Peeping Son_(3)

Peeping Son_(3)

When I married at 20 years of age I thought as most girls my age that it would be for life. However as in alot of cases it didn't last like that. Four years after we were married he left thinking the grass was greener on the other side. This left me with 2 kids to raise on my own. My daughter who was 5 when he left and a son 2. My daughter was born prior to meeting my ex and getting married.

After he left I set about getting on with my life by working and taking care of the kids. As they grew up it was hard to not notice the changes in them as they matured. My daughter had turned into a good looking teenager and my son was developing into a good looking young man. At 12 or 13 he realized that girls were different and started peeking every chance he got. He would peek at his sister and myself whenever he could. I must admit that it was exciting to know that he enjoyed looking at his mom.

As time went on I noticed he got braver and little more daring when trying to get a peek. Of course I didn't do much to discourage him. I had even teased him quite a bit. He would do things like walk in on me getting out of the shower or when I was getting dressed. each time I would get a warm tingle and get wet thinking about him getting excited about seeing mom.

One day I came home from work early and went looking for the kids. When I passed my daughters room I heard voices so I peeked in to see who it was and was both shocked and excited at what I saw. There on my daughters bed was my daughter and son both naked and she was on top of him riding his huge hard cock.I was both turned on and jealous when I saw them. they couldn't see me from where I was so I watched and raised my skirt and started playing with myself while watching them. I could hear her begging him to fuck her good and then I saw him and slam it in as deep as he could and knew instantly he was filling his sister with his hot cum. I came immediately.

After that i began to wonder what it would be like to have him in me. I knew he would peek when he got the chance so one day I was in my bedroom naked on the bed plaing with my dildo. Sure enough he ended up walking in on me while i was fucking myself with the hard dildo. He had been peeking at the door and had a raging hard on which he was stroking when he walked in.He stood next to the bed and stroked himself as I went through a raging orgasim. Sudden he started cumming and he pumped his cum onto my hot pussy and on my stomach. I was so excited I started cumming again. After he was through he left without saying a word.

A few days later he and I were home alone and we started one of our playful wrestling matches when I let him pin me to the floor. he was on top of me and I could feel his hard cock poking me through his shorts. I wrapped my legs around his waist and humped up against him shoving my hot wet pussy against his hard cock. i could see from the look on his face he was turned on and wanting more. I reached down and slid my hands into his shorts and wrapped my fingures around his hard cock. It didn't take much to convince him of what I wanted. In no time at all we were both naked. I reached down and guided his huge hard cock into my waiting pussy. I told him Slide it in Mom baby. He slid it in and buried it to the hilt. I felt so full with my son deep in me. I whispered in his ear to fuck mom good baby. He began to slide it in and out until I thought I would go nuts. I told him he would have to pull it out when he was ready to cum but we both got so heated and were so into it he ended up buring it to the hilt and filling me with his hot cum. At that point I didn't care. All I wanted was his hot cum to put out the fire deep in me.

After we were though I told him houw great it was but told him he would have to be more careful from then on because I was still fertile. Needless to say we have fucked manytimes since then and several times he has planted his seed deep in me.

Well its been 5 months now and I just got home from the doctors ofice. I am 3 months pregnant with my sons baby and couldn't be prouder. I can't wait to see his face when I tell him he is going to be a daddy.

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