horny little cock hungry slut like you.”
I pulled out my plug and turned to bend over.
“Nuh huh, naked please” he said.
I turned and looked at him.
“Take off your t shirt and socks please”
I did as I was asked and then feeling very vulnerable turned and bent over the toilet, parting my legs and pushing out my ass.
“Nice looking ass boy”
I felt him guide his cock toward my cunt, pushing the tip into my well lubricated fuck hole. I heard the door open and I froze as I heard someone enter the stall next to ours. The man pushed hard and slid the entire length of his cock into me and I bit my lip to try and stop the moan escape my mouth. Pulling back he then rammed into me again and I couldn’t help gasp. I’m sure whoever was in the next stall could hear us. He started fucking me in slow deep thrusts and I pushed back as I lost control in sexual fervour.
He began to grunt and I heard the guy in the next cubicle clear his throat. I felt a tap on my back and I looked back. The man grinned and pointed my camera at me to capture my lust filled face. The toilet next door flushed and the guy left and washed his hands, as soon as the hand dryer started my man began to pound at me and I braced myself as his thighs slapped against my buttocks and he grunted as I moaned. The hand dryer stopped and he slowed until he heard the door close and then began again, pounding me fast as I bit my lip hard.
“Cummmmmmmming” he hissed and I felt his cock twitch inside me and he shuddered as he came inside me, filling my boi pussy with his seed.
When he’d finished empting his balls again and pulled out his slippery cock I immediately and obediently recovered my plug and pushed it back inside me. I pulled up my panties to hold it place and began to get dressed. The man pulled up his pants and opened the door handing me back my phone.
“That was real nice boy, you know where I am next time you’re horny.”
As soon as I was dressed I went home and watched the video clip, when I looked back at the camera I was biting my lip and my eyes were wide and sex crazed.
I checked my panties and found that I’d leaked so much precum my cage and panties were a sticky mess.
I messaged daddy and attached the video clip as well as a pic of my sticky panties and waited.
Soon after I received a message:
“Good girl Lucy, I’m very pleased. You are to go to work as you are now, with that man’s cum washing around your cunt. You may remove the plug when you get home.”
So I spent another evening trying to work as my thoughts continued to centre on filthy thoughts of cocks and cum and getting fucked.

The next few days were more like before. He kept me caged and plugged and told me that he’d let me cum soon but not yet. He wanted me to dress in my sexiest lingerie whenever I was in the house and told sent me links to the sissy hypno porn he wanted me to watch. Some days I’d watch hours of these video clips until I was a complete mess but I continued to obey and secretly hoped that he’d tell me to return to the mall someday soon.

It was a full 2 weeks after my last trip to the mall that I received an interesting message from daddy:
“Under your work clothes wear your white lacy corset with white fishnet stockings. Take your pink 6” heels, red wig and false nails in a bag with you. I’ll message you later”
Obediently I got dressed as instructed, my fishnets held up by the suspenders built into the corset. I selected matching white lacy panties that were too small to cover the cock cage really so I pulled the cage out of the side. Plugging myself I took my bag of goodies and left for work.
It was about 10pm when daddy messaged me again:
“When your uncle comes to see you get him brought back to your office.”
What the hell did that mean I wondered? I didn’t have an uncle.
Only a couple of minutes later and Sam, my assistant manager walked in. “There’s a guy out front who says he’s your uncle.”
“Err, okay. Would you mind showing him back please Sam?”
I sat frozen at my desk, not knowing what to expect and shocked that daddy had begun to include my work in our games. The door opened and in walked the man from the mall. My mouth hung open as he carefully closed the door behind him.
“It’s me my little slut, its daddy.”

