Girl of my Dreams Chapter 2

Girl of my Dreams Chapter 2

As her soft red lips met mine we began to passionately kiss, her tongue probed my mouth as we French kissed. While still kissing I began feeling her up, feeling her soft D cups through her black lace bra I could see her nipples becoming erect with excitement as she let out a sweet little moan. I then rubbed her softly down her back until my hands reached her well rounded ass that was perfectly complimented by a matching pair of black lace panties. As my hands gently squeezed her ass she pulled back from our kiss as she threw her head back and started to moan louder and louder.

She, then, in all her beauty took control of the situation, pushed my head back onto my pillow and with me still feeling her fine ass she began to rub her now soaking pussy against the bulge in my pants. Slowly I moved my hands back to her bra and began to unhook each clasp slowly in a teasing manner. At the same time Ashley put her face above my now rock hard dick and began to seductively unzip my pants.
With her bra now on the ground I could finally see her breast, they were so soft and supple with a perfectly round erect nipple in the center. I gradually pulled them toward me and started to rub them and suck on her supple nipples. By this time Ashley had fully undone my pants and my 7 in cock sprang to life in anticipation. I took a break to watch as she slowly wrapped he lips around my bulbous penis head, the sight was enough to make me cum right then but I had to keep the faith as I knew I was going to get to fuck her shortly.

After a short but divine blowjob she popped the head of my dick out of her mouth and laid back on the bed slowly rubbing her pussy. I put my head down in between those amazing legs and worked my way from her thighs to her wet pussy as slowly as possible. As she pulled her black lace panties to the side I give her clit a slight twang with my tongue and watched as she trembled with pleasure. I got right to business first sticking my tongue in her tight hole and getting a good taste of her pussy juices. I then ran my tongue up her labia and gently started to suck on her clit as I spelled out her name several time with my tongue. Her breathing started to get more and more rapid. Her hand grabbed my head and pushed it deeper into her pussy as she began to shutter and moan loudly as she came, I felt her pussy juices run down my chin as she loosened her grip on me.

I pulled my head back and began to French kiss her, we swapped spit and her pussy juices as I guided my dick into her now drenched pussy and with one hard push I was balls deep in her, she let out a gasp as her eyes widened and then slowly a sexy smile came across her face as a retracted my dick and thrust back inside or her.

As we now were fucking missionary style we were both overcome by the surreal moment we were having, I started pounding harder which inter made her moan loader and louder. I as well was about to cun when she said in her breathless tone “Fuck me from behind like a bad girl!” I instantly pulled out before I came and told her I needed a cool down before I did, so I went down on her again sucking on her clit as I felt a slight tremble run through her body.

As I pulled back she flipped over eagerly and stuck her ass up in the air with her glistening pussy in the perfect line of sight for my dick. I once again thrust hard inside of her as she let out a slight moan, I began thrusting slowly but quickly picked up the pace. She began to cum almost instantly and the sight of this brought me to the edge, as she was cumming she yelled “Cum inside of me Please!” I had seen her take birth control before so without hesitation and one last deep push I rammed my dick far inside of her as my cum shot inside of her and I let out a loud grunt followed by her name.

I slide my dick free of her grasp and lightly started kissing her all over as she lay down. We both now exhausted laid down gazing at each other with huge grins on our face. We both laid there motionless for about half an hour until she finally said “That was so amazing!” we both started laughing like school girls as the endorphins were still coursing through our bodies.

We lay there for about another ten minutes just talking about random things when she surprised me and asked “What to go take a shower with me?” as she walked her naked self covered in sweat and semen to the bathroom. I was in close pursuit not wanting to miss my opportunity to be with this incredibly hot lady as the water ran over her body cleaning off the dirt of what we just did. So I slide open the sliding glass shower door as she was already in there with steaming hot water running over her body she had started to wash her under arms as I gently took the soap from her and began to lather every nook and cranny of the 19 year old girl. After I was done lathering her she took over the soap washing every part of my body especially focusing on my penis and balls. All of this play started to turn me on so I asked if she wanted to have a little fun in the shower but she respectfully refused and said in a deeply sexy tone “I have a surprise for you just wait.”

It was now about 11 so we walked out into the commons area of my brothers’ apartment to find him there watching TV and everyone else still asleep. I secretly wondered if he had heard what Ashley and I had done earlier that morning but as he began to speak the thought quickly disappeared from my mind. He said in his deep manly voice “you two want to go get breakfast we are going to meet my girlfriend there she had to go home and get ready?” me and Ashley both replied at the same time “Sure that would be great!”

My brother disappeared for awhile to get changed as me and Ashley talked on the couch about or morning when suddenly my brother appeared and said “Let’s go eat!” We all piled in my car as my brother always made me drive which I protested every time but secretly I did not mind. We drove to a little dinner down the street where all the college kids went for hangover cures.

His girlfriend was waiting in the parking lot and he walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek as he ran ahead and held the door for everyone. We were seated right away by a very kind waitress who promptly took our drink orders. We all started talking about last night and how much fun we had as our drinks were place on the table. We then ordered out food and while we waited my brother started to pry at me and Ashley’s relationship. I quickly responded in a hushed tone “we are just friend’s that’s all.”

Our food came and the conversation died as we all took bites of our greasy food which was so delicious. We finished our food and drinks, paid the bill and walked out to our cars. My brothers girlfriend was going to take him home so Ashley and I could leave right from there so we all exchanged goodbye’s and my brother walked over to the car with me and as I went to shut the door he turned to me and whispered “good job this morning” as I closed the door all I could do was look back at him with a smug grin on my face as I let out a little chuckle.

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