My sisters generosity

My sisters generosity

I was only 13 at the time…which would of made my sister, Jen, 16 (and my brother 15). We had both always been very popular at our schools, her at high school, me first year high school. She had always been the queen of the school, where as I was the cute year 7 who all the chicks loved. I wasn’t very tall, about 5”6 but I was fairly muscular (born this way). My sis, on the other hand was about 5”8 and a very slender body, slender except for one thing, her breasts. They stood out wonderfully and had quite often been the center of attraction. Like me, she had blonde hair, hers was long (and natural) though. My brother, Mike, on the other hand was about 6”0 and built like a brick wall.

It was my second day of term 2 year 7. It was lunchtime and as usual I had a group of year 10 girls annoying me by always hugging me and so on. When, one of the boyfriends of the girls came up and pushed me. I assume he was just jealous of the attention I was receiving from his girl. What ever it was he was pissed and you never want to get attacked by someone who has to be 6’5. He pushed me again this time to the ground. His girlfriend started to scream as her boyfriend jumped on me and started throwing punches many of which he landed. The next thing I know I woke to see my attacker lying unconscious next to me, with Mike standing above his. My attacker, only had one mark on him and was fairly obvious that Mike had seen what had happened and lent a hand. Jen helped me up and took me to sick bay.

She sat me down and started to clean my wounds. Her hands were so soft. I later found that my aggressor hadn’t woken up for several hours and got sent to hospital with a sever concussion. When she finished she did something I never expected, she kissed my noise softly then walked out. Which is good cause that kiss had made me very excited.

She re-entered the room and told me that mum had called and asked that she take me home. We set off home and it wasn’t long till we got talking. “So what was that about anyway?” “Well, his girl was all over me and I guess he didn’t appreciate it”.

When we got home she ordered me to take a bath. So I just laid there, quietly when my sis comes bursting in and walks up to the sink (which is right next to the bath). I just laid their gob smacked. She looked at me as if she had forgotten I was there, which I know she didn’t. She looked me in the eyes, then down to my floating penis, which was now starting to grow. She smiled then said “cute”. She then leaned over the bath and kissed my forehead. I jumped in excitement. We heard the front door shut, it was Mike so she quickly exited.

It was about 8p.m and mum rang to say her and dad where not going to be home tonight due to a “business” dinner on the edge of town and they were going to stay at a motel for the night. On this note, Mike announced her was going to a party and would crash at his mates.

It was now 9, and Jen and I was just sitting on the couch watching “Wild Things”. It was cold so we got a duna out and cuddled under it. Suddenly the sex scene came on and my cock started to stiffen. I could feel it slowly starting to grow towards my sisters hand which was placed just above my belt. My cock was expanding quickly, I had to think of something.. to late, my cock stuck its head out from under my belt and head butted my sisters hand. She jumped a little. Then removed the duna and looked down at my throbbing member. She licked her lips and started to undo my belt. I didn’t know what to do… I was stunned at her reaction. “Its not just all my friends that want you” she said as she pulled off my belt. She then pressed her soft sweet lips to mine as her tongue darted into my mouth. Our tongues felt like they were almost dancing with each other. She placed one leg either side of mine and undid the rest of my pants, but never breaking the kiss. I slid my hands slowly up her warm back as our tongues made love. I undid her bra and threw it to the floor, then I broke the kiss as I pulled her top over her head. Her breasts were perfect as my tongue slowly made circles around her nipples. She moaned softly as my hands roamed over her sweet ass. I softly bit her nipples as she let out a sharp moan.

As I threw her mini skirt to the floor I noticed that she had forgotten to wear underwear. That saucy minx. She lifted her self so that her dripping pussy was floating above my pulsing member. Then all of a sudden she just dropped onto it and my cock went slamming deep into her. We both moaned and she tilted her sexy head back. She quickened her pace, which was sending me into ecstasy. She started to grind against my pelvis. Mmmmm she start to moan louder as she grinded her hips against mine, it was the sexiest feeling ever. She came down my dick and throw my pubes. But I wasn’t done yet. I turned her over and positioned my cum soaked dick at the entrance to her soft sweet ass. I slowly pushed in and she flung her head back moaning.

I was half way in when she screamed in pleasure and I saw a clearish liquid squirt from her pussy onto the duna. Her body was shaking in ecstasy. As my dick squeezed into her tight pussy she was almost in a fit of pleasure. By the time I was all the way in her thighs were showered in cum. I pulled out and pushed back in. She came again this time all over my swinging balls. This got me close to my goal. I sped up as my climax built. She came again and the cum dripped down and onto her ass. I pulled out and used my dick to drag a lot of the juices into her ass the pounded them deep. This made her scream for more. I pounded away, almost at my peak. The I grabbed her nipples and pinched them which sent her over the top again. This time she collapsed back onto my cock which caused me to penitrate her so deep that I came instantly. I could just feel it filling her ass up, shot after shot. She fell onto the coach and I fell ontop of her making my dick stay deep in her ass. We both moaned again as I had a second climax. We just laid there for a while till I found the engery to pull out and start to clean her thighs. I slid my tongue from her knee up slowly to her inner thigh. Licking of her love juice along the way. Once I got up to outer lips I slowly slid my tongue over them causing them to twitch, as well as a little more cum to drip out. I then got one taste and decided I needed more. My tongue led the attack and started to explore her sweet pussy. My mouth formed a shell over her snatch as I sucked every last bit of cum out of her. She was moaning loudly, this was what was keeping me hard. I stood up and placed my balls on her mouth.

She took one of them in her mouth and started to suck on it while I stroke my cock with my hand. She then grabbed my cock and started to lick my shaft. The then, which one hand massaging my balls, slid her mouth right down my cock till her face was in my pubes. I could feel her tongue working wonders on my cock. She started to swallow with was AMAZING. I could feel my balls start to twitch as the cum built. BANG I shot down the back of her throat and I grabbed her head and started to fuck it as my cock emptied its hot sticky load into her mouth. My balls slapped her chin one final time and I collapsed on the cum covered duna. Jen lied down next to me and rapped her arms around me….. we dozed off.

The next morning we awoke naked to see our clothes were all soaked in cum but it didn’t matter. We stood up and started to kiss, I slide one finger up her ass as my penis made contact with her virginal lips. Her ass was still full. I grabbed her ass and pushed my morning glory deep inside of her. We stopped as we heard a car pull up……….. it was mum and dad!!!

Thanks for reading tell me what u think.

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