New Jock Tales Chptr 3 Shphomore Year--13" and a Ducati

New Jock Tales Chptr 3 Shphomore Year--13" and a Ducati

New Jock Tales---Sophomore Year—CH 3—13” and a Ducati

About 10:30 there was a knock at the door. “What the fuck” It was Mark Mattox, and he said he had a new deal for me, if I was interested. I said sure, but this deal had nothing to do with sex. He said I would be running dope from Austin back up to Tyler—every weekend. It would pay $150 a trip, and would be a kilo of dope. No one would be looking at a jeep for hauling weed, and should be a breeze. I ponder for a few minutes, then says I would give it a try.

Mark said he would ride with me down to Austin this coming Saturday, and he would introduce me to the 'dude'. I had no idea at that moment what I was getting my ass into. But when we arrived at the motel that Saturday night, there stood Cole Parker, and five Mexicans, that looked like they were just as comfortable at slicing your throat as they would be handing you a kilo of dope. I almost shit my pants.

Later, I met up with Parker at our typical meeting place—The Motel 6 on I 35 at Round Rock—the North end of Austin. Most of the night went as expected. We drank some, smoked some, cuddled a bit, then I tore that ass up He was still soo fuckin tite, I blasted about 9 nuts in him, and he about 5 across his chest and belly. We lay there a bit in our mess, just letting it get sticky between our belly's. I loved a mess.

So at check-out I said I would see him later, needed to get on over to 'dudes' house to pick up this weeks bale of dope. On arrival, dude tells me to come on in and have a seat down the hallway in a back room. I complimented him on the Ducati he had sitting outside---”that's one fine piece of bike, dude”. “Ya homeboi—you like that huh “? “Oh fuck ya dawg—I'd do pretty close to anything for that piece of meat”. He laughed at me slightly, saying I had interesting choice of words. “Ya homeboi—I think Im checkin out a pretty hot piece of meat myself”!

“Uhhh, whatta mean bro”? Acting coy. “Oh see—I kinda gotta thing for yung white-boi ass---and you lookin really tite and inviting”. I flash a big grin, and just reply “well thanx fro the compliment dude, but I ain't gay or nothin, and sure as fuck don't get fucked up the ass”. “I hear ya white-boi, but you don't think you could take some big black cock for that sweet Ducati—you know that's a $5000 bike, right”? “Oh for sure dawg, but naw—I don't think I could handle something that big anyway; some BBC would surely tear up my tite lil hole”. Dude chuckles again, then grabs me by the throat, and body slams me to the table in the room.

“Wooooaaaahhh dawg---what the fuck man” ! Laughing again, 'dude' replies, “ok white-boi, it's like this. When I see sompin I like, I bargain for it. If the bargain don't work—then I just take it. It's a jail thing ya know---shit on my dick, or b l o o d on my knife. So---you got a choice; give it up, and ride outta here on that sweet bike, or—I just take it—and you get nothing”.

Deciding that there really wasn't an option, I nodded my head up and down, and dude just smiles real big. He motioned with his hands, and two of the Mexican dudes from that first day we met up appeared out of a dark corner.

Grabbing me by the waist, dude flips me over on my belly, and drags me back to where my pubes were just at the end of the table. The two mexi dudes then each grab me by each wrist, and in seconds had me shackled to the far corners of the table. Before I could react, the main black dude was shackling my ankles to the corner legs on that end of the table. I just think to myself, “this is going to be bad”.

He reaches into the air, and brings down a hard crashing slap on my right ass cheek. I let out a yelp like a puppy, and they all just chuckle some more. Dude then walks around to the middle of the table, then hops up on it, dangling his legs off to each side, ( it was only about 2' wide) with his dick and pubes right in my face. It was only then that I saw it. Still hanging soft, this was by far the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen---even in porn. I start to struggle a bit in the chains, but movement was only a couple of inches. He orders one of the Mexican guys to add a strap around my waist, wrapping it down and under the table, to keep me from raising up . Finally grabbing me by my shaggy blonde hair, and yanking my head upwards, hyperflexing my neck, he spits into my face, and staring me steely in the eyes mutters “well white-boi, u gonna get me wet, or am I gonna put this 13” of black cock in ur cunt dry”?

I instantly start yanking at the chains, knowing it would do no good. I started breathing in and out rapidly, like I had just run a marathon. The breathing caused me to get light headed, then dude stuck his finger into my mouth. Gawd—even his middle finger must have been 9” long. “Suck it up, white-boi” I did as told and began sucking on his huge thick finger, wondering why he would want that. Then he rammed the finger down to the back of my throat, causing me to almost choke up. Another chuckle, and dude just says “ya that's pretty good white-boi, now let's try something a bit bigger”.