My mouth opened and closed but no words came out as he took a seat in front of my desk and smiled at me as my brain tried to get a handle on what was going on. Gradually I realised that this man was daddy.
“But, but, but, what if I had found someone else at the mall?” I blurted.
“It wouldn’t have mattered, I would have been proud of you anyway and I’d have kept getting you back until you selected me.” He laughed.
“Now, I want you to take of those horrible man clothes and put on your wig, heels and nails. I want my little slut all pretty.”
“I can’t daddy. This is my work. There’s no lock on the door and people come in here all the time.”
Daddy gave me a fierce look. “Then you’d better do it quickly hadn’t you. Unless you’d like me to leave and never contact you again you ungrateful little bitch! Once you’re dressed appropriately you can hide under your desk.”
My desk faced the door and had a wooden panel at the front so I would be hidden once I was under there. I quickly stuck on my false nails and put on my wig before taking of my shirt and pants, one eye always on the door. I can’t begin to say how scared I was and I can’t explain now why I went through with it. Weeks of watching sissy hypno porn and obeying my daddy, sucking cock and getting fucked in the restroom of the mall and all the time being denied an orgasm had left me with no free will. Climbing into my heels I dived under my desk. Daddy got up and walked around the desk and sat in my chair.
“Suck daddy’s cock baby” he instructed and unzipped his trousers and pulled out his flaccid dick.
I knelt between his legs and pulled his cock into my warm wet mouth and began to suck him gently while daddy told me we were going to the next level tonight.
Soon he was hard and I noisily sucked his cock, my head bobbing beneath the table. Suddenly I heard someone come in and I froze but daddy remained completely calm and reached down and pulled my head up and down to signal I should continue.
“He’s just popped out for a while, I’m his uncle and he said I could wait here for him. He should be back in about an hour.”
My heart was beating so hard I actually thought they might hear it as I continued sucking my daddy’s dick.
“Don’t stop again” was all he said when the door closed behind shut again.
Soon I was moaning softly at the thrill of the danger and I could feel my clitty pushing hard against the bars of its cage as I sucked cock like a girl possessed. My hips were moving and gyrating as I worked my plug inside myself bumping my pussy walls deliciously. Three or four times someone came in and every time daddy remained cool and told the same story and I remained on my knees sucking his big hard cock. I swear every time someone came in daddy’s cock throbbed and got bigger.
“That’s very good Lucy, you’re sucking cock like a pro now my little slut. Now, I think I’ve bought us a little time on your feet.”
OMG did he really want me to be dressed like this my office? People walked in all the time and although he’d told a few people I was out for a while there were still a hundred reasons for one of them to come in.
I nervously got to my feet, wiping saliva from my chin as daddy pushed back his chair, spun me around and bent me over the desk. My panties were quickly pulled down and off and with one hand on my lower back he held me down and he kicked my legs apart.
“Oh no daddy, please not here” I begged “what if………argh”
My protests were stopped by a sharp slap on the buttocks.
I felt my plug being removed and then as I heard him spit, felt saliva between my ass cheeks which was rubbed into m rose bud and then without warning he pushed a finger deep into me.
Bent over, my chest on the desk, my arms outstretched, I gripped the edge of the desk, staring at the door and straining my ears to hear any sounds of someone coming as daddy roughly finger fucked my cunt.
“Mnmmmm daddy” I moaned as more spit was added and I felt a second finger probing my pussy. My heart was almost beating out of my chest and my eyes never left the door but a strange feeling came over me as daddy pushed the second finger into me up to the knuckle.
Although terrified of being caught. Now I wanted more.
I spread my legs wider and pushed up my butt and gripping the desk began to push back as daddy fucked me hard and fast with his fingers.
“That’s it bitch. You fucking love it don’t you? You’re a nasty, dirty slut aren’t you?”
“Yesssssssss daddy. I love it” I panted “I’m a dirty slut.”
My ass cheeks jiggled as I was spanked again and again, I heard voices outside my door and I guess daddy did too because he thrust his fingers into me hard and deep and slapped my ass loudly, forcing a moan of pleasure out of me. The voices receded.
“Oh Jesus!” I gasped in relief.
The thrill of nearly being caught made me even more excited and I began to rock back and forth on the desk.
“You lucky girl” daddy laughed. “Now tell me what you want. Tell me what you NEED.”
“Fuck me daddy” I panted.
“What? I can’t hear you” he replied, pulling out his fingers.
“Fuck me daddy Pleeeeease. I said loudly. “I need you to fuck me.”
I felt him behind me and the tip of his cock bumped between my ass cheeks.
“Spread your ass slut”
I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart for daddy and felt him guide his cock into position. Slowly he pushed forwards and the tip pushed into me. He stopped. Fuck that man knew how to control me.
“Noooo” I groaned “fuck me daddy pleeeeease. I need your cock baby.” I began to thrash and try and push back to engorge myself on him but daddy held me off, just keeping the tip of his cock inside me.
“Someone’s coming” daddy breathed as I bucked on the desk.
“I don’t fucking care!” I cried. “Do me you bastard, fuck your little slut! Give me your big hard cock.”
Daddy abruptly pushed forwards hard and slid the length of his cock into me.
“OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES!” I cried, and letting go of my ass gripped the desk again to brace myself as I was fucked hard and deep.
If there were people outside I couldn’t hear them and the door didn’t open. I don’t know what I would have done anyway. I was lost now. I was lost in a sexual frenzy of pent up lust as daddy pounded my cunt.
A few times daddy pulled out and I felt myself gape.
“You love it don’t you my little slut. You’re a dirty cock hungry whore aren’t you?” He said as he pushed back inside me and resumed fucking me.
“Yes daddy. I fucking love it! I love cock! I love you fucking me! I AM a dirty cock hungry slut. Harder. Fuck me harder!”
The desk rattled as I was fucked hard. Daddy’s thighs slapped against my ass cheeks and my cage knocked against the desk. My clit was pushing and rubbing the cage and I began to feel an orgasm bubbling up inside my tummy.
“Yes daddy yes, fuck me, you fuck me sooooo good.” I moaned and then the biggest orgasm of my life hit me. Weeks and weeks of pent up sexual tension exploded and I saw stars as long ropes of cum splashed out of my constricted cock and onto the floor beneath the desk.
“OH FUCKING HELL!” I wailed and daddy pounded me even harder.
I whimpered as he carried on pounding my cunt until finally I heard him grunt and, holding my hips thrust deep into me. His delicious cock twitched and my pussy was flooded with warm sticky cum. Daddy held mem shuddering, until I’d milked his cock and then he pulled out.
“Stay right where you are” he commanded.
I lay flat on the desk panting as I heard daddy retrieve something from his jacket. Holding my wrist he tied a leather thong to it and then tied the other end to the desk leg. Too weak and pathetic to resist I watched as he did the same to the other wrist and then fastened my ankles in the same manner. I was now securely strapped across my desk in the same position I’d just been fucked in.
Scribbling something on a piece of paper he put it on my desk between my outstretched arms and left my office.
I was left in my 6” heels, white lace topped fishnet stockings, suspenders, lacy corset, red wig and false nails, strapped across my desk with cum dribbling out my ass and down my thighs. The note on my desk read in big bold black letters:
“I’m a sissy cock hungry slut. Please fuck me and use me as your cum dumpster. I love it.”

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