Christmas party threesome

Christmas party threesome

I was only 20 years old and had always fancied Bev (32) since I had started work a couple of years previously.  She had long brown loosely permed hair, a curvy figure with wonderful wide hips, large breasts and long legs.  Bev would often wear low cut tops which served to accentuated her large firm breasts.  I would find myself day dreaming and looking over her fine figure.  On more than one occasion I got caught by Bev who would simply smile coyly at me with a knowing look before I would shyly return to my work, all the time my mind racing with fantasies about what I would love to do to her.

On one occasion I returned to the office where Bev had her skirt pulled up and was showing one of the other ladies her stockings and suspenders. Again Bev simply smiled at me before replacing and patting down her skirt.

The whole office would frequently go out drinking after work, sometimes accompanied by husbands, wives, girlfriends, etc.  On more than one occasion I met Bev's husband Dean (37) and we all seemed to get on like a house on fire.

One Christmas we all went to the office party on a Friday night.  Afterwards I traveled back on the train with Bev and Dean.  All went well as we drank more beers, chatted and laughed all the while on the train.  However, as we got close to their station the driver announced that owing to a points failure the train would terminate a couple of stops later before my home stop.

Hearing that I would not be able to get home by train Bev suggested that I sleep over at their house and continue my journey in the morning. Despite my initial refusal Dean wholeheartedly agreed and before long I decided it was the best option.

We got a taxi back to their house where we ended up sharing whisky as a nightcap.  As we became increasingly drunk the conversation became more and more risky with the conversation soon turning to my single status and my sex life, which I have to confess was non-existent at that point.

Bev announced "we'll have to do something about that" as she placed her hand on my knee and ran it up my leg until it was touching my cock through my trousers.  Bev massaged my penis through my trousers before leaning forward and gave me a long lingering kiss on my cheek.  She then slipped her hand down my boxer shorts waistline and began to firmly rub my penis whilst continuing to passionately kissing me, her tongue now fully in my mouth.

"Can I?", Bev suddenly asked looking at Dean.  At this point I hesitated and started to stutter an excuse thinking that Dean was going to get angry at his wife making out with another man.

Dean seemed very relaxed and announced that it had long been a fantasy of theirs for another man to join them in a threesome, but he had one condition. "You must fuck us both", Dean announced.  I felt myself turn a deep red as my mind processed this comment.

"Dean is bisexual" Bev whispered in my ear.  "He wants to fuck you whilst you fuck me".

Now I had never considered gay sex, having only ever having felt an attraction to women. Bev unclipped my belt, slowly drew my trouser zip down and eased my increasingly erect cock out of my boxer shorts. Looking me in the eye she bent forward and planted a kiss on the tip of my penis before drawing her tongue around the top making me shudder with pleasure.  By now I was so horny I nodded eagerly at her.

Bev announced she needed the bathroom and with that went quickly upstairs leaving me to draw my trousers over my rock hard cock with difficulty.

Dean fetched a few more beers from the kitchen and as we sat chatting Bev slipped back into the room.  She had changed into an incredibly sexy outfit.  She was wearing a very revealing schoolgirl outfit consisting of a short platted blue skirt, black high heels and a tight white blouse unbuttoned very low.  She was not wearing a bra and the outline of her aerola and erect nipples were clearly visible through the material.

"Well?", Bev asked looking directly at me.  "Gorgeous" I replied, "absolutely flawless".

Bev slowly slid her hand up her inner thigh and announced "I was in so much of a hurry I couldn't find any underwear" as her glistening wet shaved pussy became briefly visible.  With that she smiled and winked at me.

Bev sat next to me and patted the seat the other side to indicate to Dean to sit the other side of her.  She then proceeded to slowly unbutton her blouse one button at a time until her breasts spilt out.  "Well boys, I have two and there are two of you".

We didn't need a second invitation and leant in upon each side. I remember to this day that Bev smelt of a gorgeous light perfume as I slowly drew my tongue around her nipple, feeling the raised surface of her aerola against my tongue.  I then softly sucked her large nipple into my mouth.  I looked across to see Dean doing the same on her other breast as Bev leaned her head back, her eyes closed whilst enjoying being suckled by two men simultaneously.

Bev slowly spread her legs and reached down with her right hand. Initially she slowly rubbed her pussy lips, moaning with pleasure.  Before long Bev lent back against the cushions and with both Dean and I looking on slid two fingers into her vagina.  She slowly drew her fingers most of the way back out of herself before gradually pushing them back into her pussy.  Before long her fingers were soaking wet with her pussy juices as she began to moan and arch her back as she worked herself to a climax, pushing her fingers in to the top of her fingers.