With that he forces my mouth open, then delivers his already half hard dick into my mouth. He was super thick, and he completely filled my mouth. He slaps me again, this time to the side of my head. “Suck up white-boi, it aint goin in soft. I began to suck on dudes enormous black cock with all my might. As he thrust in and out of my mouth, he began to harden up, and now I could feel his monster working it's way down my throat. I began to see blue dots, and got more dizzy in the action. Tightening the grip on my hair, dude continues to plummet his ever swelling cock into my throat, with each thrust becoming more difficult to take than the last. I began to gag and choke up, and snot started pouring from my nose, along with tears from my eyes. Dude just says “oh ya—he's ready”

As he hops off the table and begins to walk back around to it's end, he grabs each of my cheeks with his enormous hands, and spreads me open. “Yo dawgs—ya'll see this hairy ass on this white-boi”? The two mexican dudes walk around to check out the view, and each exclaim that they had never seen such a hairy ass on a white-boi. “I mean fuck—you can't even see his hole, it's so dense”. I smirked, and sarcastically reply “You gotta find it with ur tongue”. Dude gives me another hard slap to my ass, and I'm sure it turned red. One of the Mexican dudes pipes up, “Yo boss—I'll find that hole for ya” Dude grins, and steps back and allows the Mexican dude to come in behind me. Squatting down, he spreads my ass, and dives in, full mouth. He munches me out with a fever, with his nose buried right at the top of my crack, then pushes his strong tongue right into my hairy jock hole. “Oh damm boss, this white-boi is good” he exclaims as he continues eating out my ripe greasy hole.

Finally main dude decides he's ready. Pushing the Mexican dude to the side, he drops a big wad of spit and snot right on my hole. Grabbing me again by the waist—his hands were so huge that they wrapped all the way around my tite 28” waist, then—he slams it in—all 13” of thick, black, throbbing horse cock, to the hilt. As every muscle in my body flexes, I feel a rush to my head, and I go cold. Dude waist no time in retrieving his massive fuck stick to the top of my hole, then, slams it again. I let out a banshee yell at the top of my lungs. Yanking at the chains of course did no good. I begged dude to stop—I just couldn't take it. My head was spinning out of control, and more blue dots in the air. Then it occurred to me---the finger--- acid !

Almost passing out now, dude picks up the pace, and starts slamming my jock hole with full body weight in rapid thrusts. I just went limp. The energy and ability to fight were gone, and I was now just a hot piece of meat at the mercy of 13” of thick black cock. Later, one of the Mexican guys said my hole was stretched to about the size of a half dollar, and my ass lips rolled open and closed with each in and out thrust like a rubber being rolled over ones dick.

I had closed my eyes now, and was barely conscious. As dude continued the assault on my ass, I could feel his massive cock entering my guts, and busting up their contents. He was so far in me, I swear he was hitting my heart—or so it felt. Dude slapped me on the ass again—I really hated that shit—and commented “ya—this white-boi commin' unglued” ! With that he delivers a final 3 quick brutal plunges into my guts, and then unloads. He cums up my ass yelling himself, like he had been shot. The two Mexican dudes were standing nearby, speechless. Dude continues to slam, and unload his thick goo into the depths of my ass. Still fucking, the goo and ass slim began to leak out of my ass, and he finally yanks his massive cock from my hole. “DAMM—that's a sloppy white-boi---I done fucked his shit UP”

He return to the table, again sitting right in front of my face. I knew what was coming next—it just made sense. Grabbing me once again by the hair, I open my mouth, and again take in his massive meat, and began sucking him clean.

As best I could, I sucked his junk, and the slime from my greasy ass from his dick. I squirmished at the taste, but washed him good with my tongue and mouth. As he began to finally get soft again, and go down, the enormousness of him still filled my mouth. Finally relaxing my muscles, and returning to a more normal breathing, dude decides to deliver the 'final rinse' Before I could relax, he spills his massive flow of piss straight down my throat, to my belly. I start fighting again, trying to escape, but to no avail. He continued filling my belly with his nasty whiskey and cocaine flavored piss, and I tried to spit out more than I swallowed.

At long last, dude finally jumps off the table, and motions for the Mexican dudes to unchain me while he disappears out of the room. I hear him mumble “get him some milk”. The Mexi dude returns in a moment with a tall glass of milk, and my clothes. I just kinda look at the milk, and the dude offers “keeps you from getting sick from the piss” I raise an eyebrow, and chug down the milk.

As I finish up getting dressed, and tying the laces of my PF Flyers, dude returns with a piece of paper in his hand. Handing it to me, he smiles and calmly says “Hear ya go white-boi, you worked for it”. Taking it from his hand, and looking down at it, I kinda smirked a bit. It was the title to the Ducati. “Im actually surprised you gave it to me—couldn't have done much about it f you didn't”. “Naa—but Im a man of my word—now get ur bale loaded up and get the fuck outta here”. I asked him would it be ok if I went and picked up Cole—couldn't drive the bike and jeep both by myself. He said it was ok, but hurry the fuck up—they be waiting for the dope in Tyler.

I leave at once to retrieve Cole, and explained what had happened over the last couple of hours. “So, Matthew—somebody finally gave you a taste of your own medicine huh”? I glare over at Cole and arrogantly respond “maybe homeboi, but after we get to my house, Im gonna deliver some more medicine right up ur ass. I got about a quart of jizz waiting for a special delivery”

Back at the dope dudes house, I grab the dope, and put it into the jeep with Cole. I fire up the Ducati and we head out for Tyler. Blasting down the interstate it occurred to me that I hadn't pissed in a while, so just grinning to myself, I throttle up to about 100 MPH and cut loose the piss. Ya-----totally fucking worth it.

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