Bev then pulled away from us and knelt on the floor between us, encouraging us to sit closer together.  Bev unclipped Dean's trousers, drawing them and his underwear to his ankles leaving his cock fully exposed.  I must admit that I was feeling quite glad that Dean did not have an enormous cock given the earlier agreement.

Bev then pulled my trousers and boxers off of my legs.  She then walked over to a table and returned with a bottle of baby oil and a lubricant.  She poured some oil into one palm and rubbed her hands together.  Bev then returned to kneeling between us men.  She placed a hand on each cock and, gripping firmly, slowly began to draw her hands up and down our cocks.

It was some time since I had last been pleasured and I gasped.  Bev smiled at me and asked "is that nice? This is just the starter. It's going to become even better as the night draws on!"

After three or four minutes of wanking our cocks Bev leant forward and whilst continuing to wank my cock she took Dean's cock into her mouth and began to give him a very wet blowjob as Dean moaned. Bev then lent across and did the same to my erect cock. This continued as Bev alternated between our two cocks.

Before long Bev put a hand either side of us and pulled us together so that the tips of our cocks touched.  With that Bev touched her tongue on top of our cocks then slowly slide her tongue under the point at which they touched before slowly taking both of our penises into her mouth simultaneously.

This went on for a few minutes before Dean began to fuck her mouth, his hips lifting off of the seat as he tried to force his penis in deeper.  I could feel the the end of his cock rubbing against my side of my cock. Suddenly Dean cried out loud "oh god, yes, yes" as he came in her mouth.

Bev didn't swallow his sperm but smiled at me and as she did so the spunk poured out down her chin and on to her milky white breasts. Turning to me Bev slipped my cock between her tits and using Dean's cum as lubricant began to give me a fantastic tit wank.  I could see the red tip of my penis emerging between her breasts under her chin.

Before long Bev announced "I don't want you to cum just yet.  I have other uses for your spunk tonight".  Whilst he had been watching his wife fuck me with her tits Dean had wanked his cock back to a full erection.

Bev knelt by her husband and lavishly applied lots of lubricating gel to his cock.  It was quite literally dripping in a blue coloured lube.

Bev then said to me calmly with a smile "Relax, we are going to have a fantastic time".  She then got me to lay back on the settee and applied lots of lube to my anus, slowly working a finger inside two or three times to ensure I was properly slippery.

She then straddled my lap whilst facing towards me and began passionately kissing me.  I instantly began to feel more relaxed and increasingly horny. Drawing away so that I could see she then reached down to my cock and slowly rubbed the tip over her puffy pussy lips leaving a trail of my slimy pre-cum over her vagina. She then separated her pussy lips with her fingers and guided the tip of my erect penis to her opening. Looking me in the eye and smiling she slowly slid down until my cock was fully encompassed by her vagina.  The sensation was heavenly, warm and wet.

"Dean", Bev said softly, holding out a hand to encourage him over.  I briefly saw him behind Bev before he disappeared from sight having kneeled behind his wife.

Bev reached behind herself and I could then feel his erect fleshy cock as Bev rubbed it against the opening to my anus.  Bev then said softly "easy, slide in very gently" and with that I felt Dean's penis begin to penetrate my tight anus.

At first there was a stab of pain as Dean pushed the full length of penis into my body.  I then felt him slowly withdraw most of his length before pushing it back fully into me.  As he withdrew again Bev handed him the lube and I felt a cold sensation as he squirted more on his cock and it traveled into my anus with his rock hard cock. Dean began to working in and out of my anus this time in much shorter strokes, not withdrawing quite so far.

At the same time Bev began to slowly slide up and down my cock.  As she did so, she thrust her large breasts into my face and I lapped at her nipples. The sensation of being fucked at the same time by husband and wife was unusual but far from unpleasant despite my initial reservations about fucking a man.

The two of them fucked me for four or five minutes, gradually getting faster and faster.  Before long Dean's thrusts became faster, shorter and deeper, his balls slapping against my legs and arse. I could hear and feel him but not see him as he fucked me faster and faster, moaning out loud as he did so. Within another minute Dean ejaculated spraying his thick hot spunk deep inside my anus. I could feel a hot sensation which felt almost as though it was at the pit of stomach as his hot sperm lined my insides and his thrusting became slower.  He remained deep in me as he finished.

With her husband still firmly in my anus Bev began to grind her pussy against my crotch as she slowly approach her orgasm.  As she slid and ground against me I felt myself reaching the point of no return and I sprayed shot after shot of sperm deep into her womb as she simultanenously orgasmed.

Afterwards Dean pulled slowly out of my anus and Bev lifted herself off of my cock.  The three of lay on the settee in a sweaty, wet mess, cum trickling out of both Bev's vagina and my arse onto the settee.

Afterwards Bev and I showered together, during which she gave me a blowjob.  Perhaps I'll write that up another time.

